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I am in a dark mood or something. Because all my stories later have some sort of angst to start with. So be warned this is kinda dark especially for lazy town, but my friends who I showed my ideas for it to. Tell me it is a good story , I hope you like it too.

This isn't a Stephanie story. It is Sportacus and Stephanie's daughter story..

Letter Aeroplane !


Sportacus was up in airship looking down on Lazy-town. A town that had once been filled with the sound of kids laughing and having fun. Was now filled with sorrow and remorse because they had lost the person, who had once brought life to the town. Sportacus moved away from the window and started to write a letter to a person who would never receive it.

Dear Heart of my / our lives

These tears that I refuse to cry are for you, my pink haired love. Because to cry would be giving up all hope that you will return to us and though I know you will never return. As no one can return from where you are my one true heart, for you are in heaven. Oh why did you do it Stephanie, why did you go back into that building and why wasn't I there to save you. I wish I knew these answers and I guess I kinda do. You went back in to save those people because your kind heart wouldn't let you stand back and watch them die. The reason I wasn't there is because you left Lazy-town and I refused to follow you. Why had I lied to you that day fifteen years ago ?, Stephanie. Why had I told you that was in love with someone else ? . If I had told you the truth , if I told you it was you I loved. Then maybe just maybe you would be still alive to. Forgive me my love my angel Stephanie.

Robbie said that the reason I lied to was because of our age difference. But when I do not age I could of waited for you. Alas that is the reason isn't though the reason I turned you away. Because my crystal stops me from ageing, so you would grow old and I would stay forever young. It is something, I could never do you and that is why I lied, how I wish I could tell you this and explain. But I know you will never receive this letter for you are in heaven.

We all miss you and though our hearts are now filled with sadness. we will always remember you for the joy , love, fun and happiness you brought to our lives.

Your above average hero and love forever


When Sportacus had finished his letter he folded into a paper aeroplane , placed a kiss upon and and set it on the wind. Where it may fly forever never ending up where it's meant to go or maybe find someone who needs to read it. Someone who is just as lost as Sportacus and as to lost Stephanie from there lives.

The letter travelled on the wind somehow staying a float for days on end. It flew as if it knew where it needed to be, not even letting the rain bother it. Even the ink did not smudge in the rain as it passed through the odd storm. It only stopped when it got to where it had been going which was to a little lost and sad girl on the over side of the world.

The girl was only about thirteen and lived with her aunt Angela. She had been at her aunt's for a about a week now and knew she wasn't wanted. The only reason her aunt had took her in was because the government would pay her too. Plus Angela knew that having her brother's daughter around would stop him from coming. As he didn't want anything to do with his daughter, he hadn't even cared about the girl's mother. It was just a fling nothing more she had been one of the popular girls and he being one of the most popular boys had gone after her.

Anyway I getting away from the reason the letter had found it's way to the girl and as it's an important part of this story. I guess I better get back too it, you see she was as lost and as broken hearted as Spartacus. Which was because Stephanie had died and they had both loved her deeply. Though in two very different ways and for two different reasons .

Well that's it for this Chapter. Though it was a short one I hope you liked it. But as it is a short chapter. I am uploading chapter one as soon as I upload this. Please R&R