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Chapter Six: We found love

Yellow diamonds in the light,
And we're standing side by side,
As your shadow crosses mine,
What it takes to come alive,

It's the way I'm feeling I just can't deny,
But I've gotta let it go,

We found love in a hopeless place-

-We found love- Rihanna and Calvin Harris.


Waking up this morning, to the bright ray of sunshine in my eyes, I look over to the warm body next to mine. It's been almost a full month now that Gemma and I have finally gotten together.


Just thinking her name, fills my broken and battered heart with such warmth and love, I feel as if it's going to burst.

My Gemma

So beautiful, so elegant, so kind, I thank whatever God that is out there, for giving her to me. Even though, I know that I am the last person that deserves her. How could I ever be good enough for such an angel like her?


The perfect description of her, everything about her is angelical, the world seems so much more caring, and the colors seem brighter. And everywhere I go with her, I can hear angels singing from their perches up high.

When I hold her in my arms, I feel emotions I never thought I was capable of feelings, such feelings of warmth, of love, of-peace. Never in my lifetime have I ever felt peace, it washes over me, and brings tears to my eyes. Tears of happiness, not of sadness, I haven't cried in sadness since we met outside of that prison a month ago.

I remember when I was stuck in that stupid prison for ten whole years. Every night, I would look outside of my barred window, and dream of that special angel, the one that I prayed was going to be waiting for me when I finally got out. Tears would escape from my eyes, remembering her beautiful face, remembering her heartbroken expression at my trial. Such looks of shattered dreams, and broken hearts.

I could feel it in the air; both of our sorrow electrified the air. And I knew, we weren't the only ones to feel it. The last time I looked into my angels eyes, I knew, I knew that she finally loved me back. No whispered words were exchanged; it was a soul-deep connection.

I remember sinking further beside the cot in that little room, huddled in a tiny ball, wishing to disappear, when I got her letter. All hope, any shred of love I felt for anyone, shriveled up, and disappeared.

I died that day.

Hardness encased my heart, and made it impenetrable. That was the day; I stopped giving a fuck about the world.

This girl, this tiny, beautiful girl lying right next to me, how could such a small creature hold so much power over me? How can she hurt me day, after day, and yet I still find myself crawling back to her at the end of the day?

I reach out, and caress her hair gently, my precious, precious little angel. I lean down, and kiss the top of her head softly.

I feel her head shift towards me; a sleepy smile spreads across her face.

"Good morning." She tells me.

I smile back down at her. And cup her face in my hands, softly.

"Good morning my Angel," I lean down, and kiss her full, pink lips. "And how did you sleep?" I ask her.

"I slept fine, how about you?" she asks me, as she leans up and kisses me softly back.

"I slept amazing, thanks to you." I nuzzled my face against her tiny one, my big arms trapping her under me.

Her beautiful smile lit up the large, lavish bedroom that we finally got to share, instead of the tiny cramped one I used to sleep in, when she was last here.

As I was still gazing down at her, I whispered so gently, so emotionally,

"I love you so much Gemma."

Her beautiful green eyes softened tremendously, somehow even softer than they were a moment ago. She looked upon me with such love and adoration in her eyes. It brought tears to my own.

Her tiny hand reached out, and touched my gruff tan face. Only covering a tiny portion of my face altogether.

"I love you too Ty, so much." She leaned into my face, and exhaled.

I lay there right next to her, soaking up all of the love, the happiness, the peace that this tiny girl was giving off. I let it fill my lungs, fill my mind, and with every smile she gave to me, I felt my heart giving leaps, and bounds of joy.

The perfect word for this moment, would be the same as the description of my beautiful Gemma, - Angelical, and perhaps even surreal.

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