A/N: I down own KND. This is going to be a multi-chaptered containing drabbles about different characters throughout the KND series. It will range from K to K+.

Rating: K+

Characters: Chad

Setting: Post Op.: E.N.D

Chad felt uneasy as he walked down the hallway. He saw some teenagers grimace at his presence. Nevertheless, he put on a brave face.

Cree chuckled as she opened a door for him. "Don't worry about them. They like to pick on newcomers."

Chad stepped into the room and saw a brunette haired boy sitting at a chair. He was the leader of the Teenz.

"Chad, I presume." He said. The blonde nodded.

"Name's The Steve. Welcome to the club, kid."

"Don't call me that." He was not a "kid" anymore; he was better than that. He was a teenager.

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