Hi there. I know I'm probably biting off more than I can chew by taking on another fic in addition to "A Hotter Touch, A Better Fuck", my California fic, and my AU collaboration fic, But I really need to take a slight break from writing pure smut. I'm getting smutted out man. Don't worry though "Hotter Touch…" isn't dead. I ran across this prompt in the Glee Kink Meme (yes, I troll there to find some fic worthy prompts). I could not get it out of my head so I simply had to write this. I'm planning on making it no more than 5 or 6 chapters but plans may change who knows. Anyway. Here ya go. Oh let me write the prompt.

Prompt: Blaine wakes up one day and can read peoples minds when he's in close proximity with to them. He's freaked out by it but tries to go about his daily business, which is difficult when he realizes all the dirty thoughts Kurt has about him. They end up doing something sexual (anything) as a result of Blaine getting turned on by what Kurt is thinking. Bonus if Blaine accidentally reads thoughts of random people/Warblers/New Directions that are embarrassing, personal, sexual, or just hilarious.

I own nothing. And that includes the title, the people in this fic, or the show.

Blaine Anderson is just another regular teenage boy…to everyone else.

To everyone else he's just this slightly shorter than average, ridiculously gorgeous kid, who's obsessed with Katy Perry, and likes jumping on things. But, truth of the matter is, Blaine's different. And no, not different as in likes ketchup on his pizza, he's different as in he can read minds.

Yeah, Blaine's kind of a superhero. This is new, it's not like he's been able to read minds since birth like Jean Grey. Try about two weeks. He just woke up one morning and bang, he was a mind reader. He really doesn't know why, he spent the entire first week cooped up in his room doing countless hours of research, all to no avail. The closest thing to an explanation he's found has been his stack of old X-Men comics. It could have been exposure to radioactive material, but Blaine quickly dismissed that assumption. He had been nowhere near the science lab when it happened. Maybe a mutated spider, wait what was this Spiderman? Nope, Blaine could not find a single explanation for his current malady.

So what can he do? Well nothing really, just learn to accept it. It would be easier had his mind not felt like it was ready to explode because of the constant pouring in of other peoples thought. He soon found out though that it was easy to block them out of his mind. Kind of like Sookie Stackhouse. Some still managed to sneak in, but it wasn't so bad. Blaine usually forgets about them quickly. One persons thoughts he can't get out of his head however are Kurt Hummel's.

Kurt his best friend, the best friend whom Blaine was in love with but never says anything because he was supposed to be his friend, his mentor. Blaine couldn't tell him about his feelings because he's already hurt Kurt enough, and figures it would be best if he remained "just friends" with him. No matter how much it killed Blaine.

Blaine had not intended to listen to Kurt's thoughts, really, but it had become sort of a thing he liked to do. Blaine loves the random little quips that come to his mind, but would never touch his mouth. Kurt's thoughts are the only one's he likes in his head.

On that day, it's no different. Blaine's sitting in the library with Kurt, doing his homework and listening to Kurt's mind when he all of a sudden hears,

"Blaine looks really good today".

Ok, what?

"I'm really glad I convinced him to wear the sweater rather than the blazer. The sweater makes his chest stand out, and it looks oh so sexy. What I would give to lick it."

What? Kurt was fantasizing, about Blaine. Is this the real life? Blaine keeps his head trained to his paper and listens carefully to see what else Kurt has to say…well think.

"I bet he's a good kisser too. He has amazing lips. I just want to take his bottom lip into my mouth and suck it until it's nice and plump."

Blaine's mind all of a sudden floods with images of Kurt kissing him, biting and sucking on his lips like he says he wants to. Blaine's pants start to tighten slowly but surely. And he kind of wishes he wasn't in the library.

"Oh god, Kurt please stop thinking about Blaine while you're right in front of him. How are you going to explain getting hard in the middle of the library?"

Kurt was getting hard? Oh, that only makes Blaine get harder. Fuck!

Suddenly, Kurt stands up and begins to pack his things away.

"Hey, where are you going?" Blaine asks, he doesn't want Kurt to leave now, not when his thoughts were getting so good. Damnit Blaine, stop it.

"Oh crap, what should I say? I can't tell him I got hard while thinking about him. Shit. Uhm, my dad! Yes."

"I just remembered that I have to call my dad before I go to bed today." Kurt lies. Little does he know that Blaine's aware of the reason why he's leaving so abruptly.

"Oh, Okay. Tell him I said hi." He smiles, and Kurt gives him a confused look.

"Why is he letting me leave so easily? Does he know? No, how can he know? It's not like he can read minds."

Blaine stifles a laugh. Oh, if Kurt only knew.

"Oh well, shit, this thing is not going away. Actually it's getting harder every second I stand here talking to Blaine. Damn him, No wait, no I can't damn him he's too gorgeous. Oh fuck, I have to get out of here."

"I'll see you." Kurt says, before he practically runs out.

Blaine sits there in utter awe. Kurt fantasizes about him. What does this mean? does this mean that he loves Blaine? No, just because someone fantasizes about you doesn't mean that they're in love. And Blaine finally starts to realize what is happening. Fuck, I just read Kurt's mind, while he was having improper thoughts about me. Blaine finally starts to feel like a creep. Aren't thoughts supposed to be private? Fuck.

Well Blaine knows he's not going to get any more work done now. Sighing heavily, he collects his things, and begins the long walk to his dorm.

He passes by Kurt's room and the noise he hears from inside it makes him stop.

"Oh Blaine."

That's Kurt. No that's what Kurt's thinking. Is he…? Blaine presses his ear to the thin door and can swear he hears Kurt moaning.

Holy shit, Kurt is jerking off in there. To images of him. Blaine knows he should probably leave and give Kurt privacy, but he just can't will his legs to move. It seems that they're soldered to the floor.

What the hell are you doing Blaine? Go to your own room, take care of your own problem and go to sleep. His inside voice commands him, but he suddenly sees what Kurt's imagining, and cannot for the life of him move.

Kurt is spread eagle on his bed, tied up at his wrists and ankles. Blaine's head is in between his legs, sucking him off in earnest. His fingers straying to Kurt's puckered entrance.

"Blaine. Oh god, feels so good." Kurt moans, arching his back.

Blaine hums around Kurt's cock, and dips his finger into Kurt's asshole slightly, causing Kurt to buck his hips.

"Oh…nnnnnnghhh. Blaine I'm going to…Fuck!" without further warning Kurt comes into Blaine's mouth, and Blaine swallows everything, while stroking Kurt through his orgasm.

That's all Blaine can bear to hear. He's close to dropping his pants right here and jerking is off to Kurt's naughty thoughts. He runs- no, sprints to his room, and faster than you can say salsa verde, his pants are on the ground and his hand is wrapped around his cock. Pumping as if his life depends on it.

Blaine replays Kurt's thoughts in his head, wanting so desperately to do what he's just seen.

"Kurt," he moans to himself, and let's his own thoughts mix in with Kurt's. The force of both combined images is too much for Blaine and all of a sudden he's coming into his warm hand.

When he's done he grabs a tissue from his nightstand and cleans up before slumping into his pillows, finally getting a minute to come to terms with what just happened.

He just heard his best friend masturbating to images of him. Blaine would be ecstatic, but this is Kurt, sweet virginal friend only Kurt. Even after hearing these thoughts Blaine cannot initiate anything.

This is only a phase Blaine. A phase. Remember Kurt needs a friend. He doesn't need you perving on his thoughts. His inner voice reminds him.

But then… Kurt is thinking about you in compromising positions, Blaine. another voice puts in. that's the biggest invitation ever. All you have to do is kiss him. Make a move.

"No." Blaine tells himself. "No, how the hell am I going to explain to him that I read minds? He'll just get freaked out and then I'll lose him for good and I can't risk that."

Blaine almost feels crazy. I mean he's arguing with himself, that cannot be normal.

Blaine sighs and decides. "I am not going to say anything. I have to be Kurt's mentor. His friend. It doesn't matter what he thinks of me."

Even with that resolve, Blaine knows he can't control Kurt's thoughts. And since he's so attuned to them they'll keep on trickling in no matter how hard Blaine tries to ignore them.

Damnit, Blaine was screwed.

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