She might've been more exhausted than ever before, her body might've been sore and tired, but the tears in her eyes were not from grief this time. Thank God and all spirits on Earth, they were not from grief.

'He's beautiful' she whispered as she held her new-born child in her arms and gazed at the small face that she already found to be the most beautiful on the world and being able to hold him close like this was the greatest joy she ever experienced.

'Strong and healthy' her husband agreed and she wanted to cry again.

Three miscarriages, only one baby to see the sun but she was dead too within a day and now... perfect, healthy baby-boy. It was a miracle, she feared to lose another baby when she noticed she was with child again, feared not to give her husband any children, and now they had a son. His big eyes were locked on her face whenever he was not asleep and being looked at like that, like she was the whole wide world or the rising sun was so much more wonderful than she could've ever say in words.

'Hold him' she said as she looked up at her husband. The man seemed startled for one moment. He hid it so well in front of others but every time they lost a child he was broken with sadness and grief, he too looked like he was still not believing his eyes that he was finally, truly a father. The man leaned closer and gingerly took the baby out of the mother's hands.

He held him lightly, and with so much care like he was holding the most precious thing in the world in his arms. He could pretend to be gruff and fearless, but his wife knew how happy he really was, and right now, with just the two of them with their son he seemed to lose all hard edges in his demeanor.

'Are those tears that I see?' she asked teasingly as her own eyes teared up again.

'Don't be foolish, woman' the man replied immediately, but his voice and his face betrayed all emotions he wanted to hide.

'You know, shedding a few tears of joy for your first-born son won't make you less of a man' she told him. 'And neither less of a hunter, Lawrence Campbell.'

The man chuckled in his deep voice as he looked back at her wife.

'I don't dare arguing with you' he said with a smile. He shifted closer to the woman again and she reached out to tuck in the soft blanket around the boy tighter.

'He's a gift' she said, both of them just kept looking down at the little face. 'Gift from the skies.' She couldn't help thinking that, all the pain and suffering she had to go through with her first three pregnancies, none of that happened now and their boy was... perfect.

'He is Maryann, that he is' the man agreed.

Gabriel took a deep breath at his spot outside the house within the trees as he listened to the happy couple before he spread his wings and disappeared from there.


Gabriel first thought walking would be too slow and tedious, but he tried it anyway. He enjoyed it when he and Dean walked from town to town on their trip, but it was of course a lot less enjoyable on his own, still he walked. Not like he had anywhere to go and he feared that if he stopped he would not start moving again.

He left the isles behind and roamed the deserted dusty roads of the main land without a chosen destination. He was sure he would eventually find something that would catch his attention, but for now he was content to just go... somewhere, anywhere, and tried his best to tear away his attention from that small child that now held Dean's soul within.

He wasn't sure if it would work at first, but it did and Gabriel was grateful for that. He knew that making it possible for Lawrence and Maryann Campbell to have a child would eventually make some a larger difference in the family's future later, but now it was just small enough thing to pass by Heaven's watchful eyes. Healing Maryann's flawed body so she could give birth to a healthy son to Lawrence Campbell was easy enough, she was meant to live her life childless till the end, it made her the perfect choice from the bloodline, and besides she was kind and loving the way Gabriel saw it and in every way a mother Dean never had.

The thought made his mood darken in a moment, he had yet to locate MorrĂ­gan to take revenge on her, but the goddess probably knew that she was in danger and hid well. The archangel decided that he could be patient, that if he started to chase her now he would soon focus on nothing but on that quest. He needed to be without a goal. To be without a mission, as Dean told him, there was no need for one to exist for him now.

'Well ain't that a rare sight' he heard a voice speak and it made him stop and turn towards it. He saw the campfire first and was surprised that he didn't notice the presence of the man sitting by it sooner. He was clearly not human. The man looked older than Gabriel, but didn't look harmless at all. A large horned helmet rested next to him on the tree-trunk he was sitting on and long lance was next to him by his hand and also a sword in his belt. Gabriel didn't have to focus much to see that he was a god.

'I don't see too many travelers here stranger, so who are you?'

Gabriel let a smile curl up his lips as he spoke.

'I am what I want to be, good, bad and everything in between' he said, reciting Dean's words as similarly as he could, it made the god smile and huff out a small chuckle.

'That kind, eh?' he asked. 'Well, there's enough place here at the fire, and I am willing to share the warmth.'

Gabriel was uncertain for a moment, but then walked closer and sat down to the other side of the small camp. The god didn't speak again and Gabriel chose to stay silent as well.

His grace was pulling him back to where he left Dean... his soul, the child with the Campbell family, but he resisted the urge to go back. Bounding the soul to that bloodline was perilous enough, having Gabriel around too much would just make sure that Heaven would become aware of his presence, but even so it was the safest choice still. That family would exist for a very long time, that bloodline would not die out under any circumstances, Heaven would make sure of that, there was no place where Dean's soul would have been safer. It didn't matter if centuries passed, before Gabriel went back to cut the connection he put between the family and the soul, Dean will be stay on Earth, his soul would not leave the family bonds... he would have to do nothing but look for the Campbells to find him.

'You have the face of someone who's leaving things behind.'

'Only shadows' Gabriel replied and the man grunted shortly. The angel knew he wouldn't be able to resist to go to Dean again, to see him again, he knew that his body might look different for a while and he would listen to another name in every life that will come to pass, but it will be Dean, his Deandalon deep inside. And maybe he will see his face again too, bloodlines were an interesting matter and no one would notice little changes here and there, he didn't know for sure of course, but he was confident that if Samael managed to open demonic gates all over the globe without Heaven noticing then his handiwork could also stay hidden from unwanted eyes.

He knew that he didn't leave Dean's soul linked to the most peaceful and least dangerous family on Earth, but it was not like he had too many families to chose from, he had to make it work with what he had at his disposal. He could always go to his side and see whether he was well anytime he wanted even if right now it wouldn't have done any good, later when Dean will be old enough again, he will have occasion, even if Dean will look at him as a stranger.

'Name's Odin' the man spoke again.

'I'm Loki' Gabriel answered without hesitation. Dean taught him how to be a god, he would not fail to remember his lessons, after all he had to do something while he waited, it wouldn't be that hard to let... maybe two decades pass by, it was after all nothing but a blink for an archangel.



This might be one of the most unusual endings I have ever written (well from me anyways), but it was planned to end this way for a very long time. As a matter of fact almost since the beginning.
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