2.46 AM

Blaine stared at his cellphone with big wondering eyes. He could not believe the message he had just received. It was a message from Kurt, who was at a party, and apparently very VERY wasted as this was not a normal text .

Oh no. it wasn't normal.

It was a sext. A very hot one actually. It made blaine's cock twitch in anticipation.

Blaine, dear Gaga I'm so turned on right now, my body is feeling al hot, If you were just here, I'd push you against the closest wall and kiss you until your lips are red and swollen. I'd slowly kiss my way down, open your pants, and take you in my mouth until you come so hard in my mouth I can't swallow it all. And then I'd want you to fuck me. And I mean fuck me hard, you thrusting deep inside me, not caring that we're not the only ones in the room, and explode inside me.

And it went on like that.

Everytime Blaine read it, his cock grew a little bigger, his head became a little more red, his breath would hitch, and above all; he would become even hornier.

It already took him everything he got not to jump into his car, and drive to kurt's house (where the party was) and fuck the boy senseless.

But he couldn't do that. Even thought Kurt said in his text about not caring about the others being there, he dared to bed that some people would be quite shocked.

Damn he was so HORNY. He'd like to just pull his own pants down and take care of his problem.

But here was the other problem. He was a loud boy, and he had visitors. David and Wes were over, playing videogames, and for now he had locked himself in the bathroom.

"Yo Blaine? What's taking you so long?" he heard David ask him. "I'll be right there damnit, give a man his minutes will you."

He tried imagining all sorts of things to calm the boy in his pants down, and by the end the only thing that worked was the scene where Burt had walked in on them once. And that was not during their 'normal' sweet and loving sex. Oh no. It was when they had been fucking hard and fast, and he had tied Kurt to his own bed, blindfolded and all.

Burt had chased him out, and it had taken almost 2 months for Kurt to persuade his father that he had also wanted that and to please let Blaine come over again.

He took his cellphone and send a message back to Kurt before walking out of the bathroom, sitting down and taking the controller to kill Wes and David in this videogame of them

Kurt was sitting in the sofa at his own house. Burt and Carol weren't at home right now, so he and Finn had decided to throw a small party with their friends and some sweet sweet alcohol.

And apparently, he wasn't as good with alcohol as he remembered because right now he was drunk as hell. And that had a side-effect. He was also horny as hell. So horny, he had send Blaine a sext.

And as he was wondering how the hell Blaine would react, he received a reply.

Wish I could come over and do just that, but David and Wes are here. I'll come over tomorrow and you can expect yourself in for a wild and good fucking. Make sure Finn gets out of the house, because I won't let you keep it silent this time.

Kurt bit his lip.

This wasn't exactly helping very much. It pretty much had the opposite effect as Kurt started fantasizing about what Blaine would (and could) to do him.

A silent moan escaped his lips, and Mercedes who was next to him looked at him. But Kurt didn't notice. He just kept staring at his cellphone.

Mercedes leaned over and read the messages.

"oh my … Kurt…" She grinned widely. "the booze got to you?"

He gazed at her with glazed eyes, he didn't really understand what she said, he was too drunk and way too horny for that.

"c'mon boy, you should go to bed, party is dying anyway." She signed Finn to come closer.

"could you end the party? It's late, and pretty boy here needs some sleep."

Finn nodded and half an hour later, everybody had gone home.

Kurt sat up to help them clean up, but Mercedes brought him to his bedroom. "Finn, Rachel and I will clean up. You go to sleep so you're well rested tomorrow."

Kurt nodded and was fast asleep right after that, Mercedes went outside and took the liberty of also telling Finn he'd probably want to be out the 'next day'

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