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Omake 7: The Twins, now we look alike…

At a mall…

"Otto, you need a haircut." Deed stated as she looked at her sister's wild hair. "How can you see with it covering your eyes?"

"I know, and you are one to talk." Otto muttered as she pushed her hair out of her eyes. "Didn't Ixy beat you by grabbing your hair?"

"Yeah… I need one too." Deed stated as she spotted a store. "I know, let's get matching styles."

"Deed… DEED!" Otto shouted as she was dragged to the hair salon.

A few minutes later at the register…

"Thank you, have a nice day, Miss Takamachi." The cashier stated and blinked, then look to the side to see the same person, blink, and look back at the next person in line. "Umm…"

"We're twins." Otto stated as she glared at her twin.

"The total comes to twenty." The cashier stated before sighing. "They don't pay me enough to deal with a second set."

"I'll make sure not to be here at the same time as my sister." Otto stated as she paid for the hair cut.

A little ways later…

"Wow… Umm… Crap… which one is which?" Wendy stated as she spotted the twins. "Ginga! They pranked me!" Wendy stated as she pointed at the twins.

"That's a nice look." Ginga stated as she looked at the two. "Spill, which is which."

"I'm Otto." Deed stated with a smirk.

"No I'm Otto!" Otto stated with a frown.

"Great, we look alike you forgot your own name?" Deed stated still smirking.

"DEED, that is annoying, if anything Mom can tell us apart." Otto stated smiling at her twin's surprised look.

"Wait you're Otto." Ginga stated as she pointed to Otto. "And you're Deed." Ginga stated as she pointed at the right twin. "You look the same now."

"That was the point." The twins stated as one.

"Though I was against it at first." Otto stated with a sigh. "I wonder how much trouble I can get you into."

"You wouldn't as I can do the same to you… wait… that's blackmail!" Deed stated surprised.

"Actually it isn't." Cinque stated. "Blackmail entices the fact that only the one that knows about it can use it."

"Oh…" Deed stated in awe of her sister. "Well let's prank the-would-be-queen."

"You know Vivio hate being called that." Otto muttered as she and Deed started to walk away.

At the Takamachi household…

"Hi Otto, you got your hair cut." Fate stated as she passed the teen sitting on the couch, who chuckled. "Odd…"

"Fate! Help me Otto has me trapped outside!" Vivio shouted as Fate stopped looked at the twin on the couch narrowed her eyes.

"How did you manage that?" Fate asked.

"I wouldn't know." Deed stated. "Maybe Vivio is blaming me for getting caught in a branch."

"True." Fate stated as she walked outside and saw that Vivio wasn't caught in a tree, no she was caught holding on to the gutter. "How did you end up there?"

"Otto spooked me and I slipped." Vivio stated.

"And when did this happen?" Fate asked.

"About five minutes ago." Vivio replied making Fate frown.

"Have you seen Deed?" Fate asked.

"No, I keep seeing Otto, that's what caused me to slip. I saw her getting the mail and the next I saw her entering her room." Vivio stated making Fate look curious.

"Drop down I'll catch you." Fate stated as Vivio dropped. ~Nanoha, could you get back to the house, we have a problem with the twins.~

~What type of problems?~ Nanoha replied back in a light tone.

~One that spooked Vivio.~ Fate stated

~I'll be home soon.~ Nanoha stated briskly.

As Fate entered the house she paled and fainted as did Vivio…

A half hour later…

"Oh… You two are in big trouble." Nanoha stated as she tried hard to keep a smile off her face. "Otto get a cup of water, Deed not you, I still don't trust you in the kitchen. Deed take Vivio to her room, I'll explain it to her later."

"You can tell us apart?" Deed asked as she went to do as her mother ordered.

"I'll tell how in a moment. When she is in her room come back here." Nanoha stated as Otto handed her the cup of water and waited for Deed to return. "Wakey, wakey, Fate." Nanoha stated as she splashed Fate's face with the water when Deed entered the room.

"Nanoha… I thought… I saw…" Fate started to waver.

"You faint again I'll take advantage of you." Nanoha whispered.

"You wouldn't dare!" Fate stated as she straightened. "There's two Ottos."

"No, that one is Deed and the one next to me is Otto." Nanoha stated making the three blink.

"How?" All three asked.

"Deed, if you had covered your arms or hid your device better I wouldn't been able to." Nanoha stated as Deed looked at her arms.

"Damn training." Deed muttered.

"I knew you could tell us apart." Otto stated only to get a glare sent at her. "I'm sorry but we couldn't pass up a chance to pull a prank."

"I know." Nanoha muttered before sighing. "You both are grounded, and must wear a name tag at all times… better yet… You are coming with me tomorrow."

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Omake 8: The Devilettes…

A week later after the end of Omake 7…

{Mom, we were board.} Two short haired teens groaned to Nanoha.

"You two are grounded, and being trained by that guy would help." Nanoha stated smiling.

{Ummm… He had us go against his group that he had been training…} Otto started to say but shyly looked off to the side.

{And… he told us not to hold back…} Deed stated as she looked to the other side blushing.

"What happened?" Nanoha asked as she looked at them right as Fate walked in.

"Nanoha have you been anywhere near the main training yards recently?" Fate asked.

"No, why would they think that?" Nanoha asked before paling. "Was it Instructor Mordin's field?"

"Yeah, how did you guess?" Fate asked as she saw the terror twins on vid screen.

"The culprits." Nanoha stated as she pointed to them. "I told you why I sent you two there."

{We know, we couldn't help it…} the twins stated as one.

{The commander decided since we were too good to be trained he is sending us under the strictest trainer he knows.} Otto stated before sighing. {He also told us that under no certainty that the person we go under will allow us to do what we did.}

{Yeah, and didn't he call us something like just like their mother…} Deed stated as she tried to think what he said.

{Yeah, just like the White Devil to make Devilettes to follow after her.} Otto stated as Nanoha turned pale.

"The base commander didn't say that did he?" Fate asked as the twins looked at their mom and paled.

{How fast can we get home?} The twins asked as Nanoha got up.

"Harry, might get me out of trouble, but I'm going to NUKE the place!" Nanoha stated as she started to walk to the door but was stuck by several yellow bands.

"You are not going anywhere, save upstairs." Fate stated as she closed the link to the twins. "Vivio is at Subaru's place, the twins are out of the house, and my sister has her own place now. Cool off in our own bedroom."

"You win, normally you try to talk me out of this." Nanoha stated.

"Normally someone else can walk in on us." Fate stated.

A/N: The twins take after their mom... and Fate actually starting something with Nanoah... well it was to cool the White Devil's head...

Omake 9: The Devilettes return…

At the training fields…

"Okay team, today we will be helping new recruits." Nanoha stated as she walked along the teams of Riot Force. "And now, each team has a set goal in mind when they were first built… He wouldn't… I don't know how… Why are you two doing here?" Nanoha asked as she saw her daughters standing at the edge of the training area.

"Reporting for duty…" Otto stated as she looked at her sister.

"Now we know why he was laughing." Deed muttered. "Hi mom."

"Mordin is dead, I told him you two were only there for discipline." Nanoha groused as she looked at the twins before smiling. "Teams your goal is to take them down as best as you can."

"Mom…" Otto started to say.

"Yes, Otto." Nanoha asked.

"Are we allowed to use our devices?" Otto asked.

"Sure." Nanoha stated. "Better not handicap you two that much."

~Score!~ The twins spoke to each other.

Ten minutes in…

"I can't land a hit on Otto." Teana muttered as she hid behind a wall. "Deed keeps protecting her, and we can't rush them because Otto would nail us."

"It is like we are fighting all three captains and the sub captains at once." Erio muttered as he leaned against the wall.

"Why not plan E or F?" Draco asked as a green beam scored the ground near the place they were hiding in and a black clad fighter crashed into the ground.

"Direct approach doesn't work from above." Subaru muttered as she walked in. "Ouch. Divine Buster, Otto knows it now."

"That wasn't Ray Storm?" Teana asked.

"If it was I could have negated it." Subaru muttered. "Most of it anyways."

"We need to hit them at the same time and from different directions." Teana muttered.

In the sky…

"Do you think we gave them time to warm up yet?" Otto asked as she was smiling. "I know why Mom loves blasting people at full power."

"Don't take too much like her." Deed stated as she smiled. "I think they have. Wanna take it up a notch?"

"CC mode?" Otto asked.

"No… that is our backup plan." Deed stated as she gained a demonic gleam.

"Oh… that plan…" Otto stated before smiling. "Sure."

[Starlight Breaker.] Shadow Heart stated before a green sphere started to form.

In the shelter…

"Is the light turning green?" Subaru asked before frowning and paling.

"We are so doomed." Teana muttered.

"Nice knowing you guys." Luna stated before disappearing.

"Luna!" Everyone else shouted as green became the only color they saw.

With the twins…

"Score!" Otto stated as Luna appeared between them.

"Hi." Luna stated as the twins turned to attack her and she disappeared, and reappeared on a nearby roof. "Awe… you two didn't blast each other. Ummm… Opps…"

"Divine…" Otto started to say.

"Otto, please?" Deed asked as she looked at her sister. "I want to take her out."

"Go right ahead. If you take longer than fifteen minutes I'm roasting you both." Otto stated with a smile.

"Thank you." Deed stated as she appeared next to Luna who blinked away. "Speed is her only skill." Deed stated before vanishing herself.

"That was fun." Otto stated as a shadow appeared behind her. "Hi Fried." Otto stated before flipping in mid air to dodge a fire ball.

"You knocked out everyone but Luna and I!" Caro shouted as she rode on the dragon. "I'm going to make you pay!"

"Figures." Otto sighed. "I'll play." Otto stated as she pointed up.

"Huh?" Caro stated as she looked up but Fried jerked to the side when a green beam appeared where they were.

"You moved." Otto stated with a smile.

"You tried to trick me!" Caro shouted as green dots appeared in the air.

"I can't control as many as my mom, but can you dodge everything?" Otto asked as the green bullets rained down on Caro.

With the Blonde whack a mole…

"Can't touch me!" Luna stated as she disappeared from Deed's slash.

"Really?" Deed asked as Luna tripped and face planted.

"Huh?" Luna asked as she tried to teleport and couldn't. "What gives?"

"Look at your ankle?" Deed stated as she moved closer.

"Stupify." Luna stated as the spell went through Deed. "I'm out." Luna muttered as she laid out. "That always gets me, I need to figure out how to stop that."

In the air…

"Sorry Fried…" Caro stated as she landed on a roof. "You want a fight!" Caro shouted as she disappeared and appeared right next to Otto. "Then dodge this!" Caro shouted as she drove a right hook into Otto's face sending the teen into a building. "Come on, I thought you were enjoying this?" Caro stated as she felt two hits and she dropped to the building but was caught by Deed.

"Pay attention to your surroundings." Deed quietly stated as the illusion city faded.

"You… Beat them all…" Nanoha stated surprised.

"Yeah." Otto stated in pride.

"Otto did get hit though." Deed stated as she saw that their mom had a twitch in one of her eyes.

"Oh great, thing multiplied." Signum stated with a smirk. "I thought it was hard enough with just her. Now we have to add in the brats."

"Signum, remember who won the last time we fought." Nanoha stated in a huff.

"We drew the last time." Signum retorted. "In fact the score is tied."

"You know I would have won if I was allowed to go to Blaster lock 3."

"Really, the last time we didn't have limits we drew." Signum retorted.

Off to the side…

"Do those two do that a lot?" Otto asked Fate.

"Yeah, they have a bigger rivalry than mine with Signum." Fate muttered as she looked at them. "So you two are members of Riot Force?"

"Yeah." Otto replied as she sighed. "Our grounding got us jobs."

"I guess we are Devilettes." Deed stated with a smirk. "I'm the Bladed One and you are the Trigger Happy One."

"I hate that nickname already." Otto muttered.

"Look Mom, Otto is turning more into our mom." Deed stated before a green beam took her out.

"A little trigger happy, yes; a trigger happy devil, no." Otto stated before walking off.

A/N: Strike of the Green Devil... Hmmmm... Need to figure names for the twins... Devilettes fits as they take after Nanoha... but it only works when they are together... what about when they are separate...

Omake 10: Jail's neighbor in Jail…

In one of the dimensional prisons…

"You got a new neighbor, doctor." A guard stated as he pushed someone into a cell nearby.

"Don't you see he has blinded you all into thinking he is someone he isn't." the guy stated as the guards leave.

"Put a cork in it." Jail stated as he sighed.

"Tom Riddle took over Harry Potter's body he is just hiding it better than what people know." The guy stated.

"You are insane!" Jail stated as he hit a button for a guard. "Is this guy on any medication to stop his ranting?"

"No, that is how he is, and why he is in the secure wing." The guard stated before leaving.

"Take me with you!" Jail pleaded. "He is driving me to the point of… you know what, I'll do one better." Jail stated as he walked to his bed and sat down. "So he has us all fooled, huh?" Jail asked.

"Yes." Albus stated happy to find someone that believes him.

"So how did he go about doing that?" Jail asked.

"He preys on those that will follow his lead, though it irks me that he changed his game plan." Albus stated.

"Ah, ever thought that might be his entire plan, make you think he was one way and chose to go about it the correct way?" Jail asked while laughing to himself.

"Tom would never trick me like that, could he have… still for Tom to die Harry's body must be destroyed." Albus replied.

"I see, one of those items… sorry for that to work the anchor must have been in the possession of the enchanter for nearly a full month." Jail stated with a smirk. "And no, there is no time magic that I know of that could bypass that." Jail stated as he started to laugh at the anguished crying of an old man.

"I thought you believed in me, but you are another person that doesn't see the Greater Good." Albus stated.

"I thought to hear you out, before poking holes in whatever plan you came up with." Jail stated as he laughed.

A/N: Jail's neighbor is none other then Albus too meany names Dumbledore... will Jail get away from the insane mage, or will Jail fall deeper insane...

Omake 11: Cat fight…

At another prison…

'Finally I'm not the lowest person here.' Umbridge thought as they led in a lithe person into the courtyard.

"Quatro, you are to be out here for only an hour." A guard stated as he and one other didn't wonder too far from her.

'Why is she so important?' Umbridge thought as she walked up to Quatro who was doing some stretches.

"Yes?" Quatro asked as she stood up and looked at the toad thing.

"What are you in here for?" Umbridge asked.

"Let's see… Bombed the TSAB Ground Forces HQ, Kidnapping, Attempted Planetcide with an extremely deadly weapon, Pissed off the White Devil, though I don't think that is a crime, oh, and being a terrorist." Quatro stated as she saw the toad thing ball up a fist.

~Hey Dan should we stop that?~ one of the two guards stated as he looked at the fight that will be starting.

~Edgar, that one is the lowest person in the entire prison, Quatro, might be hated, but there is no way I'm getting in a cat fight.~ Dan replied as a female guard walked up.

~Three weeks pay that Quatro wins.~ She stated with a smirk.

~No bet, Miss Bones.~ The two guards replied making her frown, but all three started to laugh when Umbridge threw the first punch and reacted like she just broker her hand.

"Awe, did little toady break her hand on my face?" Quatro asked as she picked the woman up. "Look bitch, I've seen death and was rejected by it, by a small mercy that the White Devil's aim was off."

"Who is this White Devil?" Umbridge asked.

"Nanoha Takamachi, I kidnapped her adopted daughter and nearly paid the price for it." Quatro stated as she threw Umbridge into a group of tough looking women. "Toughen her up a bit, next time I want a real fight."

"Why should we listen to you?" One tough woman asked.

"I'm a Combat Cyborg; it takes a bit of force to hurt me." Quatro stated as she walked to her guards. "Let me guess back to me cell?"

"Yeah… For another month." The guards stated.

A month later…

"Take this!" Umbridge shouted as she punched Quatro in the face and gut to no avail. "I can't win…"

"Now you know what it is to face off with pure power, never again will I do that again." Quatro stated as she ignored the toad.

A/N: Well Umbridge would be at the bottom of the food chain in a prison... Well in other news... this will be the last chapter of LOTNS, but look for a story named Nine Points in the Sky that will make appearance soon...