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It's another night in hell.
~Kid Rock

Me and my girls stood on the table and started grinding against one another, beers in hand and cigarettes in the other. There was nothing on our minds but the men around us in cowboy hats and the song on the radio. We were smiling and dancing when a new song changed. All the country boys hooted and hollered and the rest of my girls got down from the table, not knowing the song, but I kept dancing, earning loud cheers as I sang along and let my drunken state dance even more.

"Hold my beer! While I kiss your girlfriend, 'cause she needs a real man, and not a boy like youuuu" I heard myself sing, I took another sip of my Budweiser and smiled as hands helped me down from the table. I stumbled over to the rest of my group just in time to take another shot. Jason grabbed my hand and led me onto the floor, where two of us grinded against him. I worked my hips along his thighs and I felt him start to get hard as he pulled me against him, his hands roamed to my ass and his lips hit my neck. I moaned but turned my back to him, grinding my ass against him. He held my thighs and pulled me tighter against him, working his hands along between my legs and slipping them up under my shirt. I laughed and kissed him as I pulled away, giggling as I did. He was so silly.

"You-you, ain't getting in my pants tonight. You goof." I slurred, I giggled again at how drunk I was. How many shots did I have? Twelve? Oh and all the beers…

"Awh don't be like that Bella." He smiled, I giggled again and took another swig of a beer that he placed in my hand, and I shook my head comically from side to side. Nope. No way.

"I want to actually sleep tonight." I said, but I decided to tease him by grinding against him one last time before I walked away, moving my ass way too much in my daisy dukes and cowboy boots as I did. He groaned and followed me back to the table, which was filled with more shots, more dancing and more grinding. By the time we all were ready to leave, I was totally wasted. I stumbled along the streets, my friends and me all going in opposite directions from our collage graduation celebration, and started making my way towards my apartment.

Everything was normal and quiet as I stumbled along the sidewalk, giggling as I did. One hundred bottles of beer on the wall, one hundred bottles of beer, take one down, pass it around, ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall. Ninety-

"Hello there sweetheart." A sick voice was in my ear. His breath cool. I sobered up instantly. I kicked the man that held his hand to my mouth in the shins, but he didn't show any reaction. If anything, my foot hurt.

"Now, don't you just smell sweet?" He whispered, his nose tingling down my throat. Oh shit. No way. I'm fucking dead. His hand released my mouth and I gasped for breath.

"Vampire." I whispered. He spun me around and looked at me in surprise, and then he laughed and released me. Circling around me like prey. I knew I couldn't run, it would be no use.

"And you know this, how?" he asked me. I felt myself start shaking. Keep your cool Bella. Please keep your cool. I prayed.

"Because I do." I said, letting myself grow stronger. Hell, if I was going to die, I might as well die with strength.

"So when I kill you, you are going to be a good girl, and you're not going to scream. I'll make it quick, snap your neck and I won't waste a drop of your beautiful smelling blood. Don't worry." I almost laughed at his words. Don't worry. Yeah right. Think Bella! Get away from here!

"Don't touch me." I whispered as his teeth grazed my neck. Gently kissing and sucking. It didn't feel good, it felt gross. Slimy. Sick. He gripped me tightly to him and in one swift movement, he ripped off my shirt. Leaving me there in my bra and daisy dukes. Sick bastard.

"I'll do as I please. I might as well have a little fun with you before I have my snack." He whispered, grabbing my ass. He then forced his mouth on mine, his hard and angry. I furiously hit at him, I tried to pull him away but he just punched my side, breaking a rib. I whimpered against his lips. Please lord, someone help me.

He forced his tongue into my mouth and started grabbing my ass. My stomach hurt furiously from my rib and it was getting hard to breath, I was getting dizzy. He forced me to the ground, his lips still on mine, and that was my chance to get away. I crawled out of his arms, and when he grabbed my ankles I reached desperately for something, anything to hold onto.

To my surprise, I grabbed a pair of hands.

I didn't look up; I just let them pull me away from the vampire and land safely in their arms. When he let me stand, I heard the southern drawl of Jasper Whitlock.

"I think I heard the lady give you an order, sir." He said, I backed further against the wall. Jasper? Jasper was here? I looked up and saw a flash of red in the other vampire's eyes, and it was then I realized I was bleeding. Soon I was going to have to angry fucked up, blood lusting vampires on my hands.

Oh shit. I backed further away from them both, and I was about to turn when I saw Jasper rip the head off the enemy. Stunned into silence, I watched him disassemble the rest of the corps and start a fire, right there in the street. When he turned to me, he looked cautious, his eyes pleading with me. I shook my head furiously back and forth. No. I wasn't going back down that road. Never again.

"Bella, calm down. It's okay." He whispered, I took another step back and hit a brick wall behind me, I hissed in pain at the sharpness in my side. Jasper was at my side instantly. It was becoming increasingly harder to breathe, and Jaspers eyes were worried.

"I've got to get you to a hospital." He said, I shook my head back and forth again, and I finally found my breath.

"No. I'll get myself there." I whispered. I looked up at his hurt eyes and I kissed his cheek.

"Thank you, for saving my life. I owe you one." I said. He gave me a mischievous grin.

"If you think I'm letting you go to the hospital all alone with that much alcohol in your system, think again." He said, and in one swift movement, I was in his arms and he was running. Everything was a blur as he raced off to the hospital. I wrapped me one arm around his neck to keep myself secure, and soon enough we were at the dimmed lighting of the entrance to the Houston West hospital. He walked me in, and finally set me down in one of the waiting chairs. There were only two other people in there, one with what looked like a broken finger and the other showed no physical damage. I settled back in my chair, knowing fully that it could take hours to actually get me in the room to get an x-ray, and I counted the tiles on the ceiling as Jasper went and talked to the lady at the desk, telling her what hurt and where. Not two minutes after I sat down, the lady called me up.

"Ms. Bella Swan? We can see you now." She said. I jerked out of my seat in surprise, and then I flinched. She looked at me sympathetically as I caught my breath and me and Jasper followed the lady into a white room.

When my X-ray was done, the lady left to get the results and I gave a pointed look at Jasper.

"I could've done all this on my own, thanks." I said, he sighed, exasperated.

"Bella, I swear to god your bi polar. First you're thankful, then you're nervous, then you're happy, then you're pissed off. Listen, I'd like to talk about four years ago-"he started, but I cut him off.

"I don't want to talk about four years ago, if you don't mind. I've forgotten all about your family, I've moved on, I just graduated my first year of collage for a doctors degree, and I'm starting my life. Please, don't do this to me." I begged him, but he looked at me, confused.

"Do what?" he asked, his face twisted into adorable proportions when he was confused… wait, adorable? What the hell was I thinking when I thought that…

"Your life, your family's life, it's addictive. It's dangerous. It killed my father, and it almost killed me, my friends, and everyone else I love. It's secluded me from my mother. I can't have anything to do with this. Not anymore. Even talking to you is a threat. Its survival Jasper, you should know that." I said. The woman came back in with a bright smile and talked to me about my results. I had a broken rib, but when she taped it, it was hardly noticeable. Except for the huge pain in my side. When I was finally allowed to leave the hospital, my apartment was very close to here. I started walking, ignoring the pain in my side. When Jasper started to follow, I felt a smile crawl across my face. I dropped it immediately. What's wrong with you Bella?

"There are some things I need to tell you Bella, to get on with my life. Please, if you'd listen to them, I'll stay away. I'll make sure the Cullen's stay away." He said. I felt my face twist. Was that what I wanted? I didn't miss how he separated the Cullen's and himself was he not with them anymore? It wasn't my time to ask. I turned around to see his pleading eyes, and finally, I nodded. If it's what it takes, I guess I'll do it.

"Okay. But does tomorrow work? At the coffee shop on north, at ten o'clock?" I said, setting the time and place for a reason. He smirked and nodded, knowing full well that I didn't trust him that much. When it was time to leave, I walked up to him and gave him a gentle hug, minding my ribs. His arms went around my waist and shoulders immediately as he hugged me back. When I pulled out of the hug, I was breathless. And not because of my rib.

"Thank you. I'm sorry I'm being a bitch, but you did save my life tonight. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for that." I said softly. He nodded at me and stepped backwards away from me.

"Anytime ma'am." He said, his drawl slipping through his words. Wow, that was hot. I smiled and started walking away from him and back to my apartment. When I got to the apartment, I re-taped my bandages and smiled at myself in the mirror.

Coffee, ten o'clock, with Jasper. I was more than excited, I was ecstatic.

What had I gotten myself into?

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