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I sat in the car with Regina McGowan, listening to her prattle on about her sons, speaking of their mistakes and failures in the most loving way. How her son Evan, was in love with his girlfriend Hailey, yet she was a total terror. How apparently Finn was the best artist in the world, yet he rarely finished one piece of art. How Caleb was so sweet and brave, yet he still slept with Regina and John, much to John's dismay. I half-way listened, recalling the murky images from seven years ago when I nine years-old. I just remember sticky little boys with light brown and blond hair telling me and Mila that we had cooties.

Mila is my sister, who, in two weeks, is off to university in Spain with her boyfriend, Cristiano. When Mama and Papa passed, in their will, along with leaving me millions of dollars, they also left me the choice to live with the McGowans, or with my sister. Because my sister has trouble caring for anyone but herself, and even my parents stressed in their will that although it was my choice, they wanted me to live with their high school and college best friends. So now I'm going to live the McGowans, leaving my sister, and my homes in many different countries to live with seven boys. To say that my boyfriend, Diego, was happy about that would be living with boys, about three of them my age, would be a complete and total lie.

I listened to everything that was said, nodding along, and laughing in the right places, yet not all the way there. I was taking in the scenery of the upper-class suburbia. Little boys dressed in Lacoste and other preppy clothing chased girls with Ralph Lauren dresses and such. Mothers decked in watched them, telling the nannies that their job was done. Fathers in suits parked their BMWs into the driveways. It wasn't something I was used to.

I was used to flirting with baristas in dirty little cafes in Italy, flirting with guys twice my age in raging night clubs in Brazil and Argentina, shopping in Spain, jogging in the Hollywood hills, and strutting down Park Ave, NY. Not living in an uptight upper-class suburban neighborhood. I didn't know how my parents could have befriended the McGowans, (well, I could understand the friends part- I mean, you make friends everywhere no matter what they looked like), yet they ended up so differently. My parents were world-renown artists, John McGowan was a plastic surgeon and Regina was a judge. It just was weird and surreal to me.

Regina pulled the BMW into the long drive, as went entered an Abercrombie dreamland. Shirtless boys wearing cargo and basketball shorts ran around the front yard, playing a game of what seemed like ultimate frisbee. I adjusted my high-waisted beige shorts and Givency taffeta ruffle tank. I slid my feet back into my favorite brown espadrille wedges. Before I left, as a conceited habit of mine, I gazed into the mirror, hoping my jet-lag would not been seen through my facial features.

My skin was olive-toned; it was tan, yet not dark tan like a Hispanic, just more of slight tan, or bronze, almost like Penelope Cruz and her skin color. I looked like my mother with hazel-green eyes, statement eyebrows, and a heart-shaped face, with full lips. My hair was dark chocolaty color. My family called it baby hair, because it curled in soft ringlets with a twirl of a finger and was oh-so-soft. Right now, it's long layers tumbled messily down my back, and my outgrown bangs laid playfully upon my face. I had a full body that I prized myself on, because it only added to my significant intelligence. My bottom was round and looked fantastic in these shorts. My perky 34-C breasts were highlighted in the top that brought out my California summer tan. People often compared me to Camilla Belle, which I took as a compliment. We could pass for sisters. I put on some Bobbi Brown red-tinted lip gloss to make my lips look plump and freshly kissed and hopped out of the car.

I chilled my nerves, settling into the old Luci, seductive and mysterious, as I sauntered over to the boys. I kept my eyes down and focused on the way I moved my elongated and smooth legs.

"Well boys, meet your new sister, Luciana!" Regina gestured towards me enthusiastically. I stepped forward, clearing my throat, trying to push my accent aside. "Please, call me, Luci." I smiled brightly while coyly staring up at them.

John stepped forward to shake my hand. He still had his movie-star good looks and dashing smiles from what I could recall from my murky memory. I grabbed it gratefully, and smiled back, trying to convey my thankfulness for allowing me to say with his family. He stepped back and introduced each of his sons.

"This is Sean, our oldest. He lives back in the guest house," Sean had tattoos all over his arms. He was handsome though, and really hot. He flashed me a small smile and wave, then turned his attention back to his father.

"Then you have Evan, Finn, Doug, and Miller, who will all be going to school with you," They all waved. Evan was the tallest, and looked the prettiest, with his dark hair and cheeky grin. He was shirtless, with his tan Abercrombie cargos. Finn was next, who was almost as tall as his older brother, with the most cutest blond locks, and blue eyes. His large hands and biceps were decorated with blue and peach colored paint. Doug was the skinniest, yet not shrimpy at all. I could see his muscles forming slightly. He looked like a freshmen in high school, that cute, innocent little charm about him. He would be as good looking as his brothers. He seemed to have a ghetto thing going for him, because he had a Red Sox cap on backwards, and his wide-legged stance that screamed "Imma GANGSTER, bitch; bow DOWN to me!". The last was Miller, who had on a blue New York Yankees shirt (which I found ironic seeing as though we were in Massachusetts), and the most blondest hair I had ever seen. I could tell he was shy, because his cheeks were tinted pink, but he didn't look me in the eye. I had presumed that this is the one Regina was speaking about; Miller was the one with Asperger's Syndrome.

"All that's left then are Caleb and Ian." Ian was an adorable thirteen year-old with braces, and the youngest was Caleb with his dirty-brown hair that would not sit down, and green eyes. He looked a lot like his mother. He smiled up at me, heavily panting from his previous frisbee game.

"Nice to meet you all," I giggled, as I saw little Ian's arousal springing up in his pants. I covertly covered my chest, while staring at Regina for more prompts.

Ian hid behind his brothers they began to notice his boner. They blushed and snickered at him, clearly amused that he could not "control" himself in that way yet. Regina tried to look like she didn't notice, but when her smile became tight and cheeks cherry red, I could tell she was embarrassed by her son.

"How about we get you're things? You must be exhausted from the flight from LAX to here." She said, gesturing to the car. I clacked to the trunk, carrying my luggage to the door. Evan, Sean, and Finn followed because of their mother's instructions..

"Sorry about our bro," Evan said gruffly, while picking up my vintage Louis Vuitton duffle. "He's just discovered himself, you could say. I understand how it could be awkward for you," he said patronizingly. He flashed me a smile-god, he was gorgeous- and waited for another bag. As I handed him and Finn two suitcases I said innocently "Oh, it's fine. I mean- really it's not awkward; I've seen plenty in my lifetime." I watched in all my glory as Evan's eyebrows shot up and Finn blushed at my apparent innuendo. Curiousity filled their eyes as they tried to decipher what my double meaning meant. Did it mean that I was a whore? Or that I just had seen a lot?

I winked at them, as I disappeared into the house with two of my smaller bags. A rich and invigorating feeling filled my body as I imagined all of the wonderful and fun things that would transpire as I began my junior year with...the McGowan boys.

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