Title: The Road So Far
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Genre: Adventure, Hurt, Comfort, Romance, Humor, Action

Word Count: 68, 000 +
Warning(s): Future Violence and Adult themes, Future Character Death
Summary: Angels and Reapers are being slaughtered, Castiel goes to the Winchester's for help. Yet, people are coming back from the dead and old friends are being reunited. It's a surprise when Death comes to Dean for help, but will the brothers be able to stop what's coming?
Note(s): The authors for this fic are those who play characters in the Supernatural RP that is on Tumblr (.com/) The links are to their personal blogs, NOT their character blogs.

Soft snores came from the back seat of the Impala and Dean was sitting in the driver's seat. His head was back against the headrest as he looked through the windshield and up at the stars. Normally he would be on the hood with Sam but, seeing as the younger Winchester was asleep, he didn't see the point in getting out. With a contented sigh of having just finished a case Dean was content with the fact that he didn't have to worry about Ruby anymore. At least not for a while but in the meantime they were in Colorado where a Ba Jiao Gui killed a single Mother of four who was struggling to make ends meet. This ghost hides under trees and appears to start wailing at night. They are people who have died because of gambling debts commonly through suicide or as a result of punishments for failing to pay, good times. Enjoying the peace in quite of the night Dean inhaled and closed his eyes, what he didn't hear is was the fluttering of wings in the passenger seat.

"Dean" Cas spoke causing Dean to jump and open his eyes.

"Dammit, Cas." Dean groaned out as his surprise left him, him and his heartbeat slowed down to a semi normal pace that seemed to be a regular occurrence whenever the angel made an appearance.

"I apologize, you stated earlier that I should 'get my ass here as soon as possible', and I questioned why you would want a mule, then I thought you meant for me to come, alone." Cas had tilted his head as he responded.

"Uh, yea." Dean sighed then cleared his throat. He called for Cas over a week ago while him and Sam were dealing with the Ba Jiao Gui. They had gotten beaten up pretty bad at the time but that didn't matter now. Although his ribs were still sore and he was pretty sure he was getting feeling back in his leg. Giving the Angel a sideways glance he took in his appearance, and he looked exhausted. His trench coat looked dirtier then last he saw him, his tie was askew, and there were dark stains that he tried to hide on his white bottom down. .

"Where'd you go?" He asked.

Castiel raised an eyebrow as he looked over to the oldest Winchester, narrowing his eyes slightly as Dean looked him over analyzing his appearance. He couldn't see the harm in telling him what had transpired while he was away.

"Uriel and I were cleaning up a mess of our brethren that were slaughtered on the other side of the country." He answered, the ache of losing his brother and sisters still poignant.

"Demons?" Dean asked, his brow furrowed in thought.

"Uriel suggested that, but the wounds aren't conclusive with that of a demon attack. I believe it's another angel, or another garrison of them, that are attacking us. The only question is why." Cas answered with a shake of his head and turning his head to look out of the windshield.

Dean looked over his shoulder to Sam who was still asleep in the backseat. Placing his hands in the steering wheel and turning his attention back to Cas.

"Where did it happen?" He asked and Cas sighed softly before answering.

"The bodies were found just outside of Rochester, New York." Cas looked at Dean as he spoke.

"Looks like we're going to Rochester, New York." Dean said with a smile as he started the Impala.

"Thank you, Dean. My brothers and sisters are getting killed, and you are-" He paused overcome with emotion. "You are the only one that will help me, and I thank you for that." He finished looking over at Dean one last time before looking out to the road.

"No problem Cas." Dean glanced over to Castiel. "Believe me… I know what it's like." He said and sneaked a glance at the rear view mirror to see Sam still asleep, smiling fondly he turned his attention back to the road.

It was another week until Dean and Sam made it to New York. They were just outside of Rochester, stopped at a Diner and Dean was waiting for Sam to come back with the food. Blasting his music, Dean played to the drums against the steering wheel, Cas had accompanied them off and on as they made their way across the country. Dean had assumed to give them updates, but there weren't any, no leads whatsoever and he wished Bobby was there to bounce ideas off of. Yet, Dean had grown accustomed to the Angel being in the car with him as he slept. Often time Dean chose to sleep in the back seat, not just because it was more comfortable but because Cas liked to sit next to Dean. More times than not Dean could feel Cas as his hands pet through his hair when he started to dream of Hell again. There was a certain comfort that Dean got with Cas around, and he was unsure on how he felt about it and if Sam ever knew he never said anything.

They were more than half way to New York when Sam had asked where exactly they were going in Rochester in which Dean could only shrug. Early the next morning he woke up and Cas was gone. What a surprise, right? Forcing Sam to pull into the parking lot of the Diner they happened to be driving by he brushed aside his disappointment of Cas not being there and focused on getting breakfast with Sam. Moving to the drivers seat he continued to rock out even as he saw Sam coming out of the building, when the younger Winchester got in the car Dean put his baby in reverse to back out of his parking space. Driving towards Rochester and the hotel Sam looked up and they were ready for whatever was to come. Dean wishing in the back of his mind that Cas would be with them every step of the way, while outwardly he told Sam of how many conquests he planned on having the time they were there. He failed to notice how Sam just nodded and rolled his eyes, letting his older brother believe what he wanted.

Jo turned over and groaned as the sun blinded her. Burrowing her head in her pillow she willed herself to go back to sleep but to no avail. With a pout, she kicked off her blankets and made her way to the bathroom of her cheap motel room. Idly, she brushed her teeth in front of the mirror - she suddenly noticed that her blond hair was starting to grow past her shoulder blades and she thought that maybe it was time for a hair cut. Her skin was still pale and smooth, her eyes still drooping with sleep as she spit in the sink then moved to the shower. She scrubbed everything off of her body, and traced her fingers over he many scars she had. Many of which she didn't remember getting, idly she wondered if they were from when she died. Still unsure of how she was brought back she ended the shower and wrapped herself in a towel before changing into jeans and a t-shirt. Having finished a case of a small vampire nest she had only gotten a few hours sleep, moving to the small kitchen that only a few feet away from everything else in the room she poured herself some coffee. Taking a sip of the hot liquid she leaned against the counter thinking of the Winchester's. She hadn't heard from them since the left for Colorado. It had been months she had been brought back and she showed up at the door of their hotel room. She went through every test known to man about demons and then some as she had to convince them she was actually Jo Harvelle. Thinking now, she went to her nightstand and flipped open her phone going through her contact list to find the name of the oldest Winchester. Believe or not the three of the have been gotten to have somewhat of a steady friendship. Jo learned that no matter what happened between her father and theirs that it was not a reflection on any of them. There was still a mutual attraction that Jo and Dean shared and often times she used it to her advantage. Thumbing the buttons on her phone she sent dean a message.

"Jo here. Finished a case, not working tonight. Sweet." She snapped her phone shut and set it down on the table as she took out her laptop from her duffel bag to look for a new case. She was looking at a series of articles in West Virginia when her phone vibrated.

"Just got to Rochester. Cas has us on a case. Wanna stop by? ;)" Jo shook her head at Dean's lame attempt to get her flustered.

"Why New York? And No." She typed a quick reply and then returned to her research.

"Suit yourself sweetheart. You're missing out." Jo pictured Dean giving her the smirk and shrug he always does when he brushes off her rejection. With a smile she shook her head and sent her reply.

"Really? How so Winchester?" She challenged him.

"I've got the impala, nothing but stars above me and a six pack with our names on it. ;)" She shook her head as she read the words on her phone. She wondered how many times he used that line on the girls he picked up.

"Tempting but I have to hang out with my Self Respect tonight."

"Funny Jo, too bad you didn't say that a few months ago." She laughed at the implication he left, and she thought back on the time he tried to get her into his bed before when they all knew they weren't going to be together again. Biting her bottom lip she started her reply.

"Too bad that never happened and that was a year ago." She pressed send and started typing at her computer gathering all of the research she had. The case seemed easy enough and she figured that when she was done that she could visit the brothers. Closing her laptop she started to gather all of her things to prepare for her trip to West Virginia.

The trip to Rochester had taken them the rest of the day and after driving to the hotel Dean finally convinced Sam to go with him to bar he saw just up the road. It was crowded as they made their way in but they were able to find a table near the bar. Sitting across from Sam, Dean looked around with a smile on his face. There were pool tables lined up with people playing and more tables with chatting couples and friends just out for a night of enjoyment. Dean felt comfortable in places like these especially when the waitresses there looked like the one that had just approached their table. She was tall with red hair that covered her shoulders, and her skin was tan. She was wearing short shorts and a black bra that was halfway covered by a white button down shirt that was left open. She wore black heels that made her legs go on forever and she was toned out. Her make-up was flawless and her eyes were bright with mischief as she set down the tray she had on their table and took out her ordering pad, which Sam tried to figure out exactly where she pulled her pen from. With a wide smile Dean ordered his drink along with Sam's all complimentary to the burgers he asked for.

"Is that all for you boys?" She asked, her voice velvety smooth.

"Yes, thank you?" Dean paused in his response, hoping she would tell him her name.

"Rachel." She smiled as she grabbed the tray and went to get their order.

Dean smiled after her and he could see Sam in the corner of his eye. His brother had a raised eyebrow and he crossed his arms over his chest.

"So, where did Cas say he wanted us to check out?" Sam asked has Dean brought his attention back.

"He said Rochester, New York. I figured once we get here that we could research for any signs of supernatural activity." Dean responded with a shrug.

"Rochester is a big place, Dean. You didn't even think to ask where Cas wanted us to look?" Sam asked resting his arms out on the table in front of him and leaning forward.

"No, Sam. I didn't. The man just lost a bunch of his siblings, I wasn't really going to ask him to give a detailed report on what happened." Dean argued crossing his arms and looking around as Sam let out a frustrated sigh.

"Do you at least have an idea of where to look?" Sam nagged.

"No and I've been calling for Cas all day. My best guess is that he's up there investigating what's going on and that's he'll be back when he can. Until then we'll just do our own research." Dean negotiated and Sam pinched the bridge of his nose.

That's when they got there food, and Dean smiled at the waitress only to choke on his own tongue as he saw who was standing there. Sam looked up from the table and looked at Dean with a confused expression then looked over to who had set his food down and almost fell off of his stool.

"So let me get this straight, I makequite possibly the best adult film anyone has never seen, my big brother got all stabby with me and I died. Then a bunch more people died. Then the Apocalypse almost happened, but mostly didn't. Then…a crapload of demons crawled outta Hell, people who died came back to life, and instead of stopping the world from ending we're in a bar eating burgers and hitting on hot waitresses?" Gabriel said as he watched the Winchester brothers freeze with shock after a minute or two he snapped his fingers and both of them came back to reality.

"Blame Sam." Dean pointed at his brother her gave him a a dirty look.

"For which part? 'Cause, from what I hear, he grabbed both of my brothers by their short hairs and yanked 'em into the pit with him. And really, that's…Okay, you have to admit, that's awesome." Gabriel smiled and conjured himself up a stool to sit with them and Sam gave his brother a smug smile.

Dean just looked at his brother before turning back to Gabriel who had started eating Sam's fries and somehow got his hands on a chocolate milkshake.

"Except for the part where he gets stuck with them. Oh, did I mention your brothers tortured his soul?" Dean gestured at Sam and rested his hands on his thighs as he talked to Gabriel, growing frustrated with the Angel already.

"I'm not all that surprised about what they did — I told you they were the biggest dicks in the Universe and you wanted to know why I wasn't keen on watching them destroy that Universe?

Seriously, though, Dean (and I'll kill you if you tell anyone I said this) —I'm sorry. For coming to help too late, for what they did to you and Sam especially, now that I know; for not stopping him all the times I had the chance — or even the time we all knew I didn't — but mostly, I'm just sorry it had to be you two." Gabriel had stopped eating as he spoke to them, having grown serious as they were all reunited. Dean sighed and Sam shrugged.

"Look it's over." Sam started. "How are you even alive anyways?" He asked.

"God works in mysterious ways, kiddo! Better not to ask." Gabriel winked at the youngest Winchester before returning his attention to Dean.

"Sam's back, he's got his soul back and now we just have to figure out why more of your brothers and sisters are being killed. So, we could your help if you want to help." Dean said getting down to business.

"Oh, well, glad that sappy crap's over, then — mangst is bad for your complexion, anyway." Gabriel said taking a large drink of his milkshake. "Has anyone seen Raphael? Because I really wouldn't put it past him to start murdering off our siblings that wouldn't cooperate — word from the Heavens was that he was the one instructing Uriel. But yeah, whatever you guys need — after all, Castiel's still my little brother and there's nobody I'd rather see kick Raph's ass." He went on as he continued to munch on Sam's fries who tried to bat away the angel's hand. "Just don't call early in the morning, my alternate realities don't end until noonish. Do me a favor, wouldja? Tell Cas I'm proud of him, if that means anything anymore." Gabriel said standing up from his stool and wiping his hands off on a napkin.

"Makes sense Raphael would be involved." Sam said looking over at Dean who nodded in agreement. "and sure, man we'll tell him." Sam answered just as Gabriel disappeared.

"Seriously, what the hell?" Dean asked. "Is there anyone else out there who's alive who shouldn't be?" He asked finally digging into his burger and taking a long swig from his beer. Sam laughed at his brother and reached for his own beer.

"Seriously, man. Could our lives get any weirder?"

The next day, Sam was sitting in the Impala while working on his computer. His neck was hurting courtesy of falling asleep in the passenger seat while Dean was a bit preoccupied inside the hotel room. He was researching different areas that had been recently disturbed by anything that looked remotely supernatural. When he heard the door open to the hotel, he watched as Dean kissed Rachel goodbye and sighed, closing the laptop before waving as his brother's latest conquest. He opened the door to the vehicle and headed back to the hotel room, only to find it ever-so-graciously left open from Dean. When Sam walked into the room, he was hit with the musky smell - that lingered from years of neglectful maids - and the strong smell of sex. He looked around the room; sheets covered the floor and his eyes went to the beds, which looked as though that had gone untouched all night. Sighing, Sam decided to leave the door open - to allow the room to air out - and walked to the table, sitting to reopen his laptop. Moments later Dean walked out of the bathroom and toward the table Sam was sitting at, a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Dude, why are you limping?" Sam asked, looking up from his computer.

"Don't ask." Dean replied trying to hide the smirk on his face and Sam shook his head, not really wanting to know about his brother's sexual activities. "So, what did you find?" Dean asked after getting situated in his chair.

"Well, there was reported a disturbance at the Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse that isn't too far from here." Sam said watching Dean inspect his gun from over his laptop screen. "It's worth a look."

Dean nodded, looking up at Sam and setting his gun down. "Let's go then, why don't we get something to eat and scout the place. See if anything will come up." Dean offered and Sam nodded in agreement as he got his stuff together.

Driving up to the lighthouse it was quiet and the sun was beating down on them. Dean had his sunglasses on and when he parked, he got out of the car and leaned against the door. He brought the burger to his mouth and sighed as he enjoyed the flavor, listening to Sam as he got out of the car and walked around the hood to stand near his brother.

"What do you think we're looking for?" Sam asked.

"The way Cas made it sound was that a massacre happened here." Dean said looking around and seeing nothing but a nice building and greener than green grass around.

"Not if Uriel cleaned up that mess." Sam argued.

"True, but Uriel was the one that told Cas about it. You think he's on their side?" Dean asked.

"Well, he went against us before. What makes you think he just switched side because he somehow got brought back?" Sam retorted, leaning against the car next to Dean.

"I guess, it just seems odd that there is no shred of evidence here." Dean said as he finished his burger and continued to look around. "Looks like we have more digging to do." Dean balled up the wrapper to his burger and tossed into the back of the Impala before opening the driver side door and getting back in.