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Baby. She said baby, didn't she?

Like, as in a living thing growing inside of her uterus?

Something that will have ten fingers and toes and grows up to be...a person?

"Mackenzie have you even taken a test yet?" I sighed before clutching onto the bed frame for support. This was way out of my realm of expertise. I had no idea how to deal with teenage pregnancy or any of these things!

"No, but my period's three weeks late..." she mumbled while staring at me with those big eyes, filled with utter despair and hopelessness. I wish she would stop looking at me like that! Like I was the only person in the world she could turn to. Like if I didn't have a solution then her whole world would come crashing down. It was all too much pressure for me and I was losing my grip on reality. And lemme tell you...

Crazy Luci was not a good Luci.

"Let's go." I said stoically while reaching for my car keys.

"Where are we going?" She asked while stuffing her feet into some ratty Adidas.

"To the drug store. You are not going to start freaking out and not know for sure." Chances are she was pregnant. But the first thing to do was to get a test to be sure, right? I mean, there were instances where someone's period could be really late, but they weren't pregnant right?

God I hoped so.

The car ride was silent. I felt bad for not being as supportive as I should have been, but I was not expecting to find out that Mackenzie was expecting. She was only seventeen for goodness sake! We were only seventeen. We shouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant or relationships! We should be worried about which party we were going to or what college application we needed to hand in. Life was too short to be handling things that should be dealt with ten years from now.

The more I thought about it, the more Sean kept popping into my head. How mature he was, how serious he was, how much older he was. Suddenly, I felt childish in comparison to him. I'd changed so much since I'd been with him. I didn't go out anymore. I was becoming one of those girls who stayed in with her boyfriend watching movies instead of going out and having a good time. Those homebody girls who didn't really go out with their boyfriends. Instead of spending the night at a club, we cuddled together watching Law & Order. Don't get me wrong, those relationships were cute, but they were not me.

I wasn't ready for that type of stable, serious relationship. I wanted to have fun, party, get drunk, be stupid. I wanted to be the carefree Luci that I was before I was with Sean. Sean needed a girl who wasn't wild and still growing up. He needed someone who wasn't me.

And as I pulled into the CVS parking lot, two things were clear. Mackenzie was too young to have a baby and I was too young to be with someone like Sean who was years beyond his nineteen.

The store was about to close in five minutes so we had to make this quick. The pregnancy tests were strategically placed next to the condoms as if to say "if you're buying this condom, just be aware that you may have to buy one of those tests in the future," or "should've used one of those condoms then, so you wouldn't be stuck buying this pregnancy test now."

We bought about ten and the woman at the cash register just chuckled at us. I didn't blame her although Mackenzie looked like she was on the brink of tears. I placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder as we left the store trying to convey through my actions that I was there for her.

We got home soon enough, before stopping at the local 7 Eleven to buy a Big Gulp. If we bought ten tests then Mackenzie would need a lot of liquid to pee on all of those sticks.

I left Mackenzie to her devices while reading the instructions to her through the bathroom door. I sat down on the floor exhausted listening to the awkward tinkling of her pee hitting the toilet bowl. The room was littered with long instructions and different colored boxes. She walked out of the bathroom five minutes later and started the timer on her phone.

"If I'm pregnant, what should I do?" I wanted to ask her how the fuck I would know, but that wasn't exactly the best thing to say at the moment.

"Tell Evan first. He is the father." I mumbled. That was what I would do... I think. I mean, that's what you should do... right?

"Two minutes left." She whispered.

"It's going to be okay, Mackenzie." I lied. I didn't know if everything would be okay, but I hoped it would.

"This is going to kill Hailey. Even if-"

"What's going to kill me?" Hailey burst through the door, stumbling drunkenly on her high heels as I dived for the bed. I laid down on the boxes unsuccessfully trying to cover up our mess. It was pointless. All I ended up doing was bringing attention to myself.

"What's Lucifer doing here?" She growled while glaring at me.

"Now is not the fucking time." I said while Mackenzie kicked the boxes under her bed. Luckily, Hailey was too drunk or high to notice anything but me.

"Bye, Hailey." Mackenzie mumbled before shutting the door in her sister's face and locking it. At any other occasion it would have been hilarious, but at that moment, Mackenzie's phone chimed.

It was the timer.

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