I know it's been awhile since I updated this. Sorry. :/ I was so focused on Thank You, William Shakespeare, and that took up, like, six months of my life. So I gotta get back into the groove of writing Kendall and Logan in a universe that isn't TYWS.

I really hope this random little chapter doesn't disappoint and isn't garbage.

My Snuffly Valentine

Logan gathered his things for the day's classes. He started to feel bad when he heard a violent coughing fit. He turned around to look at Kendall. Kendall was laying on their bed with Thumper on his chest and Willy pretty much on his head. "You sure you don't want me to stay home?"

"Yes," Kendall said for the millionth time with a stuffy nose. "I know you hate missing class."

Logan put his bag down and sat on the bed. "But I'll be working today too."

"I can survive a few hours without you fussing over me." Ever since Kendall got sick earlier in the week, Logan barely left his side. And whenever he wasn't at home, he's text and call Kendall constantly. Kendall was getting really annoyed. All he wanted to do was sleep and whine. Not have Logan up his ass 24/7. "I've done it all week, haven't I?"

Logan sighed. "Yeah. You have." He stood and picked his bag back up. "Be sure to eat and get plenty of fluids."

"I know the drill."

"You need me to pick up anything on the way home?"

"More cold medicine. Oh! And can you get me a hot chocolate?"

Logan smiled. "Sure." He gave Kendall a forehead kiss—which was still burning hot—then left their room. He went into the kitchen where Carlos and Stephanie were having their breakfast. Their dogs Bowser and Tim were watching their activities carefully, hoping for some food.

"He still sick?" Stephanie asked hopefully.

Logan glared at her. "Yes. And you could be a little more sympathetic, you know."

"I just feel so bad that he won't get to enjoy your Valentine's Day surprise," she said. "I mean, if you still plan on dragging him tow hours away."

Logan rolled his eyes. "You know we're not going now."

Stephanie smiled, and her and Carlos shared an excited look. "Oh really?"

"Stop playing dumb," Logan snapped. He grabbed a banana and sat at the kitchen table across from them. "I have maps and stuff printed out. That way you'll know how to get to the cabin, and the mountain, and the restaurant I made reservations at."

Stephanie and Carlos squealed happily.

"You're taking your dog with you," Logan told them. He didn't want to have to worry about taking care of animals that weren't his in addition to Kendall.

"Pets are allowed?" Carlos asked.

"Yeah. I was gonna have us bring the cats along. You know how Kendall hates leaving them."

Carlos nodded. "He's weird. And thanks for letting us use the cabin you rented."

Logan peeled his banana. "You guys are totally paying me back. This was no gift for you two."


"We'll work out a payment plan," Logan said. He, too, knew what it was like to be a poor college student. Even though he—like all four of them living in the house—had parents who'd bail him out if he was ever in dire need of money. But they all needed to prove to themselves they could make it without their parents' help, so they all rarely asked for it.

"But we're best friends," Carlos said.

"And renting that cabin put me back a lot of money. I had to ask my parents for rent money. And grocery money. And gas money. You're fucking paying me back."

Carlos raised his eyebrows in surprise. "I didn't know that." Logan knew Carlos also hated asking his parents for money.

"Yeah, well, I figured it'd be worth it." Logan took a bite of his banana. "I don't care if it takes a really long time to pay me back. As long as it gets done." He looked at the time. "I gotta go. Like I said. We'll work out a payment plan."

Logan had just finished his shift at the school bookstore when a girl with dark red hair, blue eyes, and lots of freckles came up to him. "Logan?"

"Uh... Yes, person I don't know?"

She laughed. "I'm Rita. I have two classes with Kendall. He texted me and asked me to give you copies of my notes for the classes he missed." She handed Logan a folder.

"I'm surprised he actually put thought into that," Logan commented.

"He said you'd be on his ass about catching up," Rita said with a smile. She checked the time on her phone. "Well, I gotta go. Tell Kendall I said hi."

When Logan got home, Kendall was on the couch watching TV. He sniffled a bit then asked, "How come Stephanie and Carlos started cheering when you left?"

Logan walked over to Kendall, handed him his hot chocolate, and sat next to him. "I let them use the Valentine surprise I got you."

Kendall raised an eyebrow. "What surprise?"

Logan sighed. "A nice little cabin near the mountains. I planned on us snowboarding, and got us reservations at a nice restaurant. But since you're sick, I knew you wouldn't be up for travel." He looked around. "Did they leave already? The dogs didn't spazz when I got home."

"Yeah. They left with the dogs an hour ago. Logan. You rented a cabin?"


"And... is that why you had to ask your parents for rent money and stuff?"


"And you did all that for me?"

"Yes. Of course." Logan put an arm around Kendall and kissed his temple.

"I'm sorry I got sick," Kendall said sadly.

"I's not your fault, my love. Oh." He went into his backpack and pulled out a folder. "Rita gave this to me."

Kendall took it. "Sweet."

"How come you never told me about her?"

Kendall shrugged. "She's just a school friend. We had a class together last semester, and two this semester. Why? You jealous?"


Kendall laughed a little. "You are!"

"Shut up."

Kendall put his hot chocolate down, threw his arms around Logan, and snuggled against his chest. "You know I only love you."

Logan smiled and ran a hand through Kendall's hair. "Yeah. I know," he said before kissing the top of Kendall's head.

When Kendall woke up the next day—Valentine's Day—he felt something on his forehead. And it wasn't a cat. He saw that they were both sleeping on Logan's pillow. He frowned and sat up, waking Thumper. Thumper made his way into Kendall's lap. "Hi, baby. Where's your pappa?"

Then Kendall remembered the thing on his forehead. He pulled it off. It was a Post-It Note. Logan wrote that he was asked to work at the school bookstore, and he'd be back later. Kendall sighed, which ignited a coughing fit. When it was done, he cleared his throat and picked Thumper up. He got out of bed and went over to his dresser. He grabbed the scrapbook Logan got him for their anniversary, and put the note in there—along with their notes to each other from high school and various notes Logan would leave him around the house.

Kendall placed Thumper back on the bed then quickly brushed his teeth. After, he went into the kitchen to make himself some tea. He took a few sips then filled the cats' food and water bowls. He smiled when he heard the sound of paws running toward the kitchen. Willy beat Thumper to the food because poor Thumper only had three legs.

Kendall watched them happily chomp away before he took his tea into the bedroom. He went to his school bag, grabbing two notebooks and a pen. The, remembering, he went back into the bathroom and took some cold medicine. Once that was taken care of, he headed to the living room. He sat on the couch, turned on the TV, and began to copy Rita's notes.

"Most boring Valentine's Day ever," he mumbled. He remembered how last year he and Logan exchanged their gifts at school. He smiled and toyed with the guitar pick necklace Logan had gotten him. Then his mind drifted to the Valentine's dance. They may have fought a little, but their relationship grew stronger. There was no way this Valentine's Day would top last year's.

Kendall opened his eyes a few hours later when he felt a little paw tapping his nose. He was greeted by Willy and his lone eye staring him down. He pet the cat's head and tried to recall falling asleep. He remembered deciding to take a break after finishing his first set of notes. He then laid down to watch TV, then... Nothing. Kendall figured he must've passed out right away.

He looked at the time and saw it was almost five. "Fuck." He sat up and tilted his head in confusion. He definitely did not cover himself with a blanket. He looked around and noticed the lights were dimmed. The white Christmas lights they kept around the ceiling were turned on, and he could see candles flickering in the kitchen.

Kendall got off the couch and walked to the kitchen. Logan was there, pouring something into two bowls. On the kitchen table was a vase of roses and champagne flutes filled with apple juice. "Logan?"

Logan turned around and smiled. "Hello, Sleeping Beauty."

Kendall made a face. "Ew. Don't call me that." Though he knew Logan would continue to call him that at every opportunity now anyway.

Logan put the bowls on the table. "You sound better than yesterday."

"I feel better," Kendall said as he took a seat. "I can actually breathe through both nostrils now."

"Ah. Sweet progress."

Kendall laughed then coughed a bit. "Throat's still pretty fucked, though."

Logan sat at the chair next to Kendall's. "It'll probably be better soon. Meanwhile, I managed to put together a romantic Valentine's dinner."

"Apple juice and soup?"

"Apple juice in champagne glasses and fancy soup."

"What kind of soup?" Kendall asked.

"Lobster bisque."

"That is fancy," Kendall said. "Can I eat it now?"

Logan grinned. "Sure."

Logan told Kendall about his day as they ate. There was a particularly entertaining tale of a couple who got into a fight in the bookstore. They even ended up throwing things at each other.

After they were done eating, they settled in the living room to watch a movie.

"I'm sorry this isn't the Valentine's Day you had planned," Kendall said.

"Don't be sorry, my dear."

"But if I wasn't sick, we'd be having this epic Valentine's Day. You know, spend the day snowboarding, followed by a nice dinner, and finish it off with sex in front of a fireplace. And I've been too sick to even get you a gift."

Logan took Kendall's face in his hands. "Kendall, I know what you're thinking. You did not ruin Valentine's Day, OK? And the best gift I could ever have is you."


"Really." Logan ran his thumb across Kendall's lower lip then leaned in for a kiss. "I love you, Kendall."

Kendall smiled. "I love you too."

"So we're good?"


They put their attention back on the movie. Logan coughed a little at one point. A few minutes later, he sneezed.

"Have you been doing that all day?" Kendall asked. He recalled Logan doing it a bit during dinner too.

"Yeah. Why?"

Kendall smirked. "That's how my cold started."

Logan sighed. "Shit."

So yeah. I hope this wasn't too bad.