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"What is that? I don't understand! Charlie, What's going on?"

Charlie tried so hard to block out his brother's voice but it was so unbearably loud in his ears. It had been loud for the past few weeks, ever since he had killed his brother, and when it had begun to dim into the corners of his mind it was back again, living once more like a ghost, always haunting Charlie. And that was exactly what Jason was now. He was a ghost.

Charlie had thought that bringing Jason back would be everything he needed. He needed his brother back. He needed him back at his side for this guilt to go away. But it seemed when the guilt left it opened up a new space for some foreign feeling he had never had before. It was regret. Now he had Jason back. How long until he lost him again? And this voice of his kid brother only grew ever louder, magnified by the pure emotions booming away inside his chest in time with his heartbeat. Jason was a poison, pumping through his veins and killing him slowly with every new waking breath. And now he listened to his killer, eyes round as saucers with a panic when the blimp blocked out the sunlight and the warmth creeping over the crest of the city limits.

"This can't be possible. This is unreal."

"Charlie! What is going on! You're freaking me out!"

Those small frail hands grasped his arm. He didn't remember Jason being so small before. Had he always been so fragile? Had he always been so breakable? And then he looked up at his brother and realized he was not small at all. In fact he was a whole lot older looking than Charlie had ever noticed. But those hands gripping his arm with strangling fear... that boy was so small. His brother was older. Who was this little boy shaking him? It couldn't have been his brother. There was all that fear. Why was there that fear? He should be brave and grow up. He had died and come back to life. It was time for Jason to grow up.

The thought hurt and Charlie pushed it away in the same moment that he pushed his brother off of him. He couldn't let those arms hold onto him any longer. It stung. it broke the bones underneath. Jason had to be old enough to stop being afraid. How could Charlie protect him if he was afraid? How could Charlie trust him to take care of their mother when he left if this Jason was still a little boy?

Poison. Poison in his heart.

And he still had planned to leave. Now that he considered it he supposed that made him a liar. He told Jason he would stay, that he was sorry. But he was done being sorry and he would not stay. He was a liar.

Criminals lie.

But now he was trapped, caged in even as Tetra's blimp rose higher and the sparks exploding from the distant buildings grew brighter, smoke growing like a blanket to suffocate the town. Wrapping them all in the smoke that was creeping closer every moment, growing and spreading till it covered the neighborhood over Charlie, till it made his lungs hurt and the air taste bitter. And Jason was still suffocating him.

When he pushed him away he was back in an instant, grasping Charlie's arm. He was a noose cutting off Charlie's air and Charlie was dieing slowly.

"Charlie! Tell me what's going on! What is that?"

"It's Tetra..." Charlie mumbled. He spoke so silently that it was almost as if he were talking to himself and not answering his ghost of a brother. His face was white, looking towards the city. A jet soared overhead, leaving a streak in the sky, grey against the blackened smoke.

"God... Charlie... what is that?"

Charlie blinked at the sky, peeling his eyes away from the city line. And there is was- the thing his grown up kid brother had noticed before him, the jet turned in the sky, twisting around and curling back up again and again, leaving that trail of smoke in it's place. At first it was only a run away jet, piloted by no one but the electric will of Tetra. And then there were those words that stopped Charlie's heart.

Thank you Charlie Lan

It wasn't completed but Charlie understood and Jason did as well. Those hands were hard on his arm once more but the fear was replaced by confusion.

"Thank you? Charlie, talk to me-" He grabbed him and spun him around before Charlie could fight and he found himself facing Jason once more, planted on the rooftop and near paralyzed with realization of what he had done. "What did you do?"

Charlie swallowed, eyes blank and mouth opened slightly. The gears in his head turned and twisted with every waking moment. "I... I condemned the world."

Jason shook his head. "I don't understand."

"I..." Charlie couldn't breath. How could he have made such a stupid mistake and acted so carelessly. He set him free. He gave him his power. He sacrificed the entire world... for himself. "I ended the world." He felt a tremor run up his spine. At the time he was sure he had been doing what he had been doing for his brother's sake. It was clear he was only being selfish now that he thought of it. He wanted Jason back not for Jason but for himself. He was selfish and didn't think to consider what Tetra wanted all along. He didn't think and for this reason, the town was going to go up in flames and then the rest of humanity.

My fault.

"Why?" Jason sounded hurt. Betrayed almost as if Charlie had done all this on purpose. "Why would you do something like that? You're supposed to be a hero!"

From across the street Charlie heard Emma scream and his heart beat harder in his chest. He grabbed Jason by the arm, not answering him for he had no words. He dragged him back through the house passed the open window and tossed him a bit to hard into the room. Jason stumbled and hit the floor with a thump, rolling over to look up at the dark and towering brother who seemed so much a stranger right then.

It was painfully easy for Charlie not to care. It was too easy to ignore Jason as he asked questions and complained to him about ridiculous things. Charlie just didn't care anymore. He had one thing on his mind and one thing only. He had to stop Tetra or die trying. He knew better than to let Jason stand in his way emotionally. It had doomed the world and now it had to be pushed back and forgotten.

The computer buzzed on and flickered to life and the two brothers turned their heads to look at it. The TV did the same and the lamp sparked with electricity. Under the bed, untouched among old toys from Charlie's childhood, a remote control RC car buzzed and rolled out into the open, free of batteries but alive just as well.

"No freakin' way." Jason mumbled, eyes round as saucers.

Tetra was the maser of technology. He had control. There were no limits to his power now.

Charlie's cell phone rang and he picked it up, listening as Emma's voice echoed in a panic back at him.

"Charlie! I've got a major problem! ...Ow!...HEY! Back off!... I could use a little help over here!...NOW! Gah! Do NOT bring your gauntlet!"

Her voice buzzed out and Tetra''s replaced it, breathing through the static like a spirit. "A cleansing of this world. Let the flesh fall. Flawed and corrupt. We shall rebuild. Rebirth!"

Charlie tossed the phone down as it began to crackle and listened as his mother awoke in the next room over. By her scream she had noticed the strangeness of the technology in the house.

"Mom!" Jason bolted from the room.

"Jase, wait!" Charlie shouted. He was gone before he could stop him and Charlie followed, grinding his teeth. He couldn't be babysitting his brother. Emma needed help!

He dashed down the hall, and shoved open the door to his mother's room. She was in her bed still, kicking at her curling iron that was snapping at her like scissors. Screaming and panicking over what was going on. When she saw Charlie she grew even more rigid. "No! Charlie, get out of here! Take your brother and get out! Help you're brother!"

She smacked away at the hairdryer that began snaking it's way towards her, sparks and flames from the usually harmless machine. She grabbed her mirror off the dresser and smacked the appliance away like she was out on her tennis date with friends.

Charlie breathed. She was handling herself. But where was-

Charlie heard feet scrambling on the floor and turned, dashing around the bed to see the torments of his brother. The vacuum wire was out and lashing, wrapped tightly around his brother's throat. Jason's face was blue and his eyes were rolled back into his head. The veins on his neck bulged as he tried to suck in air, fingers clawing at the wire tightening like a snake to cut off his life. His feet kicked at the ground, back arching but he was already getting too weak to fight.

"Jason!" Charlie knelt down, pulling with his brother but failing all the while. The wire wouldn't loosen. Jason would be strangled to death! Charlie pulled his pocket knife out, still there from when he had been planning to leave only a few minutes ago. He sawed through the wires without hesitation, only half surprised when he didn't get electrocuted. Then again these items were not being powered by electricity but Tetra's overpowering system.

Jason sucked in gulps of breath, opening his eyes that were red and strained with the blood that had built behind his lids, pressure from his brain. He was alive thought and blinked at Charlie, color returning to his face.

Charlie lifted his brother into his arms, grabbed his mother by the hand and dodged past the appliances and down the stairs.

"Sweetheart! What's happening!" His mother yelled, voice shaky. Charlie didn't have the time or patience to explain. He forced them into the coat closet in the doorway, handing Jason an umbrella that he found leaning against the doorway.

"Jase..." Charlie mumbled, putting a hand on his shoulder softly.

Jason nodded. "I know. I'll protect her."

Charlie breathed. "Good." He grabbed the door, going to shut it behind them and lock them in. They would be safe in there. Nothing but coats and umbrellas.

Jason's hand stopped the door and Charlie found himself facing his emotions one last time, those big blue eyes filled with regret and discomfort. "Charlie... whatever you did- I know you're a hero. You wouldn't do this to us."

"How do you know?" Charlie hissed bitterly, a slap to the face for his brother's feelings.

"Because I'm your brother." Jason said back, voice strong and determined.

Charlie shut the door in his brother's face.

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