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Sliding down behind the rock, Link took a few moments to come to terms with what had happened. It was no surprise to him that someone could travel through time; after all, he'd used the Master Sword to do just that countless times. But he had never imagined he could come so far back to a place where Ganondorf wasn't feared. Then it hit him.

He could destroy Ganondorf before he became evil! Sure, he didn't have the Master Sword but a quick strangle would do it, or maybe suffocation by pillow. The possibilities were endless!

"Who the hell are you?"

Link looked up to see Ganondorf glaring down at him.

"Um," Link wondered how the boy had discovered him.

"Well?" Ganondorf folded his arms.

"I'm Mido," Link blurted out the first name that came to mind then cursed himself for not thinking of something better.

"Mido huh?" The Gerudo asked, taking in Link's appearance. "What's a pansy boy like you doing way out here? The only male allowed in these parts is me!"

"Pansy boy?" Link snarled, jumping to his feet to find he was slightly shorter than Ganondorf.

"Yeah, just look at you. Floppy girly hair, girly dress and girly blue eyes," the boy snickered.

"What! Malon and Zelda said my hair looks cute..."

"Who're they? Your boyfriends?"

"No!" Link was already starting to get annoyed with this guy. "And this," he looked at his tunic, "is a tunic and it's not like I can help the colour of my eyes!"

"Whatever. You're trespassing on my land so you better leave before I make you." Ganondorf pointed his sword at Link's chest.

Now was Link's chance to strike, if only he had his sword.

"Wait! How about we have a little spar?" Link needed to buy himself more time. "If you win I'll leave but if I win, you let me stay around for a while."

Ganondorf took a moment to think it over. It wasn't often a male around his age who wasn't afraid of him stumbled into the desert, especially not one who wanted to spar with him.

"OK, we have a deal," he nodded. "Where's your weapon?"

"Uh, about that..."

Ganondorf rolled his eyes. Looking behind, he noticed a cluster of sticks lying on the ground and walked over to them.

"Here, take your pick," he grinned.

"Oh sure, this'll be a fair fight," Link sighed, picking up a rather long stick which would surely snap with one slash from the other boy's sword.

"Who said anything about playing fair?" Ganondorf smirked.

The boys moved into a clear space, staring at each other as the afternoon sun beat down upon the dry red earth. Clutching his sword with both hands, Ganondorf lunged towards Link, slashing awkwardly in the Hylian's direction.

Easily avoiding the sloppy attack, Link span around and sent the stick into Ganondorf's back. Of course, due to the strength of the Gerudo's armour, the tip of the stick broke clean off, leaving Link with a jagged twig.

"So, General Octorok sent you? I knew he wouldn't let me get away with killing his finest soldier," Ganondorf took another swing at Link who rolled to the side.

"What...?" Link leapt to his feet. "How old are you?"

"That would be classified information!"

Throwing aside the stick, Link watched Ganondorf's movements carefully. If he was going to beat this guy he would need to get that sword out of his hands.

"Sorry to tell you but I defeated the entire like like army so don't think you'll be getting away alive!" Dashing at Link, Ganondorf was going to bring his sword right down over the boy's head when he got a shock as Link back flipped out of the way, leaving the sword to plunge into the very rock he had been hiding behind. "Ah! A sneaky tactic!"

Taking his chance, Link sent a fist into the side of Ganondorf's head causing him to stumble off balance and let go of the sword. Grabbing the hilt, Link pulled at the blade which came out easier than he expected.

"I always wanted to punch the crap out of you," he mumbled to himself as Ganondorf recovered from the blow.

"That's not fair, give back my sword!" Ganondorf grabbed at the sword but Link was too quick.

"Who said anything about playing fair?" Link laughed, tossing the sword between his hands.

Growling angrily, the Gerudo began powering up two small energy balls in both hands.

"Fine, I'll show you!" he yelled, releasing the magic in Link's direction.

Recognising the attack, Link held the sword behind him and also began powering up his own magic into the blade. Within seconds, the blade had gone from silver to blue to a bright orange. Waiting until the blasts were inches from him, he threw himself into a spin attack, letting the magic deflect the energy balls which flew over both the boys' heads, smashing into the cliffs behind.

"Whoa! I've never seen anyone deflect my attacks like that!" Ganondorf was impressed. Maybe if he let this guy stay around he would teach him how to use a sword like that. "I guess I can let you off and call it a draw, to save your embarrassment of course."

"Of course," Link mumbled.

"But..." Ganondorf couldn't help smiling. "You'll have to get into disguise since the others won't like another male staying here."

"What kind of disguise?" Link didn't like the sound of this idea and had a feeling he knew what was coming.

"Hahaha! Perfect!" Ganondorf couldn't help laughing. After the fight, he had taken it upon himself to go into the fortress and find Link a suitable disguise before letting him in. The end product resulted in Link wearing a rather fetching pair of long pink pants, a short-sleeved pink top and an orange wig long enough to hide most of his hair and face.

"Didn't you have anything better?" Link asked from beneath the wig, feeling glad nobody he knew would see him like this.

"Nah, I couldn't find any white outfits and pink suits you anyway. You're still too pale to pass as a Gerudo but I'll tell them you're sick if we see anyone. Now come on, let's go!" Ganondorf led the way into the fortress.

As they made their way through the fortress grounds, they passed a number of girls and women, some stopping to stare curiously at Ganondorf's new friend.

"Hi Ganny," a pretty Gerudo girl came up to them. "What're you up to?"

"Um, not much, just the usual," the boy replied casually.

"Oh? Who's your friend?" The girl turned her attention to Link, a frown spreading across her lips. "I'm sure I've seen dogs that look like you in the market. Are you related?"

"Excuse me?" Link said in his own voice then remembered. "You-you're such a meanie!" He squeaked in a high-pitched voice.

"Only to girls who make a move on my guy," the girl shot a sweet smile at Ganondorf who cringed.

"I am not your guy!"

"Maybe not yet, but how can you resist this gorgeous face?" she tried to touch his arm only for him to back away. "Just look at hers! It looks like a shrivelled tektite!"

"Oh yeah? At least people can tell the difference between my face and my ass!" Link was getting into the cat fight.

The girl went to lunge for Link's face.

Before they could continue, Ganondorf grabbed Link's arm and dragged him away.

"Come on babe, we don't want to waste our time with her."

"Never call me babe!" Link growled, smacking the other boy on the back of the head as they disappeared into the fortress.

"Weirdos," the girl sulked before walking away in the other direction.

Arriving in Ganondorf's chambers, Link threw off the wig and started changing back into his normal clothes. Taking a proper look around the room, his eyes fell on the various weapons and items the Gerudo boy had scattered around the floor. The walls were covered in red and black curtains, giving the place a darker feel than the rest of the fortress. Sitting on a thick red rug, something in the corner of the room caught Link's attention.

"What's that?" He moved a bit closer to what looked to be a human-sized doll dressed in rags encased in a long glass capsule. However, the closer he got, the more he realised the 'doll' was actually real. A real human corpse!

"Hmm? Oh, that's Steve. He's my roomie!"

"B-but!" Link couldn't get out his words.

"Don't worry, I didn't kill him. I found him in the desert so thought I'd add him to my collection." Ganondorf took a seat on the large throne in the centre of his room. Swinging his legs over an arm, he took out a small knife and threw it towards a dartboard on the opposite wall. The knife landed right in the middle where a picture of the girl they had seen earlier was pinned.

Trying to turn his mind away from the dead body, Link took a seat back on the rug and stared at the girl's picture.

"So, who was that girl?"

"That was Talia," Ganondorf hissed. "She thinks she's going to be my girlfriend and won't leave me alone."

"Heh, I know that feeling," Link grinned.

"You do? I didn't know girls went for wimpy boys."

"I'm not-!" Link stopped himself, he didn't want to argue with this guy in his room where he had access to countless sharp weapons. "I mean, I just know what it's like for someone to throw themselves at you all the time."

"Well, when I take over, she'll be the first to go." Ganondorf smiled to himself.

"Take over?" Link gulped.

"Yeah, the fortress. What did you think I meant?"

"Uh, nothing."

The boys sat in silence for a few minutes.

"The only girl I want doesn't want me in return," Ganondorf sighed, looking over at a picture on his desk.

Following his gaze, Link saw a picture of a Gerudo girl who he was sure he recognised.

"Nabooru?" He asked aloud without thinking.

"How do you know her name?" Ganondorf narrowed his eyes.

"I must've seen her in the market or something," Link tried to think fast.

"You better not have done anything with her!"

"I didn't see her that close up," Link never thought he'd see this side of Ganondorf. "And I don't think she's like that."

"You're right, she's not." Ganondorf stood up. "I tried everything to get her to like me, sent flowers, serenaded her below her window, even offered her Steve as a gift but she wouldn't have it. Who wouldn't want Steve?"

"Beats me," Link humoured him. "Have you tried, you know, talking to her?"

"Don't be stupid! Talking is for pansy boys."

"And singing at her window is so manly," Link laughed,

"I'll show you what I mean tomorrow during my weekly Nabooru stalking session," The Gerudo yawned, flopping down on his bed. "You can sleep on the rug."

"And you wonder why she avoids you," Link sighed, getting comfy on the rug. As soon as Ganondorf went to sleep he could take him out easily then make his way back to the castle. He would be back in his own time by tomorrow at the latest at this rate.