Chapter 5- you know me

Jaden was walking to the dock where he would take the ship to Duel Academy since it was on a private island. He was in his new Slifer red jacket, but the inside was blue indicating his status as obelisk. He had a backpack with his card box that was in the style of Yugi's puzzle box. It was given to him by Marik on one of his many trips to Egypt with Yugi.

He also was given a purple robe that many of the tomb guards wore. It had the millennium symbol on the hood. He wore it a couple of times, but never in public. It scared people.

His duel disk was around his arm, his deck in his pocket. His other cloths were already shipped to the school, but he never let anyone take these possessions from him, they couldn't be replaced.

"So, you're going now aren't you?" Yubel appeared in front of Jaden. She hadn't changed a bit and she gave him a smile.

"Ya, but I need to focus right now."

"Oh come on!" Yubel pouted and kept on following Jaden.

"Yubel, leave Jaden alone." Another duel spirit appeared, this one being WINGED KURIBOH.

Winged Kuriboh was given to him by Yugi on his 10 birthday, and ever since then, Kuriboh and Yubel have been fighting over whose better.

"Kuriboh I swear to god ill murder you."

He laughed "you can't murder me, I'm so adorable." He smiled.

"Guys seriously take this somewhere else" Jaden looked irritated.

They disappeared and a couple minutes later Jaden reached the docks. The students were grouping up based on houses, blues with blue, red with red, and yellow with yellow. Jaden causally walked over to the blues.

However the other blues avoided him. "What is a Slifer doing here?"

"Yo Slacker, what you doing here?" Jaden looked up and some black haired kid in a blue blazer walked over to him.

"Waiting to get on board." Jaden looked at the kid; he didn't seem really friendly and reminded him a lot of someone he knew.

"Well you're in the wrong section Slacker." He sneered at Jaden.

"I am, this is obelisk right?"

The black hair kid nodded.

"Well then I'm in the right place." He turned back to look at the boat. It was quite big, about 5 floors of were visible above the water. It was a blank white with the letters DA on the hull.

"Yo kid, kid, SLACKER!" Jaden turned around to face the black haired kid.

"Yah what you need?"

"Slifers are getting on board now, your one so get going." Jaden sighed.

"How many times do I have to tell you I am not a Slifer, I just got the jacket."

"Prove it"

Jaden reached into his backpack and pulled his registration form. He handed it to the kid with black hair and he looked at it.

Name- Jaden Yuki

Age- 15

Past dueling experience- trained with Yugi Moto for 7 years.

Average of grades- 100

Dorm- Obelisk

Deck- classified

And then a bunch more mumbo jumbo.

"Can I have my forms back please?" Jaden was looking annoyed. The black hair boy just stared at him.

"Your…your that kid."

"Yes I am that kid so now…" Jaden snatched his forms, put them into his bag and walked away.

"It's going to be like that the whole time Jaden." Yubel appeared.

"Yah just don't get overprotected and we will be fine." She frowned and left Jaden alone.

'He still hasn't forgotten, o well. It's not like we are ever going to see those people again.' Yubel thought to herself.

Jaden was staring out into the sea when he heard OBELISK BLUES COME ABOARD.

He got his back pack and headed aboard. He was last on line, but he didn't mind. Most people were just avoiding him, probably think 'slacker' or 'hope he doesn't want to duel me'.

'I wonder if this is what Yugi dealt with.' Jaden thought as he got aboard.

The seats were in the style of an airplane, since most of the room was taken up by common area for obelisk blue students. Jaden looked around for an empty seat, but it was quite hard.

Up little up the boat-

"Alexis, can I sit with you." The same dark hair boy that was talking with Jaden was looking at her with lust in his eyes.

"No get lost Chazz, sit next to Terry." She looked pissed. "As long as there is an open seat no one is sitting next to me. Got it"

He left after seeing that she was seriously pissed and sat a couple rows behind her.

"You know Alexis, you should be nicer to some of these boys" a girl with long black hair said.

"No Jasmine, they all just want to stare down my shirt" Alexis said.

"Whatever," another girl with brown hair said. They were sitting together behind Alexis, who was sitting alone.

Back to where Jaden is-

"Are you looking for a seat young man" a flight attendant asked Jaden.

"Yes I am miss, may you please help me find one?"

She looked at him 'I thought all these obelisks were snobs.' "Yes I can follow me."

She led him up towards the end of the ship where, there was only one seat left open next to one pissed off blonde girl.

"Excuse me miss." The ship attendant asked Alexis.

"Yes, may I help you?"

She gave her a smile "well yes you can, I have a young man here looking for a seat, and yours is the last one available. May he sit with you?"

Alexis realized even if she said no, he would still be sitting next to her. 'Great I got to deal with some pervert.' "Yes he may."

She smiled at the ship attendant. "Okay young man, here you go."

"Thank you very much madam." She giggled at his over politeness, which had become habit thanks to Yugi and took his seat.

The attendant left and Alexis looked out the window. 'Whoever this kid is, he's only her to get me to like him.'

"Hello there" Jaden said. Alexis just ignored him. "May you please hold this?" Jaden pulled out his dark purple robe. She took it not looking at what it was. "Man where is winged Kuriboh, I stuff him into my bag and now I can't find it."

Alexis looked down at what she was holding. It was a purple robe with the millennium symbol on the hood, it was folded very nicely. Alexis then glanced a look at who was sitting next to her. In his red blazer his head completely stuck inside of his backpack was the one person she hoped not to see.

"Hello." Jaden said popping his head out of the bag. She just stared at him.

"What is your name?"

"Oh so you're talking now, call me Jaden, madam." He smiled very widely at her and offered her a handshake. She didn't take it.

'No, no, no this can't be happening.' She thought to herself.'

"Madam are you okay?" Jaden was waving her hand in front of her eyes.

"What's wrong with her?" a girl behind Jaden asked.

He turned around to face the black haired girl, Jasmine. "I don't know miss, but I don't like it."

"You better not of said something that could've mad her drop dead." Another girl next to Jasmine said, Mindy.

"No miss, I just asked her to hold my robe so I could look for something in my backpack."

They both looked at Alexis. She returned to starring out the window. She was terrified right now, remembering what happened 7 years ago.

"She'll snap out of it." And the two girls went back to talking about, girl stuff.

Jaden refocused his attention on his cards. He had just found winged Kuriboh and pocketed it. He then started muttering something under his breath. Alexis overheard what he was saying and she looked at him.

"All mighty protecter of the sun and sky, I beg of thee, please heed my cry
Transform thyself from orb of light and bring me victory in this fight
I beseech thee, grace our humble game
But first, I shall call out thy name
Winged Dragon of Ra!" Jaden said almost silently. He had been told to practice every spare moment he had, but he knew it perfectly, and in 10 different languages.

"What are you saying?" Alexis asked. Jaden looked at her deciding whether or not to lie.

"Some chant" Jaden said and he looked at Alexis's lap and saw his robe. "Oh can I have that back now, I found my Kuriboh." She handed him the robe and he decided to put it on. "Damn air conditioning makes this way to cold." He now looked like one of the pharaohs temple guardians and was going through a golden box.

"Tell me again your name?" Alexis asked.

"Call me Jaden Yuki, or any other nickname you think of." He looked through his box.

"Can I ask you something?"


"Do you know me?" she asked.

He looked up and down her trying to pin point if he ever saw her before. The he froze. He stared at her. "Don't tell me your first name is Alexis now."

She nodded.