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Emma could barely see. The nighttime sky outside the windows were dark and eerie silent. No person dared come out of the houses they had retreated into for safety. It was as if it really had been the end of the world and her, Charlie and Jason were the only ones left. She didn't like that thought. She concentrated on moving over to Jason who sat with his knees against his chest, the wires around him limp and powerless as was he.

He watched her with wide eyes , sweat beading his brow.

"Jase?" Emma asked, fearful of what had happened. He had been fine one moment and the next he was on the floor spasming and screaming, seizing like she had never seen. She had been so scared. She had no idea what was going on, only that she needed to shut down the computer and get to him. "Jason? You okay?"

His eyes didn't look at her but she watched a tear leak out and slide down his face, leaving a trail in the ash and plaster on his cheek.

"Oh, Jason." She fell down next to him and pulled him into her arms, giving him a comforting hug. She didn't know what was running through his head. She didn't think she ever would. But she was there for him like a friend was supposed to be and she would look out for him when Charlie couldn't. "Charlie-" She said suddenly, realization hitting her. She looked back over her shoulder at him, laying face down on the floor. It wasn't till then that Jason seemed to remember why they were there. He pushed away from her but even so his knees shook and she helped him to his feet. She stayed where she was. Something told her he needed a moment.

He knelt down by his brother, rolling him over with terrified and trembling fingers, afraid of what he would find. He had come all this way to save him and now... if he had saved the city and not his brother then it wasn't worth it. A deep breath rumbled in Charlie's chest and Jason smiled when his matching eyes opened up to meet his own.

"Jason..." Charlie breathed. The wound in his stomach wasn't deep and had stopped bleeding but his skin was cold and his eyes distant.

"Hey, big bro." Jason mumbled, a small smile twitching at his lips with relief. "How you doing?"

There were no other words passed between them. None that strangers could hear. But Jason could. And Charlie knew. And that was all they needed. Charlie had given the world to save his brother. As stupid and dumb a thing as it was and as selfish it seemed, Jason beamed with the love he felt. They were brothers and they would always have each others backs. Jason would never get over the idea that he had died. That Charlie had cheated life to get him back with him. He understood the pain in Charlie's eyes when he looked at him. He knew the guilt he felt for he felt it himself. He had been so ready to screw the world over as long as it meant Charlie was safe. To him, being rescued himself would be for nothing if he didn't have Charlie there with him like he always had been. Like he always would be.

The two brothers rose, the larger leaning against the smaller for support and they all moved together down the steps to the city waiting below. The lights in homes and houses were beginning to flicker back to life and families and friends looked from behind glass windows. For the first time since Charlie had gained his separate life, they saw past his lies. He was out in the open for all to see, with his brother close at his side and his friend not far from sight.

The city watched as Charlie and Jason Landers moved off the stone steps and headed for home. Behind them, Aaron Stone turned his back and walked the other way.

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