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The boy who had driven the van that had almost run into Bellatrix scrambled over the ice in an attempt to reach her. She just groaned and lay back against the tire of the car that Edward had pushed her against. There was no more energy in her for talking to the boy. There was no more energy in her for anything. She couldn't recall ever before in her life feeling so exhausted, confused, or filled with burning and soul-consuming hatred.

"Stay here!" he told her.

"I'm not going anywhere," she muttered, not quite loudly enough for him to hear.

"I'll get help!" He struggled towards the school, then stopped, turned back towards her pulled a notebook from his pocket and scribbled down a string of numbers. He threw it at her. Bellatrix didn't even have the energy to catch it, and it skittered along the ice beside her.

"What is that?" she asked tiredly.

"Well, I know I just met you… and I almost killed you… but it's my number." He grinned hopefully at her. "Call me, maybe?"

"You nearly killed me – you want romance now?"


"That's rather sexy, actually," she mumbled.

He didn't even seem to hear her, but continued to make his way towards the school, picking across the ice. Bellatrix sighed and closed her eyes. She didn't expect to get any sort of proper help from the school, of course. She just hoped that she would die before the Muggle doctors that they would surely send her to started cutting her up or putting leeches on her or whatever it was that doctors did these days. Maybe she would be able to die quite quietly and pleasantly, here in the parking lot, and never have anything to do with Gam- or Edward Cullen ever again.

Yes, she would rather like that, really. Dying like this wouldn't be bad at all…

But before she could even start to consider how best to lie down so that she would look decently dignified when she was dead, a dozen people came rushing out to see her, all with looks of profound concern mixed with soul-consuming lust upon their faces.

"Please go away," she told them, as they crowded around her, but no one was listening to what she was saying. Then she heard someone loudly proclaiming, "I'm a doctor! Let me through!"

"Oh God, you?" Bellatrix asked, disgusted, when the handsomer doctor Carlisle from the hospital stroke through the crowd. He moved so gracefully that it was almost a dance, albeit a very boring one that looked a lot like walking.

"She needs to go to the hospital," he proclaimed to the group of people standing around. "Even though she's very obviously all right, she needs to come to the hospital so that she can feel helpless." He looked down at Bellatrix. "You want to feel helpless, don't you?"

If I wasn't already helpless, you would be dead right now.

"Mmm," was her only response. She would have leapt up and strangled him with her bare hands if she thought that she could have managed it, but she didn't think that she could, so she didn't bother.

He lifted her up easily in her arms.

She tried to slap at him, but he didn't even flinch, and it hurt her palms. It was like hitting a stone statue.

"Please, Miss Swan," he said cordially as he carried her out of the parking lot, "Don't hit me. It won't do you any good, and it's not particularly enjoyable for either of us."

"Put me down, and I'll stop hitting you!"

"Don't be silly," he said, laughing quietly, and then, without even the slightest change in tone, "and don't even think about filing a harassment lawsuit because if you try to sue me, I will drink your blood."

Bellatrix stared at him in horror.

"That had damned well better be an exaggeration."

Carlisle laughed maniacally, then put her into the back of a helpfully present ambulance and shut the doors. Bellatrix shivered violently and stared after him as the ambulance careened towards the hospital, sirens blaring.

"Muggles are dangerous," she said out loud, and she hoped that Gam- was listening.