Summary: The Tardis clash-lands, leaving the Doctor stranded where he never thought he'd be again. It's up to Amy and Rory, with some help from the Tardis, to save the Doctor from a painful death.

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A/N: I absolutely ADORED "The Doctor's Wife"! The Doctor and Sexy were so amazing and hilarious. I've got tons of story ideas from one episode, and hopefully I'll get to share them all with you! This one I thought up sometime during the episode, after the Doctor finds the little boxes that make him angry. Enjoy!

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By Trinaluv33

***Chapter 1***

The Tardis shook dangerously as the trio traveled through Time and Space. The Doctor was flung forward as they hit another figuratively 'bumpy road'. He tumbled down the steps, landing in a heap at the bottom.

"Doctor!" Amy screamed, her and Rory clutching the rustic hand-rail tightly. "What. Is. Happening?"

The Doctor jumped up, his hair mussed. "I don't know! This shouldn't be happening-" He jumped over the hand-rail and looked down at the console. A deep, loud rumbling had been continuously sounding inside the Tardis for the past hour. " I CAN'T THINK WITH ALL THIS RUMBLING!" Abruptly all noise inside the Tardis came to a halt. "Thank you-" he smirked. "-Sexy." Slowly, the Doctor turned his head towards his latest companions. They both had a questionable eyebrow raised at him. "...Shut up!"

A jostling jolt embraced the Tardis, and the Doctor crashed to the floor at the suddenness of it all. Amy and Rory just managed to keep hold of the hand-rail and stay upright.

"We've... we've landed?" Rory stammered.

The Doctor looked up- Rory noticed a small bruise forming on his forehead. "I suppose we have!"

Rory shook his head, looking utterly confused. "How? And where? We were in deep space!"

The Doctor shrugged. "Beats me." He smacked the screen, but it refused to work for him. He could have sworn he heard chanting for a moment. Seemingly in a daze, the Doctor walked towards the Tardis doors.

"Doctor! Where are you going?" Amy shouted frantically, still clutching the hand-rail.

The Doctor held up a hand, still walking forward. "Stay... stay here. I'm...just going to take a little look..."

Rory could sense a bad idea when there was one, and this was a bad idea. "Doctor- I don't think that's such a good idea."

"Naw, what could happen?" Rory could've sworn he wanted an actual answer. The Doctor sighed and pulled open the doors. Bright light hit his eyes, blinding him. He felt something wind around his torso, and was suddenly pulled from his Tardis. The blue doors slammed shut behind him.

Amy and Rory stood utterly stunned as a gold whip wrapped itself around the Doctor's chest, intensified red, and pulled the Doctor right out of the Tardis. They both jumped when the door slammed shut. Amy raced towards the doors, pulling on them hysterically, to no avail. Rory followed her and tried pushing on the door, but nothing worked. They were locked in the Tardis, and the Doctor was stranded on who knows where.

Amy groaned and leaned against the door. She thought she heard the Doctor talking out there; thank goodness, he must be alright. A blood-curdling scream broke through the silence- the Doctor's scream.


A/N: Sorry it's a bit short. Think of it as a teaser. The next chapter will be longer, I promise! Please review and tell me what you think of it so far! Thanks!

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