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The Adam thing is actually worrying Blaine more and more as each day passes by. It seems that Kurt is spending more and more time with him, always saying that he has to work on his project and such, but Blaine can't get the growing suspicion that something is going on. He doesn't think that Kurt is cheating on him, oh no. He thinks, no he knows, that Adam is the one trying to sway Kurt into doing something with him. Every time Kurt is hanging out with Adam and Blaine either calls or goes to the library where they work, Adam always makes Kurt hang up, or throws dirty looks at Blaine. And Blaine knows for a fact that Adam likes Kurt. He has read his mind. Countless times actually.

And what he's gathered from the thoughts is that Adam wants Kurt. He wants him and Blaine just hates that. He also hates the fact that he can't really do anything about it. If he tells Kurt that Adam wants him, Kurt will simply laugh and tell Blaine that he's overreacting.

Blaine doesn't want to be that boyfriend. He's said it to himself enough times. He doesn't want to be overbearing, and possessive, and he certainly doesn't want Kurt to think that he doesn't trust him, because he does. It's just Adam who he doesn't trust.

It's getting harder as each day goes by though, because Kurt is beginning to spend more time on account of the due date for his project being close, and Blaine knows that Adam is going to do something. Blaine doesn't want to be the overbearing boyfriend, but he has to ensure that nothing happens between Kurt and Adam, and if that means doing some spying then so be it.

Blaine is not exactly proud of his decision to do this, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Tonight though, Blaine tries really hard not to think about Adam and his stupid face because it's his and Kurt's movie night, and nothing not even Adam can ruin it.

Blaine lives for his dates with Kurt. He loves them. He especially loves the dates in which he and Kurt don't do anything, just stay in the dorms and watch a movie followed by some light foreplay. Lately though, most of their dates have been dates at their meadow. Their special place. Since Blaine's introduced Kurt to it a couple of weeks ago, it seems that that's where Kurt always wants to go. They've had lamp lit picnics there, and have seen the sunset nearly every single time they go there, that is if they're not being distracted by sex. They still haven't gone as far as penetrative sex; they're still not ready, but they have gotten quite good at blowjobs, hand jobs, and frotting.

It's not exactly ideal to fool around on a field of flowers due to the whole grass issue, though. Even with a blanket, Blaine finds himself returning to Dalton with grass burns covering his ass and wildflowers growing out of his hair. But Blaine doesn't care, nor does Kurt for that matter. They're advancing in their sexual relationship and that's all that matters to them. They'll take the grass burns for those special moments in the meadow.

"What movie are we watching?" Kurt asks, idly flipping through one of Blaine's Vogue magazines carefully. He knows that Blaine isn't the most stereotypically gay man, but it still doesn't mean that he's any less careful about his magazines than Kurt.

"It had better be a good one."

"Tangled," Blaine answers, pulling the DVD out from its place on the shelf. The Disney section, funnily enough. You know you're a bit too in love with Disney when you have a section designated for the movies in your DVD cabinet.

Kurt perks up from his perch, immediately shutting the magazine and placing it gently on Blaine's bedside table. Blaine knows that Tangled is Kurt's favorite Disney movie. Mostly because he loves Repunzel's determination to get to the lanterns, and fulfill her dream.

"I love that movie," he states, and Blaine chuckles. Yes, he knows.

"I know you do, babe." He sets everything up and joins Kurt, immediately taking him in his arms and allowing Kurt to snuggle up to him.

"Will you sing 'I See The Light' with me?" Kurt asks. It's something that he and Blaine always do. Since they first saw it Kurt's automatically assigned the Flynn parts to Blaine and the Repunzel parts to himself. Funnily enough, they weren't dating when they first saw this movie together so maybe Kurt was trying to say something.

"You know the answer to that," Blaine answers.

"Oh," Kurt thinks, and Blaine chuckles, leaning down to press a kiss to Kurt's cheek.

"You ready to watch the movie?"

"Yes!" Kurt says excitedly, and Blaine smiles before pressing play on the remote.

They get about twenty minutes in before Kurt's phone vibrates annoyingly loud, and Blaine has an urge to throw that damn thing across the room.

Kurt untangles himself and glances at the name on the screen, He gives Blaine an apologetic face before he hit's the answer button and holds the phone up to his ear, and Blaine knows who's on the phone even before Kurt speaks.

"Hello?" Kurt breathes. "Oh hi, Adam." Blaine immediately sits up straighter, trying to hear Kurt's conversation without being obvious while listening to Kurt's thoughts.

"Oh, I'm just watching a movie with Blaine. I'm sorry, what? No, you know that today I was going to hang out with him." Kurt says, his voice getting angry.

"I cannot study tonight. I promised Blaine I would hang out with him…and try to score. Oh shit, Blaine can probably hear this."

"Are you sure you absolutely need me tonight?" Kurt asks, his voice making it clear that he doesn't want to be anywhere but here right now. "Fine. Fine, but I can only do an hour, okay?" he hangs up the phone, and looks over to Blaine, frowning deeply.

"You have to go work on your project, don't you?" Blaine guesses, letting his own displeasure known.

"I'm so sorry, Blaine. I know I've kind of been neglecting you because of this project, but it's almost done I swear," Kurt says, leaning forward to kiss Blaine. "I have to go, but only for a little bit, okay?"

Blaine nods, trying to smile. "Yeah, yeah, go do your schoolwork. Don't worry about it."

"Blaine, really, I'm sorry. I feel like I've been ignoring you."

"I get it, Kurt. Really," Blaine says, stopping the movie and turning the TV off. "I'll just work on some homework too.

Kurt smiles sadly, and gets up to put his shoes back on. "I'll make this up to you, I promise. Tomorrow, we can have a dinner here no interruptions," he says as he walks out of the door, blowing Blaine a small kiss.

Blaine sits on his bed for a while before he gets up and follows Kurt to the library. He's angry that his date with Kurt got cut short, but this gives him the opportunity to spy on them, and try and find out what the hell Adam is up to.

Once again, Blaine's not proud of what he's about to do.

Blaine enters the practically empty library and immediately hears Kurt's tinkling laughter. He follows it and through a bookshelf can see Kurt and Adam, sitting together; Adam sitting a little bit too close for comfort.

"So, you and Blaine," Adam says suddenly, and Blaine focuses all of his attention on him. "How long has that been going on?"

"Not that long," Kurt answers, unable to keep the smile out of his voice. "But we've been friends since November."

"Oh…why did you suddenly decide to become more than friends?"

"In other words, why the hell couldn't you remain friends with him so that this wouldn't be so hard?"

Blaine's blood boils at Adam's thought. How dare he think that?

"Because I realized that I was in love with him and that he was in love with me. So, what was the point of staying apart, you know?" Kurt replies, smiling slightly.

"That and he reads minds."

Blaine smiles to himself at that.

"You know, Adam, I don't really think we should be talking about my relationship. Let's finish this so I can get back to my room."

"What do you see in Blaine?" Adam asks abruptly, and Blaine freezes. What kind of question is that?

"E-excuse me?" Kurt asks, clearly outraged.

"What do you see in Blaine?" Adam repeats, and Blaine swears he can practically see the displeasure in Kurt's eyes.

"I don't think that's any of your business," he replies. "Now, I don't feel comfortable talking with you about this, can we please-"

"He's no good for you."

"I'm sorry, what? Who are you to tell me who I can and can't date?" "Really who is this guy? And how dare he even say that Blaine isn't good for me? Does he really think that he knows who is good for me?"

Yeah, Blaine agrees. Who the hell does Adam think he is? Sure, Blaine isn't as normal as the next boy, but Kurt knows of his malady and he accepts it. Hell, he loves him for it.

"You can date me?" Adam says, and Blaine holds his breath, waiting for Kurt's answer.

"Please, Kurt date me rather than Anderson. I want you so bad. I want you."

Blaine can't believe what he's hearing. It's times like these when he wishes that he didn't have this stupid ability. Hearing Adam's thoughts makes his stomach squirm uncomfortably. He knows Kurt can't hear them, but it still makes Blaine feel uneasy.

"What? No, I love Blaine," Kurt says, his voice rising a little bit. "I don't like you like that, Adam. You're a nice kid, but no."

"Why not? I'm good for you. I want you, Kurt," Adam breathes, sounding like he's way to close to Kurt. Blaine peeks through the bookshelf to see Adam coming close to Kurt, and that is it.

With sudden ferocity Blaine steps from behind the bookshelf and pulls Adam away from Kurt.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Adam's inner voice screams. "Who the fuck-oh it's you. Fuck."

"Blaine," Kurt squeaks, looking at Blaine, relief flooding his features. "What are you doing here?" he moves to get behind his boyfriend.

"I had a funny feeling about him, so I followed you, and I was right. You stay away from Kurt, you fucking scumbag," Blaine says to Adam, pointing his finger at him menacingly.

"I wasn't doing anything," Adam says, trying to sound innocent.

"Adam, that's a lie and you know it," Kurt pipes up from behind Blaine. "Blaine, he was trying to make a move on me, but please don't hit him."

Blaine turns back to look at Kurt incredulously. He discreetly places his hand on Kurt's arm and lets his thoughts flow through. "Are you kidding me, Kurt?"

"Let's talk about this back in the room, please," Kurt pleads, and Blaine sighs, nodding slightly. He leans forward and grabs Kurt's books, stuffing them into his bag. He throws Adam one last scathing look before turning away, pulling Kurt with him.

"What the fuck? I can't believe that fucking happened right now. Ugh. I don't care, Kurt Hummel will be mine."

That thought worries Blaine all the way back to the dorm. Is there really no stopping Adam?

When they get to Blaine's dorm room, Kurt immediately goes to the bed, sitting down and waiting for Blaine to begin talking.


"You spied on me?" Kurt accuses, before Blaine can get anything else out.

"I had to," Blaine says, and Kurt shakes his head.

"You didn't have to. You could have trusted me."

"That asshole nearly kissed you!" Blaine yells, his anger getting the best of him.

"No, I would have never let him," Kurt replies just as heatedly, standing up and striding over to Blaine. "Even if you weren't there I would have never let him kiss me. I couldn't do that to you."

"Oh, so this is my fault isn't it? I'm the asshole because I went to spy on you."

"What reason did you have to spy on me and Adam? It's not like he gave you a reason-"

"Uh, yeah he DID!" Blaine screams. "I heard his thoughts Kurt, I know what he was thinking, and he wanted you."

"You're overreacting," Kurt says, but Blaine throws him a murderous look.

"That's exactly why I didn't tell you because I knew that you were going to say that. Oh, I'm just overreacting, because it's what I do, right? I overreact because I read minds and jump to conclusions easily, right?"

"You don't have to mock me, Blaine," Kurt spits out, his blue eyes darkening.

"But you're mocking me, by saying that I'm overreacting. You know, Kurt I really don't want to be the type of boyfriend who gets jealous easily, and who doesn't trust his boyfriend, but I am, because everybody fucking wants you, and it drives me crazy. As if I didn't have enough on my plate, I still have to deal with people giving you those kinds of looks."

"You don't trust me?" Kurt asks, completely ignoring everything else that Blaine's said.

Blaine exhales loudly. He feels like ripping his hair out because this is not how he expected this conversation to turn out.

"I do trust you-"

"You just said you didn't-"

"I KNOW WHAT I SAID!" Blaine bellows and Kurt jumps back at the ferociousness of his response. "I know what I said. I do trust you, but lately, I don't know."

"Blaine, do you really think that I would cheat on you? I love you. You. How many times do I have to tell you?" Kurt says, his voice shaking and his eyes watery, and Blaine feels like an asshole.

"Kurt, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have blown up on you like that, it's just…I don't know," Blaine says, dropping his head.

Kurt exhales loudly, reaching out to tilt Blaine's face up. "No, you shouldn't, but I understand why you got the way you did."

"You do?"

"Yeah, I know that you get jealous and possessive, and I even though I don't particularly like it, I get it."

"I'm such an asshole," Blaine says dejectedly.

"No, you're just a boy," Kurt says, and Blaine exhales loudly.

"How is that supposed to make me feel better?"

"I'm just saying that you feel the need to protect what's yours," Kurt whispers.

"I don't think of you as some possession, Kurt," Blaine starts to say, but Kurt presses a finger to his lips, effectively shutting him up.

"I know you don't. but I am. Yours I mean. I'll always be yours so you don't have to worry."

"I'm sorry," Blaine mumbles against Kurt's finger.

"It's okay. We can get past this," Kurt says confidently. "We will get past it." And somewhere in Blaine's mind he knows that Kurt's right. Because their relationship is rock solid. Nothing can break them down. No matter how often Blaine always doubts this. Nothing will even break them apart. And Blaine should really get used to it. He should really stop worrying that Kurt will leave him. Kurt's been here throughout everything. Kurt is his rock.

"You're right. Fuck, how are you always right?" Blaine says, walking over to his bed to fall down upon it.

"Because, I just am," Kurt answers and Blaine cokes out a chuckle. "C'mere." Kurt sits down and pulls Blaine up so that he's laying across Kurt's chest.

"How many times do I need to tell you that you don't have to worry about all of the other boys?"

"I'm sorry," Blaine whispers like a child who's just been scolded. "I can't help it."

"Well don't. Can I tell you something?"


"I love you. I really do, and someday I plan on marrying you. I plan on having a family with you. I can already see it. We're going to get married in the fall, around October, and we're going to write our own vows, and we'll each have rings that we've custom designed. We're going to have a big reception and when we take the floor to dance, I'll let you lead because I know how much you like to dance." Blaine laughs, pressing himself tighter to Kurt's body.

"Then we're going to go off and live the married life. We're going to get a joint bank account and we'll lease a car in both of our names. And we'll have a mailbox that says 'The Hummel-Andersons' or I'll label out small little mail box in our apartment building with out names. Then when we're ready to have kids we're going to adopt a beautiful little baby boy first, because I want to have a boy first. I want my daughter to have a big brother, someone who's going to protect her and love her almost as much as we do."

"We're going to have a daughter?" Blaine asks, smiling. All he wants is a beautiful little girl with his curls and Kurt's striking Blue eyes, but he knows that it's never going to happen. They're never going to get a child that has something from both of them.

"Mhhm, I'm going to name her because I'm going to let you name the boy. And he's going to be your little boy. You're going to teach him all about sports and you're going to teach him your dapper ways. You're going to coach his little league team and you're going to be the most supportive parent at all of the PTA meetings. Along with myself of course. And we're going to teach our children to play the piano and guitar and we're going to be like the Partridge family. I'm going to teach our daughter to cook, and she's going to go to ballet and we're going to be the loudest at all of her recitals."

"What else?" Blaine asks excitedly. "What else do you see for us in the future?"

"Well, we're going to live in a big apartment in Manhattan. Real close by Broadway so the commute will be easier for me. We're going to have a cat. We'll get her when she's a kitten and she's going to be our baby before we get out actual baby. We're going to have sex almost every day and we're going to have Naked Sundays. And it doesn't have to be sexual, but there will be one day of the week were we have to be naked unless we absolutely have to have clothes on."

"I'm okay with Naked Sundays," Blaine says, pressing a kiss to Kurt's neck. "I'm actually okay with everything you just said, Kurt."

"Really? That's just what I always picture in my head for us," Kurt whispers.

"It's perfect," Blaine says, his voice shaking slightly, and it is perfect. Blaine's always known that Kurt is going to be his husband one day, but he's never really thought about their life together after they say 'I do.' And everything that Kurt is saying sounds so right. It takes Blaine a few seconds to realize that it's exactly what he wants too. He wants a little boy who he can teach everything that his father taught him. He wants to be the little league coach. He wants to take his daughter to her ballet recitals and her violin lessons or any other kind of lessons that she may want to do. Blaine wants the apartment, the cat, and the life that Kurt described. He didn't even know just how much he wanted it until Kurt said anything about it.

"That's exactly the life I want to have with you," Blaine whispers.

"It may change, who knows, but that's a rough idea," Kurt says.

"It's perfect," Blaine repeats once again.

"Perfect," Kurt echoes.

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