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You know what really sucks? Waiting and waiting for something to happen and then when it does happen, it's not near as exciting as you anticipated.

That's how summers always are for me.

I've been looking forward to summer since first period August 18. So, technically since the first day of sophomore year. Its all everyone has been talking about.

I finished my finals and was SO happy. Then I thought, now what the hell am I supposed to do with all my time. There's only so much many things you can do before feeling caged and bored.

And now here I am. First night of summer, lying on my bed, having nothing to do besides wait for Edward to get here.

Edward had been gone all week on the infamous Cullen family reunion. In Idaho. Why it was there, I have no freaking clue. All his family lived in California. He had exempted ALL of his finals, having a 95 average or higher in every class. Overachieving bastard.

I had been able to exempt two classes. Photography and English. I know. La freaking da. I wasn't surprised though. Edward was really smart. Always had been. I however was not. I was doomed to be average.

Ever since middle school I had been dragging behind Edward in classes, desperate to stay in them with my best friend. Being in advanced classes meant more time with Edward, who was an excellent tutor, but less time making other friends and having hobbies outside of schoolwork.

Edward always teased me about it, but he once told me he would have done the same thing if our roles were reversed. He fucking loved it that I chased after him, creating competition that had a predetermined winner since birth.

"Bella." I had a heart attack and spun around really fast to see who the hell had just said my name, considering I thought I was home alone.

I relaxed once I saw it was a laughing Edward in the tree house my dad built for me, straight across from my window.

"Jeez Bella, you looked like that little girl from the last exorcism. Chiiiillll."

"Ugh, whatever. You scared the shit out of me. Besides I figured you would use the front door, like a normal person," I said defensively.

Edwards face when from all smiles to a mockingly pout. He began in a baby voice "Awh did I scare wittle Bewwa? I'm so sowwy," then in a normal voice, "now get the hell out here, I have the beers."

Charmer, I thought as I rolled my eyes and climbed out my window, walking on the roof that slanted right to the opening of the tree house. It wasn't exactly safe but I had been doing it since third grade.

Every year, since seventh grade, on the first night of summer, Edward and I would go out to the tree house and have a beer talking about our plans for the summer, making a list, listening to Summer of 98 by The Secret Handshake. It was our thing.

He gave me a hand to help me in and I started the music. We popped the bottles of the beer and I grabbed the notebook.

"I want to do some crazy shit this summer," Edward said with a wicked twinkle in his eye. He always looked so adorable when he was talking about or doing something mischievous.

"I wanna get really tan! Which reminds me, lets see whose tanner," I scooted closer to him and put my arm against his. He won.

"DAMMIT!" I said which made him laugh.

"My arms are always tanner than yours belly," when he used my childhood nickname, it gave me butterflies in my stomach. Not that I would ever admit it to anyone.

Another thing I would never admit: I wanted to be more than best friends with Edward. Much, much more than just friends. I fell in love with him in 6th grade. Mike Newton had put gum in my hair when I said I wouldn't let him copy my math quiz. I had to chop 5 inches off, giving me a bob I never had wanted. Edward went right up to Mike after school, said, "You little bitch" and punched him square in the nose. Mike's nose has been crooked and Edward has owned my heart ever since.

"My legs are always tanner than yours though!" I uncrossed my legs and mashed it right next to his extended one. I was at least 2 shades darker.

"SUCK IT CULLEN" I yelled as I attempted a happy dance, sitting in an awkward position.

He groaned, then said in a suspicious voice, "Have you been fake baking, Swan? Or have you been using lotion again?" he asked with a laugh. He just had to bring up the time I slightly resembled snooki, in 8th grade, from doves "natural looking tan" lotion. Natural my ass. I scrubbed for two weeks straight and the damn tan would not come off.

He started rubbing my thigh furiously to see if any tan lotion came off on his hand. I was shrieking with laughter. I was ticklish everywhere, especially on my legs.


"Then you've been fake baking belly!" He said gleefully, continuing tickling me as I writhed underneath him.

"Teddy please stop!" I was crying and laughing so hard the words were unintelligible.

"NEVER!" He said as he moved on to tickle my now bare stomach. When did he pull my shirt up?

His hands moved farther up my exposed stomach, tickling, but the closer he got to my breasts, the more it seemed as if his touch was caressing more than teasing. My laughing turned into a full on moan as he cupped his hands over my bra-covered boobs, applying light pressure. My tank top was now pooled at my neck and I couldn't have cared less.

I looked up into his eyes and noticed they had gone from vibrant green to a very dark, deep green. He had a look on his face that I had never seen before. Lust.

The butterflies soared back in my stomach and it only helped me enjoy the moment even more. Edward started leaning toward me, still cupping my breasts, until his mouth was a fraction of an inch away from mine.

"You sure?" he said so quietly; I would have never heard it, if he wasn't this close.

Instead of answering, I lifted my head and closed the distance between our lips.

It was heaven. It was a million times better than I had ever imagined. His lips were so soft and full and felt so right against mine. As the kiss deepened, Edwards's hands started to lightly massage my breasts and I couldn't help but moan.

My moan must have set something off in Edward because suddenly, he had pulled his shirt off himself and was now lying on top of me. One hand still on my boob, grabbing much rougher, and one resting beside my head, holding his weight on his forearm as he kissed me deeply.

I ran my hands up and down his toned back, thinking that this had to be a dream. Amazing fairytale stuff didn't happen to me. Edwards's lips moved to my neck, as our breath whooshed out in shallow quick breaths. I couldn't get enough. I shifted under him and moved my hands to his hair. I needed him and then I literally felt his need for me.

"Oh Edward.." I sighed softly, testing how his name sounded in a breathy voice.

"Say my name again," was Edwards's husky reply as he started kissing my jaw line with a renewed passion.

That was when I heard a door slam and a "Bella, I'm home!" shouted from my father somewhere inside my house.

"Shit," Edward cursed in a whiny voice, muffled by my neck, where his head now hung limply.

"Hi," I called back, so he wouldn't come find Edward and me half naked in a tree house he built for me.

Yeah, that would have been awkward.

Edward lazily got off me, kissing each breast lightly, making me giggle, as he put his shirt back on and grumpily leaned up against the wall, pulling me into his side.

"So….what does this make us?" I asked shyly looking down, drawing lazy patterns on his knee.

"Whatever you want it to be, Belly. I'll be anything you want," he said in the sweetest voice I had ever heard.

My heart and love for him grew so much bigger for him in that moment.

"I…want us to be…together," I said trying to sound confident.

I was nervous he was about to be all, "JK FOOLED YA" and then I would have to kill myself but luckily that wasn't was happened.

He titled my chin up and gave me a very chaste and very sweet kiss and said, "I want that too."

I smiled so wide, it hurt, but I couldn't help it. He was smiling just as big that it was hard to kiss.

"This is going to be an interesting list this year," He said with a sexy smirk fingering the forgotten notebook.

"You bet your sweet ass it's going to be," was my snarky reply.

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