Big Time Vampire Diaries

Chapter 1

~ Truth~

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Full Summary: Gustavo discovers about the guys becoming vampires and now they have to explain about their tragic pasts...about falling in love with Katherine, the Salvatore brothers and nearly ruining their friendship. How will Gustavo react to the information that he is given? And will an old character from the past enter their lives once again?

James' POV

We all stared at each other as Gustavo was yelling at us...again. Apparently we were singing off key and our dancing was worse than usual. I'm not surprised though, we haven't fed in hours so our dancing and singing is going to be off.

And that is right I said 'fed' we get given regular human food but we need blood to survive.

Kendall, Carlos, Logan and I are vampires.

We are the good kind though; we don't feed off of humans, we only drink animals or blood bags.

Gustavo had ran out of breath and blood had rushed to his face. I felt my fangs trying to push their way out of my gums but I held them back. I could tell that the others were trying to hold back their hunger but it was getting hard. Gustavo insisted on making us work long hours but that always messed up our feeding habits; so one day we would fed quite early and the next quite late. Also it was getting harder not to bite Gustavo. His blood wasn't the thing that made us want to bite him it was his attitude and temper. He makes us all so angry sometimes that it is hard not to just lash out at him. It is harder for Kendall though, he does suffer from anger issues so we have to keep him calm before he goes near Gustavo.

"James are you ok?" Kelly asked me.

I turned to the guys and they pointed at my eyes.

I gasped and suddenly turned around "Yeah I'm fine, just tired and I think I got something in my eye" I called back.

"Ok" she replied sounding unsure.

I stayed with my back turned to Gustavo and Kelly for a few more seconds trying to control my breathing. I then felt my fangs retreat and that meant that my eyes went back to normal as well.

Whenever my fangs come out, veins are visible underneath my eyes. It makes vampire look more intimidating...I think.

Gustavo walked into the dance studio with Kelly behind him.

"Dogs, I need to know what is going on" he told us.

"What do you mean?" Logan asked.

"You all have been acting strange lately, stranger than normal anyway" he replied.

"That's ridiculous" Carlos laughed.

We all laughed with him until Gustavo gave us a look which meant 'shut up'.

"No, you all have been singing off key...and don't even make me comment on your dancing"

"Gustavo...the truth have been making us work for hours on end, and every day is completely different hours so our sleeping patterns and eating patterns have been messed up" Kendall explained.

"What do you mean by 'eating patterns'?" Kelly asked.

"What?" I asked.

"How have your 'eating patterns' been messed up?" she asked.

I couldn't think of anything to say and I was sure that we were busted until Logan came up with a logical answer.

"Well Mrs. Knight normally makes us dinner at a certain time and since we have been working over that time we have missed dinner, also where we are so tired from rehearsals we accidently sleep in and sometimes miss breakfast" he explained.

"Yeah" we agreed.

"Also we like to have some down-time and hang out with our friends so that will have something to do with it" I added.

"And schoolwork" Carlos said.

We all nodded trying to look as convincing as possible.

"So basically you are trying to balance your social lives and work and it's not going so well" Kelly said.

"Exactly" we agreed at the same time.

" with it!" Gustavo shouted.

"What?" Kendall asked.

"We need to get this band to the top! So if you have to cut out your social lives then do it because I can't afford to have you messing up every song and dance routine! Do I need to remind you that we have concerts coming up and we need to get ready for them!" Gustavo yelled.

We sighed and Kelly suggested "Maybe we should let them go early tonight, then they'll be fresh for tomorrow as long as they go to sleep early tonight"

"Fine, but I just need to ask one more thing" Gustavo told us.

"What?" Kendall asked.

"Why do you all wear those rings?"

"What rings?" I asked putting my hands behind my back. The guys followed my lead and also put their hands behind their backs.

"I'm not stupid, why do you wear them?" he asked seriously.

"They are family rings, they have been passed down to us so we are kind of stuck with them" I answered surprised at how easily I came up with the lie.

"Really? What is the stone in it?" he asked seeming interested.

"Lapis Lazuli" I replied.

The guys gave me death stares but Gustavo would never be able to find out about our secret from a stone in our rings...would he?

Gustavo's POV

I mentally smiled to myself, I knew something was going on with the boys and I was planning to get to the bottom of it!

Kelly told me that there was nothing wrong but I can feel that something is wrong!

"Well ok, you dogs can go" I sighed.

They all ran out of the studio quickly...a little too quick.

"Did you see that?" I asked Kelly.

"What?" she asked.

"When the boys ran out they went faster than usual...and it seemed like a blur" I answered.

"Gustavo...I think that either your glasses have fogged up or you must be really tired and imagining things" she told me.

I shook my head but before I could speak Kelly ordered "Go home and get some sleep, the boys will be back to record tomorrow"

"Fine" I agreed.

We both left the studio and went our separate ways, I promised Kelly that I would go to sleep but I have research to do!

Kendall's POV

We ran out of the studio at human speed. If we were there for another second I would've lost it! We ran straight to the nearest woods as fast as possible. There was no time to go back to the apartment for a blood would be too risky especially with humans on the way back and in the hotel!

We got to the middle of woods and I said "Lets' go hunt and meet back here"

They nodded, I could tell that James and Carlos were the hungriest because veins were already appearing under their eyes and their fangs were beginning to show.

We went in opposite directions and I let my instincts take over. Normally I would drink some blood from an animal and I wouldn't kill it but I went a bit too far with my hunger.

After about half-an hour I returned to our meeting spot and was surprised when I saw Logan standing there as if he hadn't moved.

"Hey Logan" I greeted while walking up to him.

"Hey Kendall" he sighed.

"What's wrong?" I asked concerned for my brother.

In our group we were all brothers...not biologically but we were all bonded together.

"Nothing" he replied.

"C'mon Logan, I know when something is wrong. And you of all people should know that it is better to let your feelings out and not bottle them up" I told him.

He smiled but the smile faded and quickly as it came.

"It might sound stupid but...I hate being like this" he told me.

I nodded and agreed "Me too, but as long as we stay together than we can get through this"

"Are you sure you can survive the whole 'boy band' stage without killing Gustavo?" he laughed.

"I'll try but I'm not making any promises!" I replied.

We both sat on the ground laughing at the events that happened earlier.

"What's funny?" Carlos asked as he walked towards us.

"Just remembering how Gustavo reacted to our dancing" Logan replied between laughs.

"Oh yeah! That was hilarious!" Carlos agreed while joining us on the ground.

"Where's James?" I asked.

"Right here" he replied from behind me.

We turned round and saw him leaning against a tree.

"Hungry?" Logan asked.

"Just a little bit" he answered.

"We told you to feed last night, but no you needed to get your 'beauty sleep' which does nothing!" Carlos argued.

"It does do something" he whispered.

"What?" Logan asked.

"Hey at least I'm not the one who wants to be a doctor!" James shouted.

"That is like suicide" I told him.

"I wanted to be a doctor because it would help settle my conscience" Logan answered.

"How?" Carlos asked.

"Well I would be helping save lives instead of destroying them!" he replied.

"He has a point" I agreed.

"Who's side are you on?" James shouted

"I'm not on anybody's side! It is funny seeing your reaction though" I laughed.

He shook his head and sat down next to me.

We were joking around for a few minutes until my phone started ringing.

"Who is it?" Logan asked.

"...Gustavo" I replied. I was just as confused as everyone else.

"Oh god! He has figured everything out! Way to go James!" Logan panicked.

"What did I do?" James screeched.

"You told him about the Lapis Lazuli and now he knows everything!" Logan replied.

"Logan, calm down" I ordered.

He looked at me and I carried on with my speech "There is no way that Gustavo could've found out and if it is about the 'vampire' situation then we have three options"

"What are they?" Carlos asked.

"Well we could pretend we don't know what he is talking about...or we could compel him.." I started to say.

"What else?" James asked impatiently.

"Or we tell him the truth"

Before they had any time to talk or offer anymore suggestions I brought my finger to my lips telling them to be quiet and answered the phone.

"Hey Gustavo" I greeted.

"WHERE ARE YOU?" he shouted.

That gave me an instant head ache; I had to hold the phone away from my ear because he was so loud.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I just phoned your apartment and your mother told me that she thought you were still at the studio!" he answered.

His voice was still a little too loud for my liking.

"Do you have to shout?" I whined.

"YES! You are my dogs and my dogs need to be trained!" he yelled.

I put the phone on speakerphone so I could save my ears...the others probably could already hear, they would probably be able to hear it if they were still human!

"We took a little detour" I told him so he would stop his rant about dogs being trained.

"How? You were in a limo!" he cried.

"Actually we walked" I told him.

"WHAT?" he shouted.

"Calm down! You don't want to cause another earthquake do you?" I asked him.

I heard him sigh on the other side and I asked "So why did you call the apartment?"

"I wanted to make sure that you dogs were at home and sleeping so you won't annoy me tomorrow with your bad singing and terrifying dancing!" he answered

"It wasn't that bad" Carlos whispered.

"I want all of you home NOW! And if you don't get there in 20 minutes then I'll make you do 10 hours harmonies...NO BREAKS!"

"Gustavo you can't expect us to get home in 20 minutes!" I argued.

"DO IT! Or you know the consequences" he told us.

"But.." I tried to say but he interrupted me.

"Time's going!" he sang.

"We got to go!" I said to the guys and hung up on Gustavo.

They ran after me but as we got close to the Palm Woods entrance I stopped, causing Carlos, Logan and James to run into my back.

"Why have you stopped?" Logan asked.

"We can't get here too early because otherwise we'll look suspicious" I explained.

"Well we can just tell Gustavo that we were close by and that it only took a few minutes to run here" James suggested.

"We have to wait until about 10 minutes go least" I told them.

"Why?" Carlos whined.

"Because he might ask people at the Palm Woods what time we got back and then he'll realise that we are faster than we are meant to you guys really want to move again?" I asked.

They shook their heads and I said "Neither do I and that is why we have to make this work!"

They nodded their heads and it was like they couldn't speak. We had moved so many times and this time we just wanted to stay a little bit longer than usual. We had the chance to be famous and even though it won't last long we still need to make every moment count. It will defiantly be a long time before we get a chance like this again.

Logan was the first to speak up "Ok, lets' wait here for another five minutes and then we should be safe"

Nobody argued and we all waited in silence.

"Are you sure that this isn't going to make us late?" James asked.

"No, we should get to the apartment with a few minutes to spare" Logan assured him.

"That's good because I wouldn't be able to survive ten hours of harmonies!" Carlos told us.

"I don't think Gustavo would survive" I said.

"You would kill him?" Logan gasped.

"No, no I don't think that he'll survive our 'bad singing' and 'bad dancing'" I replied while laughing.

They started to laugh as well until Logan announced "We've got to go!"

We ran at a human speed into the entrance of the Palm Woods, got some water and splashed it onto our faces. We ran up the stairs all knowing that the elevator would take too long.

"Guys we're not going to make it!" James started shouting.

We got to the second floor and burst through our door to our apartment!

"We made it!" James screamed.

"Yes, yes you did" Gustavo praised.

"What are you doing here?" I asked pretending to be out of breath.

Logan, Carlos and James stood there panting and James was angry about the 'sweat' in his hair.

"Well I needed to talk to you about something" he answered.

"Can't you tell us tomorrow?" Carlos asked optimistically.

"NO!" Gustavo shouted.

"Where's Kelly?" James asked.

I was surprised too. Normally Kelly would be beside Gustavo and would be able to calm him down so he wouldn't shout at us...too much.

"She's not here!" Gustavo replied.

"Well done Sherlock!" Logan said sarcastically.

Gustavo ignored his sarcastic comment and started pacing the room as if he was getting ready to interrogate us.

"How did you manage to get back so quickly?" he asked calmly and stopped in front of me.

"You told us to get back within twenty minutes, so we ran and got here just in time" I answered.

"Where were you?" he asked stepping in front of Carlos.

"Walking home" he replied with a shrug.

Gustavo sighed and moved on to Logan.

"But when I drove past I didn't see you on your way back" he told us.

"We went a different way" Logan told him.

"And you ran?" he asked while stepping in front of James.

"Do you not see the sweat in my perfect hair? It is ruining it!" James said with a scowl.

"Why did you go a different way?" Gustavo asked returning back to me his voice getting louder.

"It relaxes us" I said getting bored with the questions.

He looked towards Carlos and saw him look down.

"Carlos anything you want to tell me?"

He looked up and nodded with a smile.

My mind was worrying...Carlos wouldn't tell...would he?

Gustavo had a smile and Carlos whispered in his ear. Gustavo's smile turned into a frown and he screamed in frustration.

He stormed out of the apartment and Carlos started laughing.

"What did you tell him?" James asked.

"That I wanted a corndog" Carlos shrugged.

We all started laughing with him realising that Gustavo was going to have a fit tomorrow.

Gustavo's POV

I watched the boys very closely over the next few days. Kelly told me that I had an overactive imagination and an obsession that something was wrong.

I knew that I was right exactly when Carlos decided to try out a new stunt in the studio. He ran straight into the wall and I knew that his arm was bleeding.

Kelly, of course, overreacted and ran in there with a first-aid kit.

"Carlos are you ok?" she asked.

He hid his arm behind his back and replied "Yeah, just a small scratch nothing to worry about"

"But it was bleeding!" I told him.

"No it wasn't" he denied.

"Let me look at your arm" she ordered.

He shook his head and she told him sternly "Let me look at your arm, now!"

Again he shook his head but when Kelly pulled his arm forward nothing was there.

"What...?" she asked confused

"See I told you, nothing was wrong!" he laughed.

"That's our Carlos!" James said while putting his hand on his shoulder and giving him a look saying 'Are you ok?'

"Boys, can you go wait in my office for a few minutes please, I'll be there in a minute I just need to talk to Kelly" I told them.

They nodded and went into my office.

"Do you believe me now?" I whispered

"What?" she asked.

"Do you believe that there is something...weird about the boys?" I asked.

She nodded her head and asked "Well what do we do?"

"Confront them about it" I answered

"Are you sure that is the best idea?"

I shrugged and replied "Might as well give it a shot"

When we got into my office, we closed the door and blocked it.

"Boys, we need to talk" I announced.

They turned around worriedly.

"We need to know what is going on" Kelly told them.

They looked at each other sharing a private message and Kendall nodded.

"What are you?" I asked trying to seem intimidating but for once it wasn't working.

They all stood up and took a couple steps towards us.

"What are you?" Kelly repeated.

"We're vampires"

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