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This story contains daddy!kink. Carlisle and Edward are NOT related in anyway!

"Its almost like incest." Alice grimaced before taking a sip of the warm beer, the only alcoholic beverage in her apartment, that she forgot to refrigerate for her boyfriend Jasper.

"For it to be incest we would have to be related." Edward stared down at the can of coke in his hands, letting regret wash over him. He should have never told her.


It was April in the South and it was supposed to sunny but cool with a light breeze flowing through the trees, but it was already ninety degrees, no breeze, and the air thick with humidity. It was as if June had come early, like every year.

The air was still when Edward finally unlocked the door to Carlisle's house. It felt no better inside than it did outside, but Edward always felt guilty when Carlisle insisted it was okay to keep the AC on all day.

Carlisle was the one that paid for all the bills; Edward was still just a poor college student. He hated when Carlisle spent money on him in anyway, even after the constant reassurance from the older man that he enjoyed spoiling his lover. But Carlisle didn't get it; Edward had nothing to offer him in return, only his body.

Edward looked around the spacious house before running upstairs to "their" bedroom and quickly changed out of his thin V-neck shirt that was sticking to his back with sweat, and shoving off his jeans in a haste, as he flipped the switch to turn the fan on. Grabbing the books he needed, he flopped on the bed in only his briefs and began studying.

May was fast approaching, which meant exams.

But it wasn't long before Carlisle got home. He was always on time, as soon as the clock read six he was already walking through the door from a long day at the hospital.

He always found Edward in their bedroom studying hard or sometimes sleeping, like tonight, curled up in the fetal position.

"Wake up." Carlisle gently shook the sleeping, copper haired boy and laughed at the wet spot in his book where he had drooled.

Edward slowly woke up wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, "Gross."

"Have a nice nap?"

Edward smiled, "Yes."


"Daddy," Edward whispered, shaking the sleeping man next to him, "Daddy." He whispered again, shaking his shoulder a bit hard.

"Mmm, what?" Carlisle mumbled still very much asleep.

"I can't sleep." He whispered.

"What time is it?" Carlisle mumbled again.

"Three in the morning."

Carlisle could hear his sheepish tone. "And you decide to wake me now."

The young boy scooted closer to Carlisle, wrapping his arms around his toned stomach "I'm sorry, daddy."

He sighed; Carlisle could never be upset at Edward no matter what he did, and especially when he called him daddy. "Its fine, baby."

Edward laid there in silence and when Carlisle looked over to see him settled he closed his eyes and hoped sleep would come fast.

"Daddy…" Edward whispered once again, "fuck me."

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