When all Hope is Lost
Author: ~*SerenityMoon*~
Chapter: 5

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WARNING: WAFF (Warm And Fuzzy Feelings)

---- blah, blah, blah, blah---- This happens when Snape musing and he's thinking about Serenity. Every time there's a ---- his train of thought is interrupted, and when there's the next ---- his train of thought continues again.



"Did she say who did it?", Dumbledore asked quietly.

"Oh yes, Professorhead,", said Peeves then pretending to lock his lips.

"Who was it Peeves?", asked Dumbledore a bit louder.

Peeves still said nothing, and then Serenity got angry, it was no time for games.

"Peeves, I'm not joking with you! You answer him right now or I'll NEVER speak to you again! Understand?", Serenity bellowed making Peeves drop to her level.

"Is the pretty little moonie mad?", asked Peeves looking genuinely upset. When Serenity glared at him he sighed and flew back in the air.

"He got very angry when she wouldn't let him in you see.", Peeves stated turning towards Serenity. "Nasty temper he's got that Sirius Black."



The Great Hall buzzed with whispers and muffled cries of fear from the first years. Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw students were all ushered into the large room, extremely confused.

"The teachers and I must conduct a thorough search of the castle.", Professor Dumbledore told the students as Professor McGonagall dutifully shut and locked all the doors into the hall, her lips persed together tightly, symbolizing the severity of the situation.

"I'm afraid that for your own safety all of you will spend the night here. The prefects and our head boy and girl shall be in charge. No student is permitted to leave this room. Any disturbance is to be reported immediately.", he added to Percy who looked more than a little troubled.

First years huddled together in small groups of friends, not quite sure what was happening, but knowing it wasn't good. Older students tried to keep the panic level at a minimum, whereas prefects readied their wands, just in case.

In a dark corner of the hall three people argued, two against one.

"Don't make us stay here!", Hotaru protested angrily, crossing her arms and glaring in defiance. She was oh-so-sick of being told what to do, she was old enough and strong enough to take care of herself, AND her hime.

"We can be of great use just in case this wizard decides to attack.", Serenity added cooly, repressing the urge to stomp her foot and scream at her uncle. Her calm features and peaceful demeanor unnerved her stubborn opponent, making him growl in frustration.

"Take a second and think. This man heartlessly killed thirteen fully-trained wizards in the blink of an eye, and has just escaped from Azkaban. What makes you two think you can handle him?", Severus Snape demanded his eyes flashing.

The two had one response to his question, a response in which he should have immediately expected, but being the man he was, it was completely over his head.

"We're Sailor Senshi.", came the firm reply in unison, a frightening monotone.

Snape stared at the two girls who looked at him seriously, laughter and light gone from their eyes.

"The fact that you are senshi means nothing. He could have stronger magic than you. He is working for the Dark Lord, which enhances his powers as it is. The two of you are not nearly advanced enough to go into a magical battle, and you will not attempt it until I say you are. That means no youma, no dark lords, no trolls, no nothing. Is that clear?", he all but yelled at them, gripping them both by the arm.

"Our sacred duty is to protect the innocent.", Serenity stated icily disregarding his words easily.

"You BOTH will stay here under the protection of the teachers, Understood?", he continued as Hotaru winced at the pressure he was putting on their arms. Serenity was dimly aware that he gripped her arm harshly, but she stored the pain for later.

"Hai.", Hotaru murmured softly staring at the ground, she knew better than to disobey a direct order.

"Is that understood Serenity?", Severus asked her his eyes boring holes into her.

----Normally she wasn't so disrespectful, and her lack of sense to listen to reason angered him. It also worried him. Severus couldn't be there to watch her in every battle, and her willingness to dive straightforward into danger was unacceptable. He couldn't watch her twenty-four hours of the day, seven days a week, and he didn't know anyone who could. Even Setsuna couldn't watch her all the time. If she missed something in the hime's life however, she 'rewound' her viewing pool, and watched it at a later date for kicks on rainy days. But perhaps, Setsuna knew of someone who could keep an eye on her, and Potters hands off her----

"It is our duty.", Serenity retorted in monotone staring at him the same way he glared at her.

"Is it understood?", Snape bit out gripping both her arms now, shaking her roughly at the end of his question.

----He was definitely going to see Setsuna for a guard, hopefully female. As far as he knew his niece hadn't switched lanes in the game of life yet, so a female would be just fine with him. After all she had been betrothed to Endymion. But with a fiancé like Endymion she just might ha- Nevermind female guards are great. His orders were going through one bloody ear and out the other, she wasn't listening to a word that came from his mouth----

"It is our duty.", she repeated in the same tone of voice as she had before, not registering the pain from her arms yet. 'That's going to leave a mark.', she thought with an inward wince, but she would not yield.

"Princess Serenity of the White Moon Kingdom I ask you for the final time, is that clear?", Severus hissed out angrily shaking her repeatedly. Serenity's glare intensified, and a tiny light in her eyes gave way to the fact that she was getting angry enough to use the power of the silver crystal.

----Oh, joy. Luckily Setsuna would send some crooked, bent old ugly wizard to watch her. Any decent looking man would be immediately glared at and kept out of a ten-mile radius of her. Like the one that had appeared in the Snow White period of history, because if Serenity could go for that, by all means let her have him. In fact he should just lock her up and home school her, because she might've switched lanes, and just didn't realize it yet. Many a time had he contemplated sending her to an all girl wizarding school, especially after he had seen the appreciative glances she got from the male population in his class. But now he realized she wasn't safe there either----

{Dear, Dear Severus. If you kept all men away from her how would she get married, let alone have a date for the upcoming dance?}, asked a small voice in the corner of his mind, as time suddenly seemed to slow. It crept along so slowly it was as if time had temporarily stopped.

[Go away Setsuna, I'm busy.], he replied tartly. That woman had an instantaneous knack for driving him up the dungeon wall.

{You really think you could get away with having an 80-year-old wizard trailing after her, not to mention your anti-male spree, then your anti-female spree, and have her NOT NOTICE?), Setsuna asked him mirth coming through in her voice.

Snape could almost envision her pushing her long, beautiful hair over her shoulder, as she doubled over in laughter at the gates. She really, really got on his nerves. Especially when she was in one of her moods. A mood she was in now.

[What do you want?], Snape asked finally, caving in. The time guardian didn't make social calls in the middle of a senshi crisis. Oh yeah, this was definitely still way to social.

{I've found the perfect guard. Male, but soul-bonded, so you have nothing to worry about.}, Setsuna replied absentmindedly holding her stomach because had begun to cramp, from laughing too hard. She hadn't laughed that much in centuries. If only Severus could see what she saw no more than four hours in the future. She was tempted to show him just for kicks, but realized Snape would pulverize the boy without a second glance. And then in turn Serenity would pulverize him. Then there would be all sorts of trouble, and that just wouldn't do.

[Must you read my mind?], snarled Severus, a little more that angry she had interrupted him in mid-mental-rant.

{I only do it when I hear Setsuna. So do you want him or not? Because I warn you, the only other choice we have is a 19-year-old male, who was just been voted prom king, most bishoonen guy of the year, is a supermodel, and has had 10 girlfriends in the past three days.}, deadpanned the guardian of the time gates, she knew very well what his choice would be. Isn't it obvious? Driving Severus Snape up the Great Hall wall was great fun. Fun indeed.

[I'll take the soul-bonded one. But one more request?], Severus stated calmly, a little to calmly for her liking.

{Your wish is my doing, milord.}, Setsuna answered formally, having transformed into Pluto. She was getting ready to take a long trip across a few dimensions.

[Stay out of my head.], Snape growled cutting off the link and he slowly felt time proceed normally, as it should.

Serenity's eyes flashed with the power of the Silver Crystal, and she whirled away from him glaring angrily.

"It is my duty to defend those who can't defend themselves, to stop all evils that wish to harm innocents, and that my dear uncle is what I fully intend to do.", she bit out, sweeping the plush purple sleeping bag and pillow from next to her feet, into her arms, and fluidly turning on her heal and stalking towards where she saw Hermione.

Severus sighed, and pushed his hair behind his ear, the girl really was too stubborn for her own good. He gave a small smile as he thought,'Just like her mother.' He suddenly frowned and inwardly hoped she wasn't 'just like her mother', because tragically her mother, was dead. He then turned and followed Dumbledore out the door, wand in hand, sword at his side.

Hotaru picked up her things and followed her hime warily, it was going to be a long night.

"Everyone in their sleeping bags!", shouted Percy. "Come on, now, no more talking, lights out in ten minutes."

"Do you really think Blacks still in the castle?", Serenity heard Hermione whisper to Ron and Harry anxiously.

"Dumbledore and the rest of the teachers obviously think so.", Serenity stated flatly laying out her sleeping bag next to Harry, leaving room for Hotaru.

"It's very lucky he picked tonight, you know.", Hermione said as Hotaru climbed into her sleeping bag next to Serenity, propping herself up on her elbows to talk like the rest of them. "The one night we weren't in the tower...".

"I think he's lost track of time, if he realized it was Halloween, he would've come bursting in here.", Ron stated carefully, glancing at a silent Harry.

The one question that everyone was asking each other was: "How did he get in?"

"Maybe he just knows how to Apperate.", suggested a Ravenclaw a few feet away. "Just appear out of thin air, you know."

"Disguised himself, probably.", said a Hufflepuff fifth year.

"He could've flown in.", suggested Dean Thomas.

"Honestly, am I the ONLY person who's ever bothered to read Hogwarts, a History?" asked Hermione crossly to Harry, Serenity, Ron, and Hotaru.

"Probably.", smirked Ron.

"Why?", asked Hotaru, a bit confused.

"This castle is protected by much more than walls. There are all sorts of enchantments to stop people from entering by stealth. You can't Apperate on Hogwarts grounds. Not to mention the fact that I'd pay money to see a disguise that could fool the dementors.", Hermione explained seriously glancing at each of her friends in turn.

Serenity seemed to shrink into her sleeping bag even further at the word dementors. Harry noticed her action and unwillingly found himself wanting to comfort her.

"The lights are going out now!", Percy shouted. "I want everyone in their sleeping bags and no more talking!"

The candles all went out at once, save the few that the ghosts were carrying about. The enchanted ceiling gave off the most light in the room, giving the impression that they were sleeping under a starry sky. Harry gave off a loud sigh, and rest his hands behind his head.

Why did it seem that trouble always seemed to find him? It wasn't as if he had some kind of personal ad in the Daily Prophet that stated 'Attention: Trouble wanted'. What frightened him most was the fact that one of his friends, whom he now considered family, would be caught in the middle of one of his battles. It was a fear that always presented itself I the forefront of his mind at the thought of danger.

"Harry?", whispered a voice to his left, tapping his elbow gently. It was almost three in the morning now.

"Hmm?", he asked rolling towards the voice coming nose to nose with none other than the newest addition to his circle of friends, Serenity.

"I just wanted to ask if you were all right. I mean, you said this guy is after you and all.", she stated hesitantly, her eyes flickering over his face in the dark.

"Yeah, I'm fine.", Harry replied with a soft smile. Once again warmth spread through him because of the fact that his friends actually cared about how he was feeling.

"What about you?", he asked her suddenly remembering the fear that had flashed through her eyes as Hermione mentioned the dementors.

"Truthfully, Harry, I've been better.", Serenity stated leaning down on her right arm, her left hand in the small space between Harry and herself.

"I know the feeling.", Harry murmured, wary of Percy, who was prowling the sleeping bags, telling people off for talking. The light faded in Serenity's eyes showing she was worse off than she let on. The need to comfort her arose once more within him, and in a fleeting act he grasped the hand that had rest between them.

Serenity was surprised at his straight forwardness, and was sure her eyes told him so. But in turn he just smiled at her, gave her hand a comforting squeeze, and closed his eyes. She couldn't help but smile at him when he suddenly interlaced their fingers, as his thumb often massaged the back of her hand.

Percy was about to yell at Serenity and Harry for their quiet whispering, but suddenly caught sight of their entwined fingers and immediately shut his mouth, a sly smile making its way across his face. He covered up a snicker as he realized the irony of it all. This was the boy that had never even attempted to go after another female before, and here he was moving in on Snape's niece. Oh, that was rich. He found it even more so amusing that the girl accepted his advances without protest. He was so amused in fact he almost missed Professor Dumbledore coming over to talk to him.

"Any sign of him Professor?", Percy asked quietly, careful to avoid stepping on Serenity.

"No. All well here?", Dumbledore replied in a likewise tone, also spying down on the two pretending-to-be-sleeping students.

"Everything is under control sir.", Percy stated smiling slightly at the look of amusement on the headmasters face.

"Good. There's no point in moving them all now. I've found a temporary guardian for the Gryffindor portrait hole. You'll be able to move back in tomorrow.", the headmaster told him shifting his wand in his hand.

"Headmaster?", It was Snape. Harry kept quiet, listening hard. He was sure that by the way Sere had gripped his hand she was listening to.

"The whole of the third floor has been searched. He's not there. And Filch has done the dungeons; nothing there either."

"What of the Astronomy Tower? Professor Trelawney's room? The Owlery?"

"All searched..."

"Very well, Severus. I really didn't expect Black to linger."

"Have you any theory as to how he got in, Professor?", Snape asked, his voice losing the cruel malice it usually held, but now sounding tired and weary.

"Many Severus, each of them as unlikely as the next."

Harry opened his eyes a fraction of an inch, and he could see Snape, who was obviously furious, Percy who was listening very carefully, and he could see Dumbledore's back.

"You remember the conversation we had, Headmaster, just before the start of this term?", asked Snape barely moving his lips, yet his voice was loud and clear, sharp and biting. Oh yeah, he was ticked. But, you'd think that Snape would have been happy if Black had managed to kill him off.

"I did express my concern when you appointed-"

"I do not believe a single person in this school would have helped Black enter it.", stated Dumbledore firmly, his tone of voice signifying that the current conversation was over. Snape wisely didn't say a word.

"I must go down to the dementors.", Dumbledore informed taking a step towards the great hall doors. "I said I would inform them when out search was complete."

Serenity shivered at the word dementors and her eyes clenched shut. Harry looked at her worriedly before giving her hand a comforting squeeze. She relaxed a bit, but it wasn't much better.

"Didn't they want to help, sir?", Percy asked pointedly.

"Oh yes," Dumbledore said coldly. "But I'm afraid that no dementor shall cross the threshold of this castle while I am headmaster."

With that the three both went their own ways, Albus to the dementors, Percy back to his rounds, and Severus to who knows where.

"What was that all about?", Ron mouthed finally turning towards them.



The school talked of nothing for the next few days, except for Sirius Black. Hannah Abbot spent much of their next Herbology class telling anyone who would stop to listen that Black could turn into a flowering shrub.

The Fat Lady's ripped canvas was replaced with the portrait of Sir Cadogan and his fat gray pony. No one was very happy about this. Sir Cadogan spent half his time challenging people to duels, and the rest thinking up ridiculously complicated passwords, which he changed at least twice a day.

"Can't we get anyone else? He's stark raving mad!", Seamus Finnigan asked angrily to Percy.

"None of the other pictures wanted the job.", said Percy. "They're all frightened because of what happened to the fat lady."

Sir Cadogan was the least of Harry's worries however. He was now being closely watched. Teachers found excuses to walk with him down the hallways, and Percy Weasely (acting, Harry suspected, on his mother's orders.) was tailing him everywhere. To cap it all, McGonagall summoned Harry into her office, with such a somber expression Harry thought someone had finally bit the wrong end of the proverbial bullet.

"There's no point in hiding from you any longer. Sirius Black-", she started in a very serious voice.

"I know he's after me.", Harry stated wearily. It had been a long day and all he wanted to do was to go to the common room and crash on the couch, no doubt where Serenity would be reading a book or drawing, and Hotaru playing exploding snap with Ginny, all the while listening to Ron and Hermione quarrel.

"I heard Ron's dad telling his mum. Mr. Weasely works for the Ministry of Magic."

Professor McGonagall seemed very taken aback, and immediately tried to get him to stop going to evening practices for Quidditch. In the end they came out with a compromise to have Madame Hooch oversee their training sessions.

The weather worsened steadily as the first Quidditch match slowly came around. Undaunted, the Gryffindor team was training harder than ever under the ever watching eye of Madame Hooch. Serenity had begun to attend some of the training sessions, just to watch and take notes. She even got in the air at the Twin's insistence and played a few scrimmages with them, doing fairly well. Wood obviously approved of her skills, and her broom, making frequent comments on her technique. Then on the last training session before the match on Saturday, Wood gave them some unwelcome news.

"We're not playing Slytherin!", Oliver stated angrily," We're playing Hufflepuff. Flint says their Seekers arm is still injured."

"Malfoy's arm is fine!", Harry yelled furiously, clenching his fist shut," He's faking it!".

"But Harry, remember, we know that but we can't prove it. So you're stuck.", came Serenity's voice from on top of the locker next to Angelina. The group had already begun to accept her as part of the team, as an alternate perhaps.

"She's right.", started Wood bitterly. "And we spent all that time practicing as if we were playing Slytherin. They've got a new Captain, Cedric Diggory-"

Angelina, Alicia, and Katie suddenly giggled from atop the lockers.

"What?", asked Wood frowning at their lighthearted behavior.

"He's that tall, good-looking one, isn't he?", asked Angelina with a grin.

"Yeah, strong and silent.", added Serenity with an identical grin to Angelina's.

All four girls looked at each other and broke out in laughter. Katie fell off the locker and landed right in George's arms, who suddenly grinned impishly, and wiggled his eyebrows.

Harry felt an unusual anger at Cedric for being the cause of the girl's giggle-fest, mainly for causing Serenity to laugh at the 'good-looking' comments. The thought of her going after Cedric, or any other man for that matter, didn't bode very well with him.

"He's only silent because he's two thick to string two words together.", stated Fred slightly jealous that his Angelina was talking about the Hufflepuff Seeker in such a way. "I don't know why you're worried Oliver. Last time we played them Harry caught the Snitch in like two minutes, remember?"

"We were playing in completely different conditions!", Wood yelled, his eyes bulging slightly.

"Oliver, calm down!", Shouted Fred, looking slightly alarmed. "We're taking Hufflepuff very seriously. Seriously."



The day before the match, the winds reached howling point and the rain fell harder than ever. It was so dark inside the corridors and classrooms that extra torches and lanterns were lit. The Slytherin team was looking very smug indeed, and none more so than Malfoy.

"Ah, if only my arm was feeling a bit better.", he sighed as the gale pounded outside the windows.

Harry had no room in his head to worry about anything except the match tomorrow. Oliver Wood kept hurrying up to him between classes and giving him tips. The third time this happened, Wood talked for so long that Harry suddenly realized he was ten minutes late for Defense Against the Dark Arts, and shot off at a run with Wood shouting after him," Diggory's got a fast swerve, Harry, so you might want to try looping him----"

Harry skid to a halt outside the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, pulled the door open, and dashed inside.

"Sorry I'm late Professor Lupin, I-", but it wasn't Professor Lupin who looked up at him from the teachers desk. It was Snape.

"This lesson began ten minutes ago, Potter, so I think we'll make it ten points from Gryffindor. Sit down.", Snape stated coldly, his eyes boring holes through the boy. Harry didn't move.

"Where's Professor Lupin.", Harry asked rooted to the spot.

"He says he is feeling too ill to teach today.", replied Severus a twisted smile upon his face. "And I believe I told you to sit down."

But Harry stayed where he was.

"What's wrong with him?"

Snape's black eyes glittered.

"Nothing life-threatening.", he retorted, looking as though he wished it were. "Five points from Gryffindor, and if I have to ask you to sit down again, it will be fifty."

Harry walked slowly to his seat between Ron and Serenity, who currently wore a deep unforgiving scowl on her face. He absentmindedly wondered what had caused her foul mood, she rarely ever looked angry. A little irrated, sure, but never angry. It had also seemed that as of late Serenity was not speaking to her uncle or even acknowledging the fact that he was alive. It was apparent that she wasn't too happy about him teaching another of her classes.

Snape rambled off in the front of the room, scolding Hermione for trying to tell him where they were in the class. Then he decided that they were to discus werewolves.

"But sir-", started Hermione seemingly unable to restrain herself, "We're not supposed to do werewolves yet, we're due to start hinky-punks --"

"Miss Granger,", started Snape his voice a deadly calm," I was under the impression that I was to be teaching this lesson, not you. And I am telling you all to turn to page 394.", He glanced around again. For a split second his eyes met Serenity's, and he seemed to recoil a bit.

"ALL of you! NOW!", he snarled out angrier than before.

With many bitter sidelong looks and some sullen muttering, the class opened their books.

Harry glanced at Serenity and she opened her book in clipped motions, the anger rolling off of her in waves. He gingerly touched her shoulder when Snape had his back turned, and was surprised when she whirled around and switched her glare to him. His eyes widened and he felt his insides twist. Serenity's eyes suddenly softened, as if she had just realized whom she was glaring at. Her eyes grew kinder, and lost the inhuman predatory gleam. She reached up and closed her hand over his, squeezing it slightly, a silent apology.

Harry gave her a quirky grin and pulled her left hand into his right, entwining their fingers under the desk, away from prying eyes.

Ron and Hermione caught part of the exchange from different angles, and as they did, questioning glances were thrown towards each other. Though neither caught the end due to the fact that Snape had begun talking and asking questions.

"Which of you can tell me how we distinguish between the werewolf and the true wolf?", asked Snape staring pointedly in the vicinity of Serenity and Harry.

Everyone sat in a motionless silence, everyone except Hermione, whose hand, as it so often did, had shot strait in the air.

"Anyone?", he questioned, his twisted smile was back. He purposely ignored Hermione, pretending she didn't even exist.

Serenity glowered stony faced at the man she had once called her family. He was discussing werewolves for a reason. And that reason was Professor Remus Lupin. 'How could he do this?', she wondered gripping the hand underneath the table tightly. Not tight enough to hurt Harry, but enough to vent her anger. First, Snape had attempted to renounce her duty as Sailor Moon, next he was trying to expose a good teacher, and a pure hearted man, of a dark secret that wasn't even remotely his fault. She twirled a piece of long hair that had drifted over her shoulder from the two heart shaped buns she wore on either side of her head, around the index and thumb fingers of her right hand.

Her stomach suddenly lurched painfully as an unpleasant feeling tugged at her soul. 'What now?', she wondered releasing Harry's hand to clutch her stomach with both hands. Harry's head jerked towards her, at her sudden movement. He was surprised to see her holding her stomach, her face etched in pain. His face contorted into concern, as she suddenly winced in pain and closed her eyes. The sharp pointed pain tugged at her again, it was stronger. She was left with a sense of dizziness, as if she was going to faint or something along the lines of having an intimate conversation with the porcelain god. Bow to the porcelain god, kneel before his greatness, give him presents.

"Sere?", he whispered worriedly, caring less if he was caught by their sadistic teacher or not.

"Is there something the two of you would like to share?", questioned Snape angrily, oblivious to his niece's plight. The class stared at them each in turn, wondering why they had chosen to tick off the professor even more.

"I think she needs to see Madame Pomfrey.", Harry stated firmly, staring straight at the man he had slowly begun to despise.

"Really, I think I-", he started finally getting a good look at Serenity. 'What...', he wondered scrutinizing her current condition. She looked as if she were going to have a fainting spell, and as she winced again, her face contorted into pure pain.

"Then by all means Mr. Potter, please escort her there.", came a mysterious voice from the door way. She wore formal form fitting garnet dress robes with a long black cloak covering it, her long green hair swept up into a half bun.

"S-setsuna?", choked out Serenity, blinking at the older woman in absolute shock.

The woman in maroon merely nodded with a slight all-knowing smile, as Harry wrapped an arm about Serenity's waist, helping her stand up as another wave of pain lashed through her.

{All in due time Princess, all in due time.}, Setsuna thought to Serenity with telepathy. As Serenity passed by she suddenly reached over and hugged the older woman tightly, just as suddenly letting go. The two shared a look and with a soft smile and the woman nodded to Harry handing him a pass, who then gently grasped Serenity's elbow, and tugged her out the door.

"I'd like you to meet your new student teacher. Yue Reed.", the woman continued walking into the room gracefully, a young man trailing behind her with long pure white silken hair trailing behind him. The man's movements screamed liquid steel, and his cool pale blue eyes, and pale complexion only enhanced his alluring effect by ten fold. Parvati leaned on her hand as if to get a better look and threw a small smile at Lavender. He wore navy blue robes, with a formal furled white shirt underneath, the collar stiffly put where it should be. If anyone else had been wearing what he had, they would have been uncomfortable, but the man seemed to be right at home.

"Good Afternoon.", the man stated with a slight bow of his head, the words were said without emotion, as if it were a machine stating them instead of a man.

"In that case take over for a few moments while I have a few words with Lady Meioh.", Snape hissed stalking out of the room behind a highly amused Setsuna.

"What a bugger.", Yue stated loudly without thinking. He fought the urge slap a hand over his mouth, and frowned instead. The class stared bug eyed, and then began to howl with laughter. Ever since it became clear that Yukito and Touya would never again form a relationship, it also became clear that Yue and Yukito shared some mutual feelings. For the sorceress Sakura. Thus they decided it best to become one once more, and ever since then Yue had been prone to say some.... improper things, things Yukito would have said.

"Settle down, settle down.", Yue admonished with the grace to blush. After being married to the cherry blossom for over 300 years emotions had slowly begun to take place in his life once more.

With a few more giggles the class quieted and Yue looked down at the lesson plan. "Werewolves? Are you not beginning third years?", Yue addressed the class with a bit of a confused look.

"We are starting third years, sir.", a girl with mouse brown hair replied.

"That Professor...,", Yue trailed off flipping back in the book till he got to hinky-punks.

"Page thirty please, a hinky-punk sounds easier now doesn't it?", Yue questioned, using Yukito's knowledge of children to sound more friendly to them. The class seemed to loosen up after that, and the previous tense atmosphere slowly dissipated.

The only reason that he had taken this mission was because he couldn't fathom something trying to hurt the innocent Princess Serenity, reincarnation or not. He had met the Princess in his early years, before Sakura had become his eternal love and mistress. Serenity had been at the young tender age of three or four years old, even then drawing people towards her with her light. And he was not ashamed to say that he too had been taken with her light, but then he remembered with a wry smile, that according to Clow Reed she had been taken with him as well.

FLASHBACK ______________________________________________________________________


The girl though small, had managed to elude her care takers, and find her way to his suite, abruptly getting tangled in his hair as he sat oblivious reading a book from Mercury's extensive library. When he had finally noticed the slight tugging at his white locks, she was deeply tangled and quietly whimpering, stuck within the white mass. A few agonizing moments later he had freed her of his hair, only then taking in her white christening like dress, silvery hair, royal hairstyle, and most importantly the moon upon her brow.

"Hello Princess.", He stated with a soft smile kneeling down to her level.

Serenity's innocent blue eyes sparkled with untold excitement as she looked at him. Without hesitation the small child held her chubby little arms up to him, her hands clenching once or twice as she called," Up, Pwease?"

Now Yue was confused, what did the child want? Up? Up where?

"Up, pick me up, pwease?", she cried again with urgency, eyes now sparkling with tears, her arms still outstretched towards him.

Yue sighed and picked her up, hoping it was what she wanted, praying she didn't cry. To his shock she wrapped her tiny arms around his neck and giggled. He shifted his wings back with amusement, and she reached out to touch them.

"What's so funny?", he asked her looking at her eye to eye.

She shrugged and leaned her head against his shoulder, clutching his robes tightly. She sat up as she noticed the dark violet bauble on the front of his robes. Her eyes widened with wonderment as she poked at it, giggling again as it shifted color each time she poked. Soon enough she dissolved into giggles, continuing to poke the orb. Yue couldn't help but smile down at her, the simplest things pleased her. She suddenly stopped and gave him a good once over.

"Your pwetty, wike my Mummy.", she stated bluntly, tugging at his collar.

"Your very pretty too.", he replied with a bit of a blush, a three and a half year old thought he was pretty.

"I am?", she asked her crystal blue eyes wide, as she listened to him with great interest.

Yue moved his book down on the bay window seat he had been sitting on, and sat down once more the precious angel cradled gently in his arms. He hoped he wasn't hurting her, he had never held a child before. His wings fluttered a little as he leaned against the wall his legs pulled up onto the bay window.

"Yes you are, just like your Mother.", he replied finally watching her eyes light up as he said so.

"What's your name?", she asked with a sudden yawn, playing with the violet bauble again.

"Yue.", he replied,"What's your name?", he asked even though he well knew her name, he felt it polite to return the gesture.

"My name's P-Princess Serendipy. Call me just Serendipy.", she explained waving her hands about as if she were explaining something very important.

"All right Just Serenity.", Yue stated covering up a smirk as he saw her fists bunch, and her face frown.

"Nu-uh, call me Serendipy.", she growled poking him with her chubby little finger.

"Of course Serenity.", he replied with a laugh, and as he laughed, her eyes lit up and she laughed too.

"I wike you, you're nice.", Serenity stated finally curling up in the crook of his arms leaning against him, her head resting on his shoulder once more, her tiny arms crossed over her stomach. Yue watched in fascination as her eyes fluttered shut, and her breathing slowed, her heartbeat slowing with it.

'What a precious creature.', he thought watching her carefully. A wave of protectiveness washed over him as she turned towards him a hand clinging to his robes once more, yet she was still asleep.

'I should probably return her to the nurse maid.', he thought smirking at the thought of the haughty Patricia Haruna running around like a chicken with her head cut off looking for the princess, that she had undoubtedly lost. His eyes sparkled with mischief as he thought, 'Then again, maybe not.' He really didn't like Haruna, she was rude and far to strict to be a nurse maid for such a happy child.

He looked down at the child again and realized she was shivering in her thin dress, and without hesitation he wrapped his arms around her, his long elegant sleeves covering the slumbering princess' form, warming her almost instantly. He then for good measure wrapped his wings loosely about them, surrounding them in a flurry of white. She shifted and gave a little snore, but fell back to sleep. He watched her sleep peacefully for close to an hour, then unexpectedly fell asleep himself.


"Selenity-sama, the princess is missing!", cried out Patricia Haruna to the regal woman who was conversing with a dark hared man, she knew to be Lord Reed.

"Please, do calm down, what do you mean?", the lavender hared woman asked in a calm voice, though her eyes showed her worry.

"I turned away for a moment to tend to Makoto-hime, and when I turned around she was gone the door wide open!", the nearly crying woman explained wringing her hands in worry.

"She must have just wandered out, she can't be far, if you'll follow me I'll lead you to her.", Selenity stated with a smile. She pushed away her worry due to the fact that she could still feel her only child's aura, safe and happy within the castle.

As the powerful woman stood up staff at her side, she swung it into her beloved space-pocket, and lead the way towards her daughter. Her white silky dress swished around her ankles as she pointedly walked down the corridor, her heals clicking on the solid marble.

Some time later she came to a creaked open door, belonging to Clow's first guardian, and she threw an arched eyebrow at the powerful magician who shrugged. How was he to know what his guardian did in his spare time?

Selenity knocked once, receiving no answer, she knocked again, once again receiving the same result. She pushed open the unlocked door, then walked into the main chambers of the suite. To her surprise she found the napping duo on the bay window. A small smile slid across her face as she watched motioning for the other two to come in the room. Clow and Patricia walked in and Patricia angrily began to stomp towards Yue, but was stopped by none other than the Queen herself. The lavender hared woman flipped out a silver communicator, and pressed the teal button. The face of none other than the Queen of Neptune, Amphitrite, appeared on the screen.

"Amphitrite, could you come to Clow Reeds, guardians suite for a few hours, I have something I'd like you to paint.", the Queen stated with a soft smile.

"Of course, I'll be there in a few moments.", the Queen replied with a nod and a smile. Minutes later the smell of salt and water filled the air, and in an appearance of crashing oceanic water the Queen of Neptune appeared, easel and paints in hand.

"What would you like me to paint?", she asked looking around the room spotting the sleeping two.

"Of course.", Amphitrite stated with a smile, not waiting for an answer, and quickly began to work.

Two hours later the painting was finished and lovely, with its intricate detail and obvious skill. The Moon Princess being cradled in the arms of a Moon Angel, safely being protected, within a flurry of white feathered wings.

"I love it.", murmured the high Queen, looking gratefully at the hand cramped Amphitrite.

"I'm glad.", the woman replied shaking her slightly stinging hand.

"It's exquisite.", Reed stated looking at it appreciatively.

"Thank-you.", Neptune replied blushing a bit.

"No, thank-you.", Selenity replied hugging her friend.

"Your very welcome.", Neptune replied hugging her back.

"Should we wake them?", Patricia huffed, her feathers still ruffled, that this guardian had the audacity to up-stage her.

"Dinner shall be on soon, we should.", Selenity acquiesced walking to the still, miraculously sleeping pair. With gentle movements the Queen shook his shoulder, and to her shock, he frowned and the wings completely enfolded around them, protecting them from the outside world.

"A defense mechanism, don't touch him o-", Clow began as Selenity touched the top of Yue's wing. Electricity streaked through her and she backed away slowly.

"He's your guardian, you try.", she whimpered sounding younger than she really was. She blew on her stinging fingers while Amphitrite immediately took the Queens hand to examine it.

"Gladly.", Clow retorted with a low chuckle.

"Yue. Cereberos is going through your things again. Oh look he just broke your favorite vase, and the ice crystal, and the blue bauble...", the man trailed off waiting for the explosion.

"He WHAT?", Yue growled his wings and eyes snapping open. The child in his arms stirred, and Yue immediately hushed, more concerned with her than his material items.

"Morning.", Selenity stated as the sting wore off her fingers.

"Mor-", he started but stopped as he realized it was the Queen, GLARING at him.

The woman stifled a laugh as the man's face paled, and his eyes widened. She was unsuccessful in her charade, as an undignified snort came from her mouth. It was followed by a snicker, and then thrown into full-blown laughter, as the guardian arched an elegant eyebrow, wondering if she had lost her mind.

"Oh, dear, dear Yue, you should have seen your face. It was absolutely PRICELESS.", she called leaning on Neptune, who politely covered her mouth trying to hide her snickers.

"It's not everyday you wake to find the Queen of the Solar System glaring at you.", he growled back, his pale blue eyes ice cold, as the Queen continued to laugh.

"Well, it's not everyday I get to see your face pale ten shades is it?", the Queen retorted calming her laughing and straightening her dress.

Yue stared towards the Queen for a moment longer, never making direct eye contact then returned his attention to the child in his arms. His eyes softened upon landing on her sleeping figure, and he gave a small smile as she stretched.

"Serenity-hime?", he asked smiling more so as she yawned and blinked cutely, curling back up to return to the dream world.

"No you don't, time to wake up.", he persisted shaking her gently. The little girl opened her eyes again and this time they stayed open. She rubbed them with another yawn and sat up with what seemed to be great difficulty.

"Yue-san? I'm so seepy...", the tiny child trailed off wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning upon his shoulder.

"You'll wake soon.", he replied rubbing her back gently. She yawned again and then pulled away, somehow sensing the other presence's in the room.

"Mummy!", she cried out reaching towards her mother happily. The Queen took her with a smile and gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead.

"Hello, dear. Did you have a nice nap?", Selenity asked, her large blue eyes sparkling. Serenity nodded in affirmative and then wiggled out of her mother's embrace taking her hand in her left.

"Mummy, this is Yue-san. He's my new.. new f-fiend.", the chibi girl announced beaming up at the winged guardian taking his cool hand happily in her right hand.

"It's nice to meet you Yue-san.", the Queen replied with a wink to the guardian. The little princess had said the word friend wrong, but all in the room got the idea.


Yue nodded as a boy named Ronald Weasely answered a question correctly. These third years were quite bright, for such young children. Especially one of the girls her last name being Granger. Closing his lesson plan he noticed Snape had planned to have them complete a werewolf essay, two rolls of parchment. He would have to issue it anyway, just in case Snape taught their next class.



"What did you think you were doing?", hissed Severus utterly furious with the garnet eyed woman.

"What you told me to.", the woman replied an all knowing smile gracing her face.

Oh, how that smile unnerved him. It reminded him that in general the beautiful woman before him was right in her every cause. That he had been in general wrong.

"I wanted a guardian that would keep Potter away from her.", he shot back suddenly, covering up his wounded pride and stomped on ego.

"And?", she questioned an elegant eyebrow raised with a certain air of superiority, as if she knew things he did not. With an internal groan he realized that she DID know things he didn't. It was in her job description. Although it still didn't stop him from resenting her. She infuriated him. She always seemed to mock him and yet respect him at the same time. It was far from amusing.

"And you sent her out with him ", Snape barked out glaring into her mysterious, nonetheless intoxicating garnet eyes.

"Dear Severus, the one thing you should have learned by now, is that you can't have everything you want.", Setsuna replied her smile growing slightly larger as she saw his fists clench and his eyes harden.

"Damn you.", he hissed angrily his jaw clenched in animosity towards the robed clad guardian.

"Language, Language.", she replied calmly waving a finger at him, her smile still on her face. Her full coral lips twisted upwards ever so slightly at the ends, signifying she was almost scolding him. Her gleaming dark green hair swung behind her in an exotic way. Her other hand resting on her hip, covered by thin sensual red material.

Severus blinked, pausing in his train of thought. He reviewed his thoughts and lost his ability to speak. He blinked again and reeled away from her, his face growing pale by shades. She cutely cocked her head to the side a silent question in her eyes, as she reached out to steady him. She couldn't have him hurting himself now could she? He jerked away from her touch his previously clenched fists now clutching his black robes. He turned his head away missing her startled frown, and looked down the hall.

"What's wrong with Serenity?", he asked gruffly his arms crossed tightly.

"Endymion is tearing his soul away from her.", Setsuna replied with a sigh her eyes averted to the floor.

"He's WHAT?", demanded the suddenly enraged professor nearly blasting out Setsuna's ear drums.

'Great sets of lungs must run in the family.', she mused wryly wincing as he once again turned his most potent glare her way.

"You'll understand soon enough.", she replied curtly silently transforming into Sailor Pluto, staff included.

Severus felt his lungs squeeze painfully as he once again saw her sailor fuku. He had seen it a million times before but never had he had the air deprived from his body in such a way. The white body suit hugged her perfectly formed figure in such a way that it was nearly indecent. Hell it was indecent. The skirt didn't make any difference in the view he got of her legs. Legs up to her neck. As she bid him good bye and created a portal to leave, he broke out of his stupor, and quickly scowled.



Harry sat in the deserted Gryffindor common room, Serenity's head resting in his lap. She had adamantly refused to see Madame Pomfrey, mumbling something about the fact that it wasn't an ailment. Every once in awhile her face contorted into pain, and she held in a muffled cry. His eyes reflected worry for the girl as she curled up into a ball, doing her best to hide the soul crippling pain she felt. She had noticed that an area around her heart had begun to glow an ocean blue, a forest green, and a dirt brown. Earth like colors. She hoped, no she prayed that this was not what she thought it was. She pushed it out of her mind as she prepared herself for the next wave of pain. By the Gods it hurt. The glow around her heart intensified, and she was utterly positive Harry could not see it. Otherwise he would have insisted on her seeing Madame Pomfrey.

Harry removed the wet cloth he had been using to cover her forehead and dipped it in the slowly warming bowl of water. She was burning hot to the touch, it was beginning to frighten him, and he was beginning to rethink his decision of not taking her to the hospital wing. As he placed the cool towel back upon her forehead he gently lifted her head and set it on the couch.

"I'm going to refill this, will you be all right for a few moments?", Harry asked worriedly, brushing away her hair from her lovely face.

"You don't have to do this, you can go back to class. I'll be fine.", she wheezed out throwing what she hoped was reassuring smile in his general direction.

Harry gave a dignified snort and stared at her an eyebrow raised. If that wasn't the biggest lie he had ever heard he didn't know what was. Besides, like he really wanted to go back to Snape's wonderful teaching.

"I'd rather stay here with you though.", he replied once again brushing her hair away from face.

"Thank you.", she replied flashing him a sheepish smile. He then grabbed the bowl of now warm water and walked towards his dorm where he could refill it. With a small glance back towards her, seemingly at peace for a few moments, he then disappeared up the spiral stairs.

"Oh God.", she whispered as she suddenly felt the pull against her soul again. The pain grew more intense and this time she knew it wasn't going to stop until it got what it wanted. She covered up a muffled scream with a throw pillow as the glow began to grow. It kept growing until it was disconnected with her body. It was then that that the pain stopped. This process had taken no more than seconds, but to her it felt like eternity. Serenity stared up at the hazy figure the glow made, but for the life of her could not place the features. It descended upon her once more and seemed to embrace her, ghostly figures brushing away tears she hadn't even realized she had shed. It then faded away slowly it's hand lingering on her cheek as if hesitant to leave her alone. Her voice was caught in her throat as she watched the specter fade completely out of existence. The presence that she had felt with her always was gone, and she was left feeling desperately alone.

The sandy yellow stone on her necklace pulsated angrily, although soothing her at the same time.

'Be strong my little Koneko. I've got an onore to kill s--', the voice of Haruka Ten'no sounded in her head, and the sound of a sudden smack resounded through her mind.

'Watch your mouth Haruka. She's still a child!', scolded Michiriu Kaioh, her respective teal stone glowing softly.

'Michiriu-san, she does have a point though.', came the voice of Ami Mizuno the ice blue stone glowing in equal intensity to the sandy yellow stone.

'All in favor of Haruka, say Aye, those opposed say Nay!', interrupted the enthusiastic call of Makoto Kino, the sound of cracking knuckles accompanying it. The forest green stone shown brightly almost outdoing the ice blue stone.

'AYE!', came the forceful cry from three other voices, with Haruka taking the poll.

'I'm beginning to wonder why I bother.', muttered Michiriu, amusement in her voice. Serenity could almost picture the elegant senshi shaking her head like a chastising mother.

'Just because you love us so much!', chirped the voice of none other than Minako Aino her orange stone shining joyfully, bumping into the calmly glowing teal stone.

{You guys? Is that you?}, Serenity asked having finally regained her voice, overcoming her shock with false hope.

'It's us Sere-chan! How are you?', asked Makoto worriedly smiling at the thought of one of her very best friends. Then frowning at the thought of what had just happened.

{I missed you all so much! I've been... all right, I guess. Where are you??}, Serenity replied happily unaware that her eyes were drifting shut. Soon she was blissfully asleep and slowly she could make out forms that were her senshi.

"Haruka!", she cried out throwing her arms around the stunned taller blonde.

"Koneko!", the woman yelled out after a few moments of shock and began to spin her around in circles.

"Makoto, Mina, Ami, Rei!", she continued tears of happiness coursing down her face, and the faces of her friends as she hugged each of them.

"Michiriu!", the silvery hared girl yelled tackling the unsuspecting woman with a hug.

"Oh how we've missed you.", the woman whispered hugging her princess just as tight as the others.

"Hello Serenity.", came the deep rich voice she knew all too well.

"Mamoru!", she cried out happily throwing her arms around his neck, and hugging him tightly. She felt a spark of pain flash through her, but ignored it covering it up with a bright smile.

"I missed you too.", he replied quietly wrapping his arms around her as well. He was slightly surprised that her hug had not included depriving him of oxygen, it seemed as if the hug she had given Haruka had more feeling in it. He internally slapped himself and reminded himself, that yes, that was a good thing; Because maybe just maybe she thought less of him than she had before. He could only hope.

"Where is this place?", Serenity questioned after a few moments pulling away from the embrace feeling eyes burning in her back.

"We... are in a place called EverWorld.", replied Michiriu glancing at the gray trees. The gray grass, the gray water, the gray everything, everything was gray, but the senshi and the various people milling around.

"How did you get here?", Serenity asked sitting down between Haruka and Minako, leaning against Haruka's shoulder. After their initial problems were resolved the older woman had always been there for her. As a father figure, an older brother, an older sister, and yes even a mother figure. She always found comfort in the older woman.

"The question is, how did you get here?", Mamoru interrupted from his spot between Ami and Rei.

"Well, I wasn't feeling well and there was this strange looking smoke figure that left me. Then I felt better, and then I heard Haruka.", Serenity explained snuggling deeper into the Haruka's arms, while the woman patted her gently on the back. It was a relief to smell the cherry blossom perfume the woman always had on. She wasn't sure where the smell came from, because Haruka had said she didn't wear perfume. But it always invaded her senses whenever she was around her beloved protector.

"The way we understand it, you have to lose your soul to come here. Then You-know-who places your soulless body here, and reunites your body and soul in this place.", Ami explained shifting her crossed legs underneath her, pulling down the hem of her knee length skirt.

"So you guys have your souls back now?", Serenity asked with wide comprehending eyes.

"Yes, our body and souls are intact, Voldermort no longer has control over our souls.", Minako replied flipping her bright hair over her shoulder.

"But this EverWorld is like a prison. We don't know how to get back to the real world.", Rei stated quietly her eyes averted from Serenity's small form.

"Maybe Setsuna knows.", Serenity mused aloud twirling a strand of hair around her finger.

"Setsuna and Hotaru disappeared awhile back. We don't know where they are.", Mamoru stated sadly. The girls were his closest things he had to best friends, the thought of losing them was more than upsetting.

"Setsuna and Hotaru are at Hogwarts with me!", Serenity stated looking at them all reproachfully.

Suddenly she noticed her feet were fading.

"I think I'm leaving.", Serenity stated tears gathering in her eyes.

"I'll try and figure something out! Good Bye!", she called hugging them all one last time, but as she went towards Mamoru she was no longer there.

"You should have told her.", Haruka stated simply her fists clenching. She wanted so very badly to lash out and pound someone, even something. The poor defenseless tree in the corner might do. Koneko was like a daughter to her, a younger sister, and was one of the few people that meant everything to her. Mamoru be damned if he hurt her.

"I know. We will, but she was so happy to see us...", Rei whispered sadly turning and sobbing harshly in Makoto's arms. The girl shook her head sadly and rubbed her friend's back in a comforting manner.

"We never meant for this to happen.", Mamoru mused forcing away tears from his eyes, he never wanted to hurt her. Ever.

"We know, but you must tell her.", Michiriu stated firmly, a nodding senshi of love wiping tears from her eyes.

"If you keep it from her, she will never forgive you.", whispered Ami leaning against a gray colored tree holding her face in her hands.



"Serenity? Serenity?", whispered a voice, breaking through her slumbering haze.

"H-Harry?", she questioned rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She blinked a few times and finally took in the pools of emerald green that looked at her so worriedly.

"Your awake!", he exclaimed relief flooding through him. He had come downstairs to find her asleep. He smiled for a moment as her sleep looked undisturbed, but then realized she was crying. He had placed her head back in his lap, and gingerly wiped her tears away, replacing the cloth on her forehead, although her body temperature had dropped considerably. He had tried to wake her when she began to shiver, but to no avail she had slept on.

"I feel better, but I'm so tired.", she replied with a smile and a yawn. She slowly pulled herself up, as he removed the cloth from her forehead. She then dropped back down on his shoulder curling up tightly against his side, an arm draped carelessly over him. He smelled strongly of cinnamon and something a little heavier she couldn't identify. He gave a small smile and in turn wrapped his arms around her, nearly covering her form from view with his robes.

"Harry?", she asked tucking her feet underneath her, as she tore her eyes from the fire in the fire place, only to gaze up at his side profile in the dim glow of the ever-burning logs.

"Hmm?", he questioned in turn glancing down at her. His stomach had begun their acrobatics moments ago and he was desperately trying to quell them. When he held her close, such a pleasant and yet frightening feeling swept over him. One day he would have to ask her about it.

"Thank-you.", Serenity replied once again dropping her gaze, feeling a blush flood through her. He said nothing but tightened his arms around her a silent response. She noticed the pass was upside down on the coffee table, and read in the dim light their assignments they would have missed for the rest of the day. She could faintly see through the thin paper the signatures of the teachers in their respective spots. 'Dear Setsuna.', she mused in her mind before succumbing to the inviting warmth Harry radiated, as they drifted into a tranquil moment.



Naturally when Harry didn't return to class Ron and Hermione wanted all the details. "Why didn't you guys come back? What was wrong? Are you all right? You should've met the new student teacher.", Hermione had rattled off as they walked to dinner. Serenity shook her head in amusement as the brown hared girl continued to pop questions one after another.

"Chatter-box.", Ron mouthed to Harry and Serenity who nodded solemnly.

"Serenity!", called out Hotaru happily as she saw her princess. She had felt her pain, but was unable to be excused from her classes. Then Snape had dropped down next to her, out of nowhere, and dragged him with her to train. It was so unfair. The silver hared girl hugged her younger companion, and squeezed her shoulder in a comforting manner taking a seat next to her.

Dinner in the Great Hall went swiftly enough and sooner than they liked they retreated to the common room to do whatever homework they had time for. Hermione finished hers while Ron had only a few things left to tweak, whereas Serenity and Harry had a whole days worth of homework to do. Serenity paused in her homework only to explain to Hotaru what had happened with the senshi in private. And then to help the small girl with Charms. They finished some of the tedious work and then bid eachother good night returning to their respective dorms.

~~~~~~~GIRL'S DORM~~~~~~~

Serenity watched the shadows play across the ceiling, her hands behind her head. As exhausted as she was, sleep just would not come. Something had been off upon her meeting with her senshi. She couldn't place a finger on it, and it had slowly begun to annoy her. Either way she was glad they were primarily 'safe'. Rei had seemed so upset. As a matter of fact everyone had, including Minako, which was rare. With a sigh she rolled over and stared out the window, she was probably just imagining things. She absent-mindedly wondered how Hotaru had gotten out of training before dinner. Normally they lost track of time and continued into the late hours of the night.

"Serenity, are you awake?", called Hermione softly watching the girl shift repeatedly. She idly wondered if the girl was having a nightmare, but she did indeed wish to talk to her.

"Yeah, what's wrong?", Serenity whispered back in a likewise tone not wishing to wake their slumbering friend.

"Do you like Harry?", she questioned after a few moments of silence, her question barely heard.

"Of course I do silly, Harry's really nice, and he's pretty kind to everyone-", Serenity started quirking an eyebrow in the girls general direction, even if it was in the dark. Of course she liked Harry, he was her friend.

"No, not like that, do you LIKE like him?", Hermione interrupted turning towards the girls voice.

"Oh, I-I don't really... know.", Serenity replied her brow furrowed, she pulled her knees up to her stomach and curled up beneath the blankets, laying on her side. She hadn't really thought about THAT.

"Oh.", Hermione replied staring at the ceiling.

"Why did you want to know?", the silvery hared girl asked clutching her blankets around her tightly.

"Just wondering. Good night.", Hermione stated rolling over signaling the conversation was at an end.

"Night.", Serenity replied wistfully. She stared out the window once more and sighed. Sleep was not going to come easily that night. It probably wouldn't come at all.



Harry woke up extremely early that morning, mainly due to the fact that Peeves had been floating next to him blowing in his ear.

"What did you do that for?", he demanded angrily.

Peeves did nothing but cackle and spin out of the room.

The boy now fully awake at the ungodly hour of half past four, fumbled with his glasses placing them on clumsily. Thunder and lightening flashed across the sky, and he grimaced at the thought of playing in the rain. He took a quick shower, got dressed, then grabbed his Nimbus Two-Thousand, and snuck out of the dormitory. He willed away the wee hours of the morning and smiled when a silvery vision came down from the girls dormitory.

"Morning.", he greeted with slightly widened eyes, she looked especially... what was the word?... Lovely? Yes she looked especially lovely this morning, almost making his early waking worth it. Her hair trailed behind her by two feet or more as she walked, as it was held away from her face by a white headband.

"Morning to you too, at least I know I'm not the only psycho up at five a.m.", Serenity replied with a barely awake grin. Sleep had come three hours ago, and she had woken up to a nightmare. She wore tan flare jeans and a white long sleeve shirt that flared out at the sleeves. She carried a wooden handled brush with her, and her day cloak, with the silver clasp, and sat down next to him, flipping her hair over her shoulder. He watched fascinated as she brushed out any small tangles in her hair, leaving it a shimmering silver. She suddenly slipped her wand out of her sleeve and whirled it around in a twirling motion beneath her hair. Her hair followed her commands and twisted in multiple large spirals, taking her hair up to her lower thighs.

"Does it look all right?", she asked him standing up and spinning around.

"Beautiful.", he stated in a bit of a daze as she turned to face him once more.

"What was that?", she questioned not entirely sure she heard him correctly.

He blinked and realized what had said, blushing furiously, as he sought for words to cover it up. "Ah, it looks nice."

"Thanks.", she stated flashing him a grin and dropping back to the couch and crossing her legs over his lap. He raised an eyebrow, and she grinned cheekily.

"You took up too much room, so I made do.", Serenity responded with mock aristocracy, turning her nose up.

He laughed loudly wondering what had caused her spontaneous good mood.

Nothing could bring Serenity's day down. She had seen her senshi the day before, and they were healthy and well. All they needed to do was figure out a way to get them out. But they were safe, and definitely _not_ comatose so her day was a good day. She leaned back on the armrest and tried to sort her thoughts. They drifted from the senshi, to school, to Mamoru, to Severus ,to school, to Harry, to dementors, to nightmares, to Hotaru, to Hermione and so on and so fourth. She pushed her disturbing thoughts far away. The senshi were going to be all right. Snape would come out of his rut eventually, and school was well. Besides it was the Quidditch match today, she had to be there to cheer Harry and the rest of the team on. He had practiced so hard for this.

"So how's Scabbers?", Serenity questioned suddenly glancing down the couch at him.

"Oh, he's fine I guess.", Harry replied repressing an incoming yawn, as he spoke. He flipped his unruly hair out of his eyes and sighed. "It's been a long night."

"You're telling me.", Serenity groaned, burying her face in her cloak, hiding her own blush. She had absentmindedly put her brush in her space pocket, she hoped he hadn't noticed.

The two sat on the couch till seven thirty, softly talking, making light of the dreary day. It was then that thunder cracked loudly close, to the castle, briefly letting them feel slight vibrations. Serenity jumped up from where she was and hugged Harry as tight as she possibly could.

"I hate thunder, I hate thunder, I hate thunder...", she repeated over and over coming up a high pitching muffled sound, her face buried in his Quidditch robes.

"Air is becoming an issue.", Harry choked out. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy her arms around him, he did, very much so, but he couldn't breathe.

Serenity loosened her grip a little still latched onto him as lightening flashed across the sky and thunder cracked through the air. "Sorry.", she muttered lifting up her face a little to look at him. His emerald eyes held laughter and they sparkled as he set his broom down and held her tightly. She felt a sense of dejavu, pass over her as his warmth surrounded her, and the smell of cinnamon once again enveloped her. And that was the way Ron found them at eight o'clock, half-asleep.

"Don't tell me you two stayed here all night.", Ron quipped carrying his cloak as well.

"Nah, we haven't been here too long. She's just frightened of thunder, that's all.", Harry retorted with a quirky grin.

"Sure.", Ron stated with a similar grin, plopping down on the longer family couch, as the two-seater was occupied.

Having not heard thunder for the last few minutes she gingerly pilled away. No sooner had she let out a sigh of relief, the thunder became revengeful and struck again. Serenity yelped and dove back into his arms, drawing her legs up beside her, and curled in his embrace.

"That's scared, looks more like petrified.", Ron mused with a small smile, they were amusing to say the least. The normally in control Serenity was shaking like a frightened child, clinging desperately to Harry like a child would a mother.

"It's not going to hurt you, you know.", Harry started smiling down at her. She was like a scared little bunny, who needed him. It felt nice to be needed, even for such a trivial thing.

"Ron is Serenity here? She wasn't in her bed and Hermi's going absolutely-", Rachel began, her hair slightly mussed from her super-human flight down the stairs. "Oh.", she finished a familiar sly smile making it's way across her face.

"Well, Well, Well Sere, what did I tell you?", she asked waving her finger at the confused frightened princess. "You've been holding out on us!"

"Huh?", Serenity asked naiveté sinking in for a moment, then slowly it clicked.

"Oh, no, no, no... Rach don't get any ideas, I just don't like the-", she began nervously before shrieking as thunder crashed again, sending her flying back into his arms.

"Sure, whatever you say Ren. I'll just go get Hermione now...", the girl trailed off winking at her.

Serenity gave a muffled groan and slowly slid out of Harry's embrace. "I'm leaving before they get down here... I'll never hear the end of it.", she stated conspiratorially to Harry, grabbing her cloak as she stood, straightening her outfit.

"I think I'll go too...", Harry responded with a wince as he realized what Rachel had been speaking of, not realizing that by leaving with her, he was making it worse.

'I wonder...', Ron trailed off with a sly smile as the two exited, Harry holding the portrait open for Serenity. He shook his head and grinned, walking towards the girls dormitory stairs to wait for Hermione.



Serenity and Harry both received their breakfast, Harry only picking at his. Pale blue eyes watched the duo and noted their every word, their every action. 'What a strange boy...', the figure in the shadows thought with a small smirk. The little princess had grown up quite well to say the least. 'Not a threat.', the guardian decided, deftly slipping from the shadows scaring the living daylights out of more than a few children. His long silvery white hair floated on the ground behind him, his pristine robes unwrinkled. He made his way to the head table, and quickly took his seat on the other side of Minerva McGonagall.

Serenity noticed Harry's breakfast going uneaten, and looked at him questioningly. He normally devoured his breakfast... "What's wrong?"

"I'm just nervous I suppose...", He trailed of, emerald eyes unsteady. The gale still pounded outside, the lightening still flashed. It was going to be one heck of a game.

"It's all right Harry, you'll do fine.", she replied with a comforting smile, giving him a half hug in their seats. Harry nodded as her warmth wrapped around him, suddenly feeling at ease. He wrapped an arm around her waist, drawing her close, her head in his shoulder.

"Morning Serenity-hime.", stated Hotaru with a yawn.

"Sleep well?", Serenity questioned the small black hared girl with a smile.

"Mhmm.", Hotaru replied cramming a piece of toast in her mouth, she was in a hurry, she had to meet her new friends, Ginny, Laurie, and Kelley before the match. They were going to sit together. "I've gotta go, I'll see you after the match!", the little girl called happily waving to her princess.

"Have fun Hotaru!", Serenity called waving back. She smiled brightly, more than happy that Hotaru had made four wonderful friends. She had been so lonely in Tokyo, she was happy here in London.

It was then that the rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch team showed up, Fred and George whooping as if they'd already won.

"It's going to be a tough one.", stated Wood who wasn't eating anything.

"Stop worrying Oliver, we don't mind a bit of rain.", Alicia replied soothingly, smiling at the girl who was wrapped tightly in Harry's embrace. She, like Percy, saw the humor in the situation.

Hermione and Ron came down the stairs, and quickly joined the chatter, wishing the whole team good luck.

When it came the time to leave, everyone bundled up tightly, umbrellas in hand. It was quite more than just a bit of rain, and Serenity gratefully stayed in Harry's embrace on the way to the pitch. She then realized he was leading her too the locker rooms, and tried to tug away, back towards the pitch. He would have nothing of it though and only tightened his grip on her waist, drawing her back to him. When they went into the locker rooms the gale stopped pummeling them mercilessly, and everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

"Why didn't you let me go to the pitch?", Serenity asked as Harry removed his cloak revealing damp red and gold Quidditch robes. The rest of the team were in various places changing into them.

"Because I didn't want you to leave.", he replied thickly pulling her down to sit on a bench next to him. He didn't want to let her go, she felt so right in his arms, they burned to hold her once more.

"Oh.", she replied with a nod and a blush crossed the bridge of her nose. She watched people run around hurriedly as they waited for the signal to line up in the dugout. Tentatively she leaned back into his arms, a moment of peace in the noisy surroundings.

"I ne-", Harry started but was cut off by Oliver's strained voice telling them to line up. The boy inwardly groaned and slowly pulled away from her, standing up, already missing her warmth.

"Wish me luck...", he trailed off giving her a goofy grin, although his insides were twisting painfully, at the thought of the match.

Serenity took a look out the window to see the pounding rain, and threw her arms around his neck, she was worried. She leaned up and gently kissed his cheek, gathering a blush once more. "Good Luck..."

Harry hugged her back and then numbly bent down to pick up his trusty broom. She had kissed him. Serenity Usagi Moon, had kissed him, of all people, him. Oliver walked towards them seeing Harry starting towards the dugout.

"Moon, why don't you come to the dugout, you'll get a better view there.", he suggested to the girl who had watched his Seekers back sadly.

"Really?", she asked, her head snapping up to stare at him hopefully.

He nodded with a serious look, "We might need an Alternate Chaser."

She bounced on the ends of her toes and threw her arms around him hugging him tightly," Oliver, you're the greatest!".

"I know.", he chuckled lightly as she ran after the dark hared boy, who immediately wrapped an arm about her waist one last time.


The wind was so strong it made them stagger sideways as they walked out onto the field. If the crowd was cheering, they couldn't hear it over the fresh rolls of thunder. Rain was splattering over Harry's glasses. How on Earth was he going to see the Snitch in this?

The Hufflepuffs were approaching from the opposite side of the field, wearing canary yellow robes. The Captains walked up to each other and shook hands; Diggory smiled at Wood, but Wood merely nodded back lock-jawed. Harry say Madame Hooch's mouth form the words, "Mount your brooms." He pulled his right foot out of the mud with a squelch and swung it over his Nimbus Two Thousand. Madame Hooch blew her whistle- And they were off!

Harry rose fast in the air, though his nimbus was unsteady in the high winds. He held on as tightly as he could, and squinted into the rain, hoping to catch a flash of gold. Within five minutes he was soaked to the bone, and nearly frozen solid, unable to see his teammates, let alone the tiny snitch. He flew backwards and forward past yellow and red blurs, with no idea what was happening in the game. He couldn't hear the commentary over the wind. Twice Harry became very close to being hit by bludgers; his vision was so poor because of his glasses being covered in rain, he hadn't seen them.

He soon lost track of time. It was getting darker, and harder to hold his broom straight. It was as if night had decided to come early. Twice he had nearly hit another player, unsure of weather it was one of his own of a Hufflepuff. Everyone was now so wet, he couldn't tell the difference...

With a flash of lightening came the sound of Madame Hooch's whistle. Harry could just barely see Wood's outline through the thick rain gesturing him to the ground. The whole team was covered in mud, and they splashed down into more of the vile substance as they landed.

"I called the time out!", Wood yelled to the bedraggled team. They all followed their captain over to the shelter beneath the dugout where Serenity waited, watching them approach with a worried gaze.

Wood explained that for now they were fifty points up, but without the snitch, they would lose, or end up playing into the night. Serenity and Angelina hovered worriedly over Katie, who was having her vision obscured by the swelling of her eye, having been hit by a bludger.

"Katie hold still and I can help it a bit...", Serenity murmured softly, pulling out her 'wand' and muttering a few incantations under her breath, before a silver wave pulsed into Katie's skin, closing the wound, and lessening the swelling. "Is that better?"

"Yeah, thanks Ren, I can see now...", Katie replied wearily, frozen to the bone.

"I've got no chance to catch the snitch with these on.", Harry told Wood angrily, losing hope that they had a chance. And suddenly salvation was peering over his shoulder.

"Harry, give me your glasses!", Hermione called snatching the glasses, and muttering, "Impervius!"

"They repel water now...", Ron informed from between Fred and George, pausing in his scoffing of their unsightly condition.

Wood looked as though he could have kissed Hermione, whereas Ron seemed to bore holes in the back of Oliver's head, almost daring him. "Brilliant!", the captain called as Ron moved back to talk with Hermione and Serenity.

All too soon they were called back to the air. Sure, they were frozen, wetter than they'd ever been before, but by God he could see. He made a mental note to thank Hermione for it later. As a clap of thunder sounded, lighting forked, and he knew they needed to get the snitch soon, the skies were no longer safe. As Harry turned his broomstick around to his surprise he saw a large shaggy black dog in the stands. He lost his grip on his broom and nearly fell off when Wood motioned him to look behind him. Diggory had spotted the snitch. It a fit of panic he went flat on his broomstick and chased after Diggory, trying to get to the snitch first.

"Come on!", he growled at his nimbus as the rain pelted him. "Faster!"

Only then did he become aware of the odd happenings. An eerie silence was falling across the stadium. The wind had become a furious roar, the rain a million stinging needles on his skin. Just as suddenly it was as if the sound had been shut off. Completely, and utterly silent.

Out of no where the horribly cold feeling swept over him, more correctly inside him, just as he became aware of something moving on the ground below them.

Before he'd had time to think, his gaze was off the snitch down on the ground. And there his stomach dropped out from him, the same feeling from the train. Hundreds of dementors, their faces hidden, yet pointing up at him. It was as though freezing water was rising in his chest, filling his lungs, cutting at his insides. And then... the screams began.


*"Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!"*

*"Stand aside you silly twit... Stand aside, now..."*

*"Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead-"*

Numbing, swirling mist filled Harry's brain...What was he doing? Was he flying? He needed to help the crying voice, the begging woman... She was going to die... She was going to be murdered...

He was falling through an icy mist, paralyzing him... He needed to help her...

*"Not Harry! Please... have mercy... have mercy..."*


His world was silent as he fell through the mists.



A lone figure watched from atop one of the spires, sensing danger approaching. His eyes glowed icy blue as he spread his wings, flying down from the spire. Something was wrong, his charge was going to be in the line of fire. Better yet, the one firing.



Serenity paced nervously infront of Ron and Hermione, trying to follow the game. It was impossible, all she could see turned out to be wet streaks of soaked canary yellow, and soaked crimson red. She felt the hair on the back of her neck standing on end as if she was being watched, but dismissed it as Ron or Hermione.

"Oh, Serenity, its only a bit of rain... Harry's been through worse... come sitdown...", Hermione offered, her warm, honey brown eyes looking worriedly at the sky as well. Her words seemed not only to assure Serenity but, herself as well.

"Cheer up gu-", Ron began but was cut off by a shrill cry.

"Serenity-mama! MAMA!", cried out a black swathed streak, that clung to the silver hared girl like a second skin. "Mama, they're here, they're HERE!", she yelled, her high pitched voice frightened.

"Hotaru... Hotaru!", Serenity called shaking the now visibly crying girls shoulders. She back hared girl continued to weep in fear. The same things that had taken her family away where here, she could feel them. And they were hungry.

Serenity held the distraught girl close, shuddering as she felt the cold wash over her. "Oh god...", she whispered clutching the girl tighter. She could see them, through the wing, the howling wind. They were coming, there had to have been hundreds of them, black cloaked demons. They covered the quidditch pitch, their faces pointed to the sky.

"Is that... Are those...?", stammered Ron, eyes wide with equal fright of Hotaru's.

"D-Dementors...", Hermione stuttered out holding Ron's arm tightly, her knuckles white.

Then Serenity spotted what loomed in the distance, the driving force behind the Dementors. A youma. It was canary yellow, and in the streaks of lightning, that was all she could tell.

"Hotaru... H-Hotaru... I need you to take Hermione and Ron, take them to Uncle Severus... ok? Tell him that I'll need his help...", Serenity stated firmly to Hotaru, wiping the girls tears away, kissing her forehead.

It occurred to both Ron and Hermione at the same time what Serenity was insinuating.

"WHAT!?!", they both shrieked at the same time looking at her eyes wide.

"You mean to...to go out there?", Ron demanded coming to his feet, Hermione with him.

"I do.", Serenity replied tonelessly, her face wiped of all emotion, though her fright was given away by her visibly shaking hands. "You must go... now Hotaru."

"But ma-", the girl began to protest, suddenly gasping. "Serenity! Harry just fell from his broom stick!"

"What?", she asked turning around frantically, eyes scanning the field. No more than fifty feet away from the dementors laid Harry, prone on the ground.

"Harry!", Hermione cried out taking a step towards the field, as if to run out there, only to be held back by Ron.

"You must go, go quickly!", Serenity ordered, pushing Hotaru towards Ron and Hermione. "Go get Snape or Dumbledore, whomever you can find first... Go now!"

Somehow to the two older Hogwarts students, Serenity seemed much older than she really was at the moment. An adult, and the words of adults were to be followed in a crisis. Thus Ron numbly dragged Hermione and Hotaru away quickly, to the Slytherin side.

Serenity watched them run with keen eyes, her aura beginning to become visible. She cupped her hands in the middle of her chest, calling fourth the powerful jewel that would either save her, or kill her. It came off of her necklace quickly, sweat already appearing on her brow from effort. Her robes faded into pure, holy white, forming the princess dress she had worn long ago. In a simple teleportation spell, she flashed out of existence, and reappeared infront of Harry, the rain pelting her skin, turning in red.

"Cosmic... Crystal...Power...!", she whispered and yelled at the same time, her words even ringing unintelligibly in the ears of the students in the stands. She spoke one final word, her gaze pointed at the largest creature no more than thirty feet from her. "Annihilate."


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