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Well, I've been snooping around on the "Victorious" section of fanfiction and noticed that there were a couple of alphabet oneshot stories about Beck and Jade…

So I thought "Hey, how about I do one on Cleo and Deuce," so that's wat I'm doing now!

K, here's how this works: I'm gonna be writing an oneshot about Cleo and Deuce that will be based off of every letter of the alphabet.

For example: This oneshot is called "Any,"

So enough with my blabbing on with the oneshot, plz enjoy!


It was during their date to Gloom Beach that Cleo asked Deuce this question.

The question had been on her mind now for awhile now, but she kept refraining from asking him because she was nervous of his answer.

"Hey, Deuce," Cleo said, as she walked along the beach, holding Deuce's hand, the water tickling their feet, "I need to ask you something."

"Yeah?" Deuce replied.

"If me and the ghouls were in a burning building and you had the opportunity to save any one of us, who would it be?"

"Could I save all of you?" Deuce wondered.

"No, there wouldn't be enough time, you could only save one of us," Cleo said

"Then I'd chose you," Deuce responded, squeezing her hand gently and giving her a smile.

"Are you just saying that to say that to say that, or do you really mean that?" Cleo asked.

Deuce stopped in their tracks, and looking into Cleo's eyes through his glasses answered: "Of course I mean that! Why wouldn't I? I barely know the other ghouls! You're my best friend! And I'd just kill myself if I didn't save you, cause you mean that much to me!"

His words put Cleo at ease, and brought her oceans full of joy.

"And you mean a lot to me too," Cleo said, overwhelmed with emotion.

Deuce smiled back at her and squeezed her hand once again.

The two then continued their walk down the beach, silence saying all they needed to say.

Well that was oneshot "A"

Pretty short, yeah I know…

Stay tuned for oneshot "B"!

I'll try to have it up in a week…

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