First Time for Everything

Chapter 48

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"Hello, Caroline." Steven greeted as she got out of her car, coming around to stand on the sidewalk. He knew she was working for Klaus now. The old fart had compelled her to stay away from him. Typical for the lazy bastard to hire such trash to do work for him. He didn't see why the older vampire would be interested in someone like Jeremy or Tyler. Also Lockwood was his to totally screw and no one else's.

She bit her lip, eyes glancing around briefly while her heart was beating so fast Steven wondered whether it would jump out of her chest. "What are you doing here?"

"Just wanted to see you." he replied easily, standing up from the porch bench, adjusting his gloves. He knew his voice sounded off; dark, his grin a little too hungry. She took a step back, her hand diving into the pocket of her jacket as if about to pull out a weapon. He had no fear of metallic objects, but he remembered she carried a bottle of pepper spray. How amusing. Neither of them moved. She wouldn't look him in the eye.

"I'm tired, Steve. Not tonight." She said, voice trembling slightly.

"Really?" he asked in fake curiosity. Making sure no one was around; he was suddenly in front of her. She yelped and tried to move back but he held her quickly by the throat. "Cause I don't remember you giving Klaus that bullshit excuse not even an hour ago when you were riding him like the slut you are. You reek of him, everywhere. And I can smell that your pussy got combed real well, not too long ago. Doesn't take an Einstein to figure that out."

She clawed at his hands and she began to try screaming for help. He heard a car coming from down the road and latched his hands on both sides of her face and twisted. Her screams were cut off and her body went limp. He hugged her to his chest, cradling her like a child as he turned his back to the road. The car passed as he moved quickly to the front door, glancing behind him as the car passed by the house without a suspicious change in speed. He took out the keys from her purse and made his way inside.

With the door closed, he drank her dry – no sense in wasting what little she still could offer him - before dumping her body onto the floor. The body landed with a loud thud along with her purse and keys. He closed the door curtain and kicked the keys into the living room and found a stash of whiskey in the kitchen. He then made his way to the first chair in the kitchen with direct view of Caroline's corpse, leaning back in the seat and taking a long swing from the bottle.

Tyler was on his way to warm up for the game at school when his mother called him.


He heard her sniffle. "Come home. The game will be canceled."

He slammed his foot on the brake, coming to a harsh stop in the middle of the road with a loud squeal from the tires. "What? What are you talking about?"

"Caroline Forbes was just found dead minutes ago at home by her mother. The police will be calling off the game with the explanation. Come home, please."

He barely heard the car pulling up behind him, honking. He glared at the review mirror and flipped the driver off before moving forward. "I'll be home soon. Love you."

He hung up and called Mason.

"I know." His uncle greeted with.

"So was it?"

"Yes. Two marks just like the other one. Broke her neck too."

"Fuck. I have to call Matt. They're canceling the game."

"Way ahead of you. I explained everything."

"I'll stop by in a bit."

He hung up and drove towards Jeremy's house, stopping in and turning off the car, listening. He leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes. It was fifteen minutes later when the cellphone rang again.


"The media is having a field day." Katherine.

"No kidding. I don't know what we should do anymore. What if more bodies will continue to appear? Nancy hasn't even been dead a week yet."

"I'm trying to track the boss. Stefan says he still remembers his face good enough to draw a portrait."

He frowned. "Your boyfriend knows how to draw?"

"No. But I know you can."

Pause. "I'm listening. How will you track him down with it?"

"Leave that to me. Will you help me or not?"


"Do you happen to know who he is? Or is it a she?"

"Unless it's a very convincing transvestite it's a man and his name is Klaus."

"And when did you figure out the bosses' name?"

"The guy told Stefan his name and even left his number on his handy."

"What?" He couldn't believe anybody could be so stupid.

"What 'what'?"

He groaned. "What makes you think that this is his name? Isn't it pretty sloppy to just leave your name?"

"Well, if you have to know I think this could be a pseudonym, an outright fake or a kind of credit card of his. But I won't take the risk and track him simply by name and so I need you to draw a picture."

He was far from convinced, but then again he was only the queen here and not the witch. "Ok, I'll do it. Time and place?"

"Meet me Saturday morning at my house at ten."

"Can Matt tag along?"


Klaus was busy cleaning his finger nails on one of the living room couches after a round of hot sex with Daniel who was suspicious upon seeing Caroline walk out of his home that afternoon. Because he was not up for stupid teenage drama, he hadn't hesitated to lie and told the jock about how Caroline stole some shots from his wine cellar and ended up fucking him on the very couch – rough and hard. He then proceeded to tell him if that was a problem for him, he had no objection to his permanent departure. Daniel did leave, only to come back an hour later and jump him which he accepted with some surprise. The human had puppy love for him. With only a few tweaks needing adjustment for the grand finale, he did need something to occupy his mind – he thought of testing whether Daniel's cock was as good as his ass. Then Nestor came into the room.

"Caroline is dead, sir."

He didn't look up or pause from his task. He hadn't asked Nestor to keep an eye on Caroline. Oh well. Better things were lost in war. "And I care…how?"

Pause. "What about Steven, sir? He was the culprit."

"I'll take care of him when the time comes. Go away."

"Yes, sir."

Daniel had stepped into the room, heart pounding. "Steven killed Caroline Forbes?"

"So I've heard." he replied, bored sounding and still not pulling his attention away from his nails. He started to use the smaller half of the scissors.

"What are you going to do now?"

"Continue what I am doing. You have a game to prepare for." He finally glanced up at the jock who stared at him with wide eyes. The human opened his mouth to protest but then he faltered and nodded silently, grabbing his things before heading out.


Dinner was at six. And Jeremy hadn't eaten anything but small sips of hot chicken soup and Gatorade. He had slept no more than four hours, finishing Mrs. Lockwood's picture of the most attractive landscape he could find on the internet. But he felt good enough – and according to his mirror, looked good enough - to probably go through the day without ending up on the ground with his ass up like Jim Carry in Yes Man. He had helped Jenna who was in charge of dessert and mashed potatoes. Jenna decided to do her special strawberry pudding. Oh the memories.

Katherine wasn't talking to him but he could feel her eyes on him during breakfast. She knew that he knew; fine with him. He needed time to think. Until then, she could keep hold on her guilt. Two hours before six, he had showered and sacrificed his silent treatment for a moment to ask Katherine to trim his stubble. He had tried out his still untouched scented body wash. He went with lavender which, to him, seemed the less girly. He then found a text from Tyler.

Matt told me about your stomach. The salted crackers will be available for you at dinner. Can't wait to see you.

Cool. Was all he replied.

The Lockwood mansion was as huge as Jeremy remembered since the night on Halloween. Matt and Vicky had gone with them together - he just hoped this time wouldn't end the same as last. Vicky looked very nervous. Katherine went over and they began to talk. Matt seemed mostly solemn but sent him a small smile every once in a while, probably because Mason would be there. Tonight would be interesting.

Mrs. Lockwood answered the door, dressed as elegant as he had expected, in a plain knee high black dress with a white pearl necklace around her neck and black, low heeled shoes. Even with all this, one could notice that something was wrong. Mrs. Lockwood was a little too thin. Her makeup couldn't entirely mask out the dark circles under her eyes. She instantly reminded him of his own mom back home and felt a pang in his chest. It would be the first time they wouldn't be spending Thanksgiving together. His mom had called him earlier that day but it just wasn't the same. He honestly missed her.

"Mrs. Lockwood?" he started once they were inside.

"Please, call me Carol."

He held up the sketch, smiling softly. "My little gift to you. I hope you like it."

Mrs. Lockwood took it with excited surprise and looked over it. "How lovely! Thank you! You drew this?"

Jenna wrapped her arm around him proudly. "My nephew is quite the artist."

"I can see that! Richard, come greet our guests!"

Mr. Lockwood greeted them formally as he came from inside the kitchen. The man wore a white button down shirt with khaki pants. You'd think they both were crazy for wearing such things in almost thirty degree weather if it hadn't been for the heater inside. Tyler's parents both had said nothing when he introduced himself but they both took at him with curiosity, the father with an almost analyzing gaze as if deciding if he was worth setting foot in the house. At least he didn't receive the almost blank stare Vicky did. He felt bad for her. Mr. Lockwood looked at his drawing with an unimpressed, almost bored, expression.

"How nice." was all the man said at the drawing. Not surprised. He remembered Tyler mentioning his father didn't like art in general. His father was just simply not the guy to really talk too much outside of business or politics as it seemed.

Mason Lockwood finally stepped up next. Handsome, and scary, memory-bringing man dressed in a gray sweater and dark jeans. How the guy was Richard Lockwood's brother, he didn't know, they didn't even look alike. Starting with personality; Mason's seemed entirely opposite of his older brother. He surprised himself he wasn't too nervous by the younger Lockwood brother's presence. Maybe he just knew the older werewolf was the least of all hisproblems right now. Tyler then came down looking unsurprisingly delicious in a dark blue and white striped shirt with dark jeans. Oh did it fit him well – a mental picture of Tyler turning around and shaking his ass came to Jeremy's mind, making his cock fill. Tyler's expression changed noticeably when he saw him but kept it cool enough, shaking hands with everyone and giving him a half, "friendly" hug. Please. He looked over at Matt who was avoiding looking at Mason. Vicky was looking around as if this was probably her first time seeing the house from the inside—maybe it was, he didn't know. But he could practically feel her awkwardness, wishing Tyler's parents wouldn't treat her so…coldly. Because that's the only word that would fit.

Ignoring his boyfriend's gaze on him, they walked over to the dinner table that looked long enough to hold ten people. He could only stare in amazement as the food was already prepared and ready to be served, the silverware and white china plates set in front of them with brown, silk napkins.

"Jeremy, Tyler told us you weren't feeling well." Mrs. Lockwood told him.

"Unfortunately; this all looks amazing." Better not let the topic get stuck.

"Thank you. Feel free to try anything. Though be careful. My son brought you some salted crackers for you, didn't you honey?"

Tyler smirked at him. "Anything for a friend."

He held the jock's eye. "Thanks, man."

"No problem, buddy."

Jenna nudged his leg under the table to quit it.

"What would you like to drink sir?"

He glanced up to see the maid. "Water, please. Thank you." he mumbled quietly.

Everyone was finally done being served minutes later. Mrs. Lockwood looked around the table at everyone. Matt sat on his other side with Vicky next to her brother. Vicky stared down at the food with no real anticipation. But the strawberry and coconut cupcakes sitting on a delicate glass three story holder in the middle of the clothed table wouldn't leave her gaze. Mason was glancing at Matt every few seconds. Katherine was staring calmly about, letting her gaze linger once in a while between him and Tyler.

"I would now like to take a minute to say a few words of grace." Mrs. Lockwood said.

He bowed his head respectfully.

"Thank you, dear lord, for giving us the food we have today even though we don't deserve it. And please forgive the ones who throw it away. I also thank you for giving us the opportunity to be united with friends and family tonight." Mrs. Lockwood paused. "Richard? Tyler? Mason."

Mr. Lockwood cleared his throat, "Thank you for this good food, friends, family… and money."

"And for bringing new ones into our lives." Tyler suddenly added in, "Friends who understand when you mess up but in the end, they know you're…really, really sorry. Amen."

No one said anything for a moment, probably confused. Jeremy stared at Tyler who stared back at him calmly as if there had been no hidden meaning trying to be passed.

"Diddo." Mason added. He glanced at Matt out of the corner of his eye to see the blonde shake his head in disbelief.

"Give it up for my brother's words of wisdom, everyone." Mr. Lockwood commented and clapped and everyone laughed, some joining in the humorous applause. Mason rose up his glass of champagne in a teasing good natured motion at everyone before taking a long swallow. Jenna and Matt said something briefly too one another after that.

Everyone seemed to relax some more, even Vicky. He did too; enough to stop trying to avoid looking at Tyler all together. During dinner, he had tried little nibbles of hot buttered buns, salted crackers and some champagne. He would come to regret it only minutes later when his belly began to hurt, the intensity building.

"Everything okay?" Jenna whispered to him, slightly panicking. Before he could reply, Tyler stood up.

"I'll take him to the bathroom, Ms. Sommers." Tyler said, reaching a hand down.

By now, it seemed only moments before he upchucked. He would rather not let it happen on the table. He nodded silently and quickly left, Tyler following a rather quick pace with him to the guest bathroom downstairs in a small hallway behind the kitchen.

Tyler could only watch as Jeremy instantly fell on his knees and began to vomit into the toilet, heavy, pained gasps coming from his boyfriend between pauses. He closed the door and knelt beside the brunette, rubbing a soothing hand down the young boy's back gently. It was four times later, when the torture finally ended and Jeremy let his body slide down onto the floor.

There was a knock at the door, followed by Jenna's voice. "Jeremy?"

"I'm fine." Jeremy called back, voice cracking from the moment's exhaustion.

"He's okay, Jenna. One moment, please." Tyler called, bringing his boyfriend's body to him and grabbing some toilet paper to wipe at any remains on the boy's mouth. Jeremy jerked his head away and grabbed the paper from him, wiping it on his own. Though he noticed his boyfriend wasn't moving away from him, probably more from sudden fatigue than anything.

Another knock; this time from his mom. "Tyler, open the door please."

Jeremy than squirmed from his grasp, trying to stand. "I got it now. Thanks. I need a minute."


"Don't argue with me right now!" the brunette snapped lowly then looked like he regretted it. He reached out for him, ignoring the calls from the door. Jeremy held up a hand at contact, not looking at him. "N-Not now, please. I just a need a minute."

He hesitated for a moment before he silently unlocked the door and stepped out, Jenna and his mother waiting. Jenna quickly stepped by him and went inside to check on Jeremy. His mom took a look inside before turning on him.

"Why did you lock the door?"

"There's something called privacy, mom. I'm sure that he wouldn't have felt any better knowing he had an audience."

His mom stared at him for a long time. "What's with the face?"

He felt his poker face come into place. "Nothing. I'm just worried for him. He's helped me before so I just wanted to return the favor."

Jenna came out, alone, closing the door behind her and looking grim.

"How is he?" his mother asked her.

"Fine, thanks. He says he just needs to wash up a little bit."

"I'll bring him some water." He mumbled and went to the kitchen to fetch a cold bottle from inside the fridge.

Jenna and his mother returned back to the table. When he returned, Jeremy had opened the door and stepped into the hallway.

"Do you have any mouth wash?"

He nodded and gave him the bottle. "Keep hydrated or you'll just get worse. But if you want, the mouth wash is in my room."


He passed by the dining room entrance and walked over to his mother in her seat. He leaned over and whispered, "Jeremy wants some wash mouth. I offered some upstairs."

His mother nodded, glancing over at Jeremy who was whispering to Jenna in her own seat. His mother whispered back, "Okay. Thanks for letting me know."

He kissed her forehead and ignored his father, whose gaze he could feel on his back as he took Jeremy up the stairs.

"Do they suspect anything?" the brunette suddenly asked once inside the room.

"I don't know about my father. If my mom does, she's not letting me know. She seemed fine with letting me bring you up here."

The younger boy nodded, looking around the room in an almost distracted fashion as they headed into the bathroom.

When everyone dispersed into little mingle groups after dinner, Matt made his way onto the sofa with Vicky and Katherine who both hadn't said a word to anyone but him or Jenna. Jenna was busy laughing about something with Mrs. Lockwood, Mr. Lockwood out of sight and out of mind.

It wasn't long before Mason came over and sat down at the arm rest with yet another glass of champagne.

"How are you guys liking the party?" the too casual acting man asked.

Vicky, obviously sensing tension, shrugged awkwardly with a small smile. "It's okay, I guess. It's been so long since I've been to one of these before."

"Way quiet and smaller than the ones I've been to before but also much more relaxing, knowing there's not some supposed friend whose actually a skanky bitch taking trash behind your back in the other side of the room."

"I bet those maids are. Especially of me."

Katherine took a long swing of her own glass. "Think of them as the bottom beans of the seven layered dip."

Matt couldn't hold back a smile at that and stood up. "I'm going to go check on Jeremy. I'll be back."

"I'll come with you." Mason said. He didn't reply.

"I'm sorry."

Jeremy nodded. "I know you are."

"So what can I do then? We always seem to be fighting about something."

"What's done is done, we can't avoid each other. I'm worried about Katherine and Jenna, right now. But then I'm sure you found out about the vampires through your uncle."

"I did. He told me. My parents know too."

His mouth dropped open. "What?"

"Mason told me my parents are part of a secret council meeting along with others from town, including the police. Mason told him my father called him to say the police had found two bite wounds on Nancy's neck; ones that looked very suspiciously like a vampire's, there was also the typical internal bleeding."

"Internal bleeding? Since when do vampires case internal bleeding?"

"According to Mason pretty often. At least when they target the neck. Their fangs are simply too long."

He took a few seconds to process that. "This has happened before?"

"At least a few times I guess, but not for a while. Katherine came to us this week to form a union about the information. Apparently Stefan is in on this. She also told us some history on the town not even Mason knew about. But I'd rather let her tell you. Not that it's anything more frightening than what you know already. I just don't want to lose your trust, Jer."

He sighed heavily and lay down on the soft bed, closing his eyes. "Just promise me you won't keep anymore things like from me. I'm not going to do anything stupid."

"Yeah, I promise."

A knock at the door.

"Jeremy." It was Matt.

"Come in." Tyler called.

He watched the blond come in, followed by Mason. Matt came over and laid down next to him.

"Better?" Matt asked him.

"Yeah. Thanks. I finished a bottle of water Tyler brought me."

He glanced over at Mason who was watching silently.

"I heard what you guys were saying. And maybe you could explain the situation to Matt, please. Just seems he's willing to listen to you more right now." the curly haired werewolf said.

He raised an eyebrow, sensing some desperation in the man's voice. Like Tyler, Mason didn't like a tension in their relationship. Finally, he nodded. He proceeded to tell his friend what Tyler said, Matt listening attentively and reacting the same way he did, especially at the news about what Tyler's parents.

"I have to give another history lesson." Mason told him.

"What is it?" Matt asked, finally looking at the guy for probably the first time since the arrival greeting.

"Our family has the werewolf gene in our system. In this case my brother passed down his gene to Tyler who's lucky to spare his future child, if you guys talk about adopting one day. In other words, my brother and sister in law either know about our kind but they just don't know we have it activated or they know absolutely nothing."

"And if they do?" he asked.

Mason paused in thought about this. "At first, probably furious. Maybe he'll kick me out of town. Maybe Tyler as well. Carol will be more sympathetic, I think. But what matters would be not letting the news get out of the house. If anyone in the council hears about it, they'll want us dead. As far as we know, the Lockwoods are the only family who has the werewolf gene in this town. Outside of it, some choose to join bands, some choose to travel alone. But the secret is always kept to themselves."

"I heard my parents taking about the next meeting being on Monday. My father wants to add verveine into the town's water supply by the end of next week. Mason told him about the idea about also placing it into the alcohol supply too."

"What's verveine?" Matt asked. "And isn't putting something in the water secretly…illegal?"

"It's a type of plant herb, Matt. It doesn't have side effects on a human. You guys won't be able to taste it either. We can taste it but we won't be affected. For vampires, it burns them like acid. They won't be able to smell it before they taste it."

Matt snorted as he rubbed his temple. "You guys are sure making senior year something else. Okay, so let's say you manage to get one. What is the police going to say to the people?"

"If they do, the police and my brother will make up something. The people aren't going to automatically scream vampire down the streets if they get a show. Oh by the way, Caroline Forbes is dead."

Matt groaned. He shot an annoyed glare at Tyler who raised his hands. "I was going to tell you. We got interrupted."

He felt a pang of regret for not being as friendly as he could have been. But Caroline had been insisting in learning about his relationship, how could anyone not be trusting?

"I spent lunch with her on Monday and Tuesday."

All eyes were on him, stunned in silence.

He continued, mainly focusing on Tyler. "She came up to me. She knew about our relationship and she wanted to know more. She promised me everything we would say between would stay secret but…"

"She told you she knew? What did you say to her?" Tyler demanded.

"On Monday she asked me if you were going to take me to the winter dance thing and I told her no. She assumed Matt is taking me then and you'd probably felt jealous but she doubted it because you never chased after anyone in your life. On Tuesday, she asked me what I would be doing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I told her I didn't know but I'd probably be leaving town for Christmas to see my mom."

Tyler sighed. "Well I didn't hear anything about that so she must have kept her promise."

"Maybe she was compelled to do it." Mason added. "Vampires have the ability to make humans do whatever they want without hesitation if they know how to use it right. Important question now being: why? Out of everything he could use it for, why does he want to know what's going on between you two?"

"Probably not because he's bored." He mumbled, gaze lowering onto the floor as his heart beat quickened in fear. This vampires seemed to be interested in their relationship. Surely someone with that kind of power knew or found out that his boyfriend was a werewolf. He glanced over in surprise when Tyler sat next to him and pulled him into an embrace, placing a kiss on top of his head. Yet, he couldn't seem to relax enough.

The media missed nothing. Caroline's murder on every news channel no more than an hour later. Thanksgiving dinner ended quickly after that when Tyler's father announced the news, his wife looking less than impressed for sharing it during the gathering. Tyler wanted to follow his mate home but he'd look suspicious. So he told Jeremy to call him when he got home. Outside, Jeremy surprised him with a hand squeeze when no one was looking.

But playing the part, Jeremy punched him half heartily on the shoulder. He barely felt it but forced a smile for both of them. He was aware of his uncle come stand next to him after his own goodbye to Matt who bumped fists and thanked them for the dinner. Vicky hugged him easily. Jenna had have him and more easy going hug but could still feel a slight tension between them but he told himself it was because she was a little shaken over the news of a second murder. Katherine just shook his hand, thanking him and giving him half a smile.

It was almost ten when Jeremy called him. He quickly answered but making sure his parents weren't around to listen.

"Hey. Everything okay?"

"Can't sleep." the brunette mumbled.

"Me either. So much good stuff tonight."

His boyfriend let out a weak laugh. Then there was silence, just listening to each other breathing for a while.

"Are we still on for tomorrow?" the younger boy suddenly asked.

The question surprised him. Honestly, he had forgotten about it. "I don't know…did you want to cancel it for another time? They do it almost every weekend."

Pause. "I guess I should have asked Jenna sooner." Another pause. "But with everything that's going on, let's just wait 'til next week. I don't mind."


Another moment of silence. He fell back in his bed, closing his eyes and letting out a long sigh through his nose.

"Did you know her well?"

His eyes opened at this, frowning slightly. It took him a second to realize what his boyfriend was talking about. "Why?"

"Just wondering."

He rolled his eyes. "In other words, did we have sex?"


"No." he hesitated. "We did foreplay twice, drunk of course—okay I seriously don't know why you want to know this."



"I'm here."

"Hey don't start getting angry on me again. You were the one who asked. Plus, it was before you even arrived so…"

"I know."

"Well she's dead now."



More silence.

"I'm scared of this compulsion thing they can use. What if they make us do something to each other or someone else…"

"Stop it." He interrupted firmly. "Get those ideas out of your head. They would have done something by now. Call it curiosity about why they made her try to seek out information. I'm sure it's not like they haven't seen a werewolf before."

"But your dad is someone of power."

He sighed heavily. "It's getting late, Jer. Let's just get some sleep. I can't think about this right now. You shouldn't either. I'll mess you up. Goodnight. I…"

He stopped himself, realizing what he was going to say. There was silence on the other end like if Jeremy had caught on.

"Goodnight." He said and hung up quickly, swearing under his breath and throwing his phone across the bed. It ended up being a little too rough, falling onto the floor with a loud noise. He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He would be lying if he said he wasn't afraid of saying those three words to Jeremy, even after everything so far and what they had to do for their first time. Jeremy and he were going to be together for the rest of their life. In all honesty, he had not thought of the possibility of cheating. He might as hell wouldn't have even if the after party had still gone on. But on the other hand, did either of them even have a choice in this whole matter?

Jeremy sighed on the phone.

"Kyle, they're probably just busy. Use the time to give your butt a break."

"Shut up. I'm just worried they're changing their minds about me. Maybe they realized I'm not worth the time."

"Don't say that shit, man. That's not true. If they ever do change their minds, it's a way of telling you they are worth your time."

"I guess."


Everything was set for Steven's departure. By tonight, his dad would be reporting him missing and his phone will be found broken with drops of his blood. He had opened the door, gazing at his sleeping dad in his office chair.

"Goodbye." I'm sorry. And he closed the door.

Matt woke up at eight thirty by the sound of the doorbell. It had been Mason with breakfast.

Now they ate it in silence, staring at each other. He stared back at the older man calmly while the other looked frustrated.

"How many times do I need to apologize?"

"I didn't say you needed to do it again. Though it's quite something it from a Lockwood. I rarely hear it from Tyler."

Mason frowned at him. He shrugged, smiling slightly. This made the gray eyes softened as a hand reached out and covered over his own. He sighed heavily, feeling his walls melting at the sight. He laced his fingers through Mason's.

"Just promise me you won't keep secrets from me. You'll tell me everything, no matter how bad it is."

Mason nodded and his face turned determined. "Which is why I also wanted to tell you that Katherine is a witch."

He blinked. "Excuse me?"

"I hope she doesn't get pissed but I'm sure she'll trust you with this information. I mean you are confused about why we're going to her house on a Saturday morning at that hour, right?"

He stared at the werewolf for a moment then sighed heavily, rubbing his temple. "Well, thank you for keeping your promise." Pause. "So why are we going to her house on a Saturday morning at that hour?"

"Stefan Salvatore remembers how Klaus looks like, that's the vampire we are tracking. Katherine wants for Tyler to sketch a picture according to her boyfriend's descriptions so she can try to track him down. Better than nothing."

Mason stood up and walked over to him, pulling him up by the arm and leading him onto the living room couch.

"Whoa! Now?" he protested.

"I'll hope that one day I'll be able to end up fucking you on ever surface of this house."

He lets his head fall back in disbelief, staring up at the ceiling. He felt his cock harden and he ground up against the werewolf. Blue eyes met gray again. "How about you start here, playboy?"

Mason grinned and leaned down, lips latching together desperately as clothes were quickly stripped, hands roaming on bare skin, coaxing each other's into full hardness as Mason lubed his cock, slammed his hands down on either side of his hips, and positioned into him.

Mason's hands slid over his butt, squeezing each mound.

"Your cock feels so good in my ass."

"You bet it does," Mason said slowly and with determination, "your ass is made for my cock, it is ready to receive, and my cock is home in your ass." Mason started a slow pace, giving him time to adjust since they had skipped foreplay, he assumed.

"Why does that feel so good?" he managed after a very long moan when Mason nearly pulled out.

"I'm a werewolf." the older male answered after he rammed his cock full into him, making him yelp. "That is what we werewolves do, we top and we are the best at it."

"Really?" he asked as his upper body lowered himself a bit.

"That is what we do, everyone wants to get fucked by us and we always top them. It is in our very nature to be tops and once someone takes us in, they will never want anybody else. And I show you why."

Mason placed one hand on each side of his side, lowered his body so much that his mouth was close to his ear. Matt arched his back so his but was higher. Mason pounded into him again, faster this time. Making him moan and sweat.

"Will you submit to me Matt? Will you be mine?"

"Yes Mason, oh my god, yes! Fuck me Mason, make me yours." His brain was in a fog of lust. Mason thrust harder, shoving his dick deep inside him. Mason's mouth biting down on him firmly with blunt, human teeth. He cried out and felt his cock burst and emptying itself all over the floor. Mason continued to pound into him, never releasing his shoulder. The brunette groaned with a deep timbre, the sound muffled by his skin, when his movements became erratic. He gave his behind a few more hard pounds, until he released himself, filling his ass.

Jeremy watched from the side as Stefan and Tyler sat side by side on the couch in Jenna's house. It felt weird being without her here but it was also a blessing for her heart attack escape. Matt and Katherine stood on either side; Mason by Matt's other side.

"I can't believe witches exist too. What's next? Fairies?"

"This isn't True Blood." Mason mused.

Katherine waved at them to quiet down and looked at him. "You sure you don't want to try?"

He shook his head. "I'm good."

The process was done no more than an hour later for the finishing touched on Tyler's sketch. But it was finished and Stefan confirmed its close accuracy. Katherine scanned it and made copies in her room for everyone.

"So do you think you can track him down with this?" he asked.

"I hope so." Katherine glanced at the clock. "Stefan tried calling the number this so called Klaus guy left and the voice said the number was no longer in service. But we still have plenty of time." She smirked. "How about Jeremy and Matt help prepare dinner?"

He grimaced slightly. Matt squeezed his shoulder. "I have an idea."

Cutting pieces of chicken, they fried it along with broccoli, sliced carrots, peas, and teriyaki sauce with a side of white steamed white rice on the side and Hawaiian butter rolls.

"I remember this dish. Amazing as ever." Tyler mumbled through mouthfuls of food.

Mason nodded and made of motion of kissing his fingers and opening them into the air in a silent compliment.

"Thank you, boys. It's delicious." Katherine said, impressed. Stefan hummed his agreement, smiling.

"It was Matt's idea." He said, smirking up the blonde who shrugged modestly.

"I didn't want to end up eating fast food everyday with Vicky so I always have to look up some stuff on the internet. I'm glad you guys are enjoying it."

All of it was gone within the hour. But Matt managed to save some in a plastic container for Jenna when she came home. Katherine wiped her mouth and sighed, "Okay gentlemen, I've been doing some research and there is a man by the named of Klaus Mikaelson that once lived in this town once some good time ago but I couldn't find more before the 1900s. According to my spell book, he was one of the little scumbags who took over the original settler's lands owned which were the warlocks. This was just a little after the civil war began in 1861. So this Klaus has to be more than one hundred and fifty years old. But he looks…" she paused, and glanced at Stefan. "no older than early to mid-thirties."

"Hang on." Mason suddenly said, pulling out his cellphone.

Jules picked up on the second try, breathless and angry. "Mason, you motherfucking cock-block!"

He placed the call on speaker. "Miss you guys too too. Moving on, I wanted to ask if a Klaus Mikaelson rang a bell to you."

A long silence. He glanced at everyone who was watching between him and the phone. Jules told someone his name, probably her mate before she replied, "What about him?"

"Well I think he's in town."

"I would leave it immediately then."

He ignored the comment. "Just tell us what you know."

"Since you asked so nicely. I've never seen him personally before. I just heard stories. This guy is supposed to be at least seven thousand years old."

"Okay, and how do we kill him?"

"I supposed all you need to do is rip him to pieces. That should work with anything. Even if he is somehow still 'alive' after that if his head is no longer connected to his body at least he can't move around."

"Sounds easy enough."

"If you somehow manage to hold him down. I'm guessing he's a good at hide and seek too."

"He's winning so far. Jules, what if I told you we needed your help?"

She sighed. "Mason, we would but we're powerless outside the full moon and you know we can't risk being out in the open in transformation—god can't you wait?—I'm sorry."

Matt and Mason left a while later, Stefan following after. Katherine went to walk him out to his car like it wasn't obvious she stilled loved him. Tyler stayed with his boyfriend, an arm wrapped around the junior who laid his head on his shoulder, staring at the TV blankly. His other hand was changing the channels. Jenna wouldn't be home for another good couple of hours. Darn. Minutes passed and Katherine didn't return. He glanced behind him, listening for any sounds.

"What?" Jeremy asked, slightly concerned.

He smirked. "How long do you think she'll stay out there with Stefan?"

The brunette raised an eyebrow, knowing where this was going. "If we're lucky…long enough."

He chuckled and leaned down and kissed his mate deeply, still tasting of strawberry pudding they had for dessert.

Stefan stared at Katherine with an awkward smile when they reached the car. They stood in silence for a moment, trying to think of what to say besides goodbye.

He sighed, "I still…"

His cellphone rang. Katherine pursed her lips at the irritating disturbance. He pulled it out from his pocket and his eyes widened when he saw who it was.

"Damon." He said.

Katherine blinked. "I'll see you later. Drive safe."

He reached out of her, taking her hand and shaking his head. "Hold on. This should be quick." He then answered his cell, not taking his hand off. "Hey. What a surprise."

"Hey, Stefi poo! How was Thanksgiving? Mom and dad pay their apologies for not coming for Thanksgiving this year. Again. But I got some good news!"

"At least they called. I call that an achievement." he commented sarcastically.

"I called to give some good news."


"They're coming to spend Christmas with you. Wanna guess the better news?"


"I'm coming to spend it with you too."

Oh fuck. "Mm. "

"That's all you have to say? After helping you get finally get a sex life?"

"Damon." He growled in warning.

"Should have helped you get a sense of humor too. Anyway, just giving you the heads up. I like anything expensive. Bye." Damon sang teasingly and hung up.

He pressed the end button and shoved the device back into his pocket.

"Looks like it was quite the conversation."

He looked down at their locked hands. "He's coming along for Christmas with my parents."

"And that's not good thing?"

"It is. I love them… but you'll see. You're going to be running out of there before dinner is even served."

She smiled. "I'm sure I'll handle it. So you were saying earlier?"

Sweat pooled on Jeremy's belly as his boyfriend sucked his cock while he sat on the couch, Tyler kneeling down between his legs and bobbing his head as a gentle hand fondled his balls.

"Fuck, Tyler." He panted, gripping raven hair tightly. It was a risk in being caught and it felt fantastic.

There was a long swipe at his slit that got him shooting his spunk into his boyfriend's mouth, colored spots dancing behind his eyes lids as he rode out the wave of his orgasm with a long groan.

It was a while before Katherine came back into the house.

"Everything okay?" he called.

"Yup. I'll be upstairs." Pause. "Try to keep it down."

He buried his face in Tyler's shoulder to stifle a laugh. He didn't move until he heard the door close upstairs.

"What do you think would have happened if she saw?" Tyler asked.

"She can't kick you out. She doesn't have the right to judge after I had to go through an unfortunate sleep-with-your-ear-phones-on night several times."


"Not the word I would use but…"

There was a moment of silence as they watched wrestling on TV.

"So…last night." He began. Tyler stiffened next to him but said nothing.

"And here is a courtesy reminder that you just blew me not even half an hour ago. And it wouldn't be the first time. Not to mention you're willing to lie to your parents about taking me to some exotic place outside the United States for Christmas."

"Mmhm." Tyler simply hummed in agreement. He straightened, raising an eyebrow in expectation.

Tyler wouldn't look at him. That earned him a firm slap on the back of the head.

"Fine! Yes, I was going to say the words!"

"You're afraid to admit it out loud or something?"

Tyler finally turned to look at him, defensively. "Are you?"

"Excuse me?"

"Well you haven't said it either."

He sighed. "Okay…so maybe it is a little frightening to admit it."

"But you do feel something for me." There was awe in there.

He felt his face heat up. "Whoa, I didn't…"

"But you insinuated." There a smirk now. A wide one. Asshole.

He could only stare back at him, mouth gaping open. His heart was pounding. He huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, staring down at the table in front of them. "I don't know."

"You do."

"Shut up. You do too."

A long moment of silence.

"Can we talk about this later?"

He nodded, face slightly less red. "Yeah."

He didn't blame him. He did feel something for Tyler and he was sure it was vice versa too. But they were only teens who fate decided to get them stuck with each other. But then slowly he came to realize the school's womanizer who had been voted probable to die of an STD before the age of thirty was actually…changing into someone else.

The murders were all anything everyone at school could talk about all week. Then there was the disappearance of another student from school. Steven Dorlan, the school's biggest douche bag. Some people were happy about that piece of news. One of those wasn't Tyler or Matt who should be. Mostly because that only meant the vampires were still out there with a secret agenda. Something that made people who knew about them on edge, wondering who was going to go next. Yet with Steven gone, the people and media immediately had suspected him for the murders. Especially Caroline's, who had only been dead two days before he disappeared. Then the guy's crushed and bloody cellphone was found in the woods. The blood, confirming it was indeed Steven's. The suspect situation on him had eased, but not completely. A curfew was now in place. No under the age of twenty one was allowed to be out after seven. There were no warnings. All students will receive a two weeks' worth of in school suspension if caught, the punishment increasing with every offense.

The following Friday afternoon, Katherine came downstairs to Jeremy who was moping away at the floor. The smell of lavender filling her nose. She raised an eyebrow at him, questionably.

"Jenna's sticky note order. With love."

She smirked.

"There's one for you. You get to sweep upstairs, mop your room, and clean your bathroom."

She lost her amusement and mumbled dryly, "I'll eat first."

When Jeremy finished the floor, he walked across the kitchen, carrying a bucket filled with dirty water. He dumped it out in the backyard and placed the empty bucket next to her, along with the bottle of Pine-Sol.

"Mop is against the staircase wall." He informed.


She finished her breakfast and washed the dishes, grabbing the sticky note she pound stuck to the dining table. She grabbed the bucket and filled it with water from the sink, pouring a calculating amount of Pine-Sol into it after. She carried it into the living room and placed it down next to the mop.

"No Klaus?" Jeremy asked suddenly from the living room as he held an open textbook in his hands.

"No. It's only giving me visions of what's going on around town through other bodies of water. Mostly from puddles on the edges of the side walk." She couldn't keep disappointment and anger from her tone. She had been so ready to know where this vampire was hiding. "I was thinking about what I could do if we ever find this bastard. Seems like I'd be able to do a good portion of the work. I still have my mind a pain spell. I could use all of the intensity to bring him down as long as I need for someone to finish setting up a new one I found that traps him into a certain area for as long as I want to until we can find out a way to end up. Seems it'll have to end up using vervaine somehow."

The younger teen turned around on the couch. "You know about that?"

"Duh. It's my job to know their weakness. And you can tell Tyler and Matt this."

"You're not?"

"I'm not their servant. Plus you have a better bond with them. If they have any questions, I'll talk to them then."

There was a long moment of silence.

"I thought about your earlier whining too."


"You still want one of my spells, don't you?"

Jeremy suddenly slammed the book closed and stood up. "Yeah!"

She rolled her eyes. "I'm willing to give one to you…mostly because we need all the help we can get."

Jeremy huffed a laugh, excited. "Sure! Bring it on!"

She raised an eyebrow. "Remember that this not as a game, kid. We do really need to find Klaus as soon as possible."

He nodded, his eyes gleaming. "I know. So are you going to give it to me today?"

"Yeah, yeah."

Jeremy could barely sit still in the desk chair of his cousin's room, book splayed out on her bed. Katherine made him sit down in her desk chair, his back to her.

"You're going to keep your eyes closed until I say you can open them. Don't say anything or move, got it?" she warned.

He gave her a teasing two finger salute.

"I'm going to start."

He nodded and sat up straighter, closing his eyes.

Katherine began to chant softly in what he guessed was Latin. He tensed a bit, anticipating maybe some sort of pressure or pain. His cousin stopped chanting a few minutes later, hearing his own deep breathing of nervous yet excited anticipation.

"Hello? Hello? Testing one, two three. Jeremy, can you hear me?"

His eye snapped open. He was almost one hundred percent sure she had not said them aloud, it didn't sound exactly like Katherine's voice. Yet he had heard them. He stood up and whirled around, staring at his cousin silently. Katherine raised an eyebrow in expectation, cocking her head.

"Say something in your head. If I did this right, we should be able to communicate without it being out loud even if we're not in the same room. Though I don't know how far we can be from each other but hoping enough."

His mouth opened and closed like a fish for a few moments. "I can hear you."

Katherine smirked in triumph, flipping her hair slightly over her shoulder. "I'm awesome."

"Well can this please not be our only way of communicating even when Jenna's not here?"

"Sure." Katherine then said aloud.

"Wow. It's so cool. Weird, but cool."

"We should be able to read anyone's mind. Including any supernatural beings. Though I don't know how difficult it is when the other person is not in the room. You're being warned that it might not be easy to shut this thing off. Let me know if it's taking your concentration away from your classes."

He nodded and hesitated briefly before he walked over and gave the girl a hug. She tensed noticeably, mostly out of surprise and awkwardness. But she still patted his back a few times.


He pulled back. "So…can I tell Tyler and Matt about this?"

She shrugged, patting her hair. "Up to you. But if you do, just tell them they will not be expecting me to give them the same treatment."

He grinned. "Good."

His mother called the house a while later.

"Hey, honey! How's school?"

"Hi, mom. Same old. Art is still my favorite. The teacher keeps asking if he could put them around the school."

"I always knew you had a gift for it."

"It's too bad there's no real jobs out there for it."

"No kidding…but I'm sure you'll end up doing something just as good one day."

"I hope so. Thanks, mom."

Pause. "How's Anna doing? Everything okay?"

He frowned slightly. His mom almost sounded…worried. "Yeah. Everything's fine. I'll send you a picture if you want through email."

"I'd love one. Especially since you told me you're leaving some stubble on your face. I bet you look so handsome."

He smiled and teased, "So I've been told."

She laughed. "That's the sound I love to hear!"

"Mom…why did you ask if everything is okay? Did you not expect it to or something?"

"Oh no, no. I was just wondering, I mean you two are so young and I was worried about fights and all that. I just want you to be okay."

He pursed his lips, remembering Jenna's words about how his mother probably knew about his desire toward the male species…in this case werewolf species. How she'd get a kick out of that. "I am okay, mom. I don't want you to worry about me."

"Well that's the first thing they teach you in mom school. You have to worry." She teased, laughing a little but sounding a little forced.

He didn't know what to say. She continued, "By the way have you talked to Kyle?"

His heart sped up a few numbers. His best friend hadn't been answering either his texts or phone calls. He called the house on Wednesday; his mother picked up. Her son had caught a bug and was sick in bed so he couldn't talk. Something that sounded like bullshit but he hadn't pressed when she then began to have some small talk about his mother told her he had gone off to spend some time with his aunt. "Um…not for a couple of days. His mother told me he was sick."

"Well he seems to have gotten better. I saw him standing at an intersection corner. For the lack of a better word, he looked like a…zombie. He was staring off into the distance with no expression. He looked like he had been crying too. Would you know anything?"

His heart was now thudding hard in his chest, his gut churning in guilt and dread. Something must have happened between Kyle and Brent. Did the asshole hurt him? Was he blackmailing him? Or the asshole must have dumped him with or without some lame ass needed to talk to Kyle. His Iphone began to ring on his bed. Tyler. He turned the phone upside down, silently apologizing to the him.

"Hello?" his mother asked.

"Y-yeah. Yeah I'm here. Sorry. Um, no I don't know anything. We've been in a kind of tense moment right now from the distance so."

"I see. Well call him. See if there's anything wrong. I'll call his house too. I hope nothing happened in the family."

"I hope so too."

"Alright, I'll let you go. I expect that picture, mister."

"Okay. Bye, mom. Love you."

Kyle hadn't been out of his room much. His parents were getting worried. Even his sister, Gabriela who even wrote him a small letter, wishing him well and such. He didn't know if his parents had made her do it or not, but he had been touched by the gesture.

It all felt like a bad dream. Nothing exactly could make him feel better enough; even with the startup of Christmas songs on the radio and his appetite still had to come back. And he was feeling guilty about ignoring Jeremy. He felt like he shouldn't bother with his problems but deep inside, he felt…a little jealous at how fortunate the older brunette was. I mean how many boys can say their boyfriend is a mayor's son who's hot and turned gay for them?

He glanced down at his cellphone on the sheets below as it vibrated. He grimaced when he saw it was Jeremy. He closed his eyes and let another fresh around of tears flow, burying his face in the pillow until the noise stopped. Minutes later, there was a noise, indicating a voice mail. He uncovered his face and wiped his eyes. He glanced at the door and then slowly reached out to grab it.

"My mom called me earlier. She told me she saw you on the streets and weren't looking so well." Sigh. "And I have a pretty good idea why. I want you to know that I wish I could be there with you right now. You have no idea how much I know that relationships sucks ass. Don't think I don't know. There's…so much you don't know that I can't tell you. Maybe one day I'll be able to. But for right now, just remember that I'm here whenever you need to talk. I don't care if it ends up being at three in the morning. I love you; you're my best friend and we've been through tough shit together. I don't want to lose that. Please call me." Beep. "End of message. To reply…"

He hung up and reached over to wipe at his face and nose, pressing a few buttons on his phone.

"I-I'm sorry." He broke down for the third time that day. Jeremy joined in soon after.

Elba Gilbert was trimming the garden with her mother out in the front yard when her father stepped out. "Elba, that god for nothing bastard called! I told him never to call this number again and hung up!"

She glanced at her mother who also held an expression of shock and confusion.

"Why would Roger be calling you?"

"I don't know, mom, but I better call back. He's paying for my son's support even if it's not on time half of the time." She mumbled and got up. "You're going to stay out here?"

"Yeah. You go ahead."

"I'll be back then."

She grabbed the kitchen phone and headed outside, away from her father's too curious eves dropping. She rumbled through the recent callers and re dialed the first number.

"Hello?" He greeted three rings later.

She had to pause, his voice bringing back so many memories. Her eyes quickly filled with tears. "Hi. My dad said you called."

"Yeah. I can see he his appropriate use of the English language hasn't changed."

She snorted. "Yeah. So why did you call again?"

It was his time to pause. "I got your message about Jeremy."

She sniffled. "Do you think she's…?"

"I hope not. Pray it isn't. He's too young. But if this girl is, there is nothing we can do about it."

"Talk about déjà vu, huh?" she hadn't meant to sound so bitter.

"Don't start."

She nodded, feeling nauseous. "Goodbye, Roger."

That night, Matt called Tyler.

"Sup." Tyler replied thickly.

"Sorry, didn't know you were sleeping."

"It's fine. What happened?"

"Nothing. I was…thinking about Steven."


"Before he disappeared, didn't you notice something was strange about him?"

"He became...quiet. He barely seemed to want to speak to anybody. He still gave me the usual looks of murder but he never said anything to me anymore."

"To suddenly go from one of the most hated to a…loner?"

"What are you trying to say? The guy killed Nancy and Caroline?"

The pause was a little too long for his own liking. "I don't know. It's just what I've observed. It started before Nancy so I thought he was having some personal problems at home but then Caroline happened. Then Steven to turn up missing a few days later…"

"They found his cellphone with his blood on it, Matt."

"Everything is possible. You should know that by now."

Note: Ta daaa! Lol Shout out to any Sterek fans out there! I have a feeling Hoechlin would be more comfortable with it. I mean people on Tumblr have pointed out about how he maybe has a crush on Dylan…yeah with the way he looks at the guy, I totally believe it. So cute ^^ You know if Dylan had been a girl, I'm sure they would be going out by now in real life. Mmmhmmm. Oh society :/