"You've just lost the Game."

Draco looked up from his book to locate the voice that just addressed him, interrupting his reading while he was perched on a windowsill in the hallway. He wasn't too shocked that the odd comment had come from Looney Luna Lovegood.

"Excuse me?" he asked, a sneer set upon his face.

"The Game," Looney repeated. "You've lost it."

"What game? I'm not playing any stupid game." Draco scoffed and returned to his book.

"Of course you are!"

"I think I would know if I were playing any kind of game. Besides, I hate games."

The girl was quiet for a moment before plopping herself down on the windowsill in front of where his legs rested. "Do you want me to explain the Game to you? It's quite easy."

Draco didn't look up from his book. "Go. Away. Lunatic."

"You see, everyone plays the Game whether they know it or not," Luna continued, ignoring him. "If you think about the Game, you lose. After fifteen minutes, you're back in the Game. You can make other people think about the Game and lose, but since you think about the Game while making them think about the Game, you lose too. And the game is only over when the Pope says, 'The jig is up.' It's really funny."

"Lovegood, none of that sound the least bit funny. Now, won't you go away, so I can read peacefully?"

Luna cocked her head to the side, smiling simply. "No, I don't think I will," she said, dreamily. "I think I'll sit here a while. I'll be quiet, Draco, I promise. It's just that it's so nice here on this windowsill. You can see the whole grounds from here. You can even see clear across the Black Lake from this spot. Oh, and there's Hagrid, in class with the first years. They really do get smaller every year, don't they? Or maybe it's just our point of view, because we're getting taller. Although, I don't think I'm getting very much taller. I'm only five-two, you know. How tall are you Draco? You seem very tall to me. I'd guess you were probably about six foot five? Maybe six-six or six sev—"

"Lovegood," Draco said sharply. "If this is you being quiet, I never want to hear you when you're loud. Shut. Up."

"I was only wondering."

"I'm six-six. Now be quiet."

She looked at him for a moment, wide-eyed, then smiled again and mimed zipping her lips. Draco, again, went back to his book and Luna folded her hands in her lap and looked around the hall, her eyes darting to and fro. Draco tried not to be annoyed simply by her presence, but when she began to hum after a while, it became unbearable.

"Lovegood, will you shut up?" he growled.

"How long have I been sitting here, Draco?" she asked, ignoring him again.

"Y-you… I dunno… twenty minutes? Why?"

"Because," she said, hopping off the windowsill. "You've just lost the game… again! Goodbye, Draco!" Luna giggled and skipped away.

Draco stared after her, jaw slack and extremely confused.

"I'm not playing your stupid game!" He shouted after her.

"Malfoy," called another voice. He turned and Blaise approached him, Goyle not far behind. "Were you just talking to Looney Lovegood?"

"I-I… no. Not really. She just walked up and… y'know, started spouting nonsense." Draco slid off the windowsill and pushed past his friends. "Let's get to class."

He stopped short, smirking, and turned back to his friends. "By the way… you both just lost the Game."

Blaise and Goyle just stared after him, confused.

"Wait… what game?" Goyle asked as Draco walked away. "I don't remember playing any game… do you?"

Blaise just shrugged and shook his head, following after him.

All of you just lost the Game. If this is the first you've heard of the Game, start playing with your friends. It's quite entertaining once everyone gets the hang of it. :)

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