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Wandering through the desolated streets, the 10 year old girl surveyed the alleys. The familiar face she searched for was nowhere to be seen. Had he not been able to get out? She continued looking for a little bit before sitting at the edge of the fountain and taking a bite of the piece of bread she had snatched from the middle quarter market place. After a few bites, the entire piece was gone.

Rubbing her arm where the owner of the market stand had hit her, she scanned the central area of the lower quarter. Her gaze came to rest on a boy leaning against a wall. His long black hair was tied up in a ponytail and he was adorned in a black outfit. The brunette girl stormed over to the boy, got up on her toes and smacked him over the head.

"Where's your blondie friend?" She asked, looking cross as obsidian eyes gazed back at her green ones.

"You mean Flynn?" The black haired boy asked. "He's probably at his house."

"Humph. Too bad," Rita said, grabbing a piece of paper from her book and holding it out to Yuri. "Here, give this to him then."

"What's this, a letter?" Yuri asked, grinning as he took the paper. "I'll give it to him then."

"Thanks," She said, turning around to walk away but paused. "Don't even think of reading it."

"I would never even think of it." Yuri said, putting the letter into his pocket. "Just don't hate him if he doesn't show up for a while. His family is strict."

"I wouldn't do that." Rita stated as she walked away.

A month later, Rita still hadn't heard anything back from the letter she had entrusted to Yuri. In her frustration, she sat at the edge of the river, throwing pebbles. She was so engrossed in the task that she didn't hear the soft padding of shoes on the cobbles behind her.

"Did something happen, little one?" A woman's voice asked from behind Rita. The small brown-haired girl whirled around to see who was talking. The woman behind her wore a red and yellow short dress-like thing and held a brown book in her hands. Black and red stripped stockings reached up to the woman's mid-thigh and she wore yellow and black high heel boots. A yellow ribbon was tied in a bow around her right arm and a pair of goggles rested around her neck. The weirdest thing about her was the golden necklace with a red gem that was around her neck.

"Isn't that a Blastia?" Rita asked, jumping to her feet and completely ignoring the question she had been asked. "A Bohdi Blastia at that."

"You're quite observative." The woman commented. She had long red-blonde hair tied back in a high ponytail and green-blue eyes that nicely accented her lightly tanned skin and slightly rounded face shape. "It is a Bohdi Blastia. I wouldn't have been able to get here from Aspio without it."

"Aspio?" Rita inquired. "Isn't that where all the mages and healers are?"

"Yep, you seem to know a lot for someone so young."

"Are you a mage or a healer?"

"I'm a mage. The healers barely ever leave the city."

"Could you..." Rita started, unsure how to continue. She wanted to be able to do something yet how she was, she couldn't. Letting out her breath she looked straight into the mage's eyes. "Could you teach me?"

A small smile worked its way across the strange woman's face. The green eyes that stared back at her bore seriousness and something else that she recognized, ambition. Those eyes were just like someone else's and were a sign of a good mage.

"Sure, I'll teach you," The woman stated. "Calling you 'girl' all the time won't really work out though. What's your name, little one?"

"I'm Rita." The 10 year old said, her eyes glimmering.

"Just Rita? No last name?"

"No," Rita shook her head. "I've never had one. I never knew my parents."

"Well then, I'm Faina. Faina Mordio." The strawberry blonde said. "And from today, you'll be Rita Mordio."

"Rita... Mordio." Rita repeated the name to see how it felt on her tongue. "I like it!"

"Well then Rita, shall we start training?" Faina asked, holding out her gloved hand. Rita quietly took it with a small nod and the two walked further down the river to train.

Over the next few months Faina taught Rita in magic, fighting, and how to live as a family. Faina quickly became a mother figure to Rita, comforting her when she was sad, helping her when she needed it, and many other things. Once in awhile they'd see Yuri and ask him if he wanted to stay with them too, yet every time, he'd refuse.

After those few months were over, a knight came looking for Faina. "Ms. Mordio, the commandant requires your assistance ." The mage in question turned towards the knight reluctantly and nodded before turning back around.

"Rita, I need to go." Faina told her adopted daughter. "Stay here and wait for me to come back." Looking up at Faina, Rita nodded back to her.

"I will. I'll wait until you get back, Faina." The 10 year old said. With a sad smile, Faina pulled the goggles she wore around her neck over her head and handed them to Rita.

"That's a good girl. These are for you." She said then turned around and followed the knight out of the village.

Rita stared after Faina and the knight until they were out of sight before turning her gaze to the pair of goggles she held in her hand. Slowly, the brunette removed her headband and replaced it with the goggles.

So… This is only the start of a much larger story. Rita is in Yuri's place, Yuri is in Flynn's place, and Flynn is in Estelle's place so where do the other characters fit in? You'll find that out later. Please, please, please Review.