The Prisoner Continued:ep 1:Back Again!
Title Sequence-Music:"Prisoner Theme"
Two Men are having toast to a third.
They all there glasses and Two of them fall down unconicous.
Meanwhile,No 6 is on a plane when he is hit from behind.
A computer types:
SUBJECT 1:John Drake=no.6 SUBJECT 2:Alexis Kanner=no.48 "where am i?"
"in the village"
"whose side are you on?"
"that would be telling"
then the computer types:
Subject 3:Jayk=number 6.2 "who are you?"
"One of the Number Twos"
"whos number 1?
"You are one of the number 6's"
then the computer types:
Subject 3:Chazz Princeton=Number 6.3 "what do you want?"
"Information!the whole Information and nothing but the information!"
"Try because you wont get it!"
"By hook or by crook we will!"
Then the computer types:
subject 4:6.4 will be Alice Drake Final Subject :Auburn Red=number 6.5 story:
No 6.2 woke up startled by the newly delivered no. 6 waking up.
"Everyone wake up! 6 is here!"said 6.2 "who are you?"said 6 "im jayk,the 6.2 and this is chazz the 6.3"said jayk pointing to the black haired teen.
"Hi,im Auburn Red the 6.5"said Auburn Red.
"Im john drake whos no. 6.4?"said john.
"we dont know"said chazz.
"look heres the escort,6.4's escort!"said Auburn Red.
In comes 48 along with 6.4 "DAD!"shouted 6.4 End of Chapter 1 I-I I-I \ _ /
\ I _/
I 0 I 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 I-I 0 0 0 0 Patrick Mcgoohan-No 6 jayk-no. 6.2 chazz princeton-no. 6.3 Alice Mcgoohan-no 6.4 Auburn Red-no 6.5 POP!