Infinite Stratos: A New Person

Chapter 1: Prologue

23/July/2007 Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The skies are red, and smokes came from the burned buildings at countryside. Explosions were heard everywhere. A group of militants were seen heading towards the battlefield. They were clutching assault rifles.

"They're here! Move out!" said a man, waving his hand to the direction of the explosion. Little did he and his militant buddies know that the enemies that they will face are far more stronger than them.

This is because their enemies are women in special exoskeletons. The exoskeletons were called Infinite Stratos which was invented by a genius named Tabane Shinonono. At first, it was planned for space exploration, but somehow it was later scrapped. The exoskeletons possessed technology and combat capabilities far more advanced than any other weapon system.

Because of that, to prevent one nation from dominating others with the use of it, the nations of the world enact the "Alaska Treaty", which states that IS will never be used for military combat and that existing IS technology must be equally distributed to all nations. Infinite Stratos only respond to women. Thus, it has changed the balance of power between men and women, with women dominating over men.

Why are the militants fighting them? The women are from two different PMCs, fighting to steal one's technology. At the same time, they were destroying the place, ignoring the innocent civilians trapped in the crossfire. The militants wanted to intercept the fight, but seems like their lack of common knowledge of the exoskeleton resulted with their demise.

"AAAAUUGH!" screamed a militant as he was decapitated by an IS pilot.

"They're too strong!"

The battle between the IS PMCs continued for hours after the militants were wiped out.

A young boy was holding an AK-47 on his arms, hiding inside an abandoned apartment. He had seen the carnage. He was traumatized by the sight of the corpses of his friends lying in front of him. They were all burned badly and mutilated. Those women were ruthless. How heartless could they be, to murder dozens of innocent children? The boy didn't understand what was going on.

He heard the sound of jet engines near him. When he peeked from the window, he didn't see jets. Instead, he saw two women, both in their IS, fighting. The first was European by her looks. Her IS was in a critical condition. The leg part was damaged. The wings were broken. The woman had a few cuts on her skimpy military uniform that looked like a one piece swimming suit.

The second one was also European, with short spiky hair. Unlike her opponent, she was clean from bruises and cuts. She was getting the upper hand in this fight. Her opponent had a hard time evading and blocking her powerful attacks. It took a long time until eventually, the former got her energy sword sliced by the injured IS pilot.

"To Hell with you!" yelled the injured IS pilot as she stabbed her chest.

"Graaarghh…" the spiky haired pilot gurgled in her own blood. Her IS deactivated and she fell into a pile of rubble.

The injured IS pilot cursed to herself repeatedly and landed on the ground to take a break.

"Damn that corporation's IS pilots," said the woman "They're starting to use enhancement drugs. Not to mention those stupid militants. Dumb men are everywhere."

The young boy, who heard from his hiding, gritted his teeth. He carefully aimed his AK-47 at the woman. It was his first time holding this weapon and he wanted to kill the woman. His plan didn't go well, because he lost his footing at the rubble the same time he pulled the trigger. The bullet hits the brick wall next to the women. The woman quickly turned to the direction of the fire.

"There are more of them? Take this, you stubborn rats!" she yelled. She fired her IS rifle at the window. The boy was thrown away by the blast. Smokes filled the place. Emerging slowly from the smoke was the woman. She glared at the boy. The boy, scared, began shooting her. Due to IS being superior to any infantry weapons, it didn't leave any effect.

"Fool! You're just wasting your time! You can't kill an IS pilot with that puny weapon!" she swings her energy sword at him. The boy used his AK to parry the blade before it was cut in half. He scrambled from the woman, taking away another AK from a dead body. The woman laughed at him. "Run like a rat, boy! Men are nothing in this society. Men do nothing but cower in front of an IS." She chased while shooting him, which instead hit the walls, nearly hitting him. At last, the boy was cornered. He was caught between a wall and the pilot. "I have no regrets killing a child like you." She took out another blade and charged at him.

But somehow, her IS deactivated. She had used up all of her IS' power, that is why. The woman landed on her feet, shocked. "Shit, I've used up all of the suit's power," Then, she looked at the boy, who was still terrified. The AK that he's holding was now pointing at her "Cazzo,"

The boy fired his AK at the woman, shutting his eyes. After a while, it became silent. The boy slowly opened his eyes. The woman was dead, lying in a pool of blood.


The sounds of explosions were gone. The place was nothing but filled with collapsed building and dead civilians, militants and not to mention a few dead IS pilots.

In the same building, the boy was hugging his knees next to the corpse of the IS pilot. The corpse was covered with a white blanket he found inside the building. Although she tried to kill him, he had to respect the body of the dead.

He heard footsteps. He quickly raised his AK. Then, a woman appeared from the doorway. She appeared to be a woman who's about to enter her 20's. She has long purple hair and a pair of metallic ears on her head which resembles bunny ears. Her clothing showed that she's a civilian but the boy didn't trust the woman by her looks and will not get fooled. He aimed his AK at her head but he's still hesitant to kill another person. The woman raised her hands when he does that. She noticed the corpse beside him.

"You killed her?" said the woman. Her accent proved that she's a foreigner. The boy slowly nodded. The woman approached him, who shook in fear. "Calm down, child. I don't kill."

"I don't trust you," said the boy "You must be one of them. You came here to finish me off, don't you?"

"One of them?" said the woman "Do I look like I'm going to kill you?"

"Take one step and it'll be your head torn into pieces!" yelled the boy. Despite the threat, the woman smiled.

"Are you even worthy enough to pull the trigger, and kill an unarmed woman?" she said nicely.

Trusting her a bit, the boy slowly lowered his weapon; his eyes still sticking at her. The woman pulled the blanket from the corpse. She gave it a stare before covering it back. "You were lucky her Infinite Stratos deactivated," said the woman.

Infinite Stratos? The word puzzled the boy. He assumed it was the name of the exoskeleton that the dead pilot wore. He kept his distance away from her.

"Tell me, child. What is your name?" said the woman, looking at him. She gave him a warm smile. A warm and nice aura radiated from her, making the boy to trust her completely. The woman hugged the boy, rubbing her cheeks against his. The boy blushed deeply "Such a cutie. I guess you have a cute name too."

"Su-Suljo Kiranovich. I'll kill you if you don't release me!" said the boy, effortlessly pushing the woman away.

"Aw, so you think you're tough just because you threatened me? You're scared, I know it. Is this your first time killing someone?" said the woman. She released the boy named Suljo and sat beside him.

Suljo nodded. "I don't know what happened here. Why are there women in those strange machines killing each other?"

"They came here for a bad reason. Why are you fighting those, 'women in strange machines'?" said the woman. Somehow, she managed to slip a small smirk.

Suljo gulped. "They killed everyone. My friends, my teacher… everyone."

"Where are your parents?" said the woman, taking the AK away from Suljo and placed it beside her.

"I live with my grandfather. My grandfather said they died during the Bosnia War after my birth," said Suljo.

"You poor thing," said the woman "But I sensed that you have other reasons for killing the woman beside you. Does it come from your hatred of women?"

"I hate them," said Suljo, tears started to form around his eyes "They are bullies. Before you can get something you want, they'll get it first."

"Ohohoh, I'm a woman," the woman teased.

"You are…," said Suljo, looking away from the woman, trying to think of something to say "I guess you are different, Miss."


"You're nice. Girls and women at my place constantly bully me. At school, the streets, anywhere. I haven't any strength to fight back. The law forbid me to do so," said Suljo. Then, he broke down, crying "And when the law is there, they did anything they wanted. They push me around, insult me and beat me. Not just me, but my male friends and even my strict grandfather. I once attacked a woman because she… she did something terrible to my grandfather!" He cried. Tabane stroked his head, calming him. After drying his tears, the boy continued "Then, I was thrown into the lock up. I actually escaped from that wretched place, and before I know it, people were getting killed by those strange women."

The woman listened to his rant calmly. Inside her heart, there is a feeling of guilt. Suddenly, she has an idea.

"Hush, dear. Say, do you want to be strong?" said the woman, wiping his tears.

"Strong?" said Suljo.

"So that you can prove to the women that you are worth living," said the woman. "You can stay with me and I will give you something to make you strong. This offer is once in a lifetime. I can't offer things like this for the second time. Well, consider yourself lucky."

Suljo considered her offer. If he rejects, he will not have a place to stay. He doesn't have any known relatives except for his dead grandfather.

"I want to be strong to protect the pride of men," said Suljo looking at the woman in the eyes.

"However, this will entirely change your life. You won't know what will be lying ahead of you. You'll be meeting people; great people, nice people, bad people and so on. Are you sure of it?" said the woman.

"I'm sure of it," said Suljo "Excuse me, can I know who you are?"

"Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Tabane Shinonono. I'm from Japan. I'm the inventor of those exoskeletons that you saw earlier," said the woman.

- Chapter 1 END -