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Dimitri and I had been through so much in the short amount of time, after he dragged Lissa and I back to court. He became my mentor, teaching me all the things that I needed to know in protecting my charge.

He even taught me what was expected in becoming the best possible guardian to Lissa, my best friend and sister. I swore to her family, from a very young age, that I would always watch over and protect her, even with my very life.

Dimitri had even gone as far as teaching me discipline, self-control, and then what really counts, matters of the heart... love. What it really means to love someone, to find that special bond between two people. It's the only bond that could be described as soul mates.

I had journeyed all the way to Russia, to free him from that hellish state, where he nearly had taken my life. Planning Victor's escape from prison hadn't been easy. In fact, it had been very hard, even to this very day; I still carry the guilt of what I have done. With the help of Victor and his brother Robert Doru, I even learned there was a way of bringing a Dhampir back.

This was so rare that it was only known to happen once among our people. It was considered more myth, than fact. But nothing would stop me, if there was a slight chance of saving Dimitri, and returning what the Strigoi's had stolen from him. Well, Dimitri was worth any crazy risk, and I was willing to take it. By saving him, I was also saving myself a life time of heartache, trying to live without him.

The one thing that Dimitri didn't teach me about was betrayal, specifically from those that you love and were closest too. You know the kind that I'm talking about, where the person you love, lies and cheats on you with your best friend or family member. Someone you hold near and dear to your heart. How you're life and world gets turned upside down, by somebody else actions, and everything you had ever believed in was nothing more than a fairy tale.

Being a Dhampir female and choosing the life of a guardian ensured I wouldn't get to have a happy ending from some prince charming. With the discovery of Dimitri's and Lissa's private affair, my heart and soul was shattered, the very foundation of who I was rocked to the core. My very essence shredded into a thousand little pieces, from which I wasn't sure if I could recover. Yeah those kinds of betrayals; Dimitri must have skimmed over those pages when he was giving me his whole crappy life zen lessons.

At the time that I was being betrayed by those who claimed to have loved me, another enemy was plotting. Planning an evil little agenda, all of their own, seeking their own brand of vengeance. Being friendly to all of our faces, and yet, stabbing us behind our backs. A wolf in sheep clothing, getting close to all of us, an unexpected foe- a predator, scheming to take one of our own most treasured lambs out to be slaughtered.