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Itachi sat Sakura down beside him and stepped off the sofa, pulling his blackberry out of his pocket. He dialled Kisame's number and waited patiently for him to pick up. It wasn't long for him to respond "Itachi? What are you doing ringing me? I thought you and Sakura where gonna be getting it on all night." Kisame said jokingly.

"It's a matter of urgency." Itachi said seriously.

"What's going on?" Kisame asked no longer fooling around.

"Orochimaru is working with Sasuke to kill me. They tried to get Sakura to do it, but that failed." Itachi stated emotionlessly.

"Oh man I knew that snake was up to sommit. What are we going to do? Got anything in mind?" Kisame asked.

Itachi smirked "Of course. Here's what I need you to do." Itachi said and gave Kisame instructions.

Orochimaru couldn't wipe the grin off of his face. An hour ago Kisame had rang saying he had turned up to Itachi's house and found Itachi and Sakura dead. Apparently Sakura had killed him and therefore killed herself. Orochimaru sniggered. Everything was going to plan. Now all he had to do was persuade the rest of the pack that he should be alpha. As Kisame was beta he was automatically next in line to be alpha. But it shouldn't be too hard to persuade the pack that he would make a much better alpha than that bafoon.

As Orochimaru entered the meeting chamber he composed his face so it showed nothing but sincerity and sorrow. The rest of the pack nodded in greeting at him and he took his seat. Kisame cleared his throat "As you have all been informed Itachi was found dead in his chambers along with his mate Sakura. Upon finding the bodies it was clear to me that Sakura had killed him resulting in her own death. This is a tragic loss for us since Itachi was the last pure blooded werewolf and he was the only one stopping the vampires from starting a war against the werewolf race. As Itachi had no heir and I am beta I should automatically become alpha." Kisame said, glancing at Orochimaru when he said his last sentence and not to his surprise anger flashed in Orochimaru's eyes.

"But I think it is a much too hard and responsible position than I am capable of. So as temporary alpha I step down from my position and appoint it to Orochimaru." Kisame said. Silence soon followed as the rest of the pack glared hatefully at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru grinned "Well that it very wise of you Kisame. I will be more than honoured to take the position." He said.

Deidara shot up from his chair pointing an accusing finger at Orochimaru "He's going to be alpha. This is ridiculous." Deidara shouted.

Sasori grabbed his shirt and pulled Deidara back into his seat "Shut up boy. I've been here longer than any of you. I should be the next alpha!" Sasori stated emotionlessly.

With that statement the pack erupted into chaos. Every man in the room claiming they should be alpha. Orochimaru silently crept out of his seat panic gripping him.

Suddenly the meeting doors slammed open and Itachi stepped in calmly, stopping opposite Orochimaru. "Still want to be alpha? Was killing me really worth this?" Itachi asked, gesturing to the still bickering wolves.

Orochimaru swallowed, his devious brain trying to find a way out of this situation as he knew Itachi knew everything.

Itachi pulled a lighter out of his pocket and lit a cigarette. A soon as there was a flame Orochimaru flinched and took a step back.

"Nervous?" Itachi asked.

Orochimaru smiled innocently "Not nervous just confused but pleased that you are alive of course." Orochimaru lied.

By now the pack had realised that Itachi was present and had taken their seats once again and sat in stunned silence. "Let's cut the crap Orichimaru I know that it was you and Sasuke that were plotting to kill me. Though stooping as low as to get my mate to do it for you is pathetic. I thought being a merciful man that I would let you experience what it was like to be alpha before I make you suffer. So I'll ask again and once more before you die. Is being alpha really worth it?" Itachi said.

Orochimaru shrunk under Itachi and the rest of the packs hateful gazes. Swallowing he composed himself "It was always supposed to be me to be alpha of the Akatsuki pack. But you Uchiha's stole it from me! And it is I who will be making you suffer!" Orochimaru hissed.

Itachi nodded at Kisame and Kisame grabbed Orochimaru and began dragging him towards the dungeons. Itachi turned to his pack "I'll let you all have a go with him before me. Just leave him alive. I have to go sort my mate out." Itachi stated and began walking out of the room, blocking out the cheers and sniggers of the pack.

Before Itachi left the room Kakashi stopped him "Itachi now that Orochimaru is out of the pack and is more than likely going to suffer a painful death I hope. I would like your permission to mate Anko." Kakashi asked hopefully.

Itachi nodded "Anko is now Kakashis mate. No one can touch her but him." Itachi stated nodding at Kakashi. Kakashi smiled gratefully and followed Kisame and the others into the dungeon.

Sakura paced hers and Itachi's room nervously, and then sighed in relief when Itachi walked through the door. "How did it go? What happened?" she asked curiously.

Itachi smirked "He reacted as I thought he would and is currently in the dungeons where the rest of the pack is keeping him company." Itachi replied sardonically.

Sakura's eyebrows furrowed in thought "What about Sasuke?" she asked her voice wavering slightly.

Itachi rubbed her arms soothingly "I don't know. But he won't touch you with me around. Which reminds me of your punishment." Itachi stated.

"Punishment?" Sakura asked in shock. Pulling as far away from Itachi as she could.

Itachi raised an eyebrow "Of course. You did after all try to kill me. So I am confining you to this room until I say otherwise. No one is allowed to see you except me." Itachi said possessively.

Sakura scowled "You can't do that!"

Itachi's lip quirked upwards "Try me." He walked towards the door and locked it slipping the key into his pocket. Then he leant against the door with his arms crossed.

Sakura lip quivered "I hate you. You're the meanest person I have ever met. I am never going to talk to you again!" Sakura shouted flinging herself onto the bed and burying her face in the pillows.

Itachi ran his slender fingers through his dark locks sighing "Why must you be so difficult and childish?" he scolded.

Sakura sat up glaring hatefully at him "Because I am a child!" she retorted.

Itachi glared back "You got off lucky. Do you know what the real punishment is for trying to kill an alpha?" Itachi asked angrily.

Sakura shook her head and stared up at him with frightful green eyes. "They are severely tortured and then they are burnt to death. Luckily for you you're the mate of a pureblood. So if I hurt you I hurt myself. You get off lightly. But I promise you this. Displease me again and I will make your life a living hell." Itachi hissed now a few centimetres away from Sakura.

Sakura stared at him defiantly but had a hint of fear in her eyes. They stared intensely at each other for a few moments then Itachi lunged for her crushing her lips heatedly against his. Sakura squeaked in surprise as Itachi pinned her to the mattress kissing her ferociously and she kissed him back just as hard.

This time was different from the other times they had had sex. There was no time for foreplay as Itachi ripped off her clothes and plunged into her thrusting in and out at an inhuman speed. Sakura screamed and mewled underneath him her nails scraping his back. They went at it like that all night in various positions until both of them where too exhausted to participate anymore.

Sakura lay on her side watching Itachi as he closed his eyes. Glaring at him one last time she turned her back to him and closed her eyes. Itachi sighed and placed his hand on her hip his finger making circular motions on her hipbone. Sakura moaned slightly enjoying the particular motion. Itachi kissed the spot on her neck just below her earlobe then spooned her slowly joining her in a silent slumber.

Sasuke had watched the intense love making between Itachi and Sakura from the ground staring up into the window with a hateful gaze. He wasn't sure whether to be pleased that Orochimaru was dead and Sakura was still alive or angry at the fact that Itachi was still alive and was fucking Sakura's brains out. Then just like that a plan formulated in his mind that would make Itachi suffer and please Sasuke immensely. Smirking he shifted into his wolf form and disappeared into the night.