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Chapter 1: Two Different Worlds

Jade Green knew the rules of Narnia like the back of her hand. She always followed them, until the day she met the Pevensies. On this particular day, she was on her way to visit her friend Mr. Tumnus in his cave. She knocked on the door, adjusting her silver velvet shawl. There was no answer. She rubbed her arms with her hands and turned around. She heard rustling in the trees in the Wild West Woods. Curious, she walked towards the noise.

"Hello? Is someone there?" She called out, her voice stronger than she felt. She heard a small gasp from behind the lamppost. She looked more intently at it and saw a small brunette girl in a plaid skirt and a neutral color sweater. "Why, you're a girl! A human girl, too!" Jade smiled brightly. The girl shyly returned her smile.

"You're… beautiful." The girl said, quietly.

"As are you, little one." Jade crouched down, ignoring the cold snow on her silver satin dress.

"Thank you."

"What's your name, little one?"

"L-Lucy Pevensie." She responded.

"That's a very pretty name, Lucy. I'm the Lady Jade Green, but please call me Jade. By the way, how did you get here?"

"Well, I was hiding in a wardrobe in the spare room and I just found myself here."

"Spare Oom, is that in Narnia?"

"Narnia? What's that?" Lucy asked, confused.

"This is Narnia, where we are right now. Everything, all the way from Cair Paravel to the Eastern Sea, is Narnia." Jade explained.

Lucy looked over Jade's shoulder. Jade heard the shuffling of hooves behind her. The smile vanished from her face. Suddenly, a Faun appeared from the trees carrying a fair amount of parcels. Lucy screamed, frightened. The Faun dropped what he was carrying and hid behind the nearest tree, while Lucy hid behind Jade's skirt.

"Easy, now, both of you." Jade said, calmly.

"Is that you, Jade?" A familiar voice called out.

"Mr. Tumnus?" Jade asked, curious and happy. He emerged from behind the tree as she picked up a parcel.

"Please, Milady, allow me." He began picking the fallen parcels up.

"Why were you hiding from us?" Lucy said, in a quiet voice.

"I… I was just trying not to scare you." He responded, still quite flustered.

"You shouldn't feel the need to hide, my dear friend." Jade helped him carry a few of his parcels. He said nothing in return. "We are being rude to dear Lucy."

"What's a 'Lucy'?" Mr. Tumnus asked.

"Not a what, but a whom. This is Lucy Pevensie; she's from the land of War Drobe in the city of Spare Oom. Lucy, this is my dearest friend, Mr. Tumnus."

"Pleased to meet you." Lucy extended her hand to him. He looked at it in confusion, as did Jade. "You shake it." Lucy explained.

"Um, why?" Mr. Tumnus said, softly laughing.

"I… I don't know! People do it when they meet each other." Lucy looked at Jade, who nodded to Mr. Tumnus. He reached out and literally shook Lucy's hand. While he was doing so, he asked her to join him and Jade for tea.

"Oh, I don't know if I should."

"There'll be tea and – and toast and cake. I'll even break open the sardines." He offered.

"It would be such great fun!" Jade put in, hoping she could learn more about Lucy.

"Well, all right, if there's sardines." Lucy smiled.

"Then, if you'd get on one side of me, Jade, and you, Lucy, on the other, I believe the umbrella will cover all three of us." Mr. Tumnus did so, and away they went to his cave. When they got inside, a roaring fire greeted them at once. "Take a seat by the fire, and I'll go get the tea!"

"After you, Lucy." Jade allowed her to pass.

"Thank you, Jade." Lucy smiled, sitting in one of the armchairs. Jade sat in the other.

"Here we are! Nice and hot!" Mr. Tumnus took the lid off the tray and poured each of them a cup of tea. Jade finished her tea before Lucy did, and heard a noise at the door. Puzzled, she put her shawl over her head and peered outside. She saw her eldest brother Jay beckoning to her. Rolling her hazel eyes, she sighed.

"I apologize for the short visit, Mr. Tumnus, but I must get back home."

"Oh, all right! Perhaps next time you'll be able to stay longer, I hope."

"Indeed I will. It was wonderful to meet you, Lucy Pevensie. I know we'll meet again." Jade waved before she flew off. Jay grabbed her arm.

"Mother is in one of her suitor moods." Jay warned, flying her back to their hidden house.

"When is she not? Ever since I betrayed her, she's been so eager to set me up with some Narnian I don't even love. At least, not in the way I should. What is wrong with me?" Jade sighed, stumbling inside.

"Nothing is wrong with you, Jade." Jade's older sister, Jane, embraced her warmly. "You just have yet to find the right man, as I do."

"That'll be the day, when I fall in love!" Jade scoffed.

"Oh, don't be so dreary about it, little sister. You've got enough heart for everyone here."

"Then why do I yearn for another world? Another adventure beyond Narnia?"

"There she goes again with her imaginary world! You never stop being creative, my little Jade." Her father came into the room, kissing his daughter's head fondly.

"Father, I know it's real. I'll prove it to you someday, I promise!"

"Very well dear, now, off to bed." He ushered her upstairs.

"Somehow, I'll prove it." She promised herself. A week later, Jade was flying through the Wild Woods of the West and she paused in front of the lantern. She saw a pale raven-haired boy in a blue bathrobe. He had blue eyes, just like Lucy, and the same nose. Yet, he wasn't as gentle as she was.

"Lucy?" He was calling out, looking around. Jade quickly flew back into the woods, not daring to be seen by him. She was too afraid. After a while, she returned to where the boy had been. Jade saw Lucy talking to him before they disappeared into the woods past the lamppost. Jade touched the necklace Aslan had given her many years ago. She thought of how happy she had felt when he presented it to her.

"It will act as a gate between worlds, my child." He said, taking it in his teeth and placing it gently around her neck.

"Thank you, Aslan!" She threw her arms around him when he finished.

"But I must warn you that you cannot stay in any world outside of Narnia for over 24 hours, or you will never again return to your home. Do you understand, dearest?"

"Yes, Aslan, I understand."

Jade sighed, silently following Lucy and the boy whom she gathered was Lucy's brother. Jade blinked as the trees next to her became soft fur coats and the air was noticeably warmer. She took off her silver wrap. Voices echoed back to her as she moved further into this strange place.

"It wasn't a dream! It'sreally there! I just came back from eating with dear Mr. Tumnus and the Lady Jade. We had tea together and she said she could see my world! Imagine that! Being able to see another's world! Oh, and she said that she saw another human; I forgot to ask her who it was though. Oh, and that's not the best part! This time, Edmund was there too." Jade pressed herself against the wall as the raven-haired boy in a blue robe (Edmund) stumbled into the room.

She saw a light brown haired boy stand up. An older brown haired girl looked at Lucy in confusion.

"He went with you?" He asked, a note of belief on his voice. Jade took a deep breath and inched out further into the light of the doorframe. Edmund caught her eye.

"Well, he wasn't exactly there with me he…" Lucy's voice trailed away. Jade pressed her lily-white hand against the door, and the other on the frame. She could see a little more. Lucy looked at Edmund, curiosity in her eyes. "What were you doing there, Edmund?" Edmund's eyes looked away from Jade's. His uneasy mood changed to cruel in an instant.

"I was just playing around, that's all." He said, meanly. Jade gasped in shock, then hid behind the door as all four turned to see where the sound came from.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been encouraging her to keep playing. Some children don't understand when to stop pretending." Edmund's eyes were full of malice. Lucy was totally crestfallen after Edmund's harsh words exploded into her heart. Tears welled up in her blue eyes.

"Okay, that's it!" Jade muttered. She mustered up all her courage and wrenched the door open all the way with a bang. Her shoulder length auburn hair fluttered from the draft, revealing her pointed ears.

"AH!" The boys exclaimed, surprised by her sudden appearance. "What – Who are you?" The girl asked of Jade. Lucy ran to Jade's arms, her face shining with tears and her pink robe billowing out behind her.

"Jade…" Lucy sniffed.

"Shh, there, there! It's all right, little one," Jade embraced Lucy and soothed her. Quick footsteps rapidly approached from behind her. The smell of fresh parchment and pipe tobacco greeted Jade.

"Hello, Professor!" She said, smiling at the astonishment upon the old man's face.

"How did you know it was me?"

"You have an interesting and unique smell. As does everyone."

"Is the weepy one yours?" His gentle voice sounded intrigued.

"No, no. She's a good friend."

"I see."

"Oh, Mrs. Macready is here!" Jade smiled as she said this. Mrs. Macready mumbled something Jade didn't catch.

"Hello, Mrs. Macready." Jade said as she turned to the side, Lucy still crying on her shining green robe. Mrs. Macready wore a white terry coat over her nightdress and her light brown hair was down and slightly disheveled. Her round glasses were slightly crooked on her thin face.

"Professor, I told these children not to bother you." She said, looking at the floor.

"Why would you say that? I like company! However, I do appreciate your effort to keep me happy. Now, I don't appreciate unhappy little girls in the arms of my dear young friend."

"Not so young anymore," Jade muttered under her breath.

"Would you be so kind as to give the weepy one a mug of hot chocolate and maybe even a warm blanket?"

"Of course, Professor."

"Lucy?" Jade let go of her.

"Yes?" Lucy said in a small shaky voice.

"Mrs. Macready is going to escort you downstairs, okay?" She asked, gently. Lucy sniffed, then nodded.

"I'll be down soon." Jade let her go. Lucy smiled a little, and went downstairs with Mrs. Macready. Jade's heart went out to Lucy.

"The poor dear!" She said to herself.

"What do you mean by that?" Susan asked her.

"How could you not believe her?" Jade asked angrily, whirling around to the other three. Her hands were balled up and her hazel eyes flashed.

"You mean that you do?" Peter asked in surprise.

"Of course I do! I was there with her and I can't believe you lot take Edmund's word over dear Lucy's!"

"You mean you were the one she was talking about?" Edmund said, incredulously.

"Yes, if you must know." She glared at him and then turned to the puzzled, and slightly amused, Professor. Since she had no quarrel with him, her anger did not touch him.

"Good night Professor. I hope to see you again." They embraced quickly.

"Farewell, my friend." Jade headed off down the stairs to the kitchen. She saw Lucy sitting with her back to her in an armchair by the hearth, a tan blanket wrapped around her. Jade walked closer to her. When she saw that Lucy was still crying, her heart nearly broke.