Karlson looked as the Monstrous Nightmare that used to be Tesla was carefully lifted out of the tank she was in while Reaper quietly talked to one of the Stormtroopers who was escorting a large number of Gene Corp staff and natural dragons to the surface

"So where's my son?" Reaper asked the Stormtrooper

"He and his girlfriend stayed behind to take advantage of the moment." he replied

"You left them in there by themselves?!" Reaper asked him

"They're giant reptiles that fly and breathe fire, they can take care of themselves." He replied

"That's not what I meant..." Reaper said to him when the two Night Furies rushed past him on their way out of the facility as Reaper yelled to them, "Where are you two going?!"

"Getting the hell of here!" Barnes replied

Reaper sighed as Barnes and Samantha disappeared down the corridor while he looked over at Karlson who watched as Tesla was being lowered onto heavy cargo lifter that would take her to the large cargo elevator to be taken to the surface for extraction to Area 51

"Karl..." Reaper said to him

"What?" He replied as he quickly turned his attention to Reaper,

"I want you to take a squad and secure the laboratories back there to make sure somebody doesn't try to take off with some injections." Reaper said to him

"Uhhhhh...yeah, sure, okay..." He replied

"Are you sure?" Reaper asked him, "If you want, you can with her to Area 51."

"No...I'm fine." He replied

Reaper nodded as Karlson motioned for his squad to follow him to the laboratories while Reaper directing the other Stormtroopers to start removing the three Deadly Nadder from their tanks

Hiccup and the Dragon riders were about to enter the Gene Corp when Barnes and another Night Fury jumped out of the front entrance, nearly knocking over Snotlout and Fishlegs as they continued to run before Barnes took off and was followed by the other, who flew quite clumsily after him

"Was that...that...another Night Fury?" Tuffnut asked Hiccup as the two dragons disappeared as they toward the Mogollon Rim

"Yeah...and I think it was a female..." He replied as Toothless nodded

"It was Barnes' female." He said to Hiccup telepathically

"You mean that was...Samantha?" He asked Toothless

"Indeed." He replied, "I think they won't be needing our help."

The Mogollon Rim

Barnes and Samantha landed near a lake with a abandoned campsite on the opposite side

"This is perfect!" Barnes said as he looked at the lake

"Is this considered desertion?" Samantha asked him

Barnes made a shrug like motion with his wings before he came over to Samantha

"What is it Barnes?" She asked him as she sat up herself so she could look at him directly

"Samantha, the past few months have been some of the best and worst in my life, but for almost every second of it, you were with me being my companion and comrade..." He said to her, "All of it has made me realize how stupid I was to delay this moment for so long...Samantha McNally...will you marry me?"

Samantha's eyes widened with excitement as she jumped onto Barnes and started to lick his face and stopping for minute

"Is that a good enough answer for you?" She asked him before she started to lick him again while she happily purred as he wrapped his wings around her

Gene Corp; Sector IV

Reaper was talking to Hiccup as the other dragon riders and their dragons helped corral the stolen dragons into the cargo elevator to be taken to the surface

"So they ran past you and took off to the North?" Reaper asked him, "Any idea where they may have went to?"

"No." He replied, "But it's probably somewhere in those mountains."

Reaper sighed

"I just hope he doesn't get her pregnant while's they're out there." He said to Hiccup

"Well isn't Barnes and Samantha's decision not your's?" He replied

"I'm not trying make the decision for them, I'm just saying for their sake I hope they don't!" Reaper said to him, "They don't even know how to raise a baby! More so with a baby dragon or baby dragons for that matter."

"Proper term is hatchling, but I can see your point. But in the end, it's still their decision." Hiccup replied, "But if it does come to it, we're willing to help them learn how to take care of their brood."

"But then we have to worry about he is going to react!" Reaper said to Hiccup as he pointed to Toothless who looked at them

"Toothless? We haven't had any problems with him and Barnes. But then again, we haven't seen them together with a female Night Fury around and for that matter a pregnant one." He replied as Toothless got up and approached

"I wouldn't dare attack the hatchlings of my own species, even if they come from Barnes and Samantha!" Toothless said to Reaper telepathically and aggressively, "And I can ensure that if any of your people try to take action against them just because they decided to mate, they will defend themselves."

"And you don't know how brave you are to talk to me like that, even if telepathically." He replied, "But I do agree, if they do mate and she gets pregnant, any actions against them will be met with force from them and possibly the other post human dragons if the others decide to follow their example. I'll Barnes and Samantha make their decision, I just hope they don't end up regretting it in the end."

"So how's Karlson? I heard a officer talking about what happened to Tesla." Hiccup said to Reaper

"I don't know, I sent him and a squad to secure the labs to make sure nobody tries to run off with any injections." He replied, "I haven't heard or seen from him si-"

"Mr. President!" A Stormtrooper yelled to Reaper as he ran down the corridor to him, "It's the Colonel, we left him in a laboratory for about two minutes and when decided to check up him, we found him laying on the floor, he's injected himself with Monstrous Nightmare DNA."

"Well &%$ me." He replied before he sighed, "Get him loaded onto a VTOL and to Area 51 so he can be with his girlfriend when she wakes up."

"Should...we leave?" Hiccup asked Reaper

"Yeah, go ahead." He replied, "I'll tell you if when we find our Night Furies."

"Wow this day is being eventful." Astrid said to Hiccup as he and Toothless got onto the elevator with them and the dragons

"Are you guys ready?" A Stormtrooper asked the Dragon Riders as he put his hand on the switch to start the elevator

"Yeah." Hiccup replied before the Stormtrooper threw the switch making the elevator move toward the surface

"Where did you find these humans?" The Liberated Deadly Nadder asked Thorn as he motioned to the Stormtrooper

"It's a long story." He replied as the elevator reached the surface where they found themselves in a large-hangar like building with APMSF VTOLs landing and going outside as stormtroopers took confiscated Gene Corp assets out the facility and loaded them into metal crates that were being loaded onto the landed VTOLs while six airships including the Cape Girardeau and Jackson hovered overhead as smoke continued to rise from burning buildings around Phoenix with the occasional sounds of gunfire in the distance, the Gene Corp War was finally over

Four Days Later

Cape Girardeau, MO; Common Pleas Courthouse

Reaper, Stoick, and the other Viking chieftains entered a large conference room where the leaders of the Coalition leaders were gathered as they prepared to make revisions to the Kansas City Agreement(KCA) while outside the Courthouse, the citizens of Cape Girardeau were working to rebuild the damage caused by Blackwater's attack nearly two months ago

"Just sit down and let me do the talking at first and then jump in whenever you feel like you need to." Reaper said to Stoick quietly, who nodded and past the message down to the other chieftains while they sat down around the table with the leaders of the other nations

"So how are we going to do this?" The Prime Minister of the European Federation asked Reaper

"Well first of all, we need to regulate how corporations take care of their operations in the other dimension." He replied, "And then second we need to find a way to ensure the Vikings here that another war like this isn't going to break out while allowing for the continuation of scientific expeditions to their world."

"Great, it's going to be one of those meetings..." The Israeli Foreign Minister said quietly as the Chairman of the UAN sitting next to him nodded

Cape Girardeau Air Base

The recently wedded Barnes and Samantha were checking out one of the hangars that were being modified into temporary living quarters for the post human dragons as they prepared to move in

"It may not be the first choice I had in mind as a place to start a family in, but it's better than the haystacks we were sleeping on in Area 51." Samantha said to Barnes

"Anything would've been better than that." He replied, "But we won't be living in one of these, we'll be getting our own separate hangar just for the two us and the kids when they come."

"I can't believe your father is actually letting us do this." Samantha said to him, "And it was sweet of the dragon riders and their dragons to extend their stay to help us prepare."

"I know..." Barnes replied, "Which I think is why my father agreed to let us do this."

"So, what's going to happen after we do this?" Samantha asked him "But they said it's going to take 60 or more years to develop a way to turn us back, IF they find a way to turn us back and who knows what else can happen in that time."

"We try to live our lives to the fullest." He replied when Gaulle and Wensky appeared at the entrance of the hangar

"Come on you two, the party's about to start!" Wensky shouted to them

"We'll be right there!" Barnes replied before they ran off

"What party?" Samantha asked him

"It's a victory celebration that Ramirez and the others came up with." He replied

"Oh...then lets go!" Samantha said to him before she ran out of the hangar

"She never stops moving doesn't she?" Barnes asked himself as he ran after to her to the hangar where the rest of the post human dragons, the 502nd, and the dragon riders were gathered for the victory celebration

"There're you two are!" Carmen shouted, "Here!"

Carmen reached into a large bucket and pulled out into two fish that he threw to Barnes and Samantha as they entered the hangar who grabbed the fishes in their mouths before swallowing them whole before they joined the others in the celebration