Major Factions:
United States of America: Welcome to 23rd Century America. The American's People Party has complete control of the government and there are no opposing parties. All citizens are required to sign up for the draft and serve in the military for a maximum of seven years when they turn twenty. All news channels now project a steady stream of propaganda for the government. The government has a tight leash on the economy, controlling the prices and flow of commerce in and out of the country. The streets are lined with uniformed citizen, secret police, and propaganda.. There has not been a presidential election since 2012, but the president has changed only three times since 2020 due to advances in life extension research.

Despite possessing the appearance of a dictatorship, the United States is prospering due to the production of goods (both military and civilian) and the large export market for American goods. Puppet governments in South America and China are controlled by the United States, who is also a member of the Coalition, a peace keeping alliance that relies on brute force to maintain the peace since 2063. The current president is largely powerless, relying on his experienced cabinet and advisors to control the country and it's large military. As long as the people are happy, the American's People Party does not change any policies.

Gene Corp: A multi-million dollar corporation, Gene Corp has gained a monopoly in genetic experiments and leading trans-dimensional expeditions to study the wildlife in other dimensions. Lead by Larry MacTavish, Gene Corp has become even larger and is now in conflict with the policies of the American's People Party. Its interest in Project Nova and dragons has further fueled this conflict.

Blackwater International: An infamous private military contractor formed in 1997 and temporarily renamed as Xe Services LLC, but renamed back to Blackwater in 2050 as the Clan Wars broke out. After the end of the Clan Wars and World War III, Blackwater remained afloat by providing security for the Private Sector during the peace of the ending decades of the 21st, 22nd, and early 23rd Centuries. With it's long term contact with Gene Corp, Blackwater has increased in size and has been upgraded with old, but still effective military-grade equipment.

Hairy Hooligan Tribe: The Vikings and retired dragon-slayers, the Hairy Hooligan tribe has been struggling to find a new purpose for itself after its long lasting war with the dragons ended. Lead by Stoick the Vast, the village has grown in population and size due to the end of the war. But a strange and technologically advanced people are now attacking Berk and kidnapping dragons. The Vikings now must adapt to fight their new enemies, unknowing that they are already on the trail leading to an even larger conflict.

Minor Factions:
Russian Federation
European Federation
South American Union (SAU)
Central American Union (CAU)
South African Federation (SAF)
United Arabian States (UAS)
United Asian Federation (UAF) [Formerly the Mafian Empire (China)]
Australian Union
Other Viking Tribes

Coalition: United States, Central American Union, South African Federation, Russia, European Federation, United Asian Federation, Australian Union, Canada, and Israel

The American Union (Economic, not mentioned): United States, Central American Union, Canada, and South American Union

Previous Events mention in Story

Second American Civil War: Decade-long struggle between the Democratic, Republican, and the later APP that tore United States apart and led to the APP's coming to power after the Republican and Democratic parties failed to grant the peoples' wish of seeing a unified country resulted in the collapses of both party's support by the public and the APP's victory and dissolving of the old parties.

Clan Wars(America)/CW/The Third Great War(Europe)/ The Second Patriotic War(Russia): Decade-long violent conflict between the Axis that consisted of Facepunch (Made up by former Republicans), WCA (former Democrats), 3v0lution (Oppressive totalitarian ship that controlled most of South America), and the Mafian Empire (Chinese Mafia-led Government that controlled most of the Asian continent via brute force and intimidation and Coalition that consisted of Russia, Israel, USA, The European Federation, Canada, Australian Union, and the South African Federation. Ended with a Coalition victory in 2059 with the Mafian surrender at the Tokyo Peace Conferences.

World War III (WWIII): Short three year conflict between Russia and Europe at first, then Europe and United States and it's allies against Russia and then finally The European Federation, Russia, and the United States against France, who was responsible for the events that dragged America into the war. Finally returned the balance to the world after nearly six decades of political and economical instability (Started by the Second American Civil War in 2012 that brought the APP to power in 2020) and created a lasting peace between the world powers and their allies.

Operation Bodyguard: After a weapons experiment with dark energy resulted in the creation of a trans-dimensional rift over a Kansas Farmland in 2111. The Coalition(The peace-keeping alliance between the world powers and their allies) sent a joint scientific expedition to study the new world on the other side of the rift. The main focus of the scientists were the native dragons that were long thought to only exist in human legend and Mythology. However the war between the local Viking-like Human population and the dragons threatened the security of the expedition resulted in a increase military Intervention under a Operation called "Bodyguard" by coalition war planners. The operation was originally meant to protect the scientists by hopefully intimidating the dragons and Vikings to stay away from the scientists. But the presence of the coalition military forces only attracted more dragons and led to a three month violent struggle between the Coalition, the dragons, and Vikings. The Coalition pulled out in Late 2111 and further Coalition-led expeditions were banned under the Kansas City Agreement, but expeditions by the private sector continued without the protection of military forces, so the corporations that funded the expeditions hired well-equipped PMCs to protect their expeditions from the Vikings and dragons.

The failure of the operation was blamed on the Coalition's poor Intel on the dragons and the collapse of Coalition-Viking relations during the operation resulted in a guerilla war between the Vikings and Coalition forces.

Part One: Investigation

December 26th, 2240

Cape Girardeau, MO

178 Years since the end of World War III (The Last Earth-bound War)

The locals of the national capital of the United States, Cape Girardeau go about their daily lives while above them, three Cape Girardeau Class Airships hover above city. Aboard the airship named after the city below, the President of the United States and his Secretary of State, Laura Chavez are having a conference

"This better be good." The President of the United States of American and Leader of the People's Party, Nicky Garter said with a grim face to his Secretary of State Laura Chavez and SoD Redfield. Garter is a tall man in his early thirties; he has short brownish-blonde hair and light blue eyes. Chavez is a woman of Hispanic descent she has black hair that is in a pony tail and dark brown eyes. Redfield is an older man in his late 40s. He has thin gray hair and cold green eyes.

"Trust me, me Mr. President; this could be a matter of national security…" Redfield replied to the President as he handed him a folder with the word "Classified" stamped on it with bright red ink. That Garter grabbed and opened and then looked at the contents which are satellite photos of a Gene Corp research facility in Phoenix, Arizona. There are also several objects circled on the photos

"Is the CIA and Military Intelligence sure about this?" Garters said with his eyes now wide open and face pale white as he looks at Redfield

"Yes…the CIA has indentified them as a Monstrous Nightmare, Gronckle, Deadly Nadder, and Hideous Zippleback, the most common dragon species in the other dimension." Redfield replied

"This comes at the same as the Blackwater arms build up?" Garter said as he looked up at Redfield from behind the folder

"Yes sir, along with Gene Corp's interests in the facilities involved in Facepunch's "Project Nova" during the Clan Wars." Redfield replied

"When did this start?" Garter asked Chavez

"Several months ago…strangely around this time both Russia and Europe notice a series of disappears of their best pilots and several of our pilots have also gone missing." Chavez replied

"We have had our pilots disappearing! Why wasn't I notified about this earlier?" Garter yelled he slammed his fist on the conference table.

"Because our Intel is rather weak about what Gene Corp's intentions are with their dimensional operations since MacTavish came to power back two years ago." Chavez said as Redfield helped Garter clam down

"I was hoping that Gene Corp would fall on their faces by now…are they brining in any other types of creatures or just dragons?" Garter asked Redfield

"They did at first, but now they are only bringing in dragons." Redfield replied as he picked up the folder that Garter dropped on the floor when he slammed his fist and slips them into his briefcase

"What does the public know?" Garter asked Chavez as he tapped on the wooden conference table with his index finger on the desk

"Nothing outside of their contract with Blackwater, who has been providing their security for their operations in the other dimension since the Treaty of Kansas City after Bodyguard ended in 2111." Chavez replied

"Are there any other bases that Gene Corp is using for their operations?" Garter asked Redfield

"It's just their Phoenix facility and some of the secondary facilities in the Phoenix area." Redfield replied

"Then I want more recon flights, drone feeds, and any satellite imagery we can get on this base." Garter said to Redfield

"It shall be done, Mr. President." Redfield replied

"What is Blackwater using to bring in the dragons for Gene Corp?" Garter asked Chavez

"It's mostly old C-8 Globemasters and Russian An-124s that are escorted in convoys by SU-34s and MiG-21s…which neither us or the Russians have no idea where their getting this tech." Chavez replied

"What do we know about the kidnappings and their interest of the secret weapons facilities?" Garter asked Redfield

"They all occurred late at night when they were off duty by themselves. What they are getting from Bunkers…we have no idea." Redfield replied

"If Blackwater is using this kind of aircraft to transport the dragons then they must have a base of operations somewhere in the other dimension…find our best available squadron for the Op…I want nobody outside the room or the squadron we choose to know about this operation…because if Gene Corp finds out they will try to cover their tracks." Garter said to Chavez and Redfield

"Yes Sir…I believe that our only available squadron is the 502nd…their currently doing R&R at the Airbase." Redfield said to Garter

"Ah…Barnes' men, they're perfect for this type of mission. Get them here." Garter Replied, Redfield nodded in reply as he pulled out his cell phone.