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Silence. That was all that could be heard from a place called #4 Privett Drive. Or, at least, it was until a scream tore through the air. The scream belonged to a ten year old, black haired, green eyed boy. The boy's scream was not what one would expect to hear a ten year old give. It was not a scream of joy, or sadness, nor even mild pain. No, this scream was a scream of agony and fear.

Now, to understand why a child would give such a scream, one would need to know the history of said child.

The boy was named Harry James Potter. He was born on July 31, 1980. His parents were James and Lily Potter. The Potters were not exactly what one would call "normal." They were what their community called a witch and wizard.

They were also part of a vigilante organization called "The Order of the Phoenix," which devoted its resources to defeating a Dark wizard named Tom Marvolo Riddle, or more commonly known as Lord Voldemort. The wizard was so feared, that the general populace stopped saying his name. They started to call him "You-Know-Who," or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named." That fear of his name, gave him more power.

Tom, as he will be referred to for our purposes, had been using his terrorist ways to spread the so-called "Pure-Blood" propaganda. However, if people knew one little known fact about him, they would call him a hypocrite. For Tom Marvolo Riddle, was in fact, a Half-Blood!

Getting back on track now. There was a prophecy made shortly after Harry was born, and it would change his life greatly. Tom got his hands on the first part of the prophecy, and went after the blood of the Potter child. He found them, after they were betrayed by one of their close friends. He killed James and Lily, when he reached them, and was about to kill the child. But he hadn't prepared for a minor protection. A spell had been cast on young Harry, a spell that causes any spell, or curse, that is cast with the intent on harming the protected, to backfire. But there was a flaw in the spell, and when Tom cast the curse, the function of said curse was to separate the soul from the body, most of it did indeed backfire, however, a small remnant of the energy went in the intended direction, striking the boy in the forehead.

When this happened, Tom didn't even have the time to scream before his soul was thrown out of his body.

The boy, however, started to glow, and his body started to fade from this plane of existence. Then it stopped for some unknown reason. It was quiet for a few moments. Then energy started to build up around little Harry. It built up, until it had to be released.

And release it did! In a spectacular explosion!

At approximately one hour after the explosion, a giant of a man arrived. His name was Rubeous Hagrid. He found the bodies of Lily and James, and the clothes of Tom, but not Harry. At least, not until he heard Harry start to cry.

He took the boy from the decimated house, and went to a location in Surrey known as Pivett Drive. There he handed him off to a old man known as Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore then placed Harry on the door step of his mothers sisters house. Placing a letter with the boy, they left, unknowing of how hard the boy's life would be in the coming years, with his "normal" obsessed aunt and uncle.

And this brings us to the present time.

"Stop screaming you little FREAK!" Harry's uncle, Vernon Dursley, shouted at the still screaming barely ten year old. Vernon had just started to beat Harry, again. However, this time was different, for Vernon usually only left him with a few dozen bruises, and maybe a few broken bones, but this time, he had broken the bones in Harry's legs and arms, and had even started to use a knife on the poor boy. It was when Harry saw the knife that he started to scream.

Harry had crawled into a corner, in an attempt to avoid even more pain. His uncle was even scarier when he was mad, and had a knife in hand. The part that makes this even worse, is the fact that Harry wasn't crying. A ten year old should be crying when in this kind of pain. However Harry had long ago stopped crying, crying only caused his uncle to hurt him even more.

Vernon was about to stab the knife into Harry's chest, when there was a flash of white light.

As the light cleared, Vernon found himself alone in the room, the knife embedded into the wall where Harry used to be.

Scarred witless, Vernon backed up, and lost control over some of his muscle functions, and released a foul smelling substance, right as he reached the wall.

Harry awoke in a dark, damp, and above all else, unknown location. It looked to be a place that was made of a type of dark black granite. The walls were smooth, and there was light coming from an unknown source above. There were two rings in the ground. One was a ring of what looked like a type of blocky language that Harry didn't know. The second looked like it was a ring of some kind of metal, with a seam that seemed to be cutting it in half.

Harry sat there, noticing a lack of pain. With what he had just been through, he should have been in such pain, that it would seem impossible to move.

With that confusing thought, Harry slowly arose, disoriented from his sudden change in location, and apparent healing.

"Hello?" Harry called out, unsure if there was anyone there. "Is anyone there?"

Getting no answer, Harry started to feel more alone than he had in the past. Back at the Dursley's, he had had the snakes that inhabited the garden to talk to, even though he didn't know how he was talking with them anyway. There was even the Dursley's themselves, no matter how bad their company was.

Thinking that one of the rings in the ground might help him, Harry moved over to the closest on, the one made of the strange text.

As he stepped over the ring to see it better, a brighter light appeared, and out of that light formed what appeared to be a very old man. He was about five foot ten, with very gray hair. The skin on his face and hands were very wrinkled. He wore a robe of some kind, and carried a staff. Around his neck hung a red jewel, looking just big enough to fill the mans palm. His eyes spoke of a wisdom only gained through age.

"Finally," he said, "you have arrived! I have waited for many years for you to come to this place." He then walked closer to the young boy who was before him. "Now I can, at long last, pass on this knowledge."

While the old man was talking, Harry just remained in his position, starring at this man that came to be from a bright light. When the man had stopped, Harry spoke, softly, still fearful of being hurt.

"Who are you? And where am I? And why aren't I hurt?"

The old man looked at Harry for a moment, then answered. "I was last known as Myrrdin, or as you might recognize, Merlin. There isn't any pain because there was an automatic healing protocol in the transport beam. As for where you are, you are at a place of knowledge. I built this place long ago, in the hopes that one day, someone worthy of the information here, would come. And that day has finally come to pass." He paused for a moment, before continuing on, his deep voice having a strange calming effect on Harry. "What you stand in, is an activation ring, an on switch if you will, that once you entered activated me. I will be able to answer your questions in due time. For now I am going to ask you a question. " Waiting only for Harry to nod, he asked, "If you had the knowledge, and ability to create most anything you wanted, or understand and change anything you felt needed changing , what would you do with it?"

Harry starred at Myrrdin, for a moment, before answering in a way that only someone who speaks the truth could. "I would use it to better the lives of any who would one day be called a friend. I would use it to prevent what happened to me, from happening to others."

Myrrdin nodded, and looked thoughtful for a moment, before pointing at the circle that Harry was in. "Step outside of that circle, and the path to gaining the knowledge I spoke of will be opened up to you." His voice ringing with a hint of finality.

Harry quickly left the ring, and another light glowed for a second, before something roundish, and green and black colored, came out of one of the walls.

"Go, young one, and place your head in front of the black opening in the device."

Harry did so, reaching out by instinct to grab the arm like device that had grabbed his head. As he struggled he saw colored lights, come closer to his face.

Myrrdin watched as the knowledge inside the repository, for that is what it was, was literally downloaded into the young boys mind. After a few moments, the device released Harry.

He stood there for a moment, before collapsing. He was unconscious by the time he hit the ground.

Harry groaned. It felt like a herd of large animals had gone stampeding through his head. Whats more was that there was information flashing through his mind, that he hadn't known before. He slowly opened his eyes, lifting his head slightly, and seeing Myrrdin standing in front of him, let his head fall back to the ground.

"That hurts," Harry complained. "Was the pain really necessary?"

Myrrdin chuckled, as Harry complained. "The pain will leave momentarily. But for now, how do you feel? Anything new?"

Harry looked at Myrrdin, and then looked around. Upon seeing the other ring in the ground, he suddenly knew what it was, what it did, and how to make another. Blinking in confusion at what happened, Harry looked at the device that had grabbed his head, and the same thing happened again.

Turning to Myrrdin, he said, "The hell! You could have warned me, that this would happen!"

Myrrdin looked at Harry, then at the device in the wall, then back to Harry. "This repository is slightly different than the ones that are just scattered about. This one has a safety feature in it, that allows for a person of a lesser brain development, to survive. What it does is two things. First it locks the unneeded knowledge away, waiting for when you come into contact with something that requires the information, then it only gives you what you need, nothing more, nothing less. Second it changes your brain chemistry. Before you used this device you synaptic level, and density, were about twenty percent, and twice as dense as the average person on this planet. Now it is around sixty percent brain usage, and the density has become six times as dense as the average person. What this means, is that you will think faster, your brain will be able to handle more information than anyone on the physical plane. And any abilities that you had before, have been increased six-fold." Here he paused. "I have also learned that there were a few mental barriers on some of your earlier memories. I have taken the liberty of removing those. Try to remember what happened before your earliest known memories."

Harry thought for a moment, and then it all came rushing, like a raging river, into the forefront of his mind. He saw who could only be his parents. He watched them talk of a place called Hogwarts. He watched as they did strange things with a stick that they waved around. He watched as they, along with a older man, spoke about what would happen when Harry turned eleven. How he would be going to the school Hogwarts. He watched and saw how his parents died, and how that same old man took him to the Dursleys.

As Harry thought about what he had just learned, he came to a decision. He would go to this "Hogwarts," so that he could learn where it was that his parents learned. He decided that the best course of action would be to return to the Dursleys, if only so that when the letter does come, he can be found. While he was thinking of this, a device came to mind. One that could help him greatly. It was a device that does two things, takes things out of phase with the rest of the world, and creates a artificially created pocket dimension. Something that could be increased in size at any time.

Turning to Myrrdin, he asked, "So what's on the other end of that ring platform?"

Myrrdin smiles as he answered. "That my dear boy, is where you can come to to work on any projects that come to mind."

"Will you be there as well?"

"Yes, Harry I will be there as well. I will also help you with learning anything that you need, that is not in this repository." Myrrdin said in a tone that spoke of grandfatherly affection.

Harry then said, "Well I am going to need a ring platform to get back here from my 'home.' Will the needed materials be there?" He then started to walk towards the ring platform.

"Yes, they will be, along with others that you might need in the future." Myrrdin answered, before looked at the wall and spoke. "The ring activation crystal is located inside the wall just to your left. Take it, and use it to get back here when needed. There is more in this room than meets the eye, but you will have to learn about it on your own."

Harry picked up the small hand-held activation device, and walked back to the center of the ring. "See you on the other side, Myrrdin." He said that right as he depressed the center crystal to activate the rings. Myrrdin smiled as six rings came up from the ground, coming to a stop around Harry. A bright flash of light traveled down the six rings, then they moved back into their previous location. Harry was no longer inside the ring platform. At least this one anyway.

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