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Dean makes an impassioned plea in response to a certain demand for religious observance. Hint of Destiel. Rated for language. Spoilers for S6. Takes place at end of 6x22 The Man Who Knew Too Much.

There are much better versions out there, but I needed to write this because I'm (not so) secretly hoping that Dean will fix Evil!Cas the same way Xander fixed Evil!Willow in Buffy 6x22 Grave.

And cos even going evil doesn't stop a suggestion of Destiel!

Apologies for the language, I don't generally swear in RL, but I do tend to make an exception when facing insane demi-gods.

Grave Angel

"You will bow down and worship me," ordered Castiel.

Dean looked at him incredulously, How had it come to this?

"Please Cas, this isn't you, don't do this." he begged.

"You will worship me," replied Castiel, haughtily.

"Is that what you want Cas?" cried Dean.

"You want to make us worship you?

"Cause God knows," he laughed sarcastically at the unintentional pun, "I'm a shitty friend.

"And I know I've taken you for granted. But you know me; Sammy's always come first, before Bobby, Dad, Lisa, Ben, Cassie, and even you. Man, I've put him first my whole damn life. I went to hell for him. You should know, you gripped me tight and pulled me out! And so this whole fucking mess is my fault.

"So what do you want me to say?

"That we have a 'profound' bond?

"Or that you broke my heart when you walked out on me after my brother died and not a single day went by when I didn't hope you'd come back for me?

"A whole year, Cas – just how busy were you?

"You're the one that pulled me out of Hell – you know the torture I endured – but that was nothing compared to not knowing if you were alive or not. Every day, every fucking day, I prayed for you. I prayed to you.

"I just wanted... a sign..." he said, choking back a sob, looking up to meet Cas' shocked, intense blue-eyed gaze.

"Then you just came back, and you were like another person... you were like... my dad.

"Oh, you came if I called loud and long enough, but you were always too busy, fighting the good fight, letting me know how I was slowing you down, and running out on me for something more important.

"Well, I do fucking worship you, Cas," he spat, angrily.

"Is that what you want to hear?

"You're my best friend, you're like a brother. No! You're more than a brother to me."

Cas rocked back on his heels, awestruck at the implication of what that meant.

"And I was stupid enough to think that you thought of me the same way too," Dean continued.

Castiel flinched as if he'd been physically struck by Dean's words.

"I shouldn't need to say this, Cas. Yeah? You know this, right? It's obvious, isn't it?"

Dean took a deep breath as he made a leap of faith and said the most difficult, truest, bravest thing he could think of.

"I love you, Cas"

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