Life Is So Unfair


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Where the hell had time gone? It had been a whole ten years since I first set eyes on Isabella Swan. Ten years since I fell irrevocably in love. We had lived together now for nine years, nine years of absolute bliss, on my part at least. We had been married now for almost seven years, and our twins, Alex and Lily, were celebrating their third birthday this weekend. I still pinched myself on occasion just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. My life was perfect in every way.

Bella had successfully aced college and graduated years before; like there was ever any doubt. She was snapped up shortly after graduation by a local kindergarten, where she flourished as a teacher as she grew in confidence. If it were at all possible, she grew more and more beautiful every day as her confidence rose to heights she could never have imagined.

I loved to watch her after work each day. I loved her telling me everything about her day. The look on her face was worth the wait until either she or I got home. We took it in turns nowadays to finish early so we got some quality time with our children.

It took a while, but with some counselling, time, and lots of tears and patience on both our parts, Bella finally got passed what had almost happened with Jacob Black. The boy had truly lost his mind and ended up totally mental, being committed by the courts and was still institutionalized. He was considered a danger to himself and others, so he spent most of his time either restrained or in a nice padded room.

As for Jessica and Lauren, as soon as Lauren got out of jail, she headed for Los Angeles where, according to rumour, she began working in the adult film industry. Jessica finished college and moved out of state, married a returned military man, and settled somewhere in the Midwest. Charlie said her mum and dad talked non-stop about their six grandchildren who all looked just like Jessica. Speaking of Charlie, he and Bella had mended their fences and were as close as ever, and he even warmed up to me quite nicely. He was doing well, even better since he found himself a lady friend and had less time to fret over mine and Bella's affairs.

My own job now was serving as head of the Music Department, a role I had worked incredibly hard for. One I loved and threw my all into. The college had gone from strength to strength since I had taken over the Music Department. Bella loved to hear about my successes and celebrated with me each and every one of them. Aro fucking Volturi was still on the board, but Marcus kept him quiet, at least when I was around. As for Victoria and her child, it was surprising to hear that the boy actually turned out to be her husband's and she finally settled down and became a mother. I guess miracles really did still happen occasionally in this day and age.

About six months after Bella moved in with me at the old apartment, we finally found our perfect home. We must have looked at a hundred places. Both of us knew that when we found the right place, we would just know immediately. It was worth the wait, a quaint little cottage-style three bedroom property with a flower-filled garden and a garage to keep my beloved Volvo. Bella laughed at me still over my connection with my car. She still didn't understand and I was done trying to explain it to her. Women!

Our families helped us get settled in, and then they threw us a surprise party to welcome us to our new home. Now, however, our home was getting a little tight on space. The twins each had their own room so we had no room for guests and I longed for an office. It meant I worked at the breakfast table, and we had trouble seeing our family when they came into town. Okay, so mum and dad were still close by, but Charlie was still in Forks and he liked to spend time with his "grandbabies" as he called them. Emmett and Rose along with Jasper and Alice lived in California and usually stayed with my parents when they visited with their kids, but to have the option would be nice.

"We need a bigger house, my love," I told her for the umpteenth time.

"But I love this house, Edward, you know that."

"I know you do, love, so do I, but it's time. I brought some brochures for us to look through. Will you do that with me? For me?"

She looked wounded, hurt, and I knew I had put her in a difficult position asking her to do it for me. She would always do what I asked; we did that for each other.

Later when the kids were safely tucked up in bed for the night, she sat down beside me and leaned her head on my shoulder.

"We have so many memories here in this house. I'll miss it. Our wedding, the pregnancy, the birth and bringing our beautiful children home, here to this house. All those things make this house so very special to us."

I dropped a kiss on the top of her head. "I know, love, it'll be hard to leave. But we've had some wonderful years here, Bella, lots of happy memories to take with us, but it's time to make new memories in a new home. Like we did with this place, we'll know the right place as soon as we find it."

For the next hour, we sat and read the brochures. We agreed on the ones we wanted to view and I promised I would make arrangements the next day.

Esme and Carlisle look after the twins while we spent a few hours viewing prospective new homes. None of them felt right and I was a little disappointed, but I could tell Bella was happy. The places were all either too small, too expensive for what they were, or just not right. I knew deep down that we had yet to find our next home.

"Edward," Bella called from our small en-suite, "What about extending this place if we can't find something?"

Walking into the bathroom, I answered her as truthfully as I could, all the while trying to not get too distracted by her near-nakedness. "We'd lose most all of the garden, love. Where would the kids play then? I'm not sure this house lends itself to an extension." She moved closer, dropping the towel, thoughts of building an extension gone.

"See something you like, Mr. Cullen?" she asked in her most sultry voice.

"No, something, or rather someone, I love very much. Now stop teasing, wench, and get your bare backside onto the bed so I can ravish you."

She giggled like Lily did as she pushed past me, glorious and naked, making sure her delicious naked lower half touched me where she knew I would be affected the most. With a loud groan, I scooted after her, bowling her over and landing us both on bed in a heap.

"I love you, Mrs. Cullen."

"I love you, too," she moaned as I reminded her how much she owned me.

Weeks, then months went by without us having much success on the house front. I think the agents were sick of us, every perfect house they found us we shot down in flames. I felt bad about turning down requests from friends for a visit, but we simply had nowhere to put them in our tiny cottage. I knew Bella was sick about Angie and Ben not being able to stay when they visited us over Christmas with their kids. She finally got it then and we stepped up the hunt for the next Cullen house.

We didn't have loads of money, but we were comfortable. Sure, my parents were wealthy, but I was fiercely independent and refused to take any money from them when they offered. I just might have had to rethink that, though, as all the properties we genuinely liked were way out of our price range.

Then something happened that seemed like fate. Dad was offered a new role lecturing. He would be based at his old hospital, but he would travel the states and in fact, the world, on a regular basis. Mom would travel with him as much as possible. Apparently, my parents had talked it over and had decided they wanted to downsize. Their house was way too big now that it was only the two of them. The only time it was filled was when we all stayed over at Christmas. The proposition they put to us was just too good to refuse.

We were going to swap houses.

Mom had always loved how quaint our little place was and had helped Bella in the garden for hours. The plan was for us to move into my old family home and my parents would move into our cottage. They insisted that no money change hands. We'd never get a better offer.

Bella and I walked round my parent's home hand in hand. We wanted to do a walk around on our own, talk through the practicalities. Make sure it was right for us. I knew it was right for me. Hell, I'd lived here the whole time I was growing up. Bella had to want it, too, though.

"So, what do you think?" I asked her cautiously.

"I love it, I always have. It's always felt like a real family home, Edward. We'll be really happy here, I know it," she smiled and squeezed my hand as she took off up the galleried staircase.

I wandered from room to room downstairs, smiling when I heard Bella's gasps of delight when she found something else she did not know about. I could picture my piano in the more-than-ample study-come-music room. Bella would love that, me having a space to house my piano and the opportunity to play and teach the kids. Mum and dad's library was full of classics that would keep Bella amused for years to come. Glancing out of the large patio doors from the dining room, I looked over the decked patio and out into the pristinely landscaped lawn. I knew my children would love playing in this garden and living here.

Arms snaked around my waist and I felt her lips pressing between my shoulder blades.

"Penny for your thoughts?" she asked pulling herself closer.

Placing my hands over hers, enjoying the feel of my beautiful wife close to me, I answered her. "Well, I was wondering how I ever got so lucky. I mean first you, then Alex and Lily, and now this. What have I ever done to deserve it all?"

"You're a wonderful man, Edward, a wonderful husband, a wonderful father, and a wonderful son. You're also a good friend and colleague. You deserve this, you deserve all of it. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of sharing it all with you."

I turned and found her lips. Our kiss was not sweet and tender; it is wild and passionate. When we finally pulled apart, I saw her smile.

"So, we'll tell them yes?"

"You bet we will," she grinned wider at me.

"The kids will love growing up in this house. I know I did, and I think I can say the same for Jazz and Emmett. It's the perfect house for us," I kissed her again.

"Edward, how long before we can move in do you think?"

"Well, I have no idea, a few weeks I guess. We can talk about it when we get back home. Why?"

"Well, if it's only weeks, that'll be okay, but any longer than that and I'd not be able to help much."

It took me a minute to look at what she was doing. She was gently rubbing her tummy in a protective pregnant-mummy sort of way. My eyebrows rose with a questioning look. I knew we had not been taking precautions for a while, deciding to let fate play its part in whether we should add to our family.

"Yes, Edward, we're expecting a new addition to our family."

My hands automatically dropped to caress hers. Our hands together caressed our new son or daughter.

"When? How long have you known?"

"Conception or due date?" she asked cheekily. "I found out two days ago, I was just waiting for the right moment to tell you and this seemed like the right moment."

"So, when are we due, Mrs. Cullen? And when did my swimmers do their stuff?"

"By my calculations, I think around Christmas Eve, and I'll let you try to work out when we conceived." I knew with our active sex life, pinpointing the exact time of conception would be near on impossible.

I pulled her back into my arms. "I love you so much. I thank the Lord every day for sending you to me. Thank you for making me the happiest man alive, the happiest husband, and the happiest father ever. You do realise my mom is going to freak. More babies, she'll love it, she'll not want to leave with dad and miss anything. Do you think it might be twins again?"

My question seemed to throw her. "Shit, Edward, I'd never even considered that possibility."

"Oh, Bella, I have a beautiful girl, I have." Taking my beautiful pregnant wife into my arms, I held her close to me.

"I love you, Mrs. Cullen."

"I know, my husband, I love you, too."

Yeah, life didn't get any better than this.

The End

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