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Stunned was probably the best word I had for what I felt.

"What the-" I asked, pushing back on Alice's small form gently, but she forced her mouth back to mine, trying to pry it open with her tongue. I forced her back harder, she fell to the grass. I scowled at her false look of surprise.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I growled at her. I looked up to see Carlisle and Esme standing before me as well, both had sad looks on their faces, Esme's feelings were filled with a strong guilt, Carlisle's with remorse. I rubbed my hand down my face.

"Carlisle, Esme, don't do this to me." I groaned. I was about to ask them again what they were doing here, but I heard a loud slap come from behind me.

"Bitch, please." I heard Tanya growl. I turned in shock to see Alice's features wide in surprise, her neck still craned in the direction that Tanya slapped her. As much as I hated both of them, I couldn't help but grin.

Pixie had that coming.

In a blink everyone was outside, Bella slowly walking behind everyone. Her hands were wrapped around her stomach in a way I've seen before, and I quickly raced to her. I pulled her close and kissed her hard, loving how her warm body melted into mine.

"I need her taste off my lips." I whispered to her. I felt her smile, and her relief and love flooded through me with my gift. I grinned.

Someone cleared their throat and I looked to see Tanya and Alice, fighting to the death on my front lawn.

Damn, that was funny.

Tanya pulled at Alice's cropped hair as the pixie threw kicks and punches her way. Both of them had arms flailing, and both of them looked like some form of messed up chickens.

Bella giggled beside me, and I looked down to grin at her. Rose fist pumped Bella as they made bets on who would win. Everyone else just kind of stood beside us, looking at us like we were dumb.

"Aren't you going to stop it?" Esme suddenly cried towards me. I raised my eyebrows at her in surprise.

"Why? Come on Esme, even you have to see the humor in this!" I yelled over the loudening shrieks. Bella smacked my chest, and whimpered after she made impact. I rolled my eyes at her, but kissed her bruised hand.

I mean really, don't hit a vampire, babe.

I turned my attention back to the fight just in time to see Tanya straddle Alice and throw punch after punch into her face. Rose, Emmett and I all cheered, even Edward chuckled and mumbled something like "She had it coming" under her breath. I felt enough annoyance finally roll through Bella to see the situation lose its humor.

Just before Tanya ripped Alice's head off, Bella stuck two fingers in her mouth and let out a really fucking high pitch whistle.

Everyone flinched and jumped away from her. That shit was loud for vampire sensitive ears. She looked unfazed by our little weakness as she stalked towards Carlisle and Esme. Emmett gripped Tanya and held her back as Edward did the same for Alice.

"What're you guys doing here?" Bella asked, exasperation obvious in her voice. Esme looked surprised by Bella's tone, Carlisle looked sad.

"We heard something of Tanya being sick, and Irina and Kate heading off to Jaspers to help her. We knew nothing of you being here… that I was aware of." He said, throwing a slight glare in Alice's direction.

Yeah… the innocence shit on her face didn't match the deceit I felt in her emotions.

"Carlisle, I swear, I had no idea-"

"She's lying." Edward and I said at the exact same time. I smirked at him and he matched my expression. Fucking A!

Carlisle looked between me and Edward, his lips pursed and he shook his head sadly back and forth.

"I guessed as much." He looked towards Bella. "Would you ah, mind if we came in? I'd like to catch up, if that's what you'd want." He asked her, there was so much hope in his features I couldn't help but have a little less hatred towards the man as I once did when I left his home. He obviously feels bad about losing Bella as a daughter, hell; he practically lost all his children.

At least, all his sane children.

Edward's laugh boomed across the clearing, and I chuckled. He fist pounded me once, and everyone looked at us confused.

"Funny guy." Edward muttered, shaking his head in his laughter. I rolled my eyes, and I caught Bella's gaze. She was biting her lip, looking up at me with her big doe eyes.

Fuck me.

"Do what you feels right darlin'." I said softly, running my fingers through her beautiful brown waves. She nodded, her lip still between her teeth as she turned her gaze back to Carlisle.

"You are welcome in my home on a few conditions." She said slowly, looking to me for approval. I nodded, and she sighed. "You will behave respectfully, all of you." She started, glaring at Alice. "All of the decisions we made and we will make have been our own choice. You don't have to like them, but you do have to respect them. There will be no ruining my house no matter what shit hits the fan, and in return, I will give you the same level of respect you give me, whatever that may be. Jasper, do you agree?" She asked me. I nodded, loving her authority and trying to ignore how tight my pants suddenly were.

"Good, inside, all of you."

I held the door for everyone and snaked my arm around Bella's waist. Carlisle and Esme looked wary, as well as the other two Denali sisters, and Alice looked downright pissed, but I glared right back at her.

I turned into my living room, and I stared at everyone for a brief moment.

Kate, Irina, Tanya, Edward, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Rose, and finally my beautiful Bella. I gave a soft smile at her expression, she seemed tired already.

"Everything will be okay love, I promise." I whispered, nuzzling her nose once before I led her to the chair in the living room, pulling her on my lap and against my chest.

Everyone awkwardly stared for a few moments before Carlisle finally broke the silence.

"Tanya, how are you feeling?" She smiled warmly at him.

"Much better now that my sisters are here and I have hunted, thank you Carlisle." She said, very respectfully and un-Tanya like. I fought the urge to roll my eyes at the proud smile my girlfriend gave her, or the one she got in return.

Fuck, who wants their girlfriend and their ex to be friends anyway?

I kissed the back of Bella's exposed neck, and I felt her lust climb. I smirked and she leaned into me more, shivering slightly.

"HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME JASPER?" Alice suddenly shrieked. I felt Bella jump in surprise, but I wasn't shocked. Her emotions were all over the place, it felt like this was a long awaited snap.

Alice raced across the room, and before I could blink I flipped us around so Bella was in the chair and I was crouched in front of her, growls ripped viscously from my chest as I protected my Bella.


"Step. Back." I warned. Alice's eyes were wide and I felt a slight bit of fear come from her, but she only stepped back a little. I growled again, and she stepped back more.

"You okay babe?" I asked Bella. I heard her small whimper of a 'yes' and I felt my snarky expression look over to Alice.

"Don't you dare upset my mate." I spit at her. I felt surprise come from the Denali's, minus Tanya, my ex-parents, and my ex-wife who stood before me.

Alice's feelings were suddenly closed off to me, and she smiled what looked like it was trying to be seductive. Her fingernails crawled up my shoulder and I shivered in evident disgust. I felt anger rise from Bella as she stood, wrapping her arms around my waist from behind. But instead of snapping at Alice and trying to rip her head off like I knew she wanted to, she calmly stepped up to stand behind me.

"Calm down babe, its fine. I'm okay." She whispered her breath hot and comforting in my ear. I gave Alice a warning glance, not taking my eyes from her as I kissed Bella's temple. I theoretically handed her the reins and she sat gently on my lap.

"Alice, if you have something to say, say it." She said calmly. Raising her hand for the evil, pixie, bitch, ugly, little boy-ish looking, elf, maniac- oops. Got ahead of myself there. Either way, Alice started talking.

"I don't think you're good enough for Jasper." She said simply. I growled, jumping up to protest, but Bella put a firm, calm hand on my shoulder.

She raised her eyebrows at Alice.

"And?" Everyone stared at Bella in surprise, including me. Alice's mouth struggled for words for a moment.

"And you're not good enough for him…" Alice mumbled again. Bella smirked, her eyebrows raised and giving Alice a look like she was a little kid that didn't understand the question.


"And you shouldn't be with him!" Alice finally yelled. She looked so angry I swear I thought her hair was gonna burst into flames or snakes… or flaming snakes... damn. That'd be cool!

"How is that for you to decide?" Bella asked her after a moment of silence. Her voice was eerily quiet, and Alice's shrieking voice was too loud. I flinched at the comparison. Dark and night, that's what it looked like, felt like.

Alice's feelings were selfish, scared, and weak. She was feeling hatred and anger, and I already knew that she wasn't thinking straight. Her emotions were strong, but the love towards me that was emanating from Bella? From my girl?

It was better than anything you can even imagine.

Love isn't easy. I don't know what jackass told the world that it was, because it's not. It's hard to feel love; it's hard to understand and to grasp that breath-taking, heart wrenching, gut twisting feeling. It's hard to give in to all your fears; it's hard to overcome obstacles. But is loving Bella hard to do? No. That's the hard part, if that makes sense. It's so easy to love her, it's hard to make up for everything; it's hard to give her back everything she gives to me. She's such a selfless creature; she's beautiful and wise beyond my two hundred years. It's hard to understand, hard to grasp the fact that she loves me back.

Nothing in life is easy, and it was never promised to be. Who ever created this universe just promised us it would be worth it, and meeting Bella made me realize that everything is worth it, even if it's not the end, I could die a happy man.

Well, when all this shit blows over that is.


I stared at Alice as I waited for an answer. She just stomped her feet and started clanging around my house. I let the baby throw her tirade, and I turned my attention to Carlisle and Esme.

Carlisle met my gaze, and my heart hurt slightly at all the sadness there. I held his golden eyes for a second, and I saw the wise, broken eyes of a father.

No matter how much everything in the past hurt, you can't help but feel a little bit of heart break when a father stares at you with such a broken expression.

I stood up and practically raced across the room, Carlisle caught me and my tears started to leak onto his chest. He soothed me, hugged me, and let me cry. I felt everyone's stares, but for the moment I didn't really care. I'd missed a father's hug for so long, and he would never replace Charlie, but the comfort was still there, the love was still evident.

"I'm still really mad at you, Carlisle." I said after my tears had dried and soaked his shirt. He chuckled; pulling back and swiping the pad of his thumb underneath my eyes, making sure all the tears were gone.

"I know sweetheart." He said. "I'll spend as long as you'll give me making that up to you- you and Jasper of course. I made a mistake leaving you, I think we all did, and I know it might not mean much, but I am truly sorry. I've missed my daughters and my sons." He said, looking towards Edward, Emmett, Rose, Jasper and me. Everyone acknowledged him, with a nod or something. I looked to Jasper and he rolled his eyes, standing to give Carlisle a very manly hug. I giggled and everyone started laughing at what must've been the expression on my face.

"We can talk about this later, but right now, I need some time alone with my mate, if you don't mind." Jasper said, tugging me towards the door.

"Tomorrow son, and you'll have to explain this-" he said, motioning towards Jaspers arms around me. "Too." He said. We both gave each other a sly smile before nodding. He rolled his eyes and I heard him mutter something about 'kids being kids', before I was lifted into Jaspers strong arms.

We raced for close to ten minutes before he stopped us at a hotel. He didn't put me down as he paid the man at the front desk. He raced up the stairs with my giggling body at vampire speed and burst open the hotel room door. As soon as it was closed, I was pressed up against it.

His lips were hard on mine, furious and passionate. I was being pressed so hard against the door I was sure my body indent was there.

His lips found my neck, my jaw, my ear, and soon I was panting. He lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his waist. My hands snaked to his hair and he palmed my breast. His arousal was as evident as mine felt; I rubbed my legs together, begging for friction.

I pushed back on him and somehow moaned the word 'bed'. He walked us back as my lips collided with his again, and my back found the soft comforter. He crawled up my body and rested with his forearms on either side of my head, his lips slower and softer on mine.

He was driving me crazy.

I impatiently ground my hips together and tugged at his white t-shirt. He quickly pulled it over his head and his hands started roaming my sides, stopping at my hips and sliding under my but, squeezing it once. I moaned into his mouth and I felt his smile. He tugged at my shirt and I raised my arms, only leaving his lips for a brief second so he could pull it over my head.

He quickly unclasped my bra, and I pressed against him. Bare skin against bare skin, he hissed at the contact, and I couldn't help my smile. He felt so good against me, so perfect…

His lips found my nipple and I felt it instantly harden. My legs were getting moister and moister, and I was surprised it didn't soak through my jeans. It felt like it was…

"Oh..." I moaned as he took my other breast in his mouth, his fingers paying equal attention to the other one. I needed him somewhere else, lower. I ground my hips against him and felt his hard erection. He groaned.

"Vixen." He mumbled under his breath as he undid the buttons of my jeans, I reached for his once he slid mine off, and he helped my uncoordinated self with the belt until his jeans, shoes, and finally his boxers were off. His hard erection shot free, and I smirked at him. His eyes were dark as I grabbed his length in my hand and tugged lightly, stroking him up and down. He moaned, his face dropping to my shoulder and he did his best to hold his weight off me. After just a few seconds he was bucking lightly against me, trying to restrain himself.

"I need you." He whispered hotly in my ear. I captured his lips in mine, and then worked my way up so I was gently biting his neck, his jaw, and then his ear.

"Then take me." I moaned. I heard a growl shake through his chest, and he quickly flipped us over. He ripped my panties from my body, but the pain only lasted a second before he buried his length in me.

I cried out, wrapping my arms around his neck as he started to thrust in and out. I buried my hands in his hair and silenced his grunts and moans with my lips. His tongue roamed my mouth, and his fingers moved down to press gently on my clit. I whimpered against him.

My breath started coming out faster as my need started to climb. Harder and harder, I begged for him, moaned for him. His body was the centre of my thoughts. My stomach started to tighten, and I felt him get impossibly harder inside of me.

His fingers were faster on my clit as I met his thrusts; my moans were rivaling his growls.

"I'm so close baby." He whispered. I nodded, moaning out as I felt myself starting to clamp on him. Everything inside of me felt like a coil, and his thrusts were suddenly hitting me at vampire speed. All rhythm lost, I clamped on him and soaked him with my juices as I felt his coolness shoot into me.

He thrust a few more times before he collapsed onto my body. He flipped us over so I was lying on top of him, his arms around me and my head on his strong chest. His biceps flexed, holding me close as he slowly kissed me.

"I love you, darlin'" He whispered, his eyes alight and everything about him was smiling. I ran my fingers through his blonde hair and he leaned into my touch. I smiled.

"I love you too." I murmured. He shook his hair once my fingers left it, and I giggled as it fell in his eyes. I brushed it out of them, and wonder suddenly ran through me as I saw his golden orbs.

"What color were your eyes when you were human?" I whispered suddenly. His eyebrows rose in surprise, and he searched my features for a moment.

"Blue, I can remember myself looking in a mirror when I was human. They were blue." I watched his expression disappear in the past for a second, and I tried to imagine him with blue eyes, but I realized it wasn't enough information.

"Like… ocean blue, icy blue, or sky blue?" He rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"I guess you could say they were icy blue babe."

"Were you always pale?"

"A little." I smiled.

"I can just see you, almost as good looking as you are now." He smiled slightly, but I watched his eyes fall. His face tilted down, and I felt myself frown slightly. I tipped his chin back up.

"Are you okay?" I murmured. He gave me a shining smile, but it didn't meet his eyes. I let him feel my worry and curiosity, and he finally ducked his head again, scratching the back of his neck self consciously.

"You haven't seen my scars, Bella. Not with vampire eyes. You'd be… disgusted." He whispered. I pulled away from him, shocked for a moment. I shook my head vigorously back and forth and took a calming breath.

"Jasper, you can't honestly believe that." I said, still shaking my head slowly back and forth.

"Alice hated the look of them, Tanya did too…" I smacked the side of his head, but if anything, it hurt my hand.

"I thought we already established there was a big difference between me and Alice and Tanya." I muttered. He nodded guiltily, and I tipped his chin back up, holding his cheeks and staring into his eyes.

"Does the scar on my wrist make me uglier to you?" I asked him. His mouth dropped open and he sputtered for a second.

"Babe, you're beautiful. The scar just shows how strong you are too me." He whispered, dragging his finger tips along my wrist. I smirked.

"Thanks for making my point." I said, half cockily and half lovingly. His eyes stared at me for a moment in wonder before he smiled.

"Did I tell you I love you darlin'?" he asked, kissing my lips softly. I smiled.

"Only a thousand times."

Tanya's POV

My sisters had the grace to wait until my ex-fiancé and Bella were out of the room to start shrieking at me in front of the Cullen's.

"What. Were. You. Thinking?" Irina seethed at me. I ducked my head, my pretty hair falling around me in shame. I peeked at the Cullen's through my eyelashes and sighed.

"Could you, uhm, give us a moment?" I asked them quietly. Carlisle and Esme nodded, both giving me understanding smiles, I felt slightly embarrassed. I was never looked down upon.

"Thank you." I muttered quietly. As soon as they were out of the room, Irina pounced on me. She hugged me and shrieked at me all at the same time, her manicured nails digging into my skin.

"Threatening to kill yourself, what the fuck were you thinking? My sister! What would I do without you?" She sobbed into my shirt, and Kate wrapped her arms around me too.

"Tanya, don't do that to us. Please don't do that to us." Kate sobbed into my back, her arms around my waist as she cried. I turned around and smoothed out her hair. She lifted her face to look at me and I sighed.

"You're makeup is smudging." I chastised. She sighed, fixing her lipstick on her quivering lips.

"I'm sorry." She whispered. I smiled at her.

"No, I'm sorry. Isabella was right." They looked at me quizzically and I hugged them both tightly.

"I do have something to live for eternity for. My beautiful sisters." I explained, and Irina smiled at me.

"Are you better now?" She asked worriedly. I smiled, nodding and moving one of her curls back in place.

"I am." We all walked into the kitchen, and I flinched as I saw my body imprint in the wall, Kate and Irina looked at it with realization and flinched too.

"We'll have to thank this Isabella Swan for… saving you, she seems like a strong girl." I nodded in agreement.

"Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, she is good for Jasper."

Both my sisters threw their pretty smiles in my direction, and I couldn't help but smile back.

I could never live an eternity without one of them, and my tummy turned just thinking about me causing either one of them that pain.

For a moment, my thanks towards Isabella Swan was stronger than ever.

For the moment, I will live for my sisters.

Our scars remind us that the past is real.
~Papa Roach


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