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At the forth house on Pivot drive...

"I don't care Pet, we don't need to raise him." A walrus of a man stated as he pointed to a infant sleeping in a basket.

"Dumping him at an orphanage would just lead him back here, Vernon." a thin woman replied. "The note said as much."

"Petunia, what if I took him with me to the meeting in Japan and left him there?" Vernon asked as he thought for a few moments.

"It could work... but don't come yelling at me if he is forced on us." Petunia stated as she looked sadly at the infant. 'I guess it's better this way, Lily.'

A day later, and at a Japanese Orphanage...

"My family doesn't make enough for another child." Vernon told a translator as he showed a baby to the director of said place.

The woman spoke quickly in Japanese and nodded her head. "She said she will gladly take him off your hands..." the translator blanched when he looked at the director who shook her head no. "She asks that you fill out all the paper work here and now... I will help with the questions."

After another few hours...

"That's the last one, Mr Dursley you are free to go." the translator stated as he lead Vernon out.

"Finally that man has left." The woman spoke in Japanese, from now unless specified the spoken language is Japanese. "Could you go see to the Yagami girl."

"Yes ma'am."

"So mister Potter, I do believe you were supposed to be in England... But no matter, I will take care of a few things for you." The old woman stated as she grinned.

As the months go by...

"You want to adopt both Yagami-chan and Potter-chan?" the old woman asked a man wearing a business suit.

"Yes, I do, Miss Claw." the man replied.

"If I may ask why so, Admiral Graham?" Miss Claw asked as she looked at the Admiral.

"I would like to keep that away from prying eyes for now. But the Yagami girl has caught my attention for this." Admiral Graham stated as he placed jewel on the table. "It's name is Skyline, a relic."

"Ah... and the other?"

"A book." Admiral Graham replied as he looked at the window.

"They are quite young..." Miss Claw started say.

"As they are three and two years old respectfully, I wasn't planing on adopting them and leaving them to fend for themselves. I have two workers that will tend for them as I see fit." Admiral Graham finished for her.

"I take it you understand that the two of them are quite picky." Miss Claw stated as she looked at the doorway. "Come in Yukito."

"Sorry, Ma'am, so is he the one trying to adopt the two?" Yukito asked as he entered the room.

"Yes he is young man, and by the looks of things he will." Miss Claw stated as she looked over the forms that was handed to her.

Two years later...

"Hayate-chan stop running!" Lotte shouted as she chased a naked five year old around a house. "I wish I was picking on Chro-suki and not babysitting." Lotte muttered as she caught the giggling girl. "Bath Time." Lotte stated as she held the wiggling girl, as she passed her sister in the hallway. "How come you get the easy one and I get the midget from..." Lotte started to say but stopped by a glare from her father.

"Harry can't run away sis." Aria stated as she looked happy. "Looks like you found someone with your type of lifestyle."

After the children went to sleep...

"After this year you will not be returning here." Gill stated as he looked at them. "We will need the time to properly set up for our plan."

"So the guardians will appear soon?" Lotte asked as she looked at the book.

"Yes Lotte and move that book to Harry's bedroom, also since Hayate has Skyline attach to her she also needs to be watched from a distance." Gill stated as the book was placed into Harry's bedroom...

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