Jobbi stared at the rubble that surrounded his town. He clenched his fists together, hard enough to draw blood. The blood ran, staining the already dirty jacket he had on.

This was… just chaos as if a bomb hand fallen on his once great city. He sobbed, 1,500 still missing. Though there was still hope. Many were rescue. Blood flowed in the streets as he continued to sob. Sob for the citizens in his city that died and had tried to make his city a better place.

Standing up, stumbling a slight bit from being distorted, he looked around, his right arm broken, his left shaking. He had cuts all over his body. His once corn yellow blond hair was now stained and matted with blood.

Why would it be him? Tornadoes rarely hit Missouri? Why… why him?

"Baby, is that you?" A female voice called out as she maneuvered her way around pieces of house, cars, pieces of his city. He looked at the women in confusion at first and then it clicked. It was his mom Missouri.

"Mama…" It was a testament about how hurt and delirious he was that he called her the title he once called her in his youth.

"My baby. I'm here your okay.. I got you…" She said as she caught him when he tumbled to the ground once more. He clung onto her, tears mixing with the blood on his cheeks.

"Marissa, have you found him?" A male voice called out for his mother. He looked up, finding himself face to face with a blond haired blue eyed nation. The nations worried face melted into one of sorrow as he took a look around him and then at the city lying on the ground.


"Grandfather…" Jobbi whispered. America nodded, as he too knelt down on the ground, as he ran his hand through the Missourian cities hair. He bowed his head, not wanting his grandchild to see him crying. Why? Why are all these tornadoes destroying so many cities?

"Don't Worry Joplin, we'll help you. We'll definitely help you…" America whispered. Jobbi looked at him, by now he was so far gone that he didn't hear anything.

I'll trust you… he thought, so please. Help my citizens, please..

Joplin closed his eyes, the wailing of sires, beeping of car horns, sounding around him…

AN: I hope and wish for the best in Joplin, Missouri. I hope I wrote this okay. All my love and well wishes from here in the state of New Jersey.