Hi there! This is thinkpink23, and I'm lucky to be a guest writer for VictoriousMonsterHighWinxLov er (or Minditess, for those who've known her a bit longer)'s A to Z Deo Oneshot series! This is my first time writing for Monster High, hopefully I did a good job! Enjoy!


"Oh. My. Ra!" Cleo moaned, sinking into the chair next to her and placing her head in her palms. "This is the worst day of my entire life!"

"I'm so, so, sorry," Frankie said apologetically, avoiding Cleo's glance. "I-I don't really know how it happened…I just had it, and then later, it was just—just gone!"

"Well, it couldn't have possibly walked away," said Andy firmly. "I'm sure that if we just look around, we'll find it sooner or later…"

"We better!" cried Cleo. "Or else the wedding is ruined! Ruined!" She burst into tears.

Frankie felt a pang, and a deep feeling of regret overtook her.

"Cleo—stay right there. Honey," Frankie said, turning to her husband, "you stay with her. I'll go look for the ring."

And with that, Frankie rushed upstairs and began her search.

"Where could it be, where could it be?" she said. "I can't believe I lost Cleo's wedding ring! This is all my fault…oh, nuts and bolts!"

By now Frankie had already dissected nearly the whole of her and Andy's bedroom with no results. She recalled that she had opened it in the kitchen and immediately been taken over by its pure beauty. Underwater sea diamonds were indeed worthy of their hefty pricing, Frankie had decided that moment. She had slipped it on—just for a moment, to see what it would look like—and from that point on she remembered nothing but that sometime later she had found it…gone.

Frankie wrung her hands anxiously. She dashed into the bathroom. Could it have gone down the sink? She knew nothing about pipes except that they were made from metal—metal—that was it!

"Of course!" Frankie exclaimed. "If I can just get a metal detector, I can find the ring in no time!" She quickly ran back down the stairs. Watzit, her hybrid dog, barked to greet her halfway down.

"Not now, Watzit—Andy! Andy, do we have a metal detector?" she asked breathlessly as she reached the last step. Both her husband and Cleo looked up. A trash can full of discarded tissues stood beside Cleo's chair, which Frankie's eyes followed to the almost empty tissue box in Andy's hands.

Cleo sniffled. "A metal detector? I thought we were looking for my ring!"

"We are!" Frankie exclaimed. "But I can use a metal detector to help find it!"

Cleo's eyes lit up, and she tossed another crumpled tissue into the trash can. "Frankie! That's a creeperific idea!"

"It would be, if we even had a metal detector…"

"But we do," Andy said with a smile. Frankie leaned over and grabbed his hand.

"We do?" she said happily. Her growing excitement caused a volt of electricity to run down her arm and into Andy's. He flinched.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"

"Don't be," Andy groaned. "Frankie—you're our metal detector."

"I am? Oh, wait! I am!"


"…and that's what happened. That's the story, nothing more to tell," said Holt, leaning back on the couch and resting his feet on the table in front of him.

"You took my wedding ring and gave it to your girlfriend? Man, that's not cool…" Deuce said irritably, feeling a headache coming on. "Didn't you see my name on the package?"

"No, I never looked," Holt said casually. "I just opened it and when I saw the ring inside, I gave it to her. She's moving this afternoon, you know."

"And I don't blame her."


"Nothing. But that ring cost a fortune!" Deuce snapped. "Who's this girlfriend you gave it to, then?"

Holt frowned. He stayed silent, quite unusual for him, apparently deep in thought. "I guess I never got her name," he said finally.

"You gave your so-called girlfriend a five-thousand-dollar ring and you don't even know her name?" Deuce said in disbelief. He knew that Holt had commitment problems, but he didn't think it could ever get that bad.

"Okay, so she wasn't really my girlfriend. Same difference," Holt said, waving a hand in the air. "But she was one hot chick, whoever she was. Or more accurately, one very, very cool chick," he added as an afterthought.

"Hot or not, I'm doomed if I don't have that ring!" Deuce said miserably. "The wedding will be over, Cleo's love for me will be over, my life will be over—it'll all be over!"

"Dude, why don't you just tell Cleo that you lost the ring? She loves you. I think she'd marry you if you have the stupid ring or not," Holt said carelessly.

"I can't," Deuce said quickly.

"But you need to tell someone," said Holt. By his attitude, he had either completely forgotten or didn't care that this whole mess was his fault.

"But who can I tell?" Deuce said, the entire situation seeming hopeless. "Wait!" he said suddenly. He knew who he could tell—who was sure to have the answer to this dilemma!

"Sorry, Holt, but I need to go!" Deuce said, quickly standing up and heading for the door. He knew exactly who to go to.


Demona Le Fright sat hunched over a sketchbook. She couldn't recall ever having so much responsibility before—a wedding planner! Her! So far, there hadn't been much difficulty. Her close friend Cleo de Nile, the bride, had described precisely what she wanted her dress and the bridesmaids' dresses to look like. Things were going without a hitch, and Demona's biggest problem was if she should use pearls or sapphires, thus making the planning process effortless.

"Demona! Demona—"

Demona looked up, startled awake from her trance. She saw Deuce Gorgon, who was to be the groom, rushing up to her. He looked positively ruffled.

"Deuce? What's wrong?" Demona asked. She set the sketchbook down. "What happened?"

Deuce stopped to catch his breath. Demona waited for him to do so.

"The—the ring—" he gasped.

"What about the rings?"

"Mine—lost. My ring got lost."

"The ring got lost? How?"

"Holt," Deuce sighed. He only had to say the name for Demona to understand immediately. Knowing Holt, he could have done anything from swallowing it to mailing it to Timbuktu. "And that ring cost everything to get!"

"Well—we still have Cleo's, right?" Demona said, her mind racing.

"Maybe, but I didn't ask her. I still haven't told her yet—she'll kill me when she finds out."

"It's not that bad," Demona said reassuringly, although she wasn't quite as calm as she tried to sound. "We can still have the wedding, even with one ring." She pulled out her cell phone and started texting. "Here, I'll tell Cleo tha—"

"No!" Deuce almost knocked the phone out of her hand. "You can't tell her!"

"But why not?"

"Because she's going to be so mad at me when she finds out!"


"He's going to be so mad at me when he finds out!" Cleo cried.

They had tried using Frankie as a metal detector, and for a while the plan seemed to be going along splendidly—until they had realized just how many appliances, devices, and things in general were made out of metal. Frankie's beloved toaster oven, for one thing, was now permanently out of commission, completely dead due to whatever electrical reaction it had had to her. One of the pillows had actually caught flame, trapped between Frankie and an old discarded metal bolt of some sort. Luckily Andy had been able to put out the fire, but they had decided that they wouldn't always be so lucky and quickly, albeit unwillingly, abandoned search.

"Oh, it's no use," Frankie sighed. "I can't think of any more ways to find it!"

Watzit came up and barked loudly, but neither she, Cleo, nor Andy took notice.

"Not now, Watzit," Frankie scolded. "We have a crisis on our hands! This is important!"

Watzit, rather miffed, gave a little whine and walked away.

"This is absolutely awful," said Cleo. "What will Deuce think of me? I bet he would never do anything as clumsy as losing a wedding ring!"

"It's okay," said Andy. "Maybe you should just tell him. I'm sure he'll understand."

"No!" cried Cleo. "If I told him, he'd never speak to me again!" She flung her arm over her face dramatically. "I have failed my beloved. What a horrible, terrible fiancée I am!"

"Please don't say that!" Frankie begged. "Maybe we can still find it!"

And so, Frankie hosted a third quest in another attempt to find the ring. If one had happened to peer into the windows of the Beasts' house, one would see absolute chaos. Chairs were being overturned, rugs were being peeled off the floor—and yet, an hour later, still nothing had been found.

"I'm sorry, Cleo, but…" Andy began, not wanting to finish the sentence.

"It's okay," Cleo sighed. "You gave it all your best. I'm going to go back home to go and cry." She stood up and began walking toward the door.

"Wait, Cleo!" Frankie called. "Maybe if you told your wedding planner, she might be able to figure something out. A way for you to have the wedding without the ring, maybe?"

"Frankie, that's wraptastic!" Cleo cried. "I'll go tell Demona now!"


Demona sighed. Deuce had made her swear not to tell Cleo about the lost ring. Honestly, things would be so much easier if he would just submit to telling her, she felt. Deuce had gone back to his house to try to think a way out of this mistake, but he had seemed so frazzled that it didn't seem he would be able to get his mind straight enough to think of anything useful. Not that Demona really felt differently. It was her first time planning a wedding, and before her friends could tie the knot she was the one who had to work out all the little knots first.


"Cleo?" Demona could sense urgency in her friend's voice. "Is…something wrong?"

"Oh, yes!" cried Cleo. "The ring! It's lost!"

For a second, Demona was afraid that Cleo had somehow found out what had happened with Deuce.

"Er…you don't say?"

"I sent it to Frankie's house, and she lost it somehow…I haven't told Deuce yet."

"So you lost a ring too?"

"Ye—wait. What do you mean 'too'?" Cleo asked quizzically.

"Nothing!" cried Demona. She had promised Deuce not to tell Cleo, even if she was sure there couldn't be any harm in doing so. "It's just—er—maybe we should tell Deuce."

"But he'd be furious," moaned Cleo. "I couldn't bear it!"

This was definitely going to be harder than Demona thought. But soon enough, a plan began to formulate in her head.

"C'mon, Cleo, let's go take a walk. We'll think of something," she said.


So far, Deuce hadn't been able to come up with anything. He could get another ring, but it would have to be much cheaper and questions would surely be asked. He could try to somehow locate which girl the ring had been given to, but she had apparently already left town. It all seemed useless…

Deuce looked up. He could hear two girls talking outside the house, through the window.

"…wish I had been more responsible with the ring. I can't believe I lost it!"

Deuce recognized that voice. He knew it incredibly well. He leaned out the window.

"Say that again?" he heard another voice say—Demona's.

"I lost my ring!" cried Cleo. "Wait—isn't this Deuce's house?"

"Yep," Demona said loudly, then gave the watching Deuce a wink and a smile.


"So you lost your ring too?" Cleo asked.

"Well, technically, Holt lost it, but in any case it's gone," said Deuce.

"And mine got lost when Frankie opened it for me."

"So…you're not mad at me?"

"As long as you're not mad at me, darling," Cleo said.

There was a brief silence. Then the two of them began to laugh.

"I don't think we can replace the rings," Deuce chuckled. "Maybe we can get some cheap ones temporarily."

"In the name of Ra! I'm not going to get married to the man I love with a cheap wedding ring!" cried Cleo. "If I'm not going to marry my beloved with the best ring—"

Deuce suddenly had a horrible thought that she wasn't going to marry him.

"—I'm not going to marry him with a ring at all!"

And so it was decided that the wedding ceremony would be without rings. Once the couple had saved enough money, they would buy and put on the proper wedding rings when they renewed their vows. Thanks to Demona the remaining preparations were quickly made, and sooner than the bride could wonder if her dress was exactly right or the groom could re-check the wedding invitations—the day had arrived.


Frankie stood beside Draculaura Vike, Clawdeen Wolf, and Ghoulia Yelps. Each of them wore the same pale blue bridesmaids dresses, bordered in gold thread. It was the day of the wedding, and Frankie had never been so ecstatic to walk down a pathway and stand in one spot before.

"Isn't this so exciting?" she whispered.

"Where's Lagoona?" Clawdeen whispered back.

"Nngh," Ghoulia moaned, pointing down the aisle. The girls turned.

"Now, hold up there, mate!" laughed Lagoona Blue, taking her two-year-old daughter Pearl up the aisle. Pearl was the flower girl—but her ideas of what she was supposed to do seemed to differ greatly from the traditional wedding.

"Snowing!" babbled Pearl, taking a handful of white lilies and tossing them up in the air. She then proceeded to start running back down the aisle.

"Wait, Pearl darling—oh, sorry, did I get your foot?" Lagoona apologized, trying to reach for her daughter's hand. The bridesmaids giggled amongst themselves at how adorable the underage flower girl was. Finally, with some help from her husband Gil, Lagoona was able to successfully escort Pearl up the aisle and beside the other girls.

"She's a flighty little thing, that," Lagoona said with a slightly embarrassed smile.

"There's Deuce!" whispered Draculaura. Indeed, Deuce was beginning to walk down the aisle.

"Poor thing, he looks more nervous than a clam in a shark den," Lagoona noted.

And he was. Deuce had practiced this walk a thousand times, but still he had to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. Oh yes, he was happy, too happy for words—but he and Cleo had finally gotten this far, through thick and thin. If something were to happen now, he just didn't know what he would do.

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, he was at the front of the chapel. He stood there silently.

And waited for his bride.

The double doors opened, and out stepped Cleo, a rapturous smile on her face. Her dress was completely white. Although the lack of color was plain on its own, on Cleo it was more beautiful than a dress in every color of the rainbow could have ever been. It trailed behind her softly. Cleo's father, Imhotep, had her on his arm. And then, Deuce's bride was there, standing beside him with a smile unlike any he had ever seen before.

The pastor started to speak words, but Deuce was unable to hear. All he could do was stare into Cleo's breathtaking eyes… He realized that he had actually never done so without sunglasses—just before the wedding his father and twin sister had surprised him with special contact lenses that allowed him to look at people directly, and vice versa. Perhaps the shades that Deuce had always worn and had grown attached to had been hiding this special part of Cleo's beauty that shone like the sun.

"...Deuceus Gorgon, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Deuce heard the pastor ask, bringing him back to earth.

"I do," Deuce said solemnly, internally glad that he had woken up in time to say his vow.

"Cleopatra de Nile, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do," Cleo said, breaking into a smile.

"You may now exchange the rings."

"Oh, we're having sort of an…unconventional wedding," Cleo explained, causing several others to laugh. "We don't have the—"

Suddenly loud barks began to echo within the chapel. Heads swiveled round to face the double doors, where a part dog, part everything else began bounding up the aisle.

Frankie gasped. "Watzit!" she cried. "What is he doing here? I thought he was locked in the house!"

Watzit skidded to a stop as he reached his owner. Frankie knelt down.

"Watzit, how did you get out? And how did you find me?"

Watzit barked twice, then bowed his head. At first, Frankie was unsure what this gesture was supposed to mean—but then she glimpsed a sparkle on one of Watzit's small horns. Her breath caught in her throat.

The ring!

"Cleo!" Frankie shouted, drawing the attention of the entire church to herself. "Watzit found your ring!" She picked it up off of Watzit's head carefully and rushed over to the bride ecstatically.

"Oh my Ra!" Cleo cried. "So he did!" Frankie beamed and handed the ring over to Deuce, who accepted it graciously and looked up at the pastor in anticipation.

"You may now exchange the rings—er, ring."

Deuce slipped the ring onto Cleo's finger. She looked up at him, her eyes brimming with happy tears.

"I just wish I could give you yours, too," Cleo tremulously.

"You can!" a thick, contralto voice suddenly cried out in the pews. Cleo and Deuce looked up to see Abbey Bominable—one of their old high school friends—run up to them in a pale blue, snowy dress and crystalline snowflake earrings.

"I have ring," Abbey stated. "Not mine—keep. Is yours." She pressed the ring into Cleo's hands with cold fingers and rushed back to her seat. Deuce and Cleo exchanged astonished smiles.

"How did she end up with your ring?" Cleo whispered.

"I honestly have no idea," Deuce answered. Suddenly he could hear Holt's voice again in his mind.

"But she was one hot chick, whoever she was. Or more accurately, one very, very cool chick…"

And then it all started to make sense in Deuce's brain, and he almost laughed at loud. Cleo gave him a confused look, and he began to explain.

"Holt must have been hitting on Abbey, so she lied and told him she was moving away. So then he gave her the ring. She probably would have thrown anything from Holt away, but I think Abbey knows her jewelry," Deuce whispered, eying Abbey's earrings from where he stood.

"Thank Ra she does," Cleo whispered back with a smile, and she slid the ring onto his finger.

"You may now kiss the bride," said the pastor, and Cleo nearly leapt into Deuce's arms as they shared a passionate kiss. When they broke away, applause and cheers burst on all sides.

They were married.


"…and it was the one of the best days of my life, along with the day you were born," Cleo concluded with a laugh. "Promise me that when you grow up and get married someday, you won't make the same mis…Emmy?"

Cleo looked down at her daughter to see she had fallen asleep, her cheek pressed against the photograph of Cleo and Deuce's first kiss as a married couple. Cleo smiled to herself and picked Emmy up, closing the photo album.

"It's past your naptime," Cleo murmured as she walked to Emmy's room and placed her daughter in her crib. She gave Emmy an affectionate kiss on the forehead, and hummed a few bars of "Here Comes the Bride" as she left the room and closed the door behind her.