First Time for Everything

Chapter 1

Note: The summary is still the same as last time, guys but in case you forgot here it is again :) Tyler is the mayor's son, a womanizer, and a werewolf. He's rich, sexy (very), and all that good stuff hehe and Jeremy is an average (but also very sexy) teen who has to come back to his hometown in Mystic Falls until his mother gets a job back in Florida. Katherine is Jeremy's cousin and Jenna is Jeremy's aunt. Katherine is a witch.

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Tyler Lockwood finished off his latest victim and rolled off her and onto the bed. The blonde girl turned to the side and pulled herself close to his body and placed her hand on his chest.

"That was beyond amazing." She purred.

"Whoa, whoa, no cuddling or shit, okay? Move over." Tyler said pushing her firmly over. The girl, being drunk as hell, did not listen and moved close again.

"Aw come on, don't be like that, baby." She protested and leaned over to kiss him but he quickly sat up and got off the bed. Tyler picked up his clothes and dressed, ignoring the girl's protests before leaving while she tried (and failed) at standing off the bed.

Tyler fucking hated when girls got all clingy and emotional after sex, like they were some newly married couple at their honeymoon. Gag. Tyler went down the stairs and used his werewolf senses to find his best friend, Matt. Tyler headed towards the kitchen and found him trying to pull himself from some drunken girl who was literally clinging onto him.

"Alright, let him go!" Tyler ordered and pulled her off and sat her down on the floor. She looked up at the two boys and randomly laughed before lying herself on the floor and probably passing out.

"Should we help her-

Tyler cut him off. "He'll be fine, man. Let's get out of here."

He didn't know if Matt heard him over the loud music but he didn't care at the moment as he headed for the exit. He wasn't even supposed to be here. This was the house of his enemy, Steven Dorlan, captain of their football team. He and Tyler have been enemies as far back as he can remember. In kindergarten, always trying to keep Tyler out of their group and games, making fun of him and telling lies to the other kids. The rumors and lies stayed as his tactic until Tyler got so sick of it that he punched Steven in the nose and broke it one day in fifth grade. Of course Tyler was in the one who got in trouble even though he had tried to explain but the principle and his parents (no shock there) had defused to listen. Things didn't get any better as they grew older.

Tyler stepped out from the kitchen and headed towards the doorway when he stopped.

"Shit my ass." Tyler mumbled.

Standing at the doorway was no other then Dorlan himself. When Steven saw him, his eyes widened with shock and then filled with anger.

"What are you doing here, Lockwood?" the brunet demanded, glaring at him.

Someone turned off the music and all eyes were on him.

"Just came by to fuck your girlfriend. Hope you don't mind if we used your bed." Tyler replied with a casual shrug. Loud "ohs" came from around the room. A hand came upon his shoulder and he glanced over to see Matt staring at Steven. When Tyler followed his gaze, Steven looked ready to kill him with his bare hands.

"It's on, Lockwood!"

"Bring it, asshole!"

"Hold it!" Matt said coming in between the two boys.

"Get out of my fucking way, Donovan, or else I'll break your face too!" Steven warned.

"I don't think your dad would appreciate taking his vacation time to pull your ass out of trouble right now, Dorlan."

Steven pressed his lip into a hard line. Steven's father was a lawyer with a badass reputation at winning every case but he was also an asshole like his son was. Steven would still be a dead man if he got in trouble, vacation time or not. Slowly Steven backed off a few steps but kept his murderous glare on the other two teens.

"Get out!"

Matt turned a warning on Tyler, daring for him to open his mouth. Tyler did not break his own glare with Steven as he walked pass him. They went out the door and headed for Matt's car. When they were a good distance away from the house, Matt turned upon Tyler, who was surprised to find him with a wide smirk upon his face.

"What?" Matt asked, annoyed.


"Tell me."

"Really, it's nothing."


"Let's just go before our captain of stupid comes after us for standing in his neighborhood."

Matt couldn't help but laugh at that.

On the way towards Tyler's house, they passed by the Shadows Night Club.

"Dude, turn around." Tyler said.

"Didn't take you for the dancing type."

"Fuck the dancing, I mean the bar."

"No. Your dad would not trust me anymore if you came home drunk which I'm sure you must be already anyway."

Tyler rolled his eyes. "Alright, Mr. Goody two-shoes, but I just had two beers."

"Call me whatever you want. We're not going there. If you're thirsty or whatever let's go to the Grill."

"For a beer?"

"For a coke."

"Goody two-shoes."


They soon arrived at the Mystic Grill and saw there was only one occupied booth inside. Matt looked down at his watch.

"It's one in the morning."

"It's summer, dude, relax."

Tyler took the first booth and Matt sat across.

"Don't you have a curfew?"

"It's summer."

"But you're not eighteen yet."

"It's summer."

"…what the hell does that have to do with your age?"

"It's calling joking around, man. Ever heard of it?"

A waitress came by to take their orders. It was Jessica, one of the cheerleaders from school.

"Hey, boys! What brings you in so late?" she asked, giving Tyler a flirty smile.

Tyler gave him his million dollar smile. "Enjoying summer."

"Nice…you look good tonight. You guys are always working out, huh?"

Suddenly the wolf inside Tyler began to growl loudly in his head, demanding for food, making the teen flinch.

"You okay?" Jessica asked. Matt stared at him too.

"Fine. I'll have a double chest burger with bacon and a chocolate milkshake."

Jessica's eyes widened but she wrote it down. It was a lot of food but Tyler would burn it off in no more than three hours without even having to do exercise.

"I'll have the turkey ham BLT with pickles and a coke." Matt said.

"Okay." She paused and looked over at Tyler. When she saw he wasn't looking at her anymore, she just told them she would be back before walking away.

Matt turned to Tyler with a frown. When the dark haired teen kept staring at the table with a blank expression, he called out his friend's name. Tyler looked up at him, surprised like if he didn't know he had been there.

"You okay?"

Tyler rubbed his hand over his face. "Yeah. I guess I'm just tired."

Matt was not convinced but didn't press him. They sat in silence until their orders came. Jessica was about to say something to Tyler when someone from the bar called out for her so she left.

"If this keeps up, the night club down the block will push this place out of business." Matt said.

"I don't think so."


"The Grill sells food and drinks, dude. The club sells mostly drinks."

"Never been in there before so I had no idea. When did you go?"

"Remember when I told you that I asked Carmen out? I took her there to dance."

Matt chuckled. "I still don't see you dancing."

"Fuck off, I bet I can dance better than you!"

They ate the rest of their meal in silence and then something occurred to Matt.

"So what do you think your future will be like?"

"After high school?"

"Yeah and when you meet "the one"."

"Yeah, that's not gonna happen."

"Why not?"

Tyler took the last sip of his shake and replied, "I know I will marry a chick one day and shit but live happily ever after like they show in those movies? I have a better chance of Steven becoming my friend."

"It's true that not every relation lasts forever-at least it's very hard-but that doesn't mean you won't be happy with that person when you guys are together. I know you're not the most serious guy in our school when it comes to relationships but people change."

Tyler raised an eyebrow. "So who are you now? Montezuma?"

"That's Nostradamus, and I'm just trying to make a conversation not predicting your future."

"Well, like I said, I don't see my happily ever after. That bullshit does not exist. Change of topic! Do you support my thesis when I say that Steven will die by HIV?"

Tyler suddenly leaned over to hit Matt hard on the arm.

"What the hell, man!"

"That's for indirectly calling me a man whore."

Matt stopped the car in front of the Lockwood mansion.

"Thanks for paying. I'll do it next time."

"Don't mention it."

Tyler got out of the car. "Night."


Tyler closed the door and began to walk away when he stopped and turned back, leaning down to look at Matt through the window. "By the way, I did fuck Dorlan's girlfriend."

Tyler tapped the roof with his hand and walked away.

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