MediEvil A-Z

A is for Asylum, where the crazy people go,
B is for the Broadsword, which Sir Dan swings to and fro.
C is for the chalice, a cup of glowing gold,
D is for Dogman, who has the brains of mold.
E is for Evil, there certainly is a lot,
F is for Sir Fortesque, ignoble he is not.
G is for the Gargoyles, the keep making fun of Dan,
H is for Hilltop Mausleum, if you're there you're probably dead.
I is for ignoble, a word that's mean to say,
J is for Jack the Ripper, he killed Kiya anyway.
K is for Professor Kift, a really smart old man,
L is for London, the capital of England.
M is for Mollocks, they love Daniel dearly,
N is for Necropolis, a place that's really scary.
O is for Octomators, they love sucking out your brains,
P is for Lord Palethorn, he loves seeing things in pain.
Q is for the Ant Queen a nasty bug and tyrant,
R is for Ravenhooves - do the dogs in the Hall of Heroes use his statue as a fire hydrant?
S is for Spiv, a sneaky little thief,
T is for Kift's Time Machine, a device that's really neat.
U is for the undead, they seem to be everywhere,
V is for vampires, you might see one here or there.
W is for Winston, he'll gladly help for free,
X is a hard one- if you have a word please tell me.
Y is for years, they certainly went by,
Z, of course, is for Zarok - it's his fault the demons fly.