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Larry/Bowser Jr

Truth or dare

All the koopalings were sitting around in a circle in the middle of the livingroom. They were playing truth or dare because the weather was awful outside. It was raining and thundering so they couldn't be outside.

" I dare you to drink one of daddy's beer!" Wendy smirked towards Lemmy who stared at her with huge eyes.

" What? I'm too young and king dad will kill me if he finds out"

Wendy huffed " Well, if your not up to it then leave the game Lemmy. This is truth or dare, not lame game as you call it"

Lemmy glared " Fine, see what I'll do now!" he ran to the kitchen and got one of his father's bear. He ran back to the livingroom with shaky legs, he sat down and opened the can of beer and looked at it with scared eyes. All the koopalings were staring at him.

" Come on you wimp!" Roy yelled. Lemmy whimpered and started drinking the beer with his eyes clenched shut. When he drank half of the can, he pulled it away from his mouth and burped loudly. Everyone laughed at him, Lemmy started laughing along but he was starting to feel dizzy.

" H-hey...This isn't so...so...bad" Lemmy giggled and drank down the rest of the beer.

Ludwig shook his head " Well, since Lemmy is too wasted to make a truth or dare, I'll take his place. Roy, truth or dare?"

Roy shrugged " Uhh...Truth"

" WUSS!" Morton screamed, pointing a finger at Roy. Roy growled and punched Morton straight in the nose.

" Hey! Stop it guys! No fighting. Ok Roy...Truth! Have you ever dreamt of having sex with a GUY koopa?" Ludwig smirked towards Roy who blushed and started stuttering and mumbling.

" Well...Answer the damn question!" Wendy screeched.

" Fuck! No...Yes...Sort of...I dreamt of a girl with a penis and boobs!" Roy screamed loudly scaring everyone.

" You dreamt about a...dragqueen?" Wendy asked with a snicker.

Roy glared at her with all his power " No! It was a girl but she had a penis"

Everyone burst out laughing except Larry who sat there in confusion to why his siblings were laughing at Roy who was blushing a fierce red.

" What are you laughing about? What did he dream about?" Larry asked.

Roy blushed and screamed " None of your fucking business and you fucking DARE to even tell king dad!" Larry nodded his head fearfully.

" Tell king dad what?" Junior came in through the door with his Bowser doll.

" Great, here comes another baby" Morton sighed.

" Why don't you and Larry go and play with dolls or something?" Iggy laughed evilly.

Junior pouted and glared " I don't like dolls and this is king dad and he will protect me and keep me strong!"

Roy stood up " Let's see how strong you are then" he took the Bowser doll from Junior and held it up high from Junior's reach. Junior started screaming and trying to reach for his doll but Roy was laughing evilly.

Junior screamed and punched Roy right in the nuts making him scream in pain and drop the doll as he held his abused nuts.

" You little fucker asshole!" Roy screamed and pushed Junior harshly against the wall. Junior fell to the floor from the force of the push, he started crying in pain.

Ludwig glared at Roy " Great work idiot" Roy stuck his tongue at Ludwig who growled and started fighting with Roy and all the other koopas joining them except Larry who ran to Junior and helped him stand up and they walked to Junior's room.


" Thanks for helping me Larry. Roy is so mean and I hate him sometimes but you're always so nice. What were you guys doing anyway?"

Larry smiled " No worries Junior, I know that Roy is mean. We were playing truth or dare. It's a game, if you choose truth then you have to answer any question truthfully and if you choose dare then you have to do whatever the player tells you. Wanna play?"

Junior nodded happily " Yeah but I wanna start"

Larry nodded " OK, let's begin. Ask me truth or dare"

" OK, truth or dare?"

" Truth. Now you have to ask me something. Anything you want"

" Ok...Umm...Larry...Have you ever...Slept with a doll in your bed?" Junior asked, proud that he could come up with a question.

" Ha ha, NO! Never! Ok, my turn. Truth or dare?" Larry laughed.

" Ahh...Truth!" Junior giggled.

" OK...Who do you like the most of your siblings?"

" Uhm...It depends! I like each one of you differently"

Larry was confused " How do you mean? Explain"

" I like Ludwig a lot because he teaches me stuff, like math and science. I like Lemmy because he makes me laughed. I like Roy because he makes me tough even though he is mean some of the times. Wendy...I like her because she's my only sister. I like Morton because he's stupid. I like Iggy because he's CRAZY! I like you Larry the most because you make me feel special...actually...I love you Larry" Junior blushed.

" Love me? Like...Love LOVE me?" Larry asked confused with a blush.

Junior started crying while nodding " I was really confused so I asked king dad and he yelled at me for being weird and he said that I should forget about my feelings because they were unnatural and wrong but...I feel right when I think about you that way. Did...Did I disgust you Larry? I'm sorry if I made you feel weird"

Larry shook his head gently while taking Junior's hand in his own " No...I'm relieved because..." he leaned forward and kissed Junior gently on his lips before pulling away " I feel the same way Junior"

Junior smiled " So I'm not a freak?"

Larry shook his head " No, you're not but I suggest you not telling anyone because they will think it's disgusting, weird and unnatural as king dad said. Let it be our own little secret...OK?"

Junior looked a little bummed " OK...but I'm not ashamed of what we have"

Larry smiled and nuzzled his snout against Junior's in a eskimo kiss " Me neither and when we grow up to be amazing koopas...We'll tell everyone and whatever happens, I'll always be with you and love you"

Junior giggled and hugged Larry hard " You're right Larry and as they say...Hakuna Matata!"

Larry laughed " What? What does that mean?"

Junior kissed Larry " It means no worries"

Larry nodded...No worries...He liked the sound of that.

No worries!

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