Chapter 1 Figure Skater


I was on my way to school with two of my best friends, Jasper Hale, and Emmett McCarthy. My little sister Alice drove her car today because I was a bit late getting up for once. Em and Jasper were in a heated discussion about our game last Friday night. We won, but they are discussing the score. The score was almost tied at the end of the game but I pulled us out of it.

I'm the QB of the Fork's High Spartans. Jasper is a lineman and Emmett is my guard. I love Football, it's not the only sport I play though, I also play basketball, and baseball.

Em is the biggest guy on the Football team, and in the whole school! He's 6'5', he looks like a muscle man, he has long curly black hair and blue eyes. He's very immature as well, he loves playing pranks on all the guys on the team and even the coach sometimes. He does a lot of pranks in the locker room too and it really pisses a lot of people off, me included!

Then there is Jasper. He is about 6'2', he's not as muscular as me and Em but he's got pretty good strength on his side, he's got honey blonde curly hair and has the most awesome southern drawl I've ever heard.

With the exception of Bella. Mmm, Bella. That's Alice's best friend, and mine as well. She's beautiful, I've liked her for years she's the most beautiful and popular girl in scho-

"Edward!" Em yelled in my ear as I parked the car beside my sister's Porch. I shook my head to come out of my daze, extremely annoyed.

"What?" I asked him irritably. He and Jazz shook their heads as we all got out of the car.

"Dude! If your going to day dream about the girl at least do it in your spare time and not when you are behind the wheel! Gosh man, you are so gone over her and your not even dating her!"

Em yelled as he clapped a meaty paw on my back as Jazz came to stand on the other side of me.

"Emmett's right Edward. Quit being a pussy and ask her out already!"

"What if she doesn't like me Jazz?"

"Ask Alice! She's her best friend! And your sister, oh and uh while your at it. Why don't you ask her how she feels about me?"

"Dude! She's my little sister! Ask her yourself!" I yelled at him while punching him in the arm.

"Ow, jeez. Okay I will! But at least I have the guts to ask a girl if she like's me!" I reared back my arm to hit him again but he danced out of the way.

"I don't see how you can't ask her. I mean you guys have known each other for your whole lives and are practically inseparable...I mean come on Ed." Em reasoned, trying to help Jasper out I guess.

I just shook my head at them as we all started to walk over to Alice and Rosalie who were standing beside her red BMW convertible. Rosalie and Jasper are twins and trust me you can surely tell because of how much they look alike.

Rose is beautiful I will admit that, she has long wavy blonde hair that reaches just past her shoulders. She's about 6 ft. even, a perfect figure, and fairly tan skin like her brother. She was wearing her hair in a lose pony tail, a red sequence tank top, black skirt, red stilettos, a red necklace and earrings and some black bracelets.

Beside her was my small pixie sister Alice. She's 4'10', small petite figure, she has light green eyes, and black spiky hair. She was in a black and white sundress and black sandals. She was also wearing the black heart necklace that Bella had gotten her for her last birthday. I did not like the fact that her dress was a spaghetti strap, I am a protective older brother and I do not like it when she shows skin.

"Hello there ladies." Jasper drawled as we reached them. He smiled at my sister while taking her hand in his and bringing it to his lips to kiss it. I just glared at him.

"Lovely as always Alice." he told her softly as my glare deepened with her giggle.

"Thank you Jasper. But if I were you I'd cut out the flirting before Edward kicks your butt!" she told him sweetly as he straightened beside me with a big grin on his face. Em was shaking with laughter from his spot beside Rose, they are a couple.

Emmett looked like a Ken doll standing beside Barbie. Rose had made him wear a red dress shirt and black pants so that they would match.

Yeah and he calls me whipped. I looked at Jasper at the corner of my eye to see he almost matched with my sister. He was wearing a black polo and blue jeans. I just shook my head and looked over my sister's head and let my thoughts drift until I heard Alice squeal.

"Bella! Over here!"

I turned around to see the beautiful Isabella Swan walking our way with a big grin on her face. Gosh she was amazing!

Bella is 6'1', long mahogany hair that went to her lower back, she had a perfect figure, and perfect tanned skin. She had her hair curled beautifully, she was wearing a heart and key necklace, a strapless white summer dress, and white wedges.

She's the definition of the word perfect. And here I am at 6'3'½ , muscular, emerald green eyes, tanned skin, messy bronze hair. And that's it. Bella would never go for me and if she would why wouldn't she have before? I mean we have known each other forever and she hasn't shown any interest in me other than as friends.

"Hey guys." her soft southern voice spoke softly as she reached us. I looked down at her to see she was smiling at me. I smiled back at her, those big brown eyes looking into my green eyes softly. She was wearing make-up but not much with just eye liner, and some mascara as usual.

"Hi Edward." She whispered shyly. I smiled my crooked grin at her.

"Hey beautiful." I greeted as every morning. She smiled while looking at a smiling Alice.

"Been at the rink all morning?" she asked skeptically. Bella blushed while looking away.

"Where else would she be!" Rose yelled as she looked at the two of them shyly.

"Well yeah! But you guys know that I always have to be there. Most days. I actually had to get ready there today. I had a late start." She told them sheepishly.

The guys and I just looked at each other with confused looks on our faces.

"What rink?"

"Ice rink. Bella's a figure skater. Didn't you guys know that? I mean at least you should Edward." Alice asked us incredulously.

"Um, I think I might have. But I'm not sure." I told her truthfully as the guys shook their heads no.

We're football players, how are we suppose to know? All I know is Football, Basketball, and Baseball.

"Well that is just unacceptable! You guys have to come watch her practice tonight! She is amazing! Can they come Bella? They don't have practice until tomorrow night. Please! My mom and dad want to come see you too!" Alice told her happily. Bella smiled at her before nodding.

"I'll be there at five. I've got private practice tonight and the rest of the week from five to eight or nine. Feel free to drop by. I don't mind one bit. And neither will my coach."

"Yay!" Alice squealed while pulling her into a tight hug. "we'll be there!" she added as the bell rang.

We all headed off to our first periods. Em and Rose went to biology while Jazz went to world history, Alice to biology and Bella and I were off to English. We have about three classes together and we always sit beside each other. That's as good as I can get for a guy in love.

I stopped at Bella's locker with her like every morning while she got her books for her first two classes which were English and trigonometry.

"So football star. Some game last Friday night huh?" She asked in that adorable country accent as she shut her locker and leaned up against it on her right shoulder and looked at me haughtily. It made want to kiss her.

I smiled at her and put my left arm on the locker and leaned on it.

"Well yea it was. You went?"

"Well of course I did. I go to all of your games superstar. To bad you don't go to any of my track meets, or softball games, or any of my figure skating competitions."

She told me sadly, giving me that pout that I've been all to familiar with since the second grade. Yes I've known Bella that long and I've never asked her out. And I really want to.

"Hey come on now! That's no fair Bells! You never tell me when they are! How am I suppose to know when to go to one if you wont tell me huh?"

Her pout deepened until I tickled her sides. She started giggling and moved away from me.

"Okay your right! Well how about this. Your coming to see me tonight. How about after I'm finished practicing I'll tell you when the Charity Skate is, I do it every year and it isn't a competition but the league gathers all the local girls to skate a program to help raise money for local kids and their families. It's a lot of fun and I would love if you came, and after that there is an Exhibition skate which is also not a competition it is just to kind of a way for us to get ready for Qualifier's which I will know the date for tonight and I can tell you when that is. How does that sound?"

I smiled down at her happily while pulling her into a tight hug.

"I'd love that." I whispered in her ear while kissing her cheek and pulling back. She had a dazed look on her face but shook it off quickly and smiled at me.

"Alright then." I nodded then put my arm around her shoulders and led her off to first period.

"That sounds like a lot of work Bell, do you do this every year?" I asked as we walked.

"Yep, every year. I don't always start it out with a Exhibition right after the Charity Skate but it has given me a chance to get a few cool programs out there before I have to get my competition programs ready."

"So you are doing two different programs for the Charity and the Exhibition?" I asked a little confused.

"Yep. During Competition I can only stick to one program so stuff like this gives me a chance to do different things before I have to work on three songs for months on end."

"Oh, cool. DO you do any other Charity and Exhibitions during competition time?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah a few, the season hasn't exactly started yet since it is still summer so I have a while before they really start up. My favorite Charity is the one during Christmas time, it is always on Christmas Eve and they bring in local skaters and big time named skaters to skate a song and we raise money for 'Toys for Tots'. It's a lot of fun and I love doing it every year, last year I did a routine to 'Jingle Bell Rock'."

"That sounds awesome. Do you already know what you will skate this year?" I asked eagerly.

"Yep, I am skating to the song 'This Christmas'."

"From the movie?"

"Yep." she said with a big proud smile...that's our favorite movie to watch at Christmas time, we watch it every year just the two of us.

"Well I can't wait to go and cheer you on at every one I can be at Bell." I said sincerely.

When we got into class it was almost time for class to start. We just barely made it before Mr. Birdie. We sat down beside one another and smiled widely at the other. I looked to the front with lots of effort on my part, and started thinking.

She is your best friend and you have known her all your life stupid.

This is our junior year in High School. I'm the most popular guy in school, I'm not going to be intimidated anymore. This year is the year I'll ask Bella Swan to be my girlfriend. Mark my words. I will have her as more than just my friend.


It took all my strength not to look at Edward. He may be my best friend, but I've always had a crush on him. We've known each other since the second grade, we're now juniors. I mean we have so much in common, but he never has asked me out. I mean what's the big deal? Does he not like me?

Of course he likes you Bella! What an absurd question!

Well, it's a perfectly logical question to ask. I mean what if he doesn't like me? Wouldn't he have asked me out by now?

Maybe he's afraid you don't like him…

Why wouldn't I like him? He's the most gorgeous boy in school! And the star quarter back!

So what? You are a famous figure skater, and a track, and softball star!

Football players are so much more important though!

Yeah right!

But, everyday we flirt with each other….how couldn't he know that I like him and that it is real?

Maybe he just thinks it's friendly fun. You have known him since the 2nd grade!

Yeah, so…..oh my gosh! What if he has just been leading me on?

Don't think such absurd things Bella! He's your friend! He would never do that to you!

Your right. Oh my gosh, I need to stop having internal conversations with myself! Because that's when I know that I am definitely losing my mind!

Now when I start talking to myself out loud, then there is where I need to be worried. But now isn't the time to think about this! I need to start thinking about my rehearsal tonight, I like to have my programs perfect for when I do Charity Skates.

Tonight is my dress rehearsal so I am wearing my costumes that I have chosen for my songs. I am skating to Dirty Dancer, Masquerade, and Dumb Love. It took me forever to figure out what costumes to get for the routines, let alone what to do for my hair and make-up but after a few hours of surfing the web and talking with my coach I found the perfect costumes.

For 'Dirty Dancer' I'm wearing a one shoulder dress that has a nude colored bodice and black lace pattern and a ruffle white skirt. It looks amazing, I just hope it wont be a problem when I get out on the ice, but that is what these dress rehearsals are for. Along with that I am wearing my white ice skates so that will match my dress.

For 'Masquerade' I am wearing a really cute black and pink long sleeve flapper that is absolutely adorable. It's really short, but practically all of my outfits are but it is absolutely gorgeous. The sleeves are off the shoulder and the neck line goes all the way up and around my neck.

And Lastly for 'Dumb Love' I am wearing a simple black dress with long sleeves and a short frilly skirt that fans out slightly at the waist. It is my most simple costume for this program and probably from all of my previous programs but I love it. To go along with it I am going to wear my nude color ice skates, I don't wear those often but I thought they would work for this one. I haven't decided about my hair and make-up yet but I have time for that.

I was brought from my reverie by the bell. I shook my head slightly to rid myself of the figure skating thoughts for the time being. I hope I didn't miss anything. But we just started a new chapter in English on fiction that we are actually starting tomorrow, today was just prep. Which I'm sure Edward will tell me all about if I ask him.

"Please tell me I didn't miss anything important?" I asked him worriedly as we walked out of the classroom. He smiled widely at me while throwing his arm over my shoulder as everyday.

"Were you not paying attention? Or were you too busy thinking about how much you want me?" he asked 'seductively' I just rolled my eyes, ego centric jerk! But that's half true.

"No I wasn't paying attention. I was just thinking about my costumes for the Charity Skate. You guys will see me in it tonight because I have to get the feel of it before I go out there for real. This is yawl's by week right?"

"Yes ma'am. And I cant wait to see you in one of those gimpy outfits. You'll look so hot Bells!" he told me jokingly while smacking my ass. I squealed while rearing around to smack him in the arm.

"Ow! That's my throwing arm babe! I need that! And you know you liked it!"

I rolled my eyes at him as we stopped in front of my trig class.

"Yeah well. I will see you later you big lug! And don't get into any trouble! Can you do that until we see each other at lunch?"

"Yeah I think I can. See ya Bells."


I said as he gave me a tight hug before letting go so I could go into class and he could go to Spanish.

I so can't wait for tonight! One I get to start my new routine on the ice! And Alice, Edward, and all of our friends, plus Edward's and Alice's parents are coming too! Gosh tonight cant come quick enough!


I walked into Spanish and sat down beside Emmett. He just smiled at me and looked back down under the table to look at his phone. I shook my head with a smile. He's gonna get that damn thing taken one of these days. And when he does, I'm going to laugh. Because he has a droid!

But my phones better! I've got an Iphone 4! Bella and I have the same phone, we talk as much as we can between all our after school activities and all. Bella doesn't really have time for friends outside of school whenever she has figure skating going on, especially with competitions coming up and all the Charity and Exhibition stuff.

But I still love her. She has great commitment and I cant wait to see her skate!

Tonight will be amazing.

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