Based off a paragraph in CheekyBrunette's Sick Of Being Sick. You should go read it and you'll see which one! It's an awesome little story, by the way! Hope this is too, soooo enjoy! :)

"Soooooo hungryyyyyyyyy." Carlos whined from the backseat of Logan's car. The boys had just gotten out of the studio after a long day of recording.

"Me too." James said, combing his hair with his lucky comb. "We haven't eaten since breakfast. Can we stop and get something?"

Before Logan could answer, Kendall chimed in. "Nooooo. We have food at home. I'm tired. Let's just go home. Please?"

"No! I can't wait until we get home! I'm so hungry I think I'm going to pass out!" Carlos exclaimed, dramatically collapsing again the back of his seat.

"Stop being such a drama queen! You can wait ten minutes!" Kendall barked.

Carlos and Kendall continued bickering as James just stared out the window, continuing to comb his hair. It was obvious that he didn't care either way. Logan rolled his eyes and noticed that he was running low on gas.

"Guys, guys! Shut up for a second!" Logan hollered. The boys were shocked and silenced immediately. "I need to stop and get gas. You guys can run in and grab something to eat real quick and then we'll go straight home. Problem solved."

The three boys nodded in agreement, deciding it was the best course of action. Logan was just grateful that they stopped arguing. He pulled into the nearest gas station and Carlos, James, and Kendall all hopped out and headed into the store. Logan pumped his gas and quickly joined his friends inside. They appeared to be standing in line for something.

"What's up?" Logan asked.

"Dude, they got sushi!" Carlos stated happily. He pointed to a cardboard sign taped to the counter with 'sueshey' written on it in black sharpie marker.

Logan grimaced at the thought. "Please tell me you guys aren't getting that."

"Well, duh. It's only here this week. When else are we going to get the chance to try gas station sushi?" Kendall pointed out.

"Um, why would you want to eat sushi from a gas station that can't even spell sushi right?" Logan asked.

"For the experience of it. What if it's really the best sushi ever? Like, better than those Japanese restaurants?" James answered.

"Order up!" A tall, thin, sweaty man shouted and placed three Styrofoam takeout boxes on the counter.

The three brave boys tore open the boxes. Logan was absolutely repulsed. The sushi looked funny, and didn't smell any better. He could tell it had been left out to long and wasn't any good.

"Guys, that's gross. Don't eat that, you'll get sick!" Logan warned.

"Logan, we'll be fine. Well, at least I will. I'm James Diamond, which means I'm immune to illness. With my charming smile and cast iron stomach, germs run screaming once they see who they're messing with." James boasted while shoving a piece of the sushi into his mouth. "Hey, it's not bad!"

"Yeah, seriously Logan. Don't be such a worrywart. Food poisoning is totally a myth." Kendall said, matter-of-factly.

"Here, try some!" Carlos beamed as he shoved some of the nasty fish in his friend's face.

Logan pushed it away. "No way. I'll pass." Logan said, grabbing a bag of chips and carefully reading the expiration date. "But really guys, don't eat that stuff."

"Too late!" Carlos yelled, holding his almost empty container of sushi.

Logan sighed. "Well if any of you feel the need to puke, you better roll down a window because I'm not cleaning vomit out of my car, again." Logan glared at Carlos.

"Hey I said I was sorry!" Carlos said. He knew Logan was referring to the time when he and James had a corndog eating contest at the fair a few months back. James had of course won with his cast iron stomach, beating Carlos 23 to 18. Carlos however, couldn't handle that many corndogs in one sitting. His stomach decided to empty itself in the backseat of Logan's car while on the way home.

"Whatever. Just saying, I warned you guys! And nobody better puke in my car!" He ordered.

"Just relax. I don't even puke. So don't worry." James said, once again bragging about his excellent record of health.

Logan only rolled his eyes, finding it futile to continue to argue with them. He and the guys paid for their food and gas and went back to the car, ready to head home.

"You guys better tell me if you start feeling sick. I really don't trust the look of that sushi." Logan said as the pulled out the gas station and onto the street.

"Will you quite freaking out about it? Really, we're all fine. We're all gonna be find. Because food poisoning isn't real!" Kendall stated, a bit annoyed with his brainy friend's concern.

"Whatever. Just promise me you'll let me know if you start feeling bad? Food poisoning can be a pretty serious thing if not treated properly."

James groaned. "Yes, Mom, we'll tell you if we get sick. Which we won't. Because we're fine. Especially me. Who is always fine. So stop being all paranoid."

Logan was totally unconvinced, but nodded his head. "Alright guys, whatever you say." He hoped his friends were right, but highly doubted they were. He was a genius for cryin' out loud! He knew spoiled food when he saw it…or smelled it. But the guys all seemed fine for now, so he decided to just keep an eye on them.

The three of them really believed they would be fine. Especially James, who hadn't been sick in years. None of them knew just how right their friend was. Too bad it was too late to listen to him. They'd all be regretting it soon.

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