But Kurt didn't want it to be over yet, so he licked Blaine's lips, asking for entrance. And when it was granted, he quickly started exploring Blaine's mouth, wrapping his arms around him and holding him close before crawling on top of him.

He kissed the cheek softly, going to Blaine's earlobe, nibbling on it before kissing the sensitive spot right underneath it.

A soft groan escaped from Blaine's lips.

"Don't tell me you're still horny?" he asked softly, but all Kurt did was grab his hand and guide it to his already 'regrowing' member.

"I'll take that as a yes." A smirk appeared on his face.

"Why don't you try and seduce me?" the warbler said teasingly, making Kurt grin.

The countertenor softly stood up, and walked towards his radio, putting on some hipswinging music. He grabbed the scarf and put it around Blaine's neck, pulling him up so he was sitting on the bed with his legs out of it.

He took the scarf away again and then, then he started doing what he knew would turn Blaine on so hard, it wouldn't take long for him to refind his energy. He started swinging his hips in a slow, teasing and sexy way, letting the scarf slide over his body.

And indeed, it didn't take Blaine long to refind his energy. Kurt had only been dancing for about one and a half minute before Blaine's member was up again, begging for attention.

But because Blaine had teased him before, Kurt decided to take some revenge on the revenge: he kept dancing, going closer and closer to Blaine before once again wrapping the scarf around his neck, and crawling on his lap.

Blaine moaned. Oh yes, Kurt was giving him a lapdance, and DAMN it was so hot. His face flustered, and his member twitched (which did not went by unnoticed by Kurt).

Kurt smirked and pushed Blaine on his back before grabbing a shoebox from beneath his bed and opening it. He took out the lube , and a condom, but at second thought, he put away the condom before also putting away to shoebox.

He lubed up his fingers, and started spreading himself in front of Blaine, teasing the warbler as much as he possibly could.

"hnngg.. Kurt… you're so sexy…" Blaine said panting, letting his hands roam over Kurt's chest, pinching the nipples as he reached them.

Kurt grinned and pulled out his fingers before putting enough lube on his hands again, warming it up and covering Blaine's member.

He sat himself down in one swift movement, both himself and Blaine moaning. It was tight, which was logical because it had already been 2 weeks since the last time they had sex. But the fact that it was tight, made it all the more better for them when Kurt started moving up and down.

From the moment Kurt had set his hard, fast and deep pace, Blaine started thrusting upwards at the same rhythm .

It was so good. He was sure he wouldn't be lasting long, but he decided he'd keep it up as long as possible.

He sat up, wrapping his arms around Kurt before positioning himself on his knees so he could thrust in even harder and deeper, making loud moans escape from both their mouths.

'Thank god nobody was home' Was all Kurt could think for now, except 'HNNG HOOT AAHHH BLAINE' but that last part he didn't keep in his thoughts, oh no, he was moaning them right now.

Suddenly Blaine stopped moving and he kept Kurt still just as he was about to come. So the countertenor gazed at him with a WTF-ARE-YOU-DOING-look. "c-close." He whimpered softly. "don't want it to be over yet."

Blaine tried to control his breath, and as he had calmed down a little bit, he suddenly pushed Kurt on his back, thrusting in again, now aiming straight for the bundle of nerves that would make Kurt moan even louder, and higher.

He didn't need to search it anymore, he knew perfectly where it was, so he kept pounding in it while grabbing Kurt's member, pumping him at the same rhythm.

"Blaine… AH! Close!"

Blaine wanted to stop pumping him, so it would last longer, but Kurt glared at him, so he let him come all over them, expecting it was his turn to come soon.

But Kurt wasn't letting him. The boy sat up and nibbled at Blaine's ear before whispering. "you really think that once is enough for me right now?"

Blaine moaned at the husky voice and started thrusting upwards again, right now going even harder, and it didn't take long for Kurt to be rockhard again.

Kurt crawled of him and of the bed, standing up and bending forwards, his hands against the wall, moaning seductively so Blaine would get the message to fuck him hard and deep right THERE until they both exploded.

And that was exactly what Blaine did.

He sat up and walked behind Kurt, thrusting inside, hitting Kurt's prostate straight on every time he did so.

"hnnngg.. B-Blaine. MORE."

Again Blaine grabbed Kurt's member, pumping him again until the boy came once again, covering the wall with his 'little Kurt army'

Kurt saw white spots everywhere. He had never come this hard and he had lost about almost all his strength in his legs.

Thank god Blaine was already close as well when Kurt came, his ass tightening around Blaine's pulsating member until he came HARD.

But both went through their legs, Kurt landing on Blaine's lap, the latter still inside of him.

Their breath was quick and heavy, and their orgasms had been so hard, they were trembling slightly.

After about 5 minutes Blaine softly pushed Kurt of him, pulling himself out of the other boy before taking his hand and leading him back to the bed, crawling in it and pulling him as close as possible.

Half a minute later they were both sound asleep.

Finn stared at puck, meredes, Santana, and actually every member of the glee club there was.

All their faces were bright red, the boys obviously had boners, and the girls were all very horny, especially Britney and Santana…. They were so horny they had actually started making out

."Who would have thought that gay sex could be that hot." Puck said grinning at Finn, who was the one who had suggested eavesdropping on the couple to know how far they had gone already.

He'd had NO IDEA about how far they had gone already. And he also hadn't expected to walk into the glee club then he was waiting around the corner until Blaine had gone safely inside. (his actual idea was for him to spy on them… not the whole glee club).


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