Title: Sunstorm
Author: scyllaya
Rating: NC-17
Characters and/or Pairing: Gabriel/Dean, OCs
Spoilers: pagan world AU, so only know who Gabriel is.
Warnings: cursing, graphic violence, graphic sexual content (slash)

Word Count: ~

Disclaimer: All names and characters in this story belong to CW/WB and Kripke. I'm making no profit. It's just for fun! Don't sue me! =D

Summary: Deandalon was not one of the great gods, there was probably nothing that made him any different from the thousands of lesser gods that walked the mortal world, but the day the sky broke open with dazzling golden light and they all thought the Sun fell to the ground only he stayed behind and dared to go to the burning bright archangel.

AN: Un-betad, sorry for that. Ignore my mistakes please!
The chosen theme song for this fanfiction is Two Steps From Hell's brilliant piece 'Operation Sandstorm'.


Chapter One

His day started so well, more than well actually. He woke up between soft sheets next to a nymph, and not the slimy water type but a gorgeous little thing from Crete, perfect curves and silky skin. He might have not counted as someone special among all the gods but the women could never resist his charms. Oh and she did not resist at all. So how on Earth he could've known that Pillan was bedding her? And there were two things one had to know about Pillan, he was incredibly powerful and incredibly possessive. And his day started so well…

He managed to shake off the fire spirits the thunder god sent after him, at least for a while. He might not have been the strongest, but he had fast legs and a quick mind and that was all that counted. Sure he was not wise and all-knowing like the old ones, he did now know ancient magic and spells, but he had the wits and the attitude to get along. Even if his big mouth got him in trouble as much as it saved him from. He already accepted that his fate was to be swat by a stronger god sooner or later, but he really wanted it to be later and he certainly didn't want to be burnt to dust by some nasty fire spirits.

He didn't know how long Pillan might hold the grudge, but he had to try and focus on the problem at hand. First of all he had to stay alive and get rid of the spirits and after he managed that he could think of a way to placate the angry god somehow. Wargods were easy to charm with shiny gifts so there had to be something he could get later. And it wasn't like he slept with his wife or one of his daughters – thank the Stars – just one little nymph lover, sure he could be forgiven for it.

Someone as insignificant as Deandalon surely wouldn't hold the god's attention for long. He was not one of the great gods, not by any means; there was probably nothing that made him any different from the thousands of lesser gods that walked the mortal world. He had no temple, no statues, not even one little altar, no worshippers, but that was not surprising as there was nothing humans could possibly ask him for. He had not power over the nature, not the storms or the rain or the brightly shining sun, he couldn't influence the crop, bless the newborn or give triumph to warriors, and those were the things humans needed from gods, the things they made offerings and sacrifices for. There were no tales of his adventures that mothers told their children, or the old ones to the young at the fire. Surely no human would pray for a troublemaker, because that would be mighty foolish. And it's not like he would just do what some humans ask from him just because they offer some food and kind words. Sure he helped humans sometimes, the tolerable ones. Little kids lost in the woods or families threatened by bandits, he could be nice after all if he wanted to be, and some humans were just so innocent that seeing their blood spilled would've left a sour taste in his mouth.

But he also loved causing more trouble for them. Oh some were so arrogant because of their wealth, fame or power that they just had to be shown that they were nothing but little insignificant mortals and even a lesser god like Deandalon could turn their life into pure suffering with nothing but a snap of his fingers. They soon gave up their high and mighty attitude after that… if they stayed alive that is, sometimes things turned too funny to stop.

His life was good considered he could always do as he pleased. He peeked out from his hideout to look around for the spirits and it seemed like he really did manage to get away from them. That was a relief.

'Hey Dean!' someone shouted and he turned around quickly and noticed a familiar sprite sitting on the top of a tree trunk waving at him. Big grin on his face and his pointy ears and horns barely peeked out from his curly locks so one could've thought him to be human if not for the hoofs.

'Shut up Puck! Get down!' he whispered back angrily at him, motioning him to get down. He let the nickname go. It used to annoy him endlessly that everyone was disrespecting him by shortening his name, but he really was not strong enough to demand to be called by his proper name. Puck just frowned at him and Dean wanted to strangle him, but the next second he heard the hissing, crackling sound of the fire spirits so he jumped up from his hideout and started to run again.

'Where's the fire?' Puck asked with an amused smile as he watched Dean ran towards him.

'Behind me! Run!' Dean shouted at him as he dashed by. Puck looked up and his eyes widened, but he started running too with full-speed. Two of the fire spirits heard them and came sliding through the trees with heat and smoke.

'What on the bloody Earth did you do this time you pea-brained fathead?' asked Puck.

'Slept with one of Pillan's nymphs' Dean answered as they jumped across a stream and started running towards the valley.

'Oh you dim-witted nutmeg' grumbled Puck. 'They're gonna burn you to dust.'

'Don't I know it?' Dean snapped back. They were almost out of the woods, not like the trees seemed like any kind of obstacle to the spirits.

'So what's the plan? They won't get tired' one thing Dean liked about Puck was that he knew trouble as good and closely as Dean did.

'Get out of their sight and look innocent' Dean said and he knew he didn't have to explain more.

The valley was close and it wouldn't take much to jump down and transform into something small that would not catch the spirits attention. They were strong, but dumb as dust.

'Dibs on mountain lion' Puck grinned as he jumped and Dean jumped a second later, his mind already picturing what he wanted to be. It took only a second as his bones shifted, his skin adjusted and his arms spread out and morphed to wings. His eyesight sharpened while his body shrunk. He always loved to fly a little as soon as he morphed but there was no time for that so he landed on the first rock he found and busied himself with straightening out some feathers on his wings with his beak.

Just a regular falcon minding its own business, nothing else to see. He was good at hiding and knew his companion was too. He could see as Puck landed somewhat deeper on the cliff as a mountain lion, like promised. He too stretched out on a cliff with no care to the world. Dean felt as his tiny heart speeded up when the two spirits arrived above the valley, their burning cinder eyes roaming the land, but they flew away a few seconds later, just as expected.

He flew down to Puck then shook his feathers morphing back to his usual form.

'Why do I hang out with you again?' Puck asked as he too changed back and they started to walk down deeper into the valley.

'Because I'm funny and adorable, and your life would be mighty boring without me?' Dean asked with a grin.

'Or I'm just too kind for my own good' Puck said.

'Or because I can always get fine beer while your brew is like horse piss' Dean retorted.

'Yeah, maybe that too' the faun admitted with a chuckle. 'Now come one, I've been looking for you cause I've got some good friends visiting.'

'They better not be leprechauns or gold sprites, you know they want to skin me alive since the last time' it was most definitely not his fault that the little golden naked ladies caught fire so easily, he couldn't have known that. And his "I'm sorry I burnt your niece" speech was not as successful as he hoped it would be either.

'No fairies, don't worry' Puck laughed.


Puck was not lying, his friends were not fairies, but nature spirits. It was ironic considering that he was just running away from some, but the fire spirits were always the nasty ones the rest of them were much more fun to have around. Old patronizing oak trees, a chirping spring breeze, giggling flower girls and animal spirits who just loved to drink. Dean liked them much more than most of the gods, but could see some of them whispering quietly, surely surprised that a god didn't deem their company to be beneath him.

But after he ran with the wolfs and flew with Ellil – the wind – the whispers turned to smiles and laughter. If he knew one thing well was that how to be one of many, how to whisk suspicion away with bright smiles and kind words. Only one old geezer kept looking at him with narrowed eyes. "Everybody's friend is true to know one" he growled into his cup. Dean had the urge to snap his fingers and make some woodcutters chop him up to firewood and he was sure that his intention was clear as he locked his green eyes on the spirit because the ent ducked his head and didn't speak another word.

After that he didn't pay attention to anyone just kept drinking until the moment a heavy thunder rang. They all fell silent and looked up at the clear blue sky. Dean's first thought was that Pillan found him, but he dismissed the thought. The other gods felt too superior to get down into the valley like he always did, thus the reason it was his favorite hiding place.

Thunder rang again, but instead of storm clouds brilliant light started to shine high up in the sky. Even Dean stood up as did Puck and all the spirits and they couldn't tear their eyes away as the sky broke open with dazzling golden light. It almost burnt his eyes to look and he felt as someone tugged at his arm.

'We have to run!' Puck said in a panicked tone. 'Dean!' the god didn't look away. He never saw something like this before. 'Deandalon! You don't want to be here when that thing gets close!' his friend said, but Dean shook him off. 'Fine, but I'm not burning with you' he said and the god heard as he ran away, just like the spirits.

Was this the Sun that fell down from Heavens? The golden brilliance filled the entire valley with light, it was too bright for Dean to see what it was, but he felt as the Earth shook under his feet when it reached the top of the hill at the end of the vale. He blinked a few times trying to adjust his eyes to the light and he succeeded after a few moments, and when he could finally see clearly his breath caught in his throat.

Wings, it was the first thing that caught his attention. The being was larger than anything the god had seen before. If it would have stood up it would've been taller than the hill itself. Three set of wings were visible, each was bright burning gold and spread so wide that they could've covered the sky above the vale, covering it up. It had arms and legs, Dean could see it as it knelt down on the top of the hill. The god couldn't see the face. He caught glimpses of golden armor between the wings, but nothing more. He wished the creature would turn around as it was covered mostly by its wings like this. And then it started to shrink.

Dean's eyes widened at the sight and his legs were already moving even before he thought about it. The creature shrunk and even if Dean kept his eyes on it after a few minutes he was gone from his sight, it was only a golden spot on the top of the hill. Dean took the shape of a falcon again and flew towards the hill.

It may have been real foolish of him, but his curiosity often got the better of him. It was maybe a Sun god. Those were the most powerful of all the great gods. There were no great gods living in these lands, Pillan was one of the most powerful ones and he too was nothing compared to the real gods, the creators.

'Dean!' he heard Puck's voice and the sprite was soon flying next to him in the shape of a sparrow. 'What are you doing?' he asked. 'Are you out of your mind?' his voice still was on the edge of panic.

'I'm not going to do anything' Dean reassured him. 'I will just be the first one to greet this god' he said. It sounded like a very solid explanation; he couldn't just say that he was curious to see a real Sun god of course.

'No, Dean' Puck whined.

'You can go back if you're scared' Dean told him.

'That's not it!' Puck argued. 'It's not a god.'

'What else could it be?' Dean asked.

'It's an angel' That made Dean halt, they were not so far away from the hill now and it was the first time he tore away his eyes from the golden light.

'Don't be stupid Puck, angels don't come down to Earth' he said, everyone knew that. 'And do you think I'm a dimwit?' he snapped then. 'Angels are pure white, all of them. This is definitely a Sun god.'

'Oh listen to me you stupid kid' Puck snapped, it was rare that the sprite pointed it out that he was much older than the god was. 'The first is blazing red flames; the second is the silver light of the stars, the third is dazzling blue thunder and the fourth is the brilliance of the sun… only the lesser angels are pure white. This is one of the archangels!'

'Brilliance of the sun' Dean repeated as he finally slowed down and descended. He landed on one of the high threes folding his wings to his sides and Puck landed next to him. 'What makes you so sure?' he asked him then.

'Because this one was down here before' he said.

'In the valley?'

'No you dim-witted dogturd, in the world of humans' it was fascinating how Puck could still roll his eyes even as a bird. 'The god Dushara, the one who saw him the last time, made sure to tell everyone to fear the golden angel, because he is the one who brings the judgment of his god, it's the one sent to destroy… Gabriel.'

Dean looked back towards the hill at the golden light at the very top. Brilliance of the sun… Gabriel.