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Chapter 3~

I, Cat Royal, could not believe what was happening.

I was getting married.

To Frank. Avon, that is. As in The Earl of Arden. Lord over a dukedom.

How was it that I'd ended up here? Well, I suppose you'll just have to read my previous stories. What I can tell you is that it began with a fight with a friend and ended with a seering kiss that I could hardly begin to comprehend, also with a friend.

That kiss had come from my good friend Frank Avon. And he'd shortly after proposed to me.

That ring I now wore on my left hand as he slid his arms around my waist and we walked together back into his father's mansion to announce the news to his parents.

Reader, I tell you that I have never been that nervous in my life. The Duchess' reaction would be exceedingly more pleasant than the Duke's I was certain. Frank's father wanted for him to marry for station. Only the best for his only son that was to inherit his fortune.

Like Frank knew what I was thinking, he reeled me in closer, stopping before the door that would lead us back into the ballroom.

"Cat." His voice asked me look at him and I didn't have the will to ignore him. I played with my dress, creasing the fabric between fingers until he caught my fingers with his. "Cat, tell me what you're thinking."

I shook my head, pretending ignorant of the question within a question his tone held.

Frank pulled me closer until all I could see were his mischievous dark eyes. "You can't lie to me, Cat Royal."

His lips touched mine softly and I felt my chest rise with a breath.

"Tell me whats wrong." He murmured to my lips.

Even when we pulled apart I held onto him and he kept his arms around my waist. I couldn't lie to him twice in one night so I told him the truth.

"I won't let you give up your inheritance if your father doesn't approve of...us." The word was as unfamiliar to me as crocheting was.

"Cat," He ran a hand over my dark red curls, resting his hand lightly on my temple. "Its my choice to give it up. I will do it for you. I-" His voice deepened and he stopped. Like he was having trouble controlling his emotions.

"Why would you do it for me? I'm just an orphan, I'm not that pretty and I'm not worth-"

"Cat don't." Franks two words came out a bit harshly and I gazed at him warily. Seeing my confusion the young lord said. "You are beautiful." He tugged me closer to him so I couldn't look away. "It doesn't matter if you're an orphan," He slid his fingers into my hair. "That doesn't define who you are, And Cat Royal," He tilted my head a little and pressed a kiss onto my lips urgently. "Cat Royal you are more worthy of me than you'll ever know. It is I who is not worthy of you."

I couldn't seem to get my breath at his statements and he grinned, the previous seriousness gone for that moment.

"Do not worry so much, if my father doesn't approve, Charlie will not refuse me a room."

A smile tugged at my lips and I laughed. "What about his old partner in crime and brother in spirit?"

Frank pulled at my curls. "Oh even if he didn't, I know you could persuade him into it." He chuckled. "You're like that. Those green eyes, that cute nose." He tapped it with a finger. "He couldn't resist."

"Are we talking about Charlie or you?" I teased him playfully.

We were already so close all Frank did was bring his forehead to touch mine so he could gaze into my eyes. "I don't think I'm the only one." He whispered.

I shivered from his touch and my cheeks warmed pleasantly. "Perhaps not."


Frank slipped his hand into mine as we walked back into the ballroom to find his parents. I'm sure every guest turned to openly stare at us. I almost released Frank's hand but he squeezed mine tight asking me to stay by his side.

Whispers as well as eyes followed us as we crossed the room. My legs shivered a little as we walked, the impending discussion not in the least welcoming but Frank's hand in mine was a comfort.

When we left the ballroom, Frank refusing to let anything deter him from his route.

When we came to a stop outside Frank's father's study I asked bravely. "Are we to speak with your father first?"

Frank traced a finger over my left hand, lingering on the ring. "I'm going to speak with my father. You can do as you wish. Go back to the ball or your room."

I frowned at him. "I'm not letting you go alone, I'll go with you."

"Thanks Cat but this is something I think I should do alone. He-" Frank brushed a hand through his dark hair. "Well, I'd prefer if you stayed out of it."

I twisted my fingers back through his. "Frank, if you'd wanted me to stay out of it then you shouldn't have brought me this far." I said both quietly but firmly.

Frank's eyes were dark with a gentle warning. "Don't argue with me again Cat, please."

"Don't make me stay out of it, if I can't tell my own parents about us then why not let me share it with you?" For better or worse. I shifted in front of him and brought my hand to his taut jaw, turning his head so he looked at me.

I heard him groan slightly. "Don't look at me like that."

A smirk twisted onto my lips wickedly and I let them curve into a pout, tilting my head to gaze up at him with my green eyes.

"I did warn you." Frank replied softly.

I had not a moment to think. "Wha-"

His mouth fell upon mine with a sweet vengeance. I didn't resist the pleasure and leaned into him. I could feel his smile as he kissed me, his lips curving up at the edges.

Reader, if this was punishment then I wanted execution.

I wound my fingers into his curls not for the first time.

Someone clearing their throat nearby made us break apart. I admit that I blushed a pretty red as I saw another handsome young man standing just feet from us. His lighter hair was pulled back away from his face, a grin plastered on his features.

"Well, I see you're keeping busy without your old friend just fine these days, Milord Avon." The Honorable Charles Hengrave bowed deeply in my direction.

"Good to see you Cat, perhaps Ms. Avon would be more appropriate?"

A long second of silence followed and I did my best to avoid Frank and Charlie's eyes. Ms. Avon? Thats what I was to be. What I wanted to be, I realized.

A laugh broke the tension as Charlie couldn't hold back his obvious amusement at Frank and me. I shot Frank a quick glance to see him chuckle as well. Shortly thereafter we all three were bent double as we tried to contain our laughter.

Footsteps could be heard striding across the hard wood of the Duke's study and the three of us exchanged wide eyed looks. I bit down on my lip as the door swung open to reveal the Duke of Avon.

"What on earth is going on out here? Have you not disrupted my peace enough for one night my son?" The Duke boomed not in an unfriendly way.

Frank stepped quickly forward, abruptly the serious son again. "Father I came to-"

I hastily stepped up beside Frank. "We came to speak with you Sir."

I could feel Frank stiffen slightly beside me as his father's eyes wandered to me and took us both in slowly. As he studied us my eyes caught something strange about him.

There was a smudge of something red on his cheek. Blood was my first thought but I heard a a giggle from inside the man's study and a tinkling voice called out.

"Are you coming back, my love?" The Duchess' question made me bite back another laugh. Her red lipstain was the obvious conclusion and I didn't care to draw anymore than that.

The Duke's eyes came upon and lingered on my left hand, too late I drew it behind my back.

"I think its-"

The Duke was stopped as the Duchess came up behind him and she spotted us. "Oh I didn't know we had visitors dear, Cat are you not enjoying the dance? Dear Charles, how lovely of you to crash the party! We'd expected you tomorrow but this is a proper surprise!"

Charlie bowed to the Duchess. "It was my pleasure My Lady."

Before anymore could be said, the Duke held up his hand. "Please, I need to speak with Frank for a moment. Cat, Charlie, you may go back to the ball if you wish." And to the Duchess. "I'll only be a moment my dear, if you wish to join them I'll come find you in a bit."

My legs shook a little as I stepped closer to the Duke. "If its all the same Sir I'd rather stay as well."

The Duchess pushed past the Duke. "My goodness! What is this all about?" To the Duke. "Dear, it was just a little fight, makes things interesting when our boys get into a spat over us ladies."

The Duke spoke. "I'd rather you go have a good time at the ball Cat." He said to me evenly.

My temper flared just a little at his command. "I'd rather-"

Frank reached to grasp my hand and give it a squeeze.

The Duchess was not blind to the gesture and her eyes lit upon our locked hands. "Whats this now?" She pressed a hand to her ample bosom. "Am I to believe my eyes? For I believe that I'm looking at a ring on your finger Cat."

I shrugged uncomfortably at the quizzical eyes on me, even Charlie who'd just been joking moments before looked shocked.

The Duke gave an exasperated sigh. "Why doesn't everyone just come into my study?"

The Duchess clapped her hands in delight. "Oh thats a wonderful idea, I want to hear all about this."

And so against the Duke's will we all piled into the study.

Frank's father sat back in a chair that sat before his desk and the Duchess and Charlie sat on a duvet nearby. I stood beside Frank nervously.

"Is there something you'd like to tell me son?" The Duke broached the subject bluntly and Frank replied with equal forwardness.

"Father, I've asked Cat to marry me."

The two men locked eyes in a battle against the other. It was his father that looked coolly away. "I can see that." Was his only comment.

I frowned with unease. This had been the exact reason why I'd been upset. I did not wish to cause a rift between father and son.

"Sir," I started unsure of what I could say to change the obvious doubt on the man's brow.

Frank cut me off. "Cat, let me do this."

I tugged my hand out of his and moved to stand right in front of Frank's father, saying to Frank as I passed. "Let me help."

I looked up at the man, meeting his eyes. "Sir, I do not wish to cause animosity between you and Frank. I don't-"

Frank stopped me. "Father if you'd disinherit me because of Cat then I do not wish to keep my title nor anything else. I'm not asking your permission to marry the girl I love but I would wish for your consent if you'd give it."

His words took my breath, they were that of a man.

It was an unbearably long instant that the two continued looking at each other before the Duke's head went back and he let loose a laugh. A deep belly laugh, that shook his very being.

Reader, what were we all to think? I fully believe everyone's heart skipped a couple of beats as we all turned to stare at the man.

The Duke clasped a kerchief and dabbed at tears of laughter. "Frank, my son." He tried to shove his amusement away and gain a serious face though it was evident that it was hard. He stood so he could place a hand on either of our shoulders. "Why would you think I wouldn't give my consent?"

Frank hadn't been expecting that question in the least and stumbled on a response. "I- I suppose- Well I-"

Frank's father winked at me. "I rather think this red head has grown on me. And I know she's improved your behaviour."

I felt...ecstatic at his words. "Does that mean you are fine with this?" I blurted out.

The Duchess jumped from her seat then and crossed the room to hug me and grab Frank in a hug. "Yes, you ninny! We're to have a wedding! I've always looked forward to this, the girl to settle this rogue down!"

The Duke chuckled and the Duchess pulled him into the hug as well.

"On the contrary," I whispered to Frank as I was pressed up against him. "I rather thought we could still have adventures."

Frank's arm came around my waist, letting me know he'd heard the whispered words.

"Has everyone forgotten about me then? Perhaps I should come back later?" Charlie's amused voice broke into the hug, the Duchess had us all in.

I laughed out loud in relief and happiness. "Come over here, we can spare enough room."

The young man came to stand at my other side and I hugged him ecstatically as well.

"When is the wedding to be?" The Duchess asked.

The Duke held up a hand to quiet us. "Shouldn't at least one of us return to the ball? The guests are probably wondering where we've gone."

Frank, Charlie and I agreed to return and stay this time.

Frank held my hand and I saw him give Charlie a pointed glance which the young man replied with a roll of his eyes but dutifully obeyed and trotted off to the ball.

We stood alone in the hall near the stairs that led back down to the ball but Frank was not ready to return. He studied me for a moment and leaned forward to kiss my jaw lightly.

"I love you Cat." His words made my heart dance with joy and my skin burned from the kiss.

I played with his curls at the base of his neck. "And I, you My Lord."

Frank simply smiled in reply.


7 months later...

Reader, it was today. I would be married to Frank Avon in scarcely two hours. My heart hammered in a continuously endless beat and my legs felt wobbly as I thought of him but then that, I supposed, really wasn't any different than usual.

My dress was immaculate, a white silk. Rosebuds trailed down the bodice and twined in the back. Crystal beads scattered over them and down the skirt. My veil was wove into a braid that was such an elegant knot that I knew I would never get it out on my own.

Lizzie and Bridget had helped me dress and talked me through nerves for the past full day. But as I stood wrapped in a dressing robe over my dress I knew only one person could calm me at that moment and I'd asked Lizzie to fetch her brother for me.

There had been vehement protest on her part, mostly about the groom could not see the dress or bride before the wedding but I knew I had to see him before we were to be husband and wife. Lizzie had insisted I wear something over my dress though, so now I stood and tapped an anxious foot as I listened for the man I was in love with.

An hour stood between us and our vows and I smiled at the thought.

My friends would all be there. Charlie, of course. Syd, I couldn't help remembering the slightly regretful look in his eyes but he'd been happy when I'd told him about Frank and me. Bridget would be by his side at the ceramony and that made me extremely happy. Lizzie and Johnny had been able to find their way over, though the again expecting Lizzie was just starting to show.

Even Mr. Sheridan was to be present and several of my friends from my long time in Covent Gardens, Frank's friends and family and my brother Rabbi, of course.

The only one missing, I was sad to think about, was Pedro. I wished he could be here, I'd tried to send word but the communication had most likely been cut off.

A light knock on the door cut my sigh short. I darted to the door and flung it open eagerly.

"Frank!" I exclaimed with relief. My smile turned to a frown in a second as Johnny appeared beside him, though I tried to mask my annoyance that he'd come as well. "And Johnny. How are you?''

Johnny laughed at my expressions and I was fairly certain he knew what I thought. "Good to see you too Catkin."

Frank stepped into the room and grasped my hands, ignoring Johnny. "Lizzie said you were upset. Whats wrong?" Frank murmured hurriedly, looking worried.

I realized that he thought I was having second thoughts and hastily moved to discourage that thought. "Nothings wrong."

Johnny, I saw, was watching us plainly and I scowled at him.

"Sorry Catkin but I'm ordered to be chaperone." Johnny chuckled.

Frank still ignored him and pulled me closer. "Are you sure you're okay?" He whispered tenderly.

My heart melted then and my nerves ceased with him so near to me. I loved him. I rose to my tiptoes and pressed my lips to his, kissing him sweetly.

"I don't think thats what Lizzie had in mind Catkin, I think that comes after you say the vows." Johnny spoke amusedly from somewhere nearby but I did not care.

Frank apparently did not either as he returned my kiss and stroked my hair gently.

I smiled at him as we pulled away. "I just wanted to see you."

Frank's eyes turned mischievous. "After this you'll not be rid of me. You'll most likely be sick of my presence."

I laughed warmly. "I don't believe thats possible."


I now stood outside the church doors and swallowed hard as Lizzie and Bridget hugged me and threw last minute advice to me.

It seemed an eternity before Lizzie whispered. "Its time."

We entered the church and I had to force myself to take deep steadying breaths as I walked slowly along between the pews. I took in the church as I went.

Silk and flowers decorated alongside the pews and they were full of people both familiar and not. Candle's burned filling the air with an exotic scent. Music poured out to Heaven from the piano and orchestra.

My bouquet of dozens of different flowers lent to the candle's intoxicating scent. People smiled at me but once I was in sight of Frank I forgot everything else. All I could see, all I wanted to see stood in an elegant breeches and shirt. His pants a dark, crimson red and his shirt a pure white, a tunic over it embroidered with the crest of the Avon's family.

His dark hair curled as it usually did at his neck, his cheeks showed the slightest bit of growth, making his skin seem darker and more alluring.

Our eyes locked as I finished walking and stood in front of him.

"Cat." He breathed.

A grin stretched goofily across my lips and I did nothing to stop it.

And so it began. Music played, the preacher went on and we recited everything he said.

It was as if we were in a dream. The preacher asked for our last words.

Frank, I could see, swallowed hard before saying.

"I had no idea when we first met that I'd care for you as much as I now do." His voice rose with every word so everyone could hear. "I did not care that you were an orphan, that you probably didn't care for me as I did you," His voice broke for a second. "But I had to try. And when you said yes I swore not only to myself but to Our Father in Heaven that I'd do my best to you all the days of our lives. I will protect you." His hands tightened on mine. "I will love you forever."

Tears burned in my eyes at his words and I trembled from the power he had on me. The preacher nodded at me and I choked back my tears to attempt some words that could equal Franks but I found I could not.

"You're one of my best friends and have been ever since we first met." Our eyes met and I could see we were both remembering that day when he'd shown up as a dirty chimney sweep. "But," I whispered. "You're more than just my friend and I know it took me a while to see that but you're my love, my true love." I lowered my voice so only he could hear the next part because it seemed too

intimate a thing to speak to everyone. "You have my heart Frank and always will."

The preacher gave us a smile and said. "Do you Lord Avon take this young woman to be your wife in the sight of God this day and swear to love her as yourself all the days of your life?"

Frank's hands grasped mine in a way that told me he'd never let go and I caught my breath as I waited for his next words that would forever bind us together as one. "I do."

I bit my lip as a laugh bubbled up inside of me. The preacher repeated the same request of me except switched and when I said. "I do." My words were calm and steady and completely ecstatic.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife."

Every kiss we'd had had always been intimate and we'd never kissed in front of that many people by far cry but somehow I found I didn't mind. His hand caressed my cheek sweetly and his lips found there way onto mine.

A long moment went by slowly and I wished it never to end but when it did I didn't mind so much. I knew we had a lifetime together and I couldn't wait.

I raised my head to shoot a glance at the door of the church where I had entered nearly an hour before. A figure caught my eye and I strained for a second to make out the person. It was a man. A man that had haunted my steps for years since I had been just a toddler in Covent Garden.

Billy Shepherd. His gray- green eyes caught mine and I saw something I never thought I would ever see on my sworn enemies face.



Even with the happiness I felt, I found sympathy for Billy. I had the love of my best friend and true love but what did he have? I offered him a smile.

Billy nodded his dark head at me in a way that said he did not resent me. His lips usually twisted in a sneer was a queer little smile.

Frank's arms tightened around me. "Whats he doing here?"

I nodded back to my lifelong enemy. It was something of respect that passed between us and he saluted me before dissapearing out the door.

"Cat?" Frank asked.

"Giving up." I answered him and turned to rest my head on his shoulder. "He's giving up."

"Thats a surprise," He said at my ear and I grinned foolishly. "Ms. Avon."

"I suppose I can truly call you My Lord now." I made a point to emphasize the word my.

Frank's grin was wide an probably as goofy as my own but I didn't mind.


That day was filled with dancing and food and people I recognized, somehow though by the end of the day all of our closest friends ended up in the library.

Johnny, Lizzie, Charlie, Bridget, Syd, even Nick had come around and a few other Butcher's boys. (the whole of them had been present at the wedding, albeit some reluctantly but Syd wouldn't have it any other way.) And my brother Rabbi as well.

The Duchess and Duke had retired for the night and Lizzie and Johnny kept exchanging sweet looks that said they wouldn't be around much longer either.

The fire burned low and I thought about our very first kiss. It was wonderful just like every other after. Frank slipped his arms about me and we danced slowly around the room, Syd and Bridget, I was pleased to see, were dancing as well.

Charlie and Rabbi lounged back sleepily on one of the couches, having had entirely too much to eat and drink.

Nick and the boys looked like they were about to slip out at any moment.

"What are you thinking about?" Frank asked at my ear.

I leaned closer to him and rested my head on his chest. "Everything."

He held me close to him and we danced even more slowly. "Does everything include me?" He teased me, his hair tickling my neck as he placed a kiss on my neck.

I nestled against him comfortably. "I was thinking about the first time you kissed me." I admitted truthfully.

As we made our way around again I saw that Nick and the boys had, in fact, dissapeared. Rabbi was gone with Charlie I was sure. That isn't going to end well. I thought smilingly.

Frank brushed at my red hair gently. "Did you really mean it?" He asked abruptly.

I lifted my head. "Really mean what?" He didn't meet my eyes at first and I reached to slide my fingers into his thick hair. "What is it Frank?"

He lifted a shoulder betraying his nervousness. "That I have your heart. That you give it to me."

I smiled up at him. "I do." I rested a hand on his chest so I could feel his heart race at my fingertips. "I trust you to keep it safe."

His chest rose as he took a breath. "I wanted you to know that you have mine as well." He breathed out quickly, looking wary of my reaction.

I gazed up at him with a look that can only be described as love. "I'll protect it for you." I promised.

He reached over gingerly and layed his hand upon my chest and I let him feel my heartbeat. We didn't move for a long moment and when we did he spoke. "You're the only one who could break it."

I closed my eyes and let him guide us through the slow dance.

"I trust you." He murmured and I felt his breath on my face as he leaned closer. Now completely alone as Syd and Bridget had went in search of a late night snack.

His lips slowly slid across my face, down my jaw and later to my lips. I didn't move, just let him kiss me. I sighed into him, this was perfect.

I didn't protest as he deepened the kiss and pulled me ever closer like he wouldn't let go ever. I kept my eyes closed for a while, opening them when he pulled away. He rested his forehead on mine and looked into my eyes.

Neither of us moved.

Neither of wanted to.

I just let myself drown in his eyes. The dark brown was neverending and it sparked with humor and love.


I slipped my hands onto his neck and pulled his mouth back to mine.

"I love you Frank."

His smile stretched wide and I let one hand trace his cheek, finding the dimple in one cheek and touching it with my fingertips.

"And I love you more." He replied, his eyes twinkling with good nature. He grasped both my hands and pulled me towards the door.

I didn't resist. "I doubt it My Lord."

He reached to tickle at my ribs. "Do you now?"

I ducked away from him playfully and he raised an eyebrow at me. "I'm going to catch you."

I giggled at him girlishly. "I know." I heard him chuckle as I dodged away from him just down the hall.

"I'm coming after you now." He called as I glanced over my shoulder to see if he followed.

I heard light bootsteps as he came after me and I broke into a slow run.

And you know what Reader? He did catch me, though I claimed it wasn't the same since I wanted to be caught. He chased me all the way to the room that would be ours for that night.

We would stay here before leaving for our honeymoon tomorrow.

We would be gone for an entire month traveling. We wanted to see some of Scotland and more of America even. We might even go as far as Jamaica again and look for Pedro, though I was sure he wouldn't want me to.

Mostly we wanted to be together.

What I learned Reader is that true love is not perfect, it has insecurities but love overcomes those little problems. Love is trusting a person with your heart and soul not because you have to but because you want to.

As Frank kissed me goodnight a dozen times that night I knew we would eventually have problems, arguements, but I was strong in the feeling that no matter what happened between us we would be alright, our love was strong enough to overcome anything.



Scarcely a year later.

I paced nervously around the library. Frank had been gone or only two days Reader but I missed him terribly. He was to return today and I had news for him.

News that both terrified and excited me to no end.

I had suspected for a few weeks now but a visit from Lizzie had convinced me of it. The Duchess now knew as well and Bridget had figured it out.

Bridget was newly engaged to be wed to Syd and she was a comfort to me as I waited.

As soon as word had come that Frank had been spotted coming home they had all scattered though. I plopped down on a chair and touched my stomach lightly.

You see Reader, I am pregnant.

And though Frank and I had talked of children before I felt something akin to horror at telling him. I had nearly had myself convinced to let Bridget tell him but that would have been awkward in more than one way.

So thats why I now sat with one leg jiggling up and down as I waited for Frank.

I bit down on my lip and jumped up from my chair, expecting Frank but seeing a man that was both familiar and not. His skin was dark, his hair cropped short.



I squeaked his name half in relief and half in shock.

"What on earth are you doing here?"

"How on earth did you end up wed to Frank?"

Our voices overlapped and we laughed like old friends as he wrapped his arms around me, hugging me tight. "I've missed you my friend." Pedro said quietly.

"And you as well my friend." I replied back easily. "How is Jenny?"

Pedro grinned down at me. "Ask her yourself."

I peeked over Pedro's shoulder to see my former slave (not by choice) and friend.

"Cat!" She grinned but my eyes lit upon a man behind her.

"Frank." I said and my fears and nervousness came back but I wanted to touch him, I catapulted from Pedro's hug into Frank's arms. His face was scruffy from a week without shaving but I did not care.

"I missed you." I said into his neck.

A chuckle reverberated through me. "I was beginning to wonder." He teased.

Pedro's voice broke me away from Frank and his musky scent.

"Would you like us to come back later?" My friend said dryly, amused.



Frank and I exchanged looks as I said no and he said yes.

Jenny layed a hand on Pedro's arm, giggling. "Looks like there to be a Cat fight."

Frank smiled at the comment but his eyes were stormy and I felt uneasy. What on earth had I done?

Throughout the evening we all caught up. We had dinner and exchanged stories of what had been happening since we'd last seen each other.

It was when both Pedro and Jenny exchanged goodnights with us and started to leave the room that I started to follow and Frank caught my elbow gently and steered me back into the room.


Frank pulled me back into his arms and I didn't fight him. "What is wrong with you Cat?" He demanded quietly.

The storm in his eyes from earlier was back full force. I bit down on my lips uncharacteristically nervous. "I'm not sure what you mean." I lied.

"Why have you been avoiding being alone with me all evening?" He asked and he didn't sound angry he sounded hurt.

My heart clenched and I opened my mouth to try and explain but his mouth was already on mine, stopping any words I was trying to bring forth.

I gasped into his kiss and curled my hand into his hair.

"Frank." I tried when he pulled away for a second.

He leaned to kiss me again, a searingly sweet kiss. "I'm sorry." I managed to gasp out.

He stopped for a second looking worried. "What?"

"I was just...worried of what you might think." I babbled nervously. " I was going to tell you earlier but then Pedro and Jenny showed up and I-"

"Cat." Frank asked me to stop. "What were you going to tell me earlier?" He looked intrigued.

I reached to touch a long curl that rested on his forehead. "I- I'm-" I chewed at my lip. "I'm to have a baby." I whispered nearly inaudibly.

A noise came from his throat and I looked away, afraid of the look I might see in his eyes. His hand cupped my chin and turned my head back. Making me look at him.

The look I saw there was not unhappy as I'd been so scared of, all I saw was joy. "You're to have a baby?" He repeated almost disbelievingly.

I nodded, taking a steadying breath.

A laugh came from his lips. "A baby?" He demanded.

I felt a little indignant now. "How would you suggest I make you believe it, My Lord?" I demanded back, putting my hands on my hips.

He laughed out loud and his arms slipped around me, lifting me into the air and spinning me around. "I knew it." He laughed joyfully.

"You knew it?" I scowled at him darkly.

"Well," He looked partially ashamed. "I suspected it."

I raised my eyes to the ceiling. "And you could not say anything?"

He sheepishly caught my hand. "I didn't think you'd like that. I thought you'd tell me when you wanted me to know."

I stared into his dark eyes. "Sometimes you're too gallant Frank Avon." I said exasperatedly.

Frank's eyes twinkled with a mischievous light and he pulled me in to bring his lips to mine, stopping right before we actually touched. "Not always." He answered before he brought his lips to my own.

And so Reader, that was not the end but rather the beginning of a new chapter of my life. Of our life. I'd call it the Misadventures of an Orphan and Her Duke but Frank insisted it should be, The Duke's Orphan. Either way Reader I knew our adventures would not stop there and who knew, perhaps out future child would have a knack for getting into trouble too.

And if they did.

Heaven help them.

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