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Chapter eight

A Sunday full of puke.

And an Email for Sportacus

It was 10am Sunday morning and Corina was still so very tired. As her aunt had kept the loud music going until 5am. So the last thing she wanted to do was face a house full of puke and smell alone was enough to make her want to throw up herself. But poor Corina was going to have to do more than see and smell the puke. As her aunt had just woke up and began to shout " I TOLD YOU THIS PLACE WAS TO BE KEPT SPOTLESS. GET YOU LAZY ASS DOWN HERE AND CLEAN IT UP THIS INTENT."

Corina sighed and shouted down "OF COURSE AUNTIE I WILL GET RIGHT ON IT". Before pulled out the worse most raggedy outfit she owned. As she didn't want her new clothes to be covered in puke and quickly changed into it. Then put her her hair up and then put on her bandanna as the last thing she wanted was hair full of puke.

Angela was getting angrier by the second, even if she had been the one to course all the mess. There was no way in hell she was going to clean it up herself. As she waited for Corina to get her ass down stairs. She thought to herself ' that lazy girl better hurry up and get her lazy ass down here. Then she not only will she be cleaning all the puke up, she be scrubbing all the floor and everywhere else clean too.'

((warning the next bit might make you feel sick and poor Corina will also be hurt. This is Angela's doing not mine. Angela is one mean aunt. Any ways, if I was you I wouldn't eat while you read the rest.))

Corina rushed down and the stairs and over to her aunt. Then before Corina could say anything, her aunt hit her and knocked her to the floor. Which made Cori land in puke, then before she could pull herself up her aunt kick her and said "get to work you worthless girl and don't you dare leave a spot of it in this house. I want this house cleaned from top bottom by the time I get home and dinner better be waiting for me." Then she kicked Corina again , before she stepped over her and the puke on her way out the house.

When Corina was sure her aunt was out of the house, she begin to cry not only because of the pain she was in. but also because all she wanted to do was be back with her mother, where it she was always happy and loved. But no she knew there was nothing she could do about that now. Not with her mother in heaven and the only family she add left was her aunt mean and cruel auntie. She pulled herself up and out of the puke. Which was now all over her and making her feel sick , she knew there was no point in changing her now. After all her clothes would be covered in it soon anyway. So all she did was walk to the sink , get a damp cloth and wipe herself down.

Corina then sighed a huge a sigh and began to clean up all the puke into a bucket. Before she started to scrub all the floors with only cloths and crappy scrubbing brush. It takes her hours to clean the downstairs alone and her hands were killing her. But she knew she had to finish or she would be punished, so she changed the water, washed out the scrubbing brush and grabbed some fresh rags. Then she carried these and the bucket full of puke up the stairs.


Lets give your tummies a break from all this puke and see what going on in Lazytown. This morning, so we... Sportacus was doing his morning excises. When Pixel ran over to him and said "Sportacus you have mail. Email that is, from Spanish-sporty."

Sportacus had been jogging on the stop, as he listen to Pixel and as he thought to himself 'Spanish-sporty, who that Jonny's username'. Then he said out loud "I wonder if it's about the sports club. He said, he was going to do one this Saturday."

Which made Pixel ask "Who doing a sports club and where are they doing it ?"

This made Sportacus stop jogging and say " Jonathan Miles, a friend of mine from the states. He wanted something to do for the kids and I suggested a sports club. So yesterday he did one and I bet the email is about how it went. Well the only way to know is by reading it, I will see you later Pixal and thank you for telling me." Then before Pixel could say anything Sportacus and shouted ladder and had quickly climbed up to his airship.

When he got into his airship Sportacus heard beeping coming from one of the walls and so he said "Laptop" and seconds later the Laptop came out from the wall and opened with the words " YOU GOT MAIL" flashing on its screen. So Sportacus clicked it to open it and began to read it...


Hey Magnus, the sports club went great. Though at first I wasn't sure if we manage it at all , as it was only me and my little brother doing it. Because the over two teachers pulled out at the last minute. But luckily an heroean name Atlanta came flying or should I say climbing and jumping over the school wall and than she and her best friend offered to help...

Oh wait I never told you about our Atlanta did I, she a thirteen year old wizkid who loves sports and is the smartest kid in school. We call her Atlanta after the Atlanta the huntress (i'm sure you know the legend) , anyway we call her it because a few days ago she challenged a boy to a race who had asked her out and told him he have to beat her first. Which he thought he could easily as he on the track team, but he didnt and so from that day on . We have called her Atlanta.

Anyway I getting sidetracked the reason of this Email is of course to tell you about the sports club. My brother and I had be stuggling to get the kids to try the excises until Atlanta and asked if her and her friend could help. They managed to turn the excising into a game and soon all the kids were joining in. By the end of the club the kids had learnt jumping jacks and over excises. That they were quick and happy to show their parent when they came to pick the kids up.

Your friend

Jonnathan Miles..

P.s Attached is pictures I was able to take since , Atlanta managed to run the whole class nearly by herself.. She the one with the pink and black hair.

(End of Email)

Sportacus quickly opened the attachments and printed them out . Before he begun to look through them and as he did, he couldn't help but think to himself these photo's remind me of something.

The first pictures was of three teens, two girls and boy dancing in front of the younger kids who seemed to be having fun.

Then there was pictures of the male teen chasing the others around it what looked to be a game of tag and some of him being chased or others chasing others.

The last set of pictures was of one of the teens with pink and black hair teaching the kids jumping jacks and other excises. Though none of the excises she taught them seem to be really hard, but that was good thing since it had been the kids first time learning excises.

Sportacus then looked through the picture one more time as he thought , that Atlanta girl acts a lot like Stephanie.. As he put the pictures away, then he thought could she be ….. no it most be wishful thinking.

Then before he could think of anything else his crystal start to go off and so he grabbed his telescope and said "door" Before he walked onto the platform, use is telescope to scope out the trouble and then used his flyer to get down and deal with it...


(well sadly it's time to get back to puke and get this chapter finished so I can get it posted))

After about an hour Corina had managed to clean up nearly all the puke in the house. There was only one room left. The dreaded and very smelly bathroom . Cori quickly set the things down and rushed over to the bathroom window. As she hope the fresh air would help her get through this and not puke up herself, which would only make more work for her and then after taking a few deep breathes of fresh air. She got to the work starting with the very disgusting toilet that was not only covered in puke . But filled with it as well , as her aunt hadn't even flushed it after herself.

So Corina quickly flushed the toliet and begun to clean it . It had taken her over thirty minutes to clean the toilet and around it . Before she started on the bathroom floor, though luckily most of the mess add be around the toliet and so it didn't take her to long to finish that. Then she took the now full bucket of puke and carefully poured it down the toliet. Once she was sure the bucket was empty, she took it to the bath tub and cleaned it out. But by now she was feeling really sick and so she rushed over to the toilet and throw up into it. Then she flushed it down along with all of the puke from the bucket, rinsed her mouth out with a glass of water...

(alright everyone it's safe to eat now as the last of the puke. That is if you still hungry after reading that. Speaking of food Corina still as dinner to make))

Now with all the cleaning done. Corina looked at the clock and realized she had about 30 minutes before she would have to start dinner and so she decided to have a shower. Because she was feeling really grimimy after all that cleaning . Though she found it very hard taking off her clothes. Since her hand wasn't just red raw now , they were also bleeding in places.

A few minutes later she got out the shower and used the first-aid kit. That she kept hidden in her room . It took her about 10minutes just to treat her right hand, but it had been the worst as it was the one she had used the most and so it didn't her long to treat her left hand. But by the time she was done it was time to start dinner. So she quickly quickly dressed into her flannal pjs and rushed down stairs.

When she got to the kitchen, she knew her hands wouldn't let her could a big complacted meal and so she decided to cook the frozen Meatloaf. Corina put the oven on and went to get Meatloaf from the freazer, then she quickly took it out it's box and put it in a cooking try. Before she placed it in the oven. She had cooked frozen meatloaf before and knew she had over an hour before she have to cook the side dishes.

Since she had awhile to wait Corina decided to go to her room and read the letter from Sportacus's Letter. Because she could really use some cheering up right now and maybe he wanted to be her friend too. And with the thought running through her head Corina ran all the way to her room and took out the letter.

After reading he wanted to be friends and the rest of the letter. She found she just add to write back, even if her hand was hurting so much that her writing was going to be awful and so she grabbed a pen and started to write on the bottom of his letter...

(you can skip reading this Letter. Since it's hard to read, As I putting it in neater in a later chapter. I just wrote this way, in this chapter to show you how hard it is for her to write.))

DeAR My FriEnD SpORtAcUs

SoRrY ThiS LeTtER Is ShOrT aNd WrItTeN BaDlY, BuT I hUrT My HaNd, WhIlE ClEaNiNg AnD It Is HaRd To WrItE At aLl. ThAnK YoU fOr ThE PiCtUrE aNd I do KnOw Of ThE PeOpLe SpOke AbOuT . ThOuGh NoNe Of ThEM KnOW AbOuT Me...

I aM GlAd YoU WaNt To Be My FrIeNd aNd ProMiSe To KeEp WrItInG tO yOu. I DoN't HaVe AnY PiCtUReS To SeNd YoU, BuT If YoU AsK PiXeL tO LoOk Up PhoToBuCkEt... ((there isn't any photobucket pictures) YoU'Ll FiNd ThE pIcTuRe Of ThE LaSt DaNce CoNtEsT I EnTeReD BeFoRe MY MoThEr DiEd. ThE PiCtuRe Is My MoThEr And I, WhEN I WaS NeARlY TwElVe YeARs OlD.

The front door slammed open and the shut, which told Corina her aunt was home and wasn't in a good mood. Even before here aunt shouted "THAT DINNER BETTER BE READY SOON, YOU WORTHLESS CHILD AND THE HOUSE BETTER BE SPOTLESS."

GoTtA Go AuNt'S BaCk aNd ShE SoUnDs MaD.

YoUr FoR LiFe


Once Cori had finished the letter, she quickly folded it into an aeroplane shape and tossed it out of window. As she watched it fly away she didn't see the smudges of blood, that she had left on the back of the letter. Once the paper aeroplane was out of sight, she quickly closed then window and ran downstairs to finish the dinner.

When Corina reached the bottom of the steps her aunt was there waiting for her and before Cori could step of the last her aunt grabbed her and tossed her to the floor. Then her aunt kicked her in her side and said "i told you dinner had better be done before I got home and you useless worthless girl couldn't even do that. Now get you butt in that Kitchen and my dinner better be ready soon." A minute or so later Corina managed to get herself up and then walk limpedly into the kitchen. As her aunt shouted after her "AND DON'T YOU DARE SERVE YOUSELF ANY. YOU DON'T DESERVE TO EAT TONIGHT."

Corina really wanted to just run upstairs , crawl into her bed and cry. But she knew that would only make things worse and so she took out the now cooked meatloaf and put it to one side to cool. As made up some powdered Mash potatoes and some tinned mixed vegetables. Normally she would of used fresh potatoes and vegetables, but her hands were hurting to much and now it was only her auntie eating it tonight.

After it was ready Corina quickly served her aunt, a few slices of meatloaf , some mash and some vegetables. Then she wrapped the rest of the meatloaf up and put it in the fridge and heard her aunt say now get to your room and don't you dare come out till morning." So Corina rushed up the stairs into her room and climbed onto the roof.

While she was on the roof, she looked at the stars and said "Mumma , I won't run away I promise. I'll stay and I will get good grades to make you proud of me." Just as she finished speaking, a few drops of rain came from no where and hit her face. It was as if someone somewhere was crying for her. But Cori didn't see it as that she just thought it meant it was about to rain and so she climbed back into her bedroom and went to bed..

Sorry about all the puke and the darkness of this chapter. But without the next chapter doesn't work. I hope you liked this chapter even with all the puke and I hopefully will have the next one out in a few days.